Two-thirds of Canadians support closing businesses again if COVID-19 cases spike: survey

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As scientists and policy-makers anticipate a second wave of COVID-19 later this year, a new survey from Nanos Research suggests a majority of Canadians support closing non-essential businesses again if cases spike.

A man wears a mask as he exits a Toronto Transit Commission subway station in Toronto on Thursday July 2, 2020. TORONTO -- As scientists and policy-makers anticipate a second wave of COVID-19 later this year, a new survey suggests a majority of Canadians support closing non-essential businesses again if cases spike.

Support for shutting down businesses during a second wave was strongest in Ontario and weakest in Quebec . Those older than 55 -- who are more susceptible to the virus -- were more supportive of the closures, at 77 per cent, than younger Canadians aged 18 to 34, at 64 per cent support. In recent months, business has slowly returned to normal as provinces expand their lists of which businesses are allowed to reopen.The poll also found that most Canadians support the mandatory wearing of masks in all public spaces, with 54 per cent in support and 25 per cent somewhat supportive. Nearly one in five respondents said they opposed or somewhat opposed mandatory face masks.

. Many public transit authorities already recommend or require that passengers wear masks, including in Vancouver, Ottawa, Hamilton and Guelph.The number of daily cases of COVID-19 has been steadily trending downward for months. For example, the country reported 286 new cases of COVID-19 on June 30, a sizeable drop from 772 new cases May 30.


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Why bother investing in a business then?

You know 💩


The cure cant be worse than virus. Buisness need to open

Another poll I wasn't let in on

Ya that bull

Not true. Canada can't afford another lockdown, and most of us know it - end of story.


Omg no we don’t - get real.


We are being played. Government has free reign to roll out Agenda 21. This NOT a conspiracy. Stop looking at tests..which are often faulty and look at death’s not a pandemic. Wake up

'More at 5 from the communist news network, CTV'

Yeah ..sure we do .

too bad you can`t be sued for blatantly lying . fakenews


centeringpendu1 Everyone getting CERB. Disabled canadians can not afford more increased costs, but we also face death if things stay open or reopen. Ableism at every level of government but not news worthy, so I will let you get back to able news.

No we don't

Should CBC & CTV be held accountable for inciting hatred, fear mongering, spreading lies, Liberal bias, aiding & abetting communist traitors & corruption, brainwashing & stupefying the sheople.

It’s funny. I’ve never ever been asked by anyone about the polls you tweet about ever!

Not buying it.

LIES, LIES and more lies. Would never expect anything else from you.

Says WHO? Get the PUN there Lol

Why don’t we just all stay in our houses and watch the life we once enjoyed disappear into a dystopian nightmare where everyone is terrified of each other because they’re ignorant about microbiology.

Hydroxychloroquine was an approved cure 15 years ago !

Not true

Not true

Didn’t ask me.



CTVNews They can stay home.





No they don't. What the hell is wrong with you? EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews

bevrobertson3 In a poll of folks in the CTV offices maybe otherwise....

This is total bullsh*t. You are fake news.

Wrong again! You must be asking the wrong people or you are only asking those who answer the way you want! CovidPropaganda CanadahasNoPrimeMinister LiberalCorruption DefundtheUN DefundWHO DefundMSM

You’re lying.

Fuck no they don’t. Quit with your bullshit

Fake news supporting left's Political agenda at the cost of this country's future.

State propaganda. Total bs.

Fake news. Shame on you CTV!

As long as they are paid to sit at home of course they will.

Does anybody working for & affiliates have loved ones owning a small business?Do any of you realize/care that this fake news could destroy ppl you love?As useful idiots,it's time to see when everyone else is dead/destroyed,they will destroy you without a thought

CTVNews Why go to work when you can sit home on your lazy asses and collect CERB $?


CTVNews The only people who support this are the ones who will not lose their own income or jobs. This is BS! Ask the government to not get paid during another lockdown. Bet another lockdown wouldn’t happen.

CTVNews Really? No one asked me. I support it, but no survey for me. Just keep the border closed please.

CTVNews Lives before Business, but we all have to look after one and the other. We can do this. Please help Everyone.

