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Feral Hogs, Feral Hogs Canada

U.S. warns of feral hogs approaching country from Canada

Montana farmers warned that feral hogs could cross the border from Canada and do serious damage


Montana farmers warned that feral hogs could cross the border from Canada and do serious damage

American wildlife officials say feral hogs from Canada encroaching on Montana's northern border are a serious concern for farmers and others.

KALISPELL, Mont. -- Wildlife officials say feral hogs from Canada encroaching on Montana's northern border are a serious concern for farmers and others.

Wildlife Services, the Montana Invasive Species Council, the National Feral Swine Program, and the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department say the pigs could do widespread damage.

Various state groups are working on prevention and management measures.

Read more: CTV News

So what's the problem the farmers will take out their AR 15s. Problem solved. It's the American way. Sure that’s not a TrumpRally ? FERAL HOG ALERT: the call is coming from inside the [White] House. Leave them alone.. Stop Extinction / executions. Build the wall 😆 Now Americans are complaining about wild animals crossing their borders. Are these people for real?

Yeah, but how many? markcritch you want Canadian Bacon? You got Canadian Bacon brandonco4 WillieMcNabb

Hurricane Dorian: House seen floating away after storm blows through Atlantic Canada | Watch News Videos OnlineWatch Hurricane Dorian: House seen floating away after storm blows through Atlantic Canada Video Online, on GlobalNews.ca

Quickly! Build a wall! We can’t let them enter. Boss Hog lol We were warned and yet we failed to listen Good news for hunters. Liberal candidates The invasion has begun. Soon we will rule America! 😂 Global warming 🤷‍♂️ I blame you for this BarbiturateCat Eat them. PostMaster_Paul Canadian Bacon

From Canada-Gilead relations to TV crossover, 5 things to know about Atwood's 'The Testaments'When Margaret Atwood revealed she was working on a followup to 'The Handmaid's Tale' last fall, she cited two sources of inspiration: the questions she's fielded from readers in the past 34 years, and with a prophetic wink, 'the world we've been living in.'

Well its Canada so your not allowed to protect yourself with a firearm. Maybe call Trudeau and he can have unicorns 🦄 line up at the border. Manitoba has been dealing with wild boar this for years. Feral Bacon.... The anti-vegan brand? You know you’ve gone too far when you start messing with bacon! The prophecy

First Bieber, now this? I remember the good ole days when maybe a Geddy Lee would slip through but that’s it But how many of them? Well ya better round up all those PC candidates before they destroy everything. Canadian Bacon!!! 😂 Wild Bacon

COMMENTARY: There is deep angst in Canada ahead of this fall’s electionCOMMENTARY: 'Canadians are questioning the value and the very role of government, politicians and political parties in their lives,' says Mike Colledge. If our media was honest and reported fairly without bias, the Liberal Party would be at about 20% in the polls right now. All major problems within our society in today’s day and age stem directly from our media. Pure trash My view: voters are issues based not party based thinkers. We don't want a government that serves the old tax evading Canada Club types. We need proportional representation. Senate undemocratic and has veto. Time to scrap it. Scrap succession laws too. Put democracy first. We want less government, instead it bloats. We want gov out of our lives, instead regulations pass daily, some restricting our rights and freedoms If course continues, violent revolution will be the only way to reverse this trend.

Trump will want a wall So, now what? Another wall, on the Northern border? It’s always someone else’s fault. House_Feminist just had to pass this news on Preventative measures include a scope and rifle. If they are healthy, the meat can be used. They are a nuisance animal when feral. This must be a national emergency from the U.S. I'm surprised Trump hasn't tweeted about this.

Oh, damn! Looks like they're gonna need another wall! 🤣 Didn’t know these exist. Obviously, being proactive at the border is the key. one thing just came to my mind... bbq I didn’t hear Trump was over here?!? But glad he’s heading home

Canada falls to Germany in FIBA World Cup finale - TSN.caCanada's men's basketball team ended the FIBA World Cup with a 82-76 loss to Germany on Monday, but will still finish high enough to get a second chance at qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. How many NBA players and prospects will it take for Canada to compete on the World stage? '...more than a dozen NBA players neglected to play for Canada at the World Cup.' - CBC Sports. Thanks guys, you have made your country proud.

