Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs could meet federal minister as soon as Thursday

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'Today we think we can move forward on that and possibly start discussions with the federal government tomorrow,' said Chief Na'Moks.

Wet'suwet'en, Blockades


A car was engulfed in flames on Wednesday on the railway tracks at Shannonville Road in Tyendinaga, Ont. Firefighters arrived on scene to extinguish the fire and it is currently unknown if protesters set the fire. Read the latest:

'Today we think we can move forward on that and possibly start discussions with the federal government tomorrow,' said Chief Na'Moks.

who the province appointed as a special liaison in the dispute, met with the hereditary chiefs on Tuesday and was meeting again Wednesday. “Today we think we can move forward on that and possibly start discussions with the federal government tomorrow,” said Na’Moks. 2:05 RCMP meet with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs after blockade arrests RCMP meet with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs after blockade arrests The purpose of the meetings with Cullen was to discuss preconditions for a meeting with Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller. It was not immediately clear what the meeting could mean for further discussions with Indigenous-Crown Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett or any B.C. counterparts. Story continues below advertisement The chiefs had laid out three conditions to meet: the removal of a contentious mobile RCMP detachment, the end of RCMP patrols in the area and a suspension of Coastal GasLink work in the area. READ MORE: Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief ‘optimistic,’ ready to talk with RCMP on blockades B.C. RCMP locked up that unit, formally known as the Community-Industry Safety Office (C-ISO) earlier this week, but it remains on the Morice West Forest Service road in Wet’suwet’en territory. “They haven’t pulled it out, they just shuttered it, they put it behind a gate, so two out of three is good enough,” said Na’Moks. He said the “two out of three” referred to the C-ISO being emptied out and Coastal GasLink putting down its tools. “It’s going to be a test of good faith at this point. We put our faith forward, we put our trust forward, we put our honesty forward, now lets see what comes from the provincial and federal government.” Hereditary subchief Dinize Ste ohn tsiy (Rob Alfred), however, said continued RCMP patrols on Wet’suwet’en territory are a “dealbreaker” for meetings. Trending Stories Read more: Globalnews.ca

Guess it’s legal to do since there were no arrests. Too lazy to take the tires off Oh please unknown who set it !!!! Currently unknown if the protestors set it on fire. Well duh. Trudeau needs to grow pair of balls and deal with this crap! We as Canadian work hard pay our taxes and the government gives the indigenous people our hard earn money for what. The government should stop giving a hand out.

Global sucks, the activists lit the suv on fire. Terrible reporting by Golbal Why not just let it burn or push it on the terrorists area? So much for ‘far right terrorism’ being a major threat in Canada... call these people what they are: Domestic Terrorists, Eco-Fascists, hell even trespassers... Canada is a country of laws rcmpgrcpolice enforce them!

Hey, dont worry guys...the taxpayers will buy me a new car...jeeeeze.... unknown if protesters set the fire Are you for real? Or maybe it was those super violent terrorist Amish & Mennonites! /s

Liberals Want Blockades Down 'Soon' To Avoid 'Copycat' ProtestsDemonstrations in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs have stretched into three weeks. This might help a bit See I knew conservatives didn’t really want the blockades down! Too late - your ( HuffPost and Liberals) paralysis has caused more incidents for the 'incident response team' Thank God there is a incident response team. What a great leader for having created that.

Who is it unknown to? Did the man in the moon come down and set that on fire on the tracks? Unknown 😂 FakeNews Here is a clue. How many cars burst into flames on train tracks when there are no protests. Was it wet? Could have been spontaneous combustion I suppose. Protesters? Nah they wouldn't do anything that stupid it would be like standing infront of a train. Now who would do anything that stupid? Ohhhh wait...

The vehicle in this photo is totally not the same one.... Oh come on...!!! What a sad 😥 one. Trudeau Tides Blockade Tire Fire Rail Tracks TrudeauMustGo

Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief ‘optimistic,’ ready to talk with RCMP on blockades'I feel optimistic': One of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary leaders says the current plan is for RCMP to phone into a meeting with hereditary chiefs later on Tuesday. eamorris_ Bring in the OPP They get the job done! What the Hell is RCMP LOL a Joke LMAO!! Lol this is so dumb 😂 They may be optimistic but I am fed up with them. I have lost all respect for them.

no it was a duck Why send firefighters? Isn’t that a “last resort?” Locals should have put more effort into talking down the fire. It was these guys 👉 👽👽👽 Terrorist killers in Canada with Trudeau’s and Liberals Blessing and today Trudeau doesn’t even show up for WORK should have been fired long time ago

It’s also unknown if Global News can find their ass with both hands. Is it 'currently unknown' in the way 'motive is unknown' every time a religion of peacer alahu ackbars people to death? It was either the protesters or the cops We all seen the lightning start it. !! Ya think !!!!! This is how the indiginous protest?

oh yeah right environmentalists! do you now how many toxic pollutants a burning car gives off?