No. No they don't! CanadianPravda

CTVNews My unofficial poll tells the exact opposite.

CTVNews I’m guess it’s the two-thirds sitting at home getting government cheques.

CTVNews BS! Canadians who think this is what we need to do are simple minded clearly. They must all be liberal voters.

CTVNews Who cares if they support it or not? 🤦🏻‍♀️

CTVNews Who do you survey? Lol

Looking forward to the day this bought and paid for fake news media is tossed into the trash bin of history!

CTVNews You can trust they aren't business owners.

CTVNews The government doesn’t have the money to afford to pay businesses and people if they close them again. They have learned from the first wave and the second wave won’t come until they open the border with the US and resume flights from China. Hopefully that’s not until October

CTVNews Well as long as they don’t mind going hungry. Our economy will never survivor

CTVNews Fuck that

Closing businesses is not going to help it's only gonna collapse the economy even more.

CTVNews Just look at your comment section clearly your poll is wrong

CTVNews I don’t recall having a proper vote or being informed of a vote? force feeding an audience fear mongering on your website than taking a poll with them isn’t accurate data for how Canadians

CTVNews I know this is a lie. Unless you took the poll in TO.

CTVNews No we don’t support it

CTVNews Breaking. CTV sample size still not an accurate representation of Canadians. falseresults

CTVNews It's going to happen if there is a survey or not!! Enjoy the little taste of freedom and these cocksuckers will close us down again! Plandemic all the way!

CTVNews Ya right

CTVNews Bull!


CTVNews Funny cuz 2/3 of the comments on your Tweet say to keep the Businesses open. DR's are saying the lock down is doing more harm than good. And the Government Cerb Money isn't going to last forever.

Ahhh no they don’t

CTVNews Oh bullshit they do

Not sure how you people think you can live in a germ-free bubble not get a little dirt under your fingernails to build up some immunity to this virus. Like knock it off cuz it's getting really really stupid. Take care of the elderly with underlying conditions and whoever else

Pure idiots. Covid is over. Case spikes are a worthless stat. Go on, ask me for proof so I can shut you up. cdnpoli Covid_19

CTVNews No!!

CTVNews Survey is wrong

CTVNews That’s because you are spewing mis-information about this virus

No they don’t!!! I don’t know one person who supports this.

CTVNews I don’t support. It’s ridiculous to close businesses again

CTVNews You only need to isolate and protect the most vulnerable , now that we know so much more about the virus. Blanket lockdowns will only increase violations and deaths..not sure if you just called CTV/Govt employees randomly (by mistake?)

CTVNews How can less than 1500 people's opinions count for 36 million?

CTVNews I'm not getting CERB, and have continued to work during the entire pandemic, but I would totally be in support of closing our businesses again if our Healthcare professionals deem it necessary!

CTVNews Ah no thank you! Who did you ask?

CTVNews No just keep everything opened

I’m moving to Sweden if that happens again.


I’d like to see the data or some evidence of these people please CTV

Fake news!

I wonder what the numbers would show if these people weren’t receiving free government money for staying at home.

Unfortunately closing is not going to help if the anti-maskers and disbelievers remain with the same frame of mind. They need to GetReal WakeUp StopTheMadness

Do you support closing businesses again if Covid-19 cases spike?

Literally no one I know agrees with this. Not friends, neighbours, family, work colleagues, NO ONE. This is a lie. Massive unemployment, crushing household debt and massive tax increases on the way and 2/3 are ok with shutting down again? BULLSHIT

No they don’t. I say we close and fire all MSM news anchors and I bet the virus would magically disappear.

Most of them being CERB recipients. Adhere to the safety measures recommended by our health authorities and we won’t need to shut down again. How many more Canadians will have to lose their businesses and livelihoods? We know what to do. Just do it!

Who did you poll? The employees who got free money to stay home Or the prisoners who got free money? Or Trudumb's friends who got free money? Did you ask ONE person that actually owns a business? FAKE NEWS!!!

Wear a proper face mask, follow social distancing guidelines and we won’t have to worry about shutting down the economy again.


CTV - CNN All bullshit.

