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Racism İn Canada, Black Lives Matter

‘We are not better than the U.S.’: Experts slam premiers’ comments on racism in Canada

Ontario and Quebec's premiers are facing backlash for remarks they made this week amid growing Black Lives Matter protests globally.

2020-06-03 11:26:00 PM

“We’ve had 200 years of active slavery practice in Canada,” said Kathy Hogarth, arguing that many Canadians still don’t understand their own history.

Ontario and Quebec's premiers are facing backlash for remarks they made this week amid growing Black Lives Matter protests globally.

in the prison system and the over-representation of children from minority populations in care, she said.As for Legault’s comments on slavery, Canada — including Quebec — does have a documented history of slavery, as several experts have since pointed out.

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0:44George Floyd death: Quebec premier takes issue with comparison to U.S. on issue of racismGeorge Floyd death: Quebec premier takes issue with comparison to U.S. on issue of racismDespite “decades of education and training,” Hogarth argued that many Canadians still don’t understand their own history.

“We’ve had 200 years of active slavery practice in Canada,” Hogarth said. “We are not only about the Underground Railroad.“So for our premiers to say, ‘We don’t have racism like the United States,’ it’s a shot in the head.”Ford clarifies comments on Wednesday

Ford appeared to somewhat walk back his comments comparing Canada and the U.S. in the Ontario legislature on Wednesday, acknowledging systemic racism in the province.Story continues below advertisement“Of course there’s systemic racism in Ontario. There’s systemic racism across this country. I know it exists,” Ford said during question period.

“What I don’t know is the hardships faced by those communities and a lot of us in this chamber do not know the hardships within those communities.”Ford added that his government “won’t stand for racism” and will do “everything we can in our powers and work collectively with other parties to stamp this out.”

READ MORE:Trudeau’s ‘pretty words’ on racism not enough amid Trump’s rhetoric, Singh saysFor Hogarth, the premier’s latest remarks still don’t stand up as an adequate acknowledgement of Canada’s challenges. She argued individuals don’t need to have lived racism or discrimination to understand what the problem is.

“In one instance, he’s saying: ‘I don’t know what it is but I’m going to work to stamp it out.’ How do you work to stamp out something you don’t know what it is?” Hogarth said.“Nice words, but it feels rather empty.”READ MORE:When asked if Legault wanted to clarify his statements on racism in Quebec in response to the criticisms voiced this week, a spokesperson for the premier referred Global News to Legault’s answers from earlier in the week.

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Story continues below advertisementIn an interview with Global News on Tuesday, Fareed Khan, founder of Canadians United Against Hate, said he was “gobsmacked” by Legault’s comments denying systemic racism.Khan described those comments from a premier who has banned the wearing religious symbols as “a slap in the face” to racialized communities.

3:36George Floyd protests: Trudeau says Canadians watching U.S. with ‘horror and consternation’George Floyd protests: Trudeau says Canadians watching U.S. with ‘horror and consternation’In contrast, Prime MinisterJustin Trudeauhas acknowledged the existence of systemic discrimination in the country — but Hogarth argued the acknowledgement is only a “first step” and Canadians need to challenge the national, multicultural identity Canada has built up over time.

“Until we move to a place of deep inclusion where Black bodies, Brown bodies, Indigenous bodies have equal right to belong in this space, I’m sorry — we aren’t doing enough,” she said. “It cannot be empty words.Story continues below advertisement“What are we doing? How are we changing? How are we changing our policing system? How are we changing our justice system?

“I want to see the next steps.”— With files from Global News’ Annabelle Olivier Read more: Globalnews.ca »

He’s right. White people are treated like shit in Canada. GlobalBC No such thing. It’s funny how he preaches facts. Yet research say exactly the opposite. This guy is a narcissist. Absolutely. We have liberals and old media whispering poison to POC that they are second class citizens when in fact they are equals.

To say Canada has systemic racism means that his government is racist. So I would love for him to site examples going on right now that show laws and institutions currently in place that are racist. And why he has not addressed them in his entire first term. Sorry Mr. Dress Up, I don’t take advice from lairs and hypocrites.

Canada, with a personality like Justin Trudeau, a progressive politician who opposes any racial discrimination, could be one of the world's leading human rights defenders in the future. He is working with all his political might to achieve a strong, free and proud Canada . This guy is in no position to lecture me, or any other Canadians on racism.

Coming from Mr. Blackface? Get off my fucking lawn 😂 Yes there's a lot of work to be done! As it's affecting all human race, black,Chinese, indigenous, Spanics, Muslims, Indians and the list goes on. GlobalCalgary This guy? Skippy fighting make belief foes to distract from his incompetence. The only systemic problem in canada is with arrogance and ego's.