Opinion: In sacred Tyendinaga, an affirmation of the spirit and significance of Haudenosaunee lawsThe ‘rule of law’ that Canada relies on, and that has been invoked amid the blockades in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs, is rooted in violent colonialism GlobeDebate Been drinking the electric kool-aid? GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Are the railroad tracks in 'sacred' Tyendinaga?

Investigators are trying to add one and one but are struggling to figure out the answer. Looks like an economical car that was set ablaze. Ya, it's going to take a real Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out Global. Woow TERRORISTS ! SEND THE FKN ARMY It’s currently unknown? is shameful. 'it is currently unknown if protesters set the fire' ... Now don't go jumping to any conclusions ... DUH!

It was all due to climate change!!! Let me guess, police are looking for a motive? 😂😂😂 Weak leadership JustinTrudeau

Evening Update: The latest on the coronavirus in Canada and abroad; fresh protest flares as Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs say talks going wellAlso: Peter Nygard stepping down as chairman, divesting ownership of fashion company Just down the road from me... Heard there's plans to head on out there -by private citizens- and deal with it since the government won't sack-up and do it, themselves. Let's send in the confirmed Corona virus carriers to negotiate with the protesters. And then we wait.... What health minister said ' stockpile food and medication ' is a bullshit. Can any Canadian buy ONE face mask ? All the masks were already shipped to China three weeks ago !

Is there follow up to this story. I would like to know Come on, don't insult our intelligence. Skip the news Global, why don't you tell us what to think again. I wonder who? Unbelievable and this is ok if your native what’s fair anymore 'unknown if protesters set the fire.' What, did Shannonville get a lightning storm?

ties to ISIS or other terrorist organizations is being investigated for sure We all know. This is what happens when parents don't discipline their kids, and laws are neither enforced, nor followed. Welcome to Canada home of the honor system. Where Trudeau has single-handedly threw away billions federally, and domestically. There must be CONSEQUENCES !

Power Play Faceoff: Debating the LNG pipeline through Wet'suwet'en landAs blockades sprout up across the country in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs who oppose a planned natural gas pipeline in British Columbia, cross-country tensions are boiling over. Ross was correct, although Delgamuukw asserts title it didn't give title to the hereditary chiefs. If the community is in disagreement about their governance by all means they are the ones that need to assert that, but it is wrong to assume the hereditary chiefs have final say. Oh wow.Pam got her comeuppance today.She does need help.Lack of reality is a problem in her world but I am sure she is well compensated This woman is a whack job, why keep bringing her on this show

'modern problems require 'old' solutions' ArrestThem Bought off Globalist Stooges: Terrorists just wanna have fun !!!! And who else would have set this on fire Someone likely thought that a car fire could do more damage than tires and wood pallets to the rails? They are NOT PROTESTERS.....They are LAW DREAKING TERRORISTS.

Ummmm I am not a firefighter, nor an expert on how they start, but my guess would be the protestors. Hey Globalnews don’t think we the people haven’t forgot your the mouthpiece of this incompetent leadership and your encouraging enablement of these terrorists. JustinTrudeau BillBlair this a direct result of a ' Do nothing' Incident Response Team. A strong message on the first day would have solved this instead of a weak response. Nobody should hold the Govt and law abiding citizens hostage. Get a Spine and resolve it

Maybe we should block off the roads gone into the reservation for the weekend, blocking off access to the cigarettes pot in and gas stations and see how they like that ...police were unable to find the owner because it had the new unreadable plates... 🤪

Chanting Wet’suwet’en supporters defy injunction; return to B.C. legislatureChanting Wet’suwet’en supporters defy injunction; return to B.C. legislature GlobeBC GlobeBC Go home You have made your point GlobeBC Why don’t they listen to the matriarchs who say that the “hereditary” chiefs forced them out? Why don’t the listen to sub-chiefs who indicate they are not allowed to make decisions w/o consulting the people, as was indicated in the SCC Dalgemuukw decision? Anti law? GlobeBC If they actually supported the wetsuweten, they would appreciate the majority who are in support of the project. These shameful people are keeping First Nations in poverty.