These 2/3’s

Why don't we go ask some businesses then? Where is this poll that nobody saw anyways? FAKE NEWS! DEFUNDMSM

FakeNewsMedia EnemyOfThePeople

So my take from this headline is that 1/3 of Canadians own businesses

Don’t you dare speak for me!! Bunch of solds and liars!

fake media, ennemy of the people's !



If you feel so unsafe that you wish businesses were closed, you’re naive to understand that they won’t be there when you feel all safe and cozy. If you are scared, stay home, pretend that everything is closed, you’re a grown up and can make the choices that suit you best. Wtf?!

Bizarre je ni crois pas déjà beaucoup on perdu leurs jobs et des faillites non je ni crois pas

Term limits for ALL elected officials so that they are forced to be remembered for what they did, good or bad, and how that will help them when they’re out of office vs pandering to sheep for votes. It’s sickening

Well that doesn’t have anything to do with an unchecked media. What would closing businesses do? Are you closing Home Depot? Walmart? Grocery Stores? What happens when they reopen later? Spikes? What’s the death rate? Virus isn’t going away by closing businesses 🤦‍♂️. People R Dumb

Two thirds of this article is bullshit. FakeNews


Never agree with this

Fakenews FakeNewsMedia FakeNewsAlert

Number of cases isn’t relevant. Death rate is.

I don't believe this for a second....

CERB must pay more than Subway employees get, especially with childcare costs considered. Free money is like meth, not even once.

No we don’t. That would be a death sentence to the economy

Fuck that I will not close again. You have to lock me up

That’s gotta be some bippity bopitty bullshit.

Bullshit. biggovsucks

there are simple cures just BIG PHARMA who owns the media doesnt want them competing with their golden calf drugs

10 out of 10 business would disagree

Who did you survey Marxist left extremists?

How will there be a spike if mandatory masks supposedly works?

Bahahaha yeah right! 80-90% of the population weren't wearing masks before they became mandatory. That's all the proof I need to know that we all aren't falling for the koolaid!!!

And none of them would be business owners, or gainfully employed. Stay home if you want, shut youself in if you want, the rest of us have moved on and arent buying your crap anymore. Be better than CBC.

I call bullshit FakeNews

Bullshit !

I work on the frontlines dealing with the public-one of the ones at risk if businesses stay open in the event of a spike-I wholeheartedly support closing businesses if there’s a spike.

More fear porn you propaganda communists! Stop reporting garbage!

CTV .. pushing fake news again

They are layering this one pretty slick. Think they're hinting at something? Tired of this constant need for us to live in fear because of one thing or another.

Fake News!! Who did you poll The unemployed Gov't workers Teachers Poll business owners & let's see what people with skin in the game think!!

Keep spewing globalism BS for Trudeau cash CTV. 👌

LIES & more LIES ... Canadians want business to resume

Canadians hardly even wear masks out they dont care they want the economy open. I personally choose to stay home as much as possible.

Just more CTV FakeNews Three-thirds of [cognitively functioning] Canadians are sick of this BS charade, and are NOT fooled by Fake info. Of course, all the sheeple that follow CTV will support the insanity. It's mental pathology.

'Two-thirds of Canadians' No. 2/3 of people in a survey designed to produce a desired result support closing businesses. For example: 2/3 of Canadians have alcohol problems. (according to a survey taken at a bar at 2:00 a.m. on a Monday morning)

Um I certainly don't know two thirds of Canadians, but the ones I do know are 100% against closing business again. Bet my poll was as scientific as yours. cdnpoli

Um no we don’t, and now that we know that hydroxychloroquine has good outcomes with treating covid and isn’t dangerous there is no need for any lockdown!!!

You guys just make shit up 🤦🏻‍♂️

No way that survey is accurate.

Ahhhh shut up.

If Canadians & everyone else would adhere to the COVID19 guidelines this would not have to happen. THANK COVID19 SERIOUSLY FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a better idea. How about we just don't let it spike again? We all know the drill now. Prevention is actually really easy. Get on it.

