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2022-01-26 1:00:00 AM

Russia has massed an estimated 100,000 troops along its borders with Ukraine, raising fears the Kremlin is preparing to launch a full-scale invasion.

Russia has massed an estimated 100,000 troops along its borders with Ukraine, raising fears the Kremlin is preparing to launch a full-scale invasion.

As tensions mount between Ukraine and Russia, many in Canada's Ukrainian community are watching and worrying about what the crisis means for their country of origin and loved ones living there.

(Submitted by Michael Doroshenko)worried about the loss of lifeArtem Pazych, a newly arrived Ukrainian student in Vancouver, is also worried for family back home and(Janella Hamilton/CBC)Pazych said being prepared for the worst became normal.Mainstreet

Mainstreet NS5:13"The aggression and this whole tension is slowing down economic growth in the country. Investments are not flowing in, people are extremely careful about dealing with Ukraine," he said.Duration'We want to bring awareness'

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I hope USA gets involved. Russia will regret ever starting a stupid war on a quiet innocent country, the peace keeps of earth need to take action against this traitorous actions! We should not be holding an Olympic Games right now. This is not unlike the 1936 Olympics, which we should not have went to either.

We knew this like 2 weeks ago? How is it news today? They had that many few weeks bac k on the border.... I have spoken to my family in Ukraine, (albeit they live in Western Ukraine) and they are surprisingly calm and confident. Glory to Ukraine they say. istandwithukraine The community sitting in Canada doesn't give a shit about it. They will just go to embassy with placards and come back. The way they give attitude is so hilarious, especially coming from a nation that is so incompetent that it cannot even defend itself. Going begging around lol

Yes. Contact the US and Canada. We stick by our allies. Remember Afghanistan? No wait …. Better not mention that. Are they prepared to return to their homeland to fight for it? Only ones raising fears is Canadian and US media. Just like they did with covid. Any rational person wouldnt worry about Ukraine invasion, however Russian gas pipeline through crimea to Turkey is Putins goal. Russia now supply's %80 europe natural gas.

Just another tick of time on the doomsday clock 'The [cropped]pictures[left] that were supposed to show a 'new Russian military buildup' only showed units in their regular barracks[right] w[h]ere they have been stationed for years.' `cdnpoli bcpoli' CBC peddling ZioNazi B.S.: Is this what they call fabricated consent?

Ukraine 'will not accept' concessions to Russia, Foreign Minister saysUkraine 'will not allow anyone to impose any concessions on us' as part of efforts to de-escalate the threat of conflict with Russia, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba What are Russian polling figures on a long term invasion /occupation of Ukraine? Can't believe mothers and fathers want to sacrifice their children for Putins ego. I can't believe most under 50s want to waste money and lives and and suffer UKR terror strikes in Russia for years

If there will be war, it will be started by the western nations. Not Ukraine, Not Russia. It will be the Warmongering west lead by the US. 😎

UK warns Russia will face severe sanctions if it puts ‘puppet regime’ in UkraineBritish deputy prime minister says Russia will face severe economic sanctions if it invades Ukraine Sanctions? That's basically permission. Is the sellout happening? It is all BS from the west. Russia knows the west has weak leaders and they are in control. The west including US is going to do nothing but talk amongst themselves and media. Why are you promoting American propaganda and distraction? Is the USA the only one allowed to install puppet leaders in other countries? USA would be taking on Russia, China, and Indonesia. Biden is sabre rattling for domestic consumption. Best not to give him oxygen.

Evening Update: Canada’s foreign affairs ministry suffers suspected cyberattack amid rising NATO-Russia tensions over UkraineAlso in the news today, North American stock marketss make dramatic late-session rebound after a steep selloff An inflammatory story based on assumptions without any evidence coming at a time when Canadians are skeptical of Canada's Ukraine policy? You might as well blame Russia for the Phoenix disaster if you think Canadians are that easily manipulated. A proof is a proof is a proof. Don't forget your playing with professional warriors. Wake up or get out. this should not surprise anyone in Canada when we deal, comment, criticize, question Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Arab Muslim countries

Global Affairs Canada hit by 'cyber incident' same day warning about Russia was issuedCanada's foreign affairs department experienced a 'cyber incident' last week that is still under investigation and has left the organization without access to some 'internet-based services,' the federal government has confirmed. The 'incident' was discovered the same day the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security issued a bulletin warning about Russian state-sponsored cyber threat activity amid ongoing tensions with Ukraine. The power of hashtags! She looks a little confused?or maybe this portfolio is a little out of her league.

he is concerned for his parents and grandmother , who live in Sumy, Ukraine, about an hour's drive from the border with Russia., Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told CNN in an exclusive interview Tuesday.Create Free Account Russia will face severe economic sanctions if it installs a puppet regime in Ukraine, a senior British minister said on Sunday after the UK accused the Kremlin of seeking to install a pro-Russian leader there.TALKING POINTS Canada needs to build more rental housing.