IMO Trudeau always uses the racism card prior to an election. Ya right! Global, go home, you're drunk. I agree. We live in a country where a racist wore blackface at leaset 3x, a sweater mocking Christians, openly shows disdain for Jews, expresses sarcasm to indigenous people, and can remain in PM office. There is definitely a problem with our system of who can be PM.

Want proof there is systemic racism in Canada? The liberal_party and thousands of Canadians voted for a racist who hid his nefarious past until the last possible moment. Power over progress for the liberal_party. Amazing how fast you forget Blackfacetrudeau Please stop pretending to be unbiased Dear JustinTrudeau .....🖕

There is no systemic racism in Canada. Discrepancies across (and within) populations isn’t evidence of discrimination. Correlation is not causation. This is all about identity politics and racial pandering.. nothing more. Start by kicking out all the Chinese spies you brought in tho. GlobalCalgary Virtue-Palooza, the Thursday Edition

to What a laughing stock. Says the racist So SNC lavalin scandal. Can we get back to real problems? And it starts at the top. GlobalCalgary Funny how he never mentions which system is racism? Of the entire system is racist, where is it codified? GlobalBC Trudeau has done the most work out of all Prime Ministers to fix racism and the relationship with indigenous peoples of Canada.

Who is he talking about? GlobalBC There is much work to be done in Parliament. Get back to work you weasel. Remember this? There is, but not at the political level. Social engineering is not the answer. Who said the budget would balance itself. Well. Lordy lordy. The same guy that says there is systemic racism in Canada. And pigs fly.

charlesadler He always says much work to be done. Trouble is he never does any work. Seems rich, coming from someone who wears blackface..not once, not twice, but at least 3 times. Canada isn’t racist, BlackFaceTrudeau is 😉 cdnpoli GlobalCalgary The only form of racism we have is just for the Liberals and their actions against Canadians!

GlobalBC Dear god..can we move on from the Floyd death? It was awful but really does it justify global hysteria? GlobalBC JustinTrudeau Multiculturalism was better! All equal, one 🇨🇦 Diversity is NOT our strength! Together we stand Divided we fall! Trudeau started making this rift bigger !! How many black MPs, black staff do you have blackface Trudeau? 🤔 Get back to multiculturalism! .

Justin Trudeau is a racist GlobalBC Yeah like his reconciliation with the natives, then blatantly runs over them with the pipeline. And used brute force on peaceful protesters also. He is a big disgrace himself Stop acting like you care to Black Faced Trudeau is talking about his own type. I think innocent black childern being caught in crossfire from black on black violence in Chicago is way sadder then a grown man high on meth resisting arrest being murdered, though both are sad, there are two totally different groups at the root of these deaths

Liberals have held power for 79 of the last 120 years. Perhaps a deeper look into the party and their failure to take more action on these issues is a good starting place. Starting with him. Pot calling the kettle black. Systematic blackface for which Canadian MSM gave a free pass. He’ll ramble on about this until the sheep agree.

Canadians are not here to help Trudeau work through his racial issues. I will not be lectured about racism by TrudeauBlackface This is THE most welcoming country on the planet and these jerkoffs wanna preach to us? GTFO If it’s so bad here in Canada, then why have the liberals brought hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to Canada, and want to bring millions more? Give your heads a shake, maybe ask him that the next time he pops his head out of the cottage cookoo clock tomorrow to campaign

Everyone knows that Canada enslaved, raped, beat, murdered and stole from Indigenous people and the Inuit right? Are we just picking up half way through this lands colonization? PM needs to self reflect on his own past I agree the issue is white liberals Malcolm x saw this coming Diversity would be such a strength if it weren't for white people and their racism.

nocredibility charlesadler Glad to see his puppeteer Gerry finally made his lips move and scripted an answer for him. , both you and the PM can GFY's! Omfg .... Black loyalists helped settle Canada ffs. Maybe because no matter if it's a Liberal or a Conservative government education keeps getting cut. Almost like they are both Neo-liberal corporatist parties who are owned by the same corporations.

Werent black Africans very active in providing slaves for the US slave trade? Hmmmm Yanks brought em over but thier own people gathered them ..racism my ass.its all about money Hogarth should get down on her knees and pray, Thank God us racist Canadians helped stomp out Fascist in Italy and NAZI out of Europe! That just for starts with numerous other countries we have helped protect from bigotry, racism and tyranny over the years.

I’m black and the only racism I experience is at the hands of people like you and the white guilt you exude. I am your equal. Not your excuse. Stop the racism. It’s interesting that ppl choose to nit pick details rather than take the overall message from this. Just because we might be seen as “not as bad” doesn’t mean we don’t have issues of racism. And honestly, ppl can’t acknowledge the land was being settled before “official” in 1867

So why are we destroying history?...pick a lane is it important or not? How old is Canada now , 153 ? Are we now picking events from 400 bc to push liberal narratives? How long till they start pushing dinosaurs as fear tactics... Politicians and their MeToo because they feel left out of the racial war. Shut up!