Twitter is not an accurate representation of Canadian people. The majority of the country is not on Twitter so the replies here, including bots, are in the minority. You guys seem to forget that Twitterverse does not rep thoughts of many Canadians. Sorry to destroy your narrative

More cases doesn’t correlate to more deaths. In my opinion everyone in the world already has it.

Is it bcus 66.6 percent of candians arnt actuslly candian

Ya right !!


I guess those two-thirds dont own a business

The big pharma cabal cooked up their plandemic virus to push their vaccines while they push fear porn in the media. COVID19 has a 99.99% survivability rate only being fatal to very sick & elderly and those on ventilators. FakeNewsMedia fakenews EnemyOfThePeople coronavirus

FakeNews FakePoll ...

Anyone with half a brain should comprehend that 1000 people do not speak for Canadians as a whole.

I have another headline for you - 2/3 of CERB recipients support shutting down the economy again.

Do it without CERB, see how many want to without a paid staycation.


Are these people on welfare lol

Two thirds of Canadians?!? Gtfoh..😂😂

Is this what China wants? Seems like what they say is the only thing our government and the propaganda media care about.. how can you live with yourselves pushing propaganda.. its sick

Canadians know the MSM media are lying to them. Everywhere I go, people are talking about the fake news. Notice, you cant even call ctvnews and get through to a person anymore. Same as globalnews. They need to be brought down and face all employees face justice.

Let me guess the same people that are still collecting CERB?

But, only so long as CERB continues indefinitely. Otherwise, when people get hungry and desperate, they will beg for businesses to reopen.

Who are you polling? I've NEVER been polled ... EVER! CTVFakeNews

FakeNews youshouldbefired wedontbelieveyou

Stay the fuck outta my bizz!

2/3 of Canadian's agree that CTV is FakeNews and should be shut down

No they don't!! Quit Lying, AGAIN!!!

What are they going to spike with? Cooking the books again? Your lying and part of the scamdemic . Like any owner wants to lose his business.

Incorrect. Your use of stats from highly selective surveys is damaging, dangerous and irresponsible. MSMisdead



FakeNews reports 2/3 of Canadians support closing businesses again over CV19. Nano’s polls a select group of just over 1000 people. Why would they use small sample groups? Control the narrative. Many Twitter polls with larger sample groups say the exact opposite.

Oh bullshit.

More BS coming out of the news.

Two thirds of all MSM maybe. I hear all media outlets have had huge spikes in viewers. That would account for the shoddy, inaccurate and sensational 'journalism' being foisted on Canadians. FakeNews FakeNewsMedia coronavirus pubsopen

2/3 of Canadians surviving off the thievery from the remainder

Zero chance this is accurate.

When the damage done to our economy and critical productive sectors becomes undeniably clear I hope people remember who pushed these stories. Every $ the gov't borrows or invents makes every other $ worth less. If people don't make stuff then there is no stuff.

Another lie

I call bullshit fake stats

CTV News another propaganda arm of the CCP.

Another made up poll be fake MSM...bought if by Trudeau...TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauMustGo TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauBlackface trudeaugate Trudeaumustresign trudeaugate TrudeauCorruption

Stop already with your fake polls. How do you sleep at night?


Nanos hey? Yeah...whatever. Polls are a joke and too easily manipulated to a certain demographic. 'The new poll conducted by Nanos Research for CTV News surveyed 1,049 Canadians within the past week.' Was it Government employees? CERB recipients?

Fire Dr. Tam. Incompetence everywhere.

Until they find out the government can’t afford to pay them to stay home, or won’t loan/grant their business more money.

Fake news + fake tests = communist propaganda.

No way! The damage caused by lockdowns has been far worse than any that could have been caused by the China virus. Still don't know anyone who has it.

Another fake poll from FakeNews! Seriously, what is wrong with you guys in the media? Don’t you learn? 🤷‍♂️ WYF No wonder your ratings are down in the dumps and you need bail outs! I’ll never watch your programming.

Alternative headline; 2/3rds of the population make less than CERB and have no incentive to return to work 🤷🏻‍♂️

You see at this point MSM are about as believable as Bigfoot

LoL they polled cerb recipients for sure.