Try guessing who. And Trudeau is going to say again how seriously they are taking this and that they are having disscussions and great dialoge. Who else would have set the fire? Unknown... give me a break... 'Currently Unknown'. LMAO. Global couldn't find the facts if their lives depended on it. Global, stick to streaming the FAKE NEWS U.S. MSM.

'Unknown' I don’t understand why the protesters aren’t in jail. Maybe it set itself on 🔥 fire Probably just an impaired indigenous person returning from the 'Pot Shop' and accidentally took a wrong turn. Car burst in flames when he accidentally set his map on fire. Definitely a tax payers fault for bad signage.

‘Currently unknown if protesters started the fire’ Lol I think it’s quite obvious

Is there any doubt ? Time to call out Sherlock Holmes, Matlock, Magnum P.I., and Ace Ventura. I'm sure they could figure out the cause.. Jesus you people are dumb. Burning cars = great for the environment = good job guys..... Cops standing by and watching this? If it is they need to be charged with terrorism

How much does it cost to send the firefighters there? Someone should get a bill. Glad there was no other serious incident at that time, like a fire Let me guess, it was reported stolen. Obviously domestic terrorism by the Chingachkuks. Time for water cannons and rubber bullets. Maybe their efforts would be better suited to seek employment. Pumping gas, flipping burgers, whatever. Blockades can be cleared out with backhoes and bulldozers. No discussions.

Unknown, really That's what you're going with ? Stellar reporting , really some stellar news investigating. And they probably stole the vehicle.

Time to send in reinforcements Any good parts left? Asking for a friend... Sunny ways. Hell raiders with not clear path for there future. Why because that’s the way they want to live. They should have filled it with old tires and made Great Thunberg real proud of them. Who on earth voted for Trudeau amd his Liberals, the NDP and Greens. Insanity.

Without a proper climate policy across the provinces we can expect to see more suicidal vehicles setting themselves on fire. Just sad truly sad these vehicles need our help and concern. If this shit can go on and people don't get reprimanded for it. Does it mean I can stop paying taxes and not be reprimanded for it?

That poor Blazer was a Blaze Well, you and the cops maybe can't figure it out...but the blue Canadians can. dontbeadumbass

Quite the dialogue thwy are having. This is starting to scare me when you think of the virus not being checked at our borders and our country falling apart The vehicle identified as a match....duh It was just warming 2.5 times faster than most cars. Global is totally useless. Just stand to the side and watch. Shut up and watch.

Oh no! They burned Kathleen_Wynne’s mini van!!!!!! Stop paying the police until they do their job. Who do you suppose they stole the car from? Lock em up Can’t be the protesters, they most likely ran out of matches after setting so many fires on an off the rail road track today. I’m thinking spontaneous combustion, what do you think Global?.

'The car seems to have magically rolled in there and set itself on fire!' -Justin trudeau probably A car is set on fire at the site of a protest and no one knows if there’s a connection? Did the protestors call it in? Did any of them look into the car to make sure no one was left inside? Perhaps it’s a coincidence, or aliens.

This vehicle can be seen in earlier photos parked at the protest camp. It was definitely placed there and burned by the 'protestors'. Now that’s environmentally friendly Unknown..... Maybe it was climate change Spontaneous combustion I'm sure How are things going champ JustinTrudeau

Unknown? You get 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count! Car or dumpster fires are add ons when you hire “Paid Protesters” 2+2=4 Take the fight out to BC and leave it there. This is bs and needs to stop before there’s a huge disaster. Why the hell are we not pulling out our reserves and forcing these people back to their homes... unbelievable

It wasn't protesters, it was persons with a different perspective. At least the firefighters still do their job PaulOttoNeumann I dont understand how the ‘protestors' are not in jail. Has our country fallen into total anarchy? Bet it’s stolen. Thank liberal_party

Seems to be a pattern! This is a shame as people’s lives are at stake here! They're terrible environmentalists. Just terrible. Oil and gas is cleaner than these terrorists, nobody can deny that. Trudeau Senior would very likely have had the army called out to stop this terrorist up rising long before it got it reached this point.