Get the impression someone is trying to put a rift between US and Canada. Just media or perhaps deeper Quick, build a fucking wall!! They are all ready here and its name is Trudeau That's nothing to worry about just Sarah Huckabee Sanders going back from vacation Yeah, but are there 30-50? And that’s how the US will conquer Canada. Those are stealth pigs

Call ICE and they will deport them back. No biggie, problem solved Well....we already have plenty They sent those horrid Asian Carp into the Great Lakes, they can have the hogs. Isnt that what a PC is referred to as a pig?

Raptors, Canada men's basketball coach Nick Nurse savours sweet summer - Sportsnet.caDays after bringing the Larry O'Brien Trophy north to Toronto, the coach was handed the reins of Canada's national team. An in-depth look at Nick Nurse's summer.

Sus Scrofa will never be stopped, with EXTREME measures of pop control in places like Texas it's only a matter of time and the harsh winter that keeps them out of the area. ...bacon with an attitude 🤣🤣🤣 I see a pig wall coming up and orange thing will get the pigs to pay gir it. LOL On the bright side, they make for good eating ( mmmmmm bacon ) and they make for a great hunt ( a real challenge ). Just saying 😀👍

I want a chicken farm :) family farming would feed us cheap instead of factory farming. Another caravan aiming at destroying America. Hold on to those AR15s. Get ready to kill some more pigs America. Get ready to hunt. Feral hog jerky will taste mighty good Actually their intention is to cross into the US then head to Quebec where they will become asylum seekers and Trudeau will save their bacon!

Obviously those hogs are members of the liberal_party cult of JustinTrudeau kinsellawarren will be able to provide American authorities with what to watch for. Not to bore anyone, but is there a wild hog hunting season?

Canada falls to Germany in last WC game, will still play for Olympic spot - Sportsnet.caCanada's men's basketball team ended the FIBA World Cup with an 82-76 loss to Germany on Monday, but will still finish high enough to get a second chance at qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. FIBAWC Tokyo2020 Happy we still have a shot. It will be a difficult road. The question remains: who will show up?! FIBAWC Tokyo2020 All these nba guys not playing for their country Canada needs to get BOO! when they come back to play the Raptors

Eat them. Only seems fair with the trash from your country that has appeared at our borders! Why don’t you build a wall or face the terror of our feral hogs😂😂 If we can bash a baby seal we can bash a feral hog. The invasion begins! No border wall can protect you now. BlameCanada feralhogs We have feral hogs in Canada? Never knew

Oh grow up America This should be good. Maybe just god damn maybe if enough of these hogs cross the border that dullard Prez of the US will build a wall to keep Canadian hogs out. Not that he knows where to find North so we got that working against us. Long live feralhogs Hog patrol!

U.S.A. Citizens warned that four feral hogs could cross the border from Mexico and do serious damage!👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽😤👇🏽 I am a Canadian and instead of a wall can we please just plant a prickly hedge! Open season on organic bacon! Canada is invading the US First comes our infantry Then comes our calvary

Time for a hog season I thought they had guns in Montana. No? Canadian Bacon Invasion. 🥓 All the more reason to allow farmers to keep their rifles handy. Pleas realDonaldTrump 'build that wall' to keep those hogs north of the 49th.... Maybe they need to build a Wall!! 😂😂😂

But they don’t even have passports But enough about Elizabeth May. It’s how we’re going to take over the world Are these the 30-50 feral hogs I've been warned about? Build a wall realDonaldTrump How do they know they didn’t originate in the US to begin with? Can’t they be shot? Trapped? 🙂 Damn Canadian feral hogs.....

Time for a wall to keep the bad hombre hogs out Time for open season. Could provide an awful,lot of food for the shelters, soup kitchens and food banks Gives a whole new meaning to open borders. Build a wall...build a wall and the three little piggies will pay for it. They're on the way..😂😂😂 Oh, gawd, Trump's gonna need another wall.

one more reason to build that wall now....nopipeline JasonIsbell

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