Again? You make it sound like businesses aren't STILL closed !?!? Many have not re-opened and are owners are still suffering. Gov't and ignorant media need to get their heads out of their asses.

Two-thirds of the morons who answered your poll don't understand economics or business. RIP restaurants, gyms, bars, airlines, malls, tourism, and a massive number of jobs.

How many Karen's were polled.

97% of Canadians believe that MSM just make up numbers to suit what ever supports their wants 3% believe they use metric( X2 +32) The rest of Canadians are regular viewers and believe what their told.

Why!?!?!?!!?!!?!? We already killed the economy. What's the 'spike' limit? America is posting daily record case numbers. Have been for weeks. Yet deaths are still on the decline!?! Virologists are saying the potency of covid19 isn't as strong as it was. This isn't ebola!

Suckers born every moment, another poll that supports Liberal mania🤮😂🤡🤢

Fake news. Resist folks

Slight error in the poll? Was it conducted on 1049 government employees working from home whose families do not depend on on their business?

Even CTV News has joined the circus 🤔

Bullshιt stats! How about we vote on closing your FakeNews media down for the exact same time as it would take to recover from the next economic attack against us. This is a mild pandemic & the data is skewed so please be more responsible before you put garbage like this out

I bet it was all those people that are enjoying the CERB, because others want to go back to work! The focus should be on getting the economy going including protecting the most vulnerable!

Psy Op.

CTV Communist Propaganda News.... reports BS, constantly and continuously corrupt our face 24/7. Keeping this Plandemic-Scamdemic alive with lies....this is tyranny.

Let’s just all wear damn masks and this won’t need to happen!

Bullshit.......let's she context of this fake poll ctv

Or how about you give people the FREEDOM to choose whether or not to stay home.

Absolute bullshitt! You guys are fake news!!

Wear a Mask!

Surveys posted on msm outlets are tailored to fit the narrative of the day. Surveys are not giving a true result of what we think as evident in the comments listed here.

I don’t believe you

This pamphlet has taken down more governments than anything ever written. Download copy distribute and lets TakeBackCanada The final test will be taking out the Trudeau Junta and restoring democracy to Canada, and we cannot fail.”

By the looks of your comment section your poll was conducted in the CTV news room?

I don’t believe a word you fuckers say !

No one wants to shut down again.

Omg stop it, I haven’t seen 2/3rds of Canadians support anything in this country!

First off they surveyed 1,049 people. Any survey that considers the opinion of less than 1% of an entire group is a bull crap survey, period. This should not even make the headlines. The headline should say 'Less than 1% of the Population Surveyed'

Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on this one. Try again, Hijab Girl.

Wild guess on how those thirds break down, politically...


2/3, yeah right! More fake news! defundCTV

CTV lying news.

A survey of 1049 people by a questionable org. does not represent Canadians. Be gone with these crap polls.

Let's do a 'confirmation' poll! If this virus 'spikes' again, do you want businesses to close?

Yeah, two thirds of Canadian businesses will willingly lose money again... You know there's more to Canada than downtown Toronto, right?


This is the biggest load of BS in a series of loads of BS since this PlandemicScamdemic began. This is absolute BS, the 'case numbers' are BS, the fear porn should be deemed CRIMINAL and the wearing of face-coverings does nothing but prove a person's SUBMISSION. It's ALL BULLSHIT

That is absurd! How do you people sleep at night?

Translation= 2/3 of Canadians are happy to see economy destroyed, high unemployment and authoritarian Govt that they expect will pay their bills while providing a guaranteed income.

Yes because they will get more free money, more than a kit of them actually earn!!


hahaha maybe so they can keep researching for themselves. Canadians waking up en masse 🇨🇦WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

These polls are fake. 100%. You are an enemy of Canada.

You will pay for the misinformation and propaganda you spread. People are waking up to the fraudulent bullshit.

Well thats a pile of BS!!! Your a joke CTV.

They’re probably all on CERB

This is one of the biggest COVID lies out there.

Canadians are bitches.

This comment section is a perfect microcosm of how conservatives deny reality when it doesn’t fit their fragile worldview. Pathetic.

