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U.S. agency includes gun sellers on list of critical infrastructure

U.S. government agency adds gun retailers to list of critical infrastructure

2020-03-29 3:02:00 PM

U.S. government agency adds gun retailers to list of critical infrastructure

A gun rights group is cheering the Trump administration's designation of the firearms industry, including retailers, as part of the nation's critical infrastructure during the coronavirus emergency.

The firearms industry was not part of the federal agency's original list of critical infrastructure issued just over a week ago. The designation in an update released Saturday follows a brewing legal battle between gun rights groups and California officials.

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The group Gun Owners of America says in a statement Saturday that it is encouraged that the Trump administration is not ignoring what it calls "the ability to protect yourself" during the emergency stemming from the pandemic.Gun rights groups filed suit last Friday after the Los Angeles County sheriff closed gun stores in the wake of California Gov. Gavin Newsom saying that each of the state's 58 counties could decide for themselves whether to list firearms dealers as nonessential businesses that should be subject to closure while the state seeks to limit the spread of the virus.

The lawsuit claims that the designation violates the Second Amendment, but officials cite a public health issue. Read more: CTV News »

Yeah cause guns are real crucial to every day life . Give your head a shake Trump . And the snowflakes go crazy. Of course they did Totally ABSURD! Only in America In case of Zombies,right!? Nothing like a good shotgun blast to destroy a virus 😂 Damn right they're essential Only in America. Legit. Gun Porn....I love it....

The sad part is that I guarantee most of these people can take apart a gun and put it together perfectly and yet they cannot tell you the difference between a bacteria and a virus or why an antibiotic will not work on a virus or why 'exponential' is bad THAT is the tragedy Those Americans need their guns. How long before we hear about a person being shot because the shooter thought the person was infected and too close? CNN freep DETNews

Wow! Can not even understand the logic! Eejuts! Fun fact: In America it’s mandatory to have more guns than teeth. Most have about 2-3 guns each. Didnt know it was Zombie season After Justin releases prisoners, guns will be in high demand in Canada too Having more guns will protect them from the virus. It’s like Asteroids.

So that's what freedom and liberty looks like. As they should be So ? For anybody who doesn’t live in the US, maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t quite get this, but are these really essential? On par with people who deliver food to people staying at home, delivering mail, driving doctors to hospitals, etc? Gun shops

matt harris They were listed as non essential therefore they should be closed, no need Breaking: Another Canadian has been shot by another Canadian in Canada ! Need to protect yourself from the lunatics out there. Go figure Lol America Morons. Just....🤦‍♀️ That virus is going to turn around and go back where it came from once it sees my nickel plated 9mm

LOL, just in time for Easter too Ebenezer Scrooge: if they would rather die they had better do, it and decrease the surplus population Good. Do the Canadians know about all the illegal guns in Canada ? Of course they would. It’s their TheTweetOfGod given right. Canadians are being shot by Canadians all over Canada now. But that’s local news.

But of course you do The MSM, including ,and Liberals considered open borders part of the critical infrastructure that couldn't be shut down. It's getting scarier out there,just wants me want to 'hunker in my bunker',wish the thought re stocking arms was home defense,but I know in my heart they'd come for my stash of 8 rolls toilet paper and 6 cans of tomato soup.

“Those Canadians” all across Canada are buying guns & amo. eh ? 4CRPG With the opening of prison doors by Liberals gun retailers are critical infrastructure. Good. While major cities pull back on policing a variety of crimes and holding press conferences to announce it, people should have the ability to defend themselves.

As they should O’Canada. Canadians are buying guns and ammo, eh ? Everyone is getting ready for pandemonium. Ridiculously backward priorities How do guns and weapons considered critical? Unless you're planning on going out and using them to hunt (and I'm talking about a shot gun, not something that will turn your kill into ground meat on kill), there's no use for them.

If liquor stores and pot shops are then why wouldn’t gun retailers be? Can't get guns too easy up here so I stockpiled machetes instead. Have enough to put a strong posse together when SHTF. BASED TRUMP Would trade him out for fruitcake any day. RemoveTrudeau AgentsOfChina PurgeCommunists Then if guns are so important why do you still kill black men just for the idea of them having a gun.

What a joke. So unreal and pathetic. You have a loving issue with those guns in the states. Understand tho with a clown as president....... Watch out the rush to buy toilet paper is about to be overtaken Could somebody pleae explain the comment: 'The lawsuit claims that the designation violates the Second Amendment, but officials cite a public health issue.'

To me , that makes it less safe. Now when people start snapping because of the virus they will have a gun to go crazy with. Good job. What’s wrong with that CTV !!! Absolutely nothing . Why don’t you bought and paid for media outlets in Canada do your job and investigate the government not the people . Because you are all corrupt. Guns are as legal as pot ! So get off this FKing topic !

Are you fn kidding?!!!!! As long as convicted felons, domestic abusers and people on the terror watch list are still able to buy them, then everything will be fine Thankfully I live in Canada where sanity still prevails. I guess the survivalists have the internet in there bunkers. Hope they have showers. If they don’t they will be very smelly by now. 😷

Lots of gun retailers open in Canada too It's critical for those who rely on hunting for food. Subsistence hunters, farmers, wilderness workers, indigenous communities - they all need firearms, virus or no virus. This is why gun stores remain open, in 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸. Secondly, 911 can’t be relied on if police get sick en-masse. Self-defence needs are a valid concern to prep for.

Good. Should be the same here too. That country is messed up. Only in America. The NRA has these politicians in their back pocket so when they sit Trump and crew and kiss their asses. GOOD Need to be able to hunt for food when society collapses. When secs count, police are just minutes away Awesome There is nothing essential about a gun store we have too many guns on the streets now!

Don’t kid yourself, the rednecks are buying them up here along with amok as well. They all figure if food runs low, people will be coming to their house to find it or they will need to go and find it! Amusing watching people from Canada say 'only in Murica' when they are considered essential in Canada too.

Sure tells you who really runs the US government. 🤷‍♂️ The National Nightmare never really went away with the removal of Nixon...Actually, it got worse. Excellent move and this indicates the importance of this industry to society and the economy! Here are the “The liberals are coming for us” crew from this post.

Come on Bill , do the same....😂 What? Do these folks think they’re going to shoot the virus? Makes as much sense as our liquor and pot stores being essential 🙄 This is horrible Lots of Canadians getting shot by other Canadians with guns, eh ? Canada could learn something here. Them Canadians are buying more guns , eh ?

Canadians are buying guns & ammo too, eh ? Because you need a gun in a pandemic? That’s fucked. Did he say why it is? Because they need guns to protect them from the virus? How does that work? No one stands up to the NRA. When u have a population like the US, guns legal, people thinking the virus is BS.? High crime rate I guess he thinks that’s good for the country!!

As I said on many occasions... I am so glad my parents immigrated to Canada... I owe them so much for such a wise decision on their part !! Firearms rights are human rights. What? Unbelievable!! Well what a surprise! Only in America That’s going to make Liberals heads explode. Critical infeasstructure. Well they are truly ass backwards down there anyways

That figures....not the answer folks at this crazy time...FLATTEN THE CURVE...stay in... distance yourself 6 ft from each other..stay safe and kind to one another ..we are ALL in this together...TOGETHER we are stronger....🙏🇨🇦❤️❤️ Dead people don't add to the Covid stats! rexglacer Gun retailers are open in Canada as well people! Stock up on ammo! With the left voting to release criminals and impotent judges/courts, Trudeau leading our country down the toilet, people out of work and no $$, we are in for dangerous times.

Makes sense, and is a Constitutionally-protected right. Gonna shoot the virus? 🤣 Of course you can shoot the virus i guess WTF 🤦‍♀️ Can’t say that I’m surprised. No kinding Of course they do. We wouldn’t want Americans to be short on their guns and ammo during a pandemic. 🤨 It's a virus outbreak, not a zombie apocalypse.

This is NRA lobbyists cashing in on favors, nothing to see here, move along! American Politics are such a dumpster fire right now!! You got to be kidding NRA made a phone call to the White House..... Unbelievable Nice thing about the USA. You have the right to protect yourself and family. Canada not so much, let the thugs rule!

That’s dumb. How sad is this.. Let me get this straight. If the virus doesn't get them, they shoot each other? Am I missing something here?🤔 Wow. Fucking America (SMH) They are the stupidest people on the planet.. More deaths... NRA funds the government.. What!? Idiots 🇺🇸 unraveling. Waiting for the wrath of MAGATs with BuyersRemorse

Omfg Only in ‘Mercia.🤷‍♂️ They're throwing matches at a huge pile of kindling... As they should. Buy guns!

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