"It's been pretty nervous for everybody," said Doroshenko, 30, a Ukrainian citizen who moved to the Waterloo region to study and now works in the tech industry. Doroshenko, shown here with his daughter, is a Ukrainian citizen who is currently living in Waterloo, Ont. "If anyone makes a concession on Ukraine, behind Ukraine's back, first, we will not accept that. (Submitted by Michael Doroshenko) He is trying to help his family make plans in case an invasion does happen, but says it's been difficult given the unpredictability of the situation. The Russian Foreign Ministry dismissed the British allegation as “disinformation,” accusing NATO of “escalating tensions” over Ukraine. "Nobody knows where it will be safe in the next week, or two weeks, or two months," he said. "We paid a lot -- including 15,000 lives of our citizens -- to secure the right to decide our own future, our own destiny," he insisted. Varvara Shmygalova, a member of Toronto's Ukrainian Canadian community, said she is worried about the loss of life that could result if Russia takes military action.” - Globe editorial Even in losing, Tom Brady finds a way to dominate the conversation “The only thing better than Brady defending a title is Brady after he’s been told he doesn’t have it any more.

She left the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, five years ago, but her parents, grandparents and all of her friends are still there. Western powers have repeatedly warned Russia against further aggressive moves against Ukraine. and Russian diplomats failed on Friday to make a major breakthrough in talks to resolve the crisis over Ukraine, which was sparked when Russia began massing troops near its border with the country. "My message [to them] is: Try to stay as safe as you can, because I love you and I want you to be alive," she said. "But also, I want you to do everything you can to protect our home country and protect all the values of all democratic nations. Kuleba said he has no doubts about the U." Prepared for the worst Artem Pazych, a newly arrived Ukrainian student in Vancouver, is also worried for family back home and if Russia invades. In Washington, the U. "Loss of history, loss of identity, loss of culture," he said.'s commitment to defending Ukraine, despite comments from President Joe Biden suggesting that a "minor incursion" by Russian troops might not lead to a severe response from the NATO military alliance . They include being realistic: Setting unattainable goals just sets you up for failure.

Pazych, seen here on the University of British Columbia campus last weekend, makes time twice a day to check in with family in Ukraine, to see how they are coping as the conflict with Russia escalates. (Janella Hamilton/CBC) The 19-year-old is from Zhytomyr, just west of Kyiv. He knows this country, and he doesn't want Russia to destroy it," said Kuleba. U. He grew up in the shadow of the war in Eastern Ukraine, where government forces have been fighting Russian-backed separatists since 2014 — the same year that Russia annexed the Crimea region. Multiple attempts at a ceasefire have failed, and Ukraine estimates more than 14,000 combatants and civilians have been killed in the conflict.S. Many others have been wounded or displaced from their homes. The New York Times said Biden was mulling plans to send 1,000 to 5,000 troops to Eastern European countries, with the possibility of increasing the number should tensions flare further. The other is that studies often cannot be reproduced because of poor design – a situation that has only been exacerbated by COVID-19 and the urgent demands that the pandemic has placed on the biomedical research community.

In Eastern Ukraine, everyone is accustomed to living with war Pazych said being prepared for the worst became normal. Kuleba called the U. "My family is informed in their local community: where to go to the bomb shelters, what documents to have and what rescue pack do they have," he said. "And my brothers in school have been told what to do in case the war is happening, the attack is going to happen.'s plan to reduce staff levels at its embassy in Kyiv, beginning with the departure of nonessential staff and family members, "premature. Murayev himself poured cold water on the notion that Russia wants to install him as Ukraine’s leader, in comments to British newspapers and in an interview with Reuters." Anastasiia Mereshchuk, a member of the Nova Scotia chapter of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), said the situation has been "very hard mentally" on family and friends living in Ukraine, even though they live about 300 kilometres from the war zone. "Even though there are no active war actions going on in our region, it's still troublesome," Mereshchuk told the CBC Radio program Mainstreet in Halifax, saying soldiers frequently pass through and the region's hospitals have treated many of the wounded." The minister said the U. Slobodian.