No, they don't.

Bribed MSM!

This is a lie, you liars.

What a bullshit headline, how about a real poll with more than 1000 people? When did CTV become CNN? Are you trying to incite more fear and panic?


There is zero chance this stat is real. Everyone I talk to is angry they were shut down the first time.


Wrong. Zero people want a lockdown again!

Shut down then.

canada has been liberalized so thats not a shocker

I met a woman who was offered her job back, she said No, she is going to stay on CREB. People need to wake up, govt money is our tax money

Two-thirds of the people who did a shitty ctv survey, is not two-thirds of Canadians. defundthemedia

Don’t believe it.

Did you poll by political affiliation? I have never been polled has anyone else?

I think that is a lie

That’s not true at all. Not even close. To test this, try it out. Do 2/3 people you know think this? Nope, maybe 1/5, but not 2/3.


Stop asking all the Karen’s and kids who make more on CERB.

Who exactly are you asking? This is an impossible stat.

Haha yeah right.

Ez4u2say_Janis Canada has a true leader of their country and their people......

fakenews big surprise.


You have ruinedbthe validity of any polling numbers you post due to your ignorant fabrication of 'info'

No they don't. fakenews

Bullshit. Hydroxychloroquine combo works. Businesses shouldn’t have been closed in the first place. is complicit in CrimesAgainstHumanity

Highly doubt that

3/3 Canadians can smell communist propaganda a mile away.

Fake news

The thing is, unelected and unreliable 'public health officials' can lie all they want about the number of cases.

2. Who answers an unknown number and then goes on to answers questions? People, that send bitcoin to the faux tax office? 3. How were the questions worded? Every poll should also state the wording of the questions.

LOL 1. 1000 people is less than 100 people per province and territory. How many people from each age group?

Blatant LIE . WHEN the CorruptLeft Falls , The MSM will go down with them. The pushers of propaganda. Hiding the Truth and spreading of lies realDonaldTrump has taught the world about FakeNews And I thank him TruthToLight TheLeftistAreSCARED

No. 2/3 of us know the economy will die if we have mass closures again. There is no more left to lose now.

Already got double payments by accident .bring on more

In other news, two-thirds of canadians don't own a business

That just shows how dumb and unreliable CTV polls are 🤪

Closing your business might be helpful to the cause too. 😏

I never took part in this nation wide survey⁉️🤔

Bullshit all day long



Absolutely not.

Yup, if need be!

Hard no


I work in a store. Daily customers express being tired of this, wanting no more lockdowns etc and maybe only about 1/4 wear a mask. They are tired of being restricted and don't want to go through it again.

Fake News

Seems they artificially inflate their numbers to fit the narrative

Close CTV News

Not likely. You can make a poll say anything you want off of selective polling and selective demographics. Once you get the result you want then you “push poll”. You’re more than deceitful

Let me guess, the other 1/3 are the business owners.

No, they do not.

The other third own the businesses & pay the taxes.

Nooooooooooo Where do you get your statistics from

Bullshit they do

No one asked me or anyone I know so this is bs.

2/3 of 1049 Canadians that were surveyed. - you should be ashamed to promote this type of inaccurate stat.

Not true at all. Stop your lying propaganda!

This is no way to be true. Most people want to get back to life. Please just stop with the fear mongering.

Keep raking in those CMF benefits.

CancelCulture cancel FakeNewsMedia

Canadians want a criminal probe into all of Trudeau & Liberals machinations. TrudeauCorruption TrudeauLied Liberal Corruption CoverUp TrudeauNotFitForOffice TrudeauBlackFace TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauResign

Probably most of the people in favour of closing a business don’t own one and don’t understand the strains and pressures of running a business.

Stop lying CommieTV ...


Another liberal poll! More liberal lies!


is FakeNews

People are either really stupid, or this is a fake poll. Run one!

Include your own poll, let’s see how well the results match up with your alleged survey..

Real news. Nine tenths of Canadians have done some research (unlike CTV) and realize this flu is benign and doesn't affect the general population any more than others. It is a political attempt to usurp power by liberals/communists. LiberalShill trudeaumustgo TrudeauCorruption

Where are you finding these people?


