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Pierogiday, Delicious

Want to eat like The Great One? Try Grandma Gretzky's perogy recipe | CBC Life

You miss 100% of the perogies you don’t eat.


It's PierogiDay, why not try Grandma Gretzky's Pierogi recipe. | cbc_life delicious carbs yummy grandmaknowsbest

You miss 100% of the perogies you don’t eat.

“This recipe was passed down to my family by my grandmother. It is of Ukrainian origin. It’s on the menu at my Toronto restaurant.”

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cbc_life Looks delicious cbc_life Make CBC private and see if they can stand on their own, if not let them go into the night. cbc_life “You miss all the pierogis you don’t take.”

Whitecaps' Dos Santos hungry for success after 'challenging' first year - Sportsnet.ca'I’m not delusional. I don’t want to have a second year like that,' said WhitecapsFC coach Marc Dos Santos. 'But I don’t need the fans to tell me that. … I don’t need anyone to be cheerleading me. I know how much I want to succeed next year.'

Alex Trebek may have to leave ‘Jeopardy!’ due to cancer battle, but he’s ‘not afraid of dying’“I’m not afraid of dying. I’m 79 years old. So, hey, I’ve lived a good life, a full life, and I’m nearing the end of that life. I know that.' What is death for $1000 please? :( Good on you, Mr Trebek. steeletalk 😪

COMMENTARY: Singh scores win with ‘sentiment’ jump on Twitter during debate, Ipsos saysCOMMENTARY: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh gained the most virtual ground during the debate Monday night, according to Ipsos’ sentiment reader, writes Gregory Jack. cdnpoli elxn43 canadadebates2019 Rumour has it, when Trudeau was a school teacher, he had a Fling with a 17yr old Student. Stay tuned !! JustinTrudeau He didn't gain anything but a stupid look on his face. The circus is in town...🤫🤔 what clown will be wrong to be our PM....😳

Raptors, Lowry agree to 1-year, $31M US extension | CBC SportsAccording to reports, Kyle Lowry has signed a one-year, $31-million contract extension with the Toronto Raptors through the end of the 2020-21 season, avoiding the free agency market in July 🦖| cbcsports cbcsports Nobody is worth that

Dropping voting age to 16 could lead to higher turnout, expert says | CBC RadioYoung Canadians are voting less than previous generations did, but one expert says engaging them early could change that. It's an idea that B.C. municipalities and some federal leaders are on board with. cbcradio Who wants to vote when our elections are this disgusting? 🤷🏻‍♀️ cbcradio Thank God. They have their weed so no need to vote liberal again. Democracy, not hypocracy. cbcradio Vote for who It’s at the point where one chooses the best of the worst as it is. Once elected it’s all about them anyway. Lowering the age would then mean promises of free bubble gum.

Managing the Line Between Keeping Kids Safe and Overprotecting Them | CBC ParentsAs parents, we linger at birthday parties and sporting events instead of dropping kids off. We created the term “play date.” | CBCKids Kids Your Satellite truck is here at the public Library on Queen Street next to Spring Garden and the thing parted the clouds again 😁 No joke Elle Fanning Sam Neil Tracy Izsak (ME) We are about to sign a movie deal with Magic Rock Productions Alien Ghost in the clouds Kids Please. There are a lot of people out there with horror stories of what happened to them when they was just dropped off. My Daughter swimming lessons coach arrested child porn. Other parents dropped and left. I never took my eyes off mine and never left. Kudos

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