We no our history. And we have grown as a country. And I don’t live in the past. These politicians and the media are just itching for this war to come to Canada. 200 years of active slavery practice in Canada Canada is NOT 200 years old Does anyone today now about Canadian history including these F**King experts

F A K E N E W S F F S Wasnt there a sort of underground railroad used to help slaves escape? I hope everyone reads this article with quotes from Rachel Robinson. A Sociology professor who specializes in studying victim hood is suddenly an expert in Canadian History? She is the one who needs to become educated not just in History but also life outside of Left-leaning academia.

BLM gets big $. White guilt pays well. It’s true, my people, the Irish know all too well what oppression looks like. We’ve been fighting off foreign invaders since the Vikings came 1,200 years ago, and still we don’t have our island free. freedomforireland Maybe they are trying to cause a problem in Canada that isn't as intense here as it is in the USA.

Egyptian in-salved jews There is still slavery today in the Middle East but let’s not talk about that. Let’s blame Canadians for what happened 200yrs ago. Also Trudeau said Muslim built this country so they brought slavery with them Still slavery in Muslim countries First Nations enslaved Europeans in Canada. This is what she's talking about, right?

‘Active slavery’....? This article is 'person gives her political opinion.' Global could certainly find experts in the other direction if the bothered to look because not all experts agree on everything. She doesn't even give any examples of '200 years of slavery' she just says it's there. DEFIANTLY SOME CRAZY TIMES!!! if anyone is feeling down, i promise this will lift you up and MAKE YOU LAUGH 😝

'Experts say' Not even a history professor. A social work professor aka a purveyor of destructive division and self-loathing. Toronto look around at hospitals and at universities most top managers and top earners are white old males. Short term contracts, the majority, are giving to women and non white workers. This is done with public money CIHI_ICIS fordnation celliottability ONgov ontarionurses

Interesting considering Canada is roughly 150 years old. Great fact checking Global! Stop the BS STFU we are better then the USA visa vie racism. that is not to say we dont have a problem and need to fix it Yes racism is real. And yes we practice slavery in Canada but we prefer to call it taxation up here. It's more politically correct.

Wierd, because Canada is only 153 years old We're all slaves to this government Eastcoastwulf The closest thing we have in Canada is the temporary foreign worker program. There is actually human trafficking going on right now. Trudeau has been expanding the program. There was never slavery in Canada. This is fake news.

The West didnt invent slavery. We ended it. Ranting4Canada This is factually and pragmatically a lie. You’re flagrantly trying to rewrite history here. Canada, as an independent nation has never had slavery. Further, we took in US run away slaves, as full free Canadians, and that population thrived. You’re flat out lying

WE were all made slaves the DAY we were born !! our parents made US ALL slaves the day they signed your birth certificate !!! when WE say you don't know history ...were not talking a measly 200 years ago !! Wow! Just wow! Pathetic attempt to divide by race. Active slavery For this alone you should be pulled off the air. FakeNews

Globalist News trying to help their elitist friends divide Canadians with racism. Stick together Canadians and dont let these sickos rattle you with this desperate attempt to divide. Key word is 'had'. Add this knowledge to the list of things the education system fails to teach. Not popular to say, but slavery also was a common practice in what is now Canada long before Europeans ever arrived. It was Champlain almost 400 years ago who was seriously wounded trying to protect Wendat people from being taken as slaves by other indigenous people.

The last residential school, located in Saskatchewan, closed in 1996. Why does the media twist things around like this? It only fans the flames. You have to be living under a rock if you believe Canada is except. What was said is we have problems, but not to the extent of the US. Whats the problem with that? We can all do better

If your going to slam Canada for slavery, please do not forget every other Country including the one that has had slavery the longest (Africa). More race baiting by global news. Yes we are better than the US because we are open to learn and change laws and they aren’t. We were apes for millions of years. Still if smone says tht thing impacts us!! Come on!! Racism is in mind not in blood! Years of slavery doesnt makes any sense

We dont have enough white shaming for our ancestors. Come on msm, this is weak There was indeed black slavery in Canada's past. The French colonists introduced it circa 1600. It was abolished in Upper Canada 11 years before the British abolished it everywhere in the empire in 1834. Everyone is an expert. Our country isn't that old FFS. This is serious. Who educated this one?