Act of god? I’m sure it’s nothing. Let me see.... The SUV was on the tracks and on fire at the blockade area. I wonder what happened? This is not right people!! These protesters are putting peoples lives in danger. Time to pony up Trudeau, get some backbone!! This is such utter BS. Seriously what TF is wrong with these people

I heard it was a group of Nuns from Niagara Falls. This is clearly a case of those White Supremacist Vigilantes. I mean, macleans warned us they were going to do this. Time for Jr and his trusty sidekicks the rcmp to crack down on them.

Hmm.... maybe it was a Leprechaun that set it on fire !?! 🤦‍♂️ Slight grammatical error, the cat was placed on the tracks by eco- terrorists then lit on fire, almost certainly compromising the steel rails. Do your fucking jobs. It might be the act of white supremacist vigilantes. 😐 That's what she said👇...

Ya, there's a head scratcher. Who would set a car on fire on the railway tracks?🤔 DianneWatts4BC There’s no consequences for these people so they will keep doing what they want. The world is laughing at us and our cry baby “leader” 🙄JustinTrudeau and it’s making trump more appealing. Helping him get reelected. No country wants someone as gutless as JT.

Taxpayers paying to put fire out, monies from taxpayers bought this car Who else? Another state run propaganda machine brought to you by our tax dollars. Cut off the supply of alcohol ... problem solved. Paid protesters are most likely culprits

Obviously it was the protesters. Wednesday? Car and truck burning is usually Friday and Saturday night. Probably just spontaneous combustion. Karen88775 Same Blazer in this video MarcGarneau was that you outraged about this train situation? Saying if there were explosive chemicals on board. If you're so worried about safety how dare you let a train even use those tracks with ppl and objects on it! I guess who cares about the engineers on board? 1/2

2/2As long as products and trade move along mowing down anything and everything in between. If politicians really cared about our jobs then they would pull out the RCMP and sit down with the Wetsuwenten to have a collaborative talk without any precursors. Kinda looks like this Blazer or Jimmy pictured at the protest site earlier today.

This is no longer legal protest, this is a criminal act , it could even be argued as domestic terrorism. NoToGlobalists We better call in Sherlock Holmes to figure out who set the car ablaze. Because right now global has absolutely no idea who would have done this. Filled up my truck today NOT at the Tyenenga reserve. Hope the reserve goes broke.

OPP Snipers engage!!! Breaking... SUV with information on the Clintons commits suicide on the tracks is more believable than “unknown if protesters set the fire”! Unknown ? Really. You know they did it. Another notch on JustinTrudeau ‘s legacy belt! Ohhh right we don’t know if it’s the terrorists errr protestors who set the vehicle on fire. Can you guys not actually do your job anymore? Journalism. Remember! That’s what you went to school for. tryharder

Yep, the un security seat is in the bag for potato head, just see how much control he has, the clear, swift and decisive action he has shown so far.... dont it make ya proud to be from canuckistan Bombardier's new Train mobile. Surely it will get government subsidies. How can there be a shred of doubt?

Thats some quality journalism....unknown lol...GTFOH This is domestic terrorism. Arrest + prosecute those responsible. .justintrudeau is doing fk all. He has put natives +activists on notice that they can do ANYTHING +they will not face consequences. Rule of law dead + so is the cdn econ under this moron TrudeauIsNotFitForOffice

Spontaneous Vehicular Combustion? Canadas version of Antifa Lemme guess. ...one of the stolen vehicles that these anarchists stole Does it kind of look like this car? Yup, losing support more and more every day 👍 The same vehicle was pictured in the camp a few days ago. How bad does it have to get before you quit calling terrorists protestors?

Must have been climate change 🙄 How do you sleep? They are terrorists!!! How would they like it if Canada set fire on their territories? StopIndigenousTerrorists How is it that all of these horrendous acts, these heinous acts by these thugs now start costing us money & use of valuable resources to fix their outrageous & despicable behaviour 🆘🆘😡😡🆘🆘

WTF? Time to stop this madness before someone gets killed. Hmmmm. It's on fire and on the tracks. Who the fuck think started it Spontaneous Auto Combustion? This should be stopped. Terrorism yet? The stupidity is never ending over there Midnightrider98 Somebody was drunk hit a tree. Hmmm 🤔 wonder who global news playing defense for criminals

Bolsheviks These 'protesters' are terrorists and a national security threat. Yeah must’ve been some random stranger lighting fires there too now Putting firefighters lives at risk!! You know what we do to terrorists ? ☠️ Yeah.... really! .**CORRECTIONS** Not protesters. They are domestic terrorists. Not protests. They are illegal blockades. Do we have rule of law or don't we?