Who are you polling for this utter f**king no sense 🤡

66%. Doubt it.

Did you ask 3 Liberals?

Cancel the government cheque’s then see what they say.

We see the mistakes of other countries 😔

Just keep giving them free money, and they'll gladly fall into line. Who needs to work?

Ya’ll know you can’t catch covid at Costco, Walmart, Safeway, Lowe’s and homedepot right? Protests too! But all others business are DANGEROUS!


Is that how many are government employees?


Lying liars lying.


Those so called two third should be forced to compensate all losses to businesses and its employees from their own pockets,

Unintended consequences. There will come a time when we cannot financially support a lockdown and paying people to sit at home.

I am surprised it wasn't higher. We need to beat this virus...stand strong.

Who are 2/3? FakeNews

We NEED to stop treating this illness like it’s airborne stage 4 cancer. Personal freedoms must preserve agains collective fears. We need to get back to work and contribute not continue to sit on my duffs waiting for UBI/CERB/EI to sack what’s left of our collective motivation.

Then that same 2/3rds of Canadian are not very smart.

Let’s all just get this right the first time.

CTV is a joke

Remember this.. 'We must learn to live with this new normal' The focus was to flatten the curve, and not overwhelm hospitals. Death rate is almost 0! Getting Covid now means with treatment very few will die. I call to Open society and tell vulnerable people to stay locked down.

Really 2/3 that’s unlikely Unless u ask ppl that r receiving CERB and it’s higher than their actual salary Is that ur survey pool?


What kind of idiots are these people?

How about getting stricter at the border! Cottage country is currently filled with license plates from New York and Michigan.

How about if Hospitalizations spike

690 people is not 2/3 of canada.. Why dont you say '2 thirds of the 1,049 people that we hand selected for the loaded survey answered how we wanted.' CTV is almost as bad as Global when it comes to fabricated nonsense & AgitProp

🐴 💩

Corona - The Simple Truth In Under 6 Minutes

Three quarters of Canadians Don't Believe the Bullshit your Shoveling CTVnews

survey says

Support closing businesses? Why not, they aren't supporting the opened ones.


I guarantee that is BS.

$ lives

I wasnt asked

First you report deaths for fear factor. Low and behold deaths are way down so for that same fear factor you now report cases. BreakingFakeCTVNews is the enemy of the people.

Who are you polling Fale News CTV? We are supposed to be a free country! Let the citizens decide! If you can’t Han

Interesting that most of the replies are from troll accts

During the Covid-19 pandemic, has the media fairly scrutinized the behaviour of mass protesters in relation to their potential to spread the disease?

No fkn way. There is no WAY. Canadians are that stupid. Not a chance. B*llshit. Lies. Who are you asking? Ain't gonna happen. There will be civil unrest.

businesses generate tax dollars that keep the federal and provincial engines running. Sure PMJT can print all the money he needs, but the premiers can't. You have to decide what is an acceptable risk. Wear masks when out in public, but be careful with shutting down the economy.

This time you could be sure , I will not work while the rest of the country receive $2000 for doing nothing

Uh, no.

You mean 2/3 of ppl who make under 19k a year. Like students and welfare recipients

The rolling in of Marxism.

Feel the religious

Yaaaaaaa No


Turn off CNN!

How to enter our giveaway! via YouTube

And even more than that endorse a decent, Federal UBI Canada could be a World Leader For a change

Stop reporting this as news. Asking 1049 people does not represent the country. FAKE NEWS


Should Canada close businesses again if COVID-19 cases spike?

It is going to depend on how intelligent and vigilant we are throughout the summer and the rest of the year. If we keep following the public health guidelines we may be able to move forward without having to close the valve 🤓😷

Yeah who are those 2/3

Your lies will be dealt with in a court of law. Coming soon. EnemyOfThePeople

To the person who wrote this article come and see me soon I may have a job for you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

These people are lunatics. Stop watching msm fear porn. The deaths in America are going down despite the rise in cases. Go see for yourself on cdc site.

The two thirds r the big businesses hoping the small ones go away just like ctv should

Cases do