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‘We are not in a better place’: Peter MacKay on the Liberals’ fraying trade relations

'We are not in a better place': Peter MacKay on the Liberals' fraying trade relations

2019-09-11 11:49:00 PM

'We are not in a better place': Peter MacKay on the Liberals' fraying trade relations

MacKay speaks about the effect trade wars between Canada, China and the U.S. will have on the economy — and what that means going into a election

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Fake-news post. 👉👉👉The discussion got a little heated when I said that Nazis, Democrats, Socialists, and the KKK all come from the left. TeamTrump MAGA CPC_HQ lies. Another armchair con quarterback.

White House adviser Peter Navarro urges patience in U.S.-China trade talksNavarro said ‘If we’re going to get a great result, we really have to let the process take its course’

Mugabe body arrives in Zimbabwe, burial place not announcedThe body of Zimbabwe's longtime ruler Robert Mugabe has arrived in the capital, Harare, where it was met by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and a full military delegation.

NOAA chief to address forecasters amid Dorian flapThe head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a chance to weigh in on the fray over President Donald Trump's mistaken claim that Hurricane Dorian was threatening Alabama.

Chris Selley: Barely centre-left vs. barely centre-right, for all the marblesCanadian elections are a battle over small differences — like, not over what limits to place on abortion, but over how best to ensure there will never be any limits Waiting with bated breath for CPC vs. LPC policy comparisons... It’s almost as if there’s other options oh wait print is dead and it’s your fault anyway Neither party is centre anything anymore. As for the abortion issue the only question that should be asked is which party has the courage to make it law As it stands all the parties simply use the issue to manipulate voters yet do absolutely nothing.

Federal election campaign set to begin WednesdayJustin Trudeau to visit Governor-General Julie Payette at Rideau Hall, Liberal sources said globepolitics It's go time! globepolitics Suspiciously not pictured, Canada's next Prime Minister MaximeBernier globepolitics Where's Max? Biased much?

Report: Former Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli to work as consultant for Blues - Sportsnet.caFormer Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli has reportedly landed a new gig with the Stanley Cup champion Blues. 😂😂😂