CanadianCivilWar Trudeau wanted chaos and now he has an all out civil war, even his Pappy knew to send in the storm troopers, but that was for Quebec, to hell with the rest of the post nation state. Funny though if someone shot one of these protesters Trudeau would come out with a big speech. I don't want to guess or speculate but if anyone wants to DM me I will take bets & I'm taking the same people who were lighting pallets on fire by the trains, vandalized the tracks at least 3 other sites. Cdnpoli ThanksForYourDonation

Thank you Trudeau for Oka 2.0.

So how do you think it's going Trudeau lovers? Sunnyways yet? Yes I am sure someone took a wrong turn due to GPS and left a cigarette burning in the ashtray. Bird5Ca 'Unknown' Global is so predictable. That 600m buys some wild reporting. Credibility of these protesters Terrorist actors Native or otherwise are Criminal and have demonstrated no regard for the environment or safety of The public

On a good note, who doesn’t love fireman! Shout out to the first responders! “it is currently unknown if protesters set the fire.” You know how cars spontaneously combust when near railway tracks...cdnpoli pipeline ableg abpoli FFS JustinTrudeau DO SOMETHING!!!! Did they film it and put it on Facebook like they did when they tried to intimidate the police when they took the blockades down ? bigsurprise Here! If they want support; terrorism is not the way!!

It can't be the protesters. I mean they are the most polite, none violent and understanding people in Canada. They harbor zero hate for anyone. Clearly this is Doug Ford fault.

JLCWood2017 Currently unknown if protesters set the fire huh . Really? Like this is rocket science?. Holy fucking shit on a stick somebody get some balls and change this headline. “ unlawful assembly sets vehicle ablaze to murder train conductors & engineers” their it’s fixed Canada's Back! Our new country is going to be awesome! fakenews TrudeauIsNotFitForOffice TrudeauWorstPM

Seems like this is just getting stupider by the hour. Let me guess stolen....bunch of criminals Obviously they did? Who else done. They're the only one making struggles to the country. Of course this was done by the protesters... don’t be afraid to print the truth Global!! Who the fuck do you think lit it ffs. This s war

“It is currently unknown if it was started by the protesters “ !! Give me a break you turds. These ppl are paid protesters turned paid terrorists. Enough is enough. Where was Trudeau when it started. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

I love environmental protests. thebest Well it wasn’t the pro-pipeline folk Car parked on railway tracks burns up. Quite a mystery for Global News who would of done this. 🙈 'Unknown' LMAO. Who do they think it was, Leprechauns? JackNationalist Cuz this craziness isn't costing us enough?!? Time for some public hangings

Burning cars is great for the environment I'm no detective but this looks pretty cut and dry If protesters, who had been lighting fires all day, didn't set this car alight then it must be an open and shut case of spontaneous combustion, right? 🙄 Memo: ATTN: Wet-Stunned-Men FN Tie-And-Die-Nigga FN cc: Protestors Any supporters 1. The best way to stop a train is to stand BETWEEN the rails. 2. Prove me wrong. Signed, Canada

Did the Canuks get beaten in the playoffs already Yah I’m sure these respectful protesters have nothing to do with this.l😳 Not to worry. It's just a traditional Tyendinaga front lawn ornament. Could just as easily been an old refrigerator. Yes either the protesters lit it up or God did. You guys at global pick. onthetracks

Next we'll be told the fire was a setup & the protestors didn't do it. What did we expect? The OPP arrested the thugs on Monday, and hours later they were back out free to do it again...and again...and again... TrudeauNotFitForOffice Come on sheriff you can do better than that. Oh look, falling space junk caused by climate change. TrudeauNotFitForOffice

Spontaneous combustion. Happens all the time!! The time for dialogue IS OVER !

danoedmonton Unknown if the protesters set the car on fire? It was an act of terrorism which I'm sure the church choir didn't set it on fire😡 Next these terrorists that JustinTrudeau is protecting will be filing an insurance claim for the money, wait for it! TrudeauNotFitForOffice Trudeau has egg on his blackface.

I hope your insurance claim is denied. lambert_pp No, actually the car just decided to self-combust Stewards of the land. fakeEnvironmentalist fakeProtest Currently unknown Lololololol. hmmm.... car on train tracks, set on fire, same day multiple incidents of trying to light trains on fire.... Don't worry Global, we will use common sense on this one...

I see de-escalation is going nicely. Doh

Now that they've possibly warped the tracks with a fire who gets held accountable for the future train derailment? There comes a time when The silent majority won’t be so tolerant.. The protestors are getting lazy - they’re not even bothering to remove the tires before lighting the tire fire Quite a case for investigators to solve....lead suspects I'm sure are climate change and white supremacists.

“Unknown if it was set by protesters”...👀🤔 Stay Classy Tyendinaga “Unknown” 😆😆 Are you kidding me. We know who set the car on fire Please report on the train derailments. Terrorism is escalating. This is a deliberate attempt at domestic terrorism, the police should be taking the actions seriously and investigating/laying serious charges to these eco-terrorists

Currently unknown if protesters set a car on fire in the middle of the railroad tracks, where they’ve been holding the country hostage for the past few weeks? I’m gonna say it’s a safe bet the protesters put it there. Anyone wanna bet? Anti- environment protesters. Domestic Terrorists not protesters Don’t know if protesters set the fire....?!?!?!!

wapimaskwa69 Real Journalism is dead. Bought and paid for. Obviously it was a lightning strike. ⚡️ No it was Justin Bieber he does that now it's sad ok Alberta and Saskatchewan to announce that all those arrested for blocking railway lines, and interfering with the economies of the provinces, will pe punished by having to get a full time job for a minimum of 5 years.

If it wasn't the protesters im going to rethink everything I've ever believed up to and including if i live on a globe...

Really? You don’t know? Please remove ‘news’ from your handle Probably their daily driver! Criminal activity. Yup, for sure that will lead to positive results. Burning tires-pollution, burning vehicles- insane. The population sees this and think you’re radical crazies. Nothing less, nothing more. Crazy people

'Uh oh, Better get Maaco' Really global do the math , did Trudeau tell you to say that Repeat after me Global News FakeNews! Global News FakeNews! Coincidence that this vehicle was on the tracks and burst into flames? Domestic terrorism. Jail them! I can tell you? Really Global? Give me a break!! You just cannot state the obvious can you. Will it upset the anarchists Trudeau DoYourJob

Terrorism: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Cut off all funding and arrest anyone around the tracks

They are experts at stealing older Chevs/GMC’s ... It’s a shame that one of our VOLUNTEER First Responders (Firefighters) will probably end up getting hurt by this stupidity! Of course the did, they do that and it's on their webpage. Dangerous vandalism Where is the law being enforced! WTF The horse sh’t needs to stop. No leadership at all.

Duh.....probably a random person with no other parking spot😡😡you must think we are stupid. Really? Unknown? A car on fire? 🤭 Natives don’t burn cars......right? 🤔🤥 kstokesvies Who do you think set it lmfao 😂 you people are brutal...shit I said you people does that ban me for being racist? That’s very unusual behaviour for them, usually they just leave the cars on their front lawns

Once they start this crap, they are no longer protesters but Terrorist Because, cars just park themselves on railroad tracks and then light themselves on fire... this has now graduated to terrorist attacks on critical infrastructure and should be investigated as such. kstokesvies Well..are you going to investigate? Because i'm pretty sure it was...duh

Remember when Journalists had a spine to report the truth? No it's all a coincidence I am sure... No mystery here to solve.. Those protestors are the only ones lighting things on fire. Stolen car, protesters set on fire. Ovastly they did Thank you to our brave police and fire departments! Terrorist charge them!!! Be safe

Stolen no doubt 'Peaceful Protests' Just and accident just like the 3 train derailments just after the protests started ..... nothing to see here I’m sure it’s only coincidence 🤣🤣🤣 Welcome to another 4 years of Trudeau. And this is just the beginning, the enemy is emboldened, it's going to get much much worse.

Must be all those 'White Supremacists' This is what happens when you do not charge those with a federal offense the first time for blocking tracks. This is terrorism, why are we not treating this as the level of dangerous criminal activity that it is Only gonna get worse. They drive up and down the side roads truck loads to watch the tracks.

Set ablaze parked ON the tracks? Hmmm.... *scratches head* wtf EconomicTerrorism SaveCanada Of course they did ... Ummm clearly protester set this on fire. You figure spontaneous combustion?

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