Humans! Not black bodies, brown bodies or indigenous bodies! Humans...who all have the same feelings and a brain to process the same wants for our lives & the lives of our families. Equality, to be treated the same regardless of race or gender or age! We are all slaves as our government s brand us with a sin number at brith we will continue to be slaves it’s not as black and white as the left hoped. It’s reality

'had' is the operative word here. Slavery was banned in Canada in 1807 when it was still a colony. That is not to say that there isn't widespread racism in Canada. 200 years of active slavery? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a bunch of bs. All these racist opportunists who think people are just going to be silent & listen to these lies have another thing coming.

Canada definitely had slaves. They fled slavery in the USA. undergroundrailroad The word 'experts' gets tossed around a lot these days to describe people with no discernable expertise. There were only ever something like 2000 slaves altogether in what became Canada (QC, ON, NS). No plantations, more like farm workers. Practice ended early 1800s, abolished in 1834. Canada the country never had slaves. Know who else had slaves? Some west coast First Nations.

If we have 'active slavery' in Canada then it's been well hidden from me. If 'systematic' racism is occurring then that falls straight at the feet of every politician. They control this system & should be making changes instead of lecturing the rest of us. Someone name a country that has a better history then Canada? We have made mistakes, but compared to every other country we are the cream of the crop. Stop with this nonsense and let’s make real change.

Slavery was banned in the entire British Empire in 1833, 34 years before Canada was a country. For some reason, transatlantic slavery is the only slavery that matters. The slavery that persists around the world today aren't important even if there are tens of millions of slaves. It doesnt matter if this country 'gave away' slavery. There were-and still are- heinous acts or racism performed against Indigenous people and other People of Colour on a daily basis. We need to understand and learn from our past so we can stop repeating it at some point.

It was abolished in 1793. Most Canadians of African descent came in the 20th century or later from the Caribbean or Africa. Many are descended from escaped slaves, as Canada was the destination for the Underground Railroad. Stop trying to twist history to suit your agenda. Canada wasn’t a country at that time but hey I guess history doesn’t matter anymore when we can just say “White Man Bad.”

Propaganda gonna keep on race baiting and sewing division! What year was it that we had a civil war over slavery again? 100% we can do better! We should do better.. we have blood on our hands too.. and police brutality.. it all needs to stop RACE BAITING HEADLINES EnemyOfThePeople Sure, but many slaves from down south still chose to flee to Canada.

No... we haven't. Stop gaslighting Canadians with these 'experts'. We don’t need so-called experts to understand our own culture and our own experiences. Stop pushing a false narrative. The Liberals haven’t been in power for 200 years... it only feels that way... Slavery is still practiced in much of the world. Canada and USA are the very special places to do away with it. Be proud, don't listen to the media.

Trudeau stays silent on Trump’s behaviour as George Floyd protests spreadTrudeau was asked what he thought about peaceful protesters who were subjected to tear gas and what message he believes he’s sending if he doesn’t comment on them. Wonder why... What about the behaviour of the terrorists? Anyone at global care? I do. I want to know if he sympathizes with the people destroying cities or sympathizes with those of us who see them as terrorists. Riots, Looting and Mayhem have nothing to do with GF, NOTHING Fake news EnemyOfThePeople

'Thank God' Canada Doesn’t Have Systemic Racism Like U.S.: FordThe premier also dodged a question about U.S. President Donald Trump’s call for the military to crack down on protesters. ONPoli CoronaVirusOntario Covid19Ontario FordIsFailing VoteFordOut2022 Unless you're indigenous. we treat our Indigenous families like dirt. They are human beings who were cast aside when we didn't want them or need them. IndigenousLivesMatter

Political leaders take aim at racism in Canada as protests rage in U.S.Trudeau condemned those who ‘took advantage of these peaceful protests to do significant damage to communities and stores as we saw in Montreal,’ saying they did not represent the majority globepolitics globepolitics IndigenousHistoryMonth globepolitics

Canadian Black And Anti-Racist Groups You Can Support NowHow you can help fight anti-Black racism and police brutality here in Canada too. The Media coronahoax Well obviously they don't even speak English. christel_D Thank you!

'Anti-black racism is real': PM Trudeau calls out Canadian racism after Floyd protestsAmid protests in Canada following the police-involved killing of George Floyd , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says 'we can't pretend that racism doesn't exist' in Canada. That's rich JustinTrudeau : 3 times blackface (at least) Cut Indigenous man's hair to humiliate him Raged at Black female caucus member Pressured then fired Indigenous Cabinet Minister Called Jagmeet Sing 'Marge Simpson' He is the racist and has no moral authority on this issue. NONE.

Hockey Canada issues statement denouncing racism, calling for change - Sportsnet.caAs protests against racial injustice continue across the United States and some Canadian cities, Hockey Canada has issued a statement denouncing racism and advocating for discussion and change. Hockey Canada should keep their nose in their own business. When something happens in the United States 7 of the NHL teams DO NOT belong in the convo nor does Hockey Canada. This is a US issue not a Canadian issue