"It is very real there, and everyone is affected, no matter where they are, no matter what they do in Ukraine. Although he says he wants Ukraine to be independent from Russia as well as the West, Murayev, 45, has promoted some views that align with the Kremlin’s narratives on Ukraine." LISTEN | Anastasiia Mereshchuk on her worry for loved ones in Ukraine: Mainstreet NS 5:13 Hear from a member of Halifax's Ukrainian community on increased Russian aggression At the border between Ukraine and Russia, tensions have been escalating for the past few months. was "definitely not" overstating the threat from Russia. Many Ukrainian Canadians fear the situation may worsen, and they worry for family and friends. Hear Mainstreet's Alex Guye speaking with Anastasiia Mereshchuk, a member of the Ukrainian Congress of Canada's Nova Scotia chapter.S. But he added that Russia had propped up previously minor figures in leadership positions in annexed Crimea and separatist-held Donbass. She hasn't been able to visit family in Ukraine for more than three years.

5:13 Vitaliy Milentyev, president of the Alberta Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, said the situation is the most heated he has seen in the almost eight years since the fighting began. Kuleba praised the decision and rejected suggestions that the move could anger Putin and escalate the crisis further. He said it is having an impact on Ukraine's economy .S. "The aggression and this whole tension is slowing down economic growth in the country.' This is not how it works," he said. Investments are not flowing in, people are extremely careful about dealing with Ukraine," he said. "That in itself is damaging, just as much as this whole nervousness around the country on the military side." In March 2014, Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean peninsula.S.

" WATCH | Edmonton woman asks Canada to 'do everything possible' to help Ukraine: Anxiety and apprehension Duration 6:37 Escalating tensions on the Ukraine-Russian frontier are being watched here at home. Yulianna Voloshyna in Edmonton has family in the Ukraine and she talks with Andrew Nichols of CBC News Network. "If he feels the slightest signs of weakness, it will only prompt him to further escalate and to resort to war. 6:37 'We want to bring awareness' Amid the tensions, there has been a growing movement calling for support from the Canadian government and other Canadians.S. In Winnipeg, about 50 people gathered in a churchyard on Sunday to show solidarity with Ukraine." RELATED IMAGES. The rally was organized by the Manitoba chapter of the UCC as part of the national organization's #StandWithUkraine campaign.

Among those rallying was Yevgeniya Tatarenko, whose mother lives in Novomykolaivka, in southeastern Ukraine.S. If the situation worsens, Tatarenko hasn't ruled out trying to bring her mother to Canada as a refugee. Tatarenko speaks at a rally for Ukraine in the churchyard of St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Winnipeg on Sunday. As U. (Travis Golby/CBC) "We want to bring awareness around the world and we want to bring attention to the political power of Canada and those people that can make decisions on the global level," Tatarenko said.

Accelerating a NATO membership action plan for Ukraine is among a handful of moves the UCC is pushing the Canadian government to make. The UCC is also asking for increased sanctions on Russia; the cancellation of the ; military equipment and defensive weapons for Ukraine; and the extension and expansion of Canada's military training mission in Ukraine, known as Operation Unifier.S. LISTEN | A Canadian in Kyiv talks about prepping for wartime, and more on the crisis: 13:45 Ukrainian fears about Russian invasion threat Ukrainian MP Volodymyr Ariev discusses a potential Russian invasion of his country, a Canadian in Kyiv talks about prepping for wartime and the CBC’s Murray Brewster breaks down what might happen if Russia does invade again. 13:45 Ihor Michalchyshyn, the UCC's executive director and CEO, said in Ottawa on Monday that Canada needs to send a strong message to Putin. "We've seen the United Kingdom, the United States, NATO allies, G7 allies send defensive weapons to Ukraine that will help them defend themselves in the case of an invasion.S.

And we think very strongly that Canada needs to join that list very quickly," he said. Last week, Global Affairs Canada announced the government has offered Ukraine "to support the country's economic resilience and governance reforms." Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly also said Canada will on Russian officials if the country takes further military action to compromise Ukrainian sovereignty. Our Morning Update and Evening Update newsletters are written by Globe editors, giving you a concise summary of the day’s most important headlines. With files from The Associated Press .