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Blunted Knives, Blunt Tip Knives

U.K. brand selling no-tip knives ‘in response to rising knife crime’

'We're hoping this shape becomes the industry standard in the future,' knife-maker Viners said.


'We're hoping this shape becomes the industry standard in the future,' knife-maker Viners said.

The knives are designed to reduce stabbing crime in the U.K., particularly in cases of domestic violence in the kitchen.

U.S. man seeks ‘trial by combat’ using swords in court fight with ex-wife

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Dumb the front can be sharpened We already have these, they’re called butter knives ... What else? Cut all the rifle butts? Maybe diversity isn’t our strength never had these problems before This is madness. 🤪 This has been done before. 'Later, in 1669, King Louis XIV of France banned pointed knives in the street and at his table, insisting on blunt tips, in the hope that it would reduce violence.'

So they can't actually stab someone but they could sure as shit slice their throat and many other appendages. This is where you end up when politicians keep convincing you inanimate objects are the cause of violent crime. Canada’s headed the same way as the crazy, sheep-like Brits. I think the no-tip kind would hurt a lot more

‘I’m killing the dog!’: Dad charged after teen hides Nest camera in her bedroomWARNING: This story contains disturbing details. Authorities didn’t believe the Florida teen’s stories of abuse — so she set up a camera to catch her dad on film. It’s pathetic that they didn’t belive her. Poor young women! I hope that her father actually gets sent to jail. Ignore her abuse but shoot others for no reason at all. Smh.. 👉👮‍♂️ Violence link HumaneCanada DrMargaretrvc viraniarif beynate PierrePoilievre

Now do machetes. Its still gonna go in... you guys need a stupid smack 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣who makes this shit up. Wow the stupidity At least gun crime is down.. right? What a farce. I guess it’ll be mandatory “tipless” knives before eventually banning that dangerous utensil. After all, it’s not the violent criminal that’s the problem, it’s those damn dangerous sharp knives! GET THEM OFF THE STREETS!

I guess really soft bumpers on vehicles are on the way too? How about chastity belts? The world has gone mad. This is a dumb design, I just can't stop laughing How about they kick out the foreigners doing all of the stabbings?

New Jersey expands terrorism law in response to kosher market attackNew law redefines terrorism to include crimes aimed at religion, race or national origin

God forbid we deal with the criminals. How freaking simplistically stupid. Go away with socially engineered Safety Chef knives. If someone is gonna kill they gonna kill. Sad statement towards Pandering. Lol all forks will need to be corked. Would I rather be stabbed, or slashed? Hmmmm..... samike88 You do realize it’s not that hard to put a tip on that , right ?

Fun fact: there are MANY other pointy objects out there. So ridiculous! Taking the point off the knife is not going to prevent anything. Perhaps the liberal gov should ban pointy tipped things... and have a buy back program for pointy tipped things....👍 You can still hurt someone with that blade. My god msm is so ridiculous to give this air time.

In Goa we call this the ‘Khorvontt’. I wonder what caused this change in thinking? 🤔

Rocky 'Soul Man' Johnson, 'The Rock's' Father, Dies At 75He made his wrestling debut in Southern Ontario before rising to fame. TheRock And I'm sure you had to him... smh.

Now do forks. Ever seen one of these? Here’s a thought. Instead of changing the way our countries cook, deport the people who want to kill you for not being a follower of Islam. Simple! 😉 A file will re-profile that blade as easily as it takes the serial number off a firearm. Ban files! An epidemic of knife attacks? Why no knife ban? They need to consult Canadian Liberals.

Wow! Sad and ridiculous at the same time! Holleee Phuk just when you think UK society couldn't get more twisted a story like this pops up..Truly the execs of this company should like the exec of Maple Leaf foods check themselves into the funny farm..Because the true long term dark danger to society are people like this..

Because they couldn’t possibly be filed down...😒 Just the tip?

Discipline Tips For Dads Who Don't Want To Be Harsh (Like Theirs Were)Discipline tips for dads who don't want to be harsh (like theirs were)

Wow whole lot of stupid right there. Maybe reduce immigration ! Sigh, the problem is not the tool used, it is the person using the tool. This will solve nothing as it does not address the source of the problem. Banning files and sharpening stones as well? Maybe don’t be a murderer? Lol. I have a few knives that look like that already.

Good grief. Do they really think a terrorist is going to go out and buy one of their knives before going on an attack? If every knife on the planet was built this way, are they going to ban grinders so they can't put a point on them? Wankers. Cool! So this won't slit anyone's throat!? This is ridiculous.

You took the tip away to prevent stabbings but didnt think of slashings.... you should have changed the design of the handle to make it easier for WORKERS to do their jobs but harder for criminals to use the knife. Sincerely a cook who had to change careers due to hypermobility.

NSA discovers security flaw in Windows, Microsoft issues fixThe National Security Agency has discovered a major security flaw in Microsoft's Windows operating system and tipped off the company rather than exploit it for its own intelligence needs.

Surely you jest UKers 'This just in, increases in throat slicing. More at 6.' god, that looks so stupid.

Canada seeking official status in Tehran crash probe, Garneau saysIran's president levelled threats Wednesday against Europe in response to European countries' new crackdown on his country's violations of their nuclear deal -- a move Canada is also supporting. The plane was shot down. It didn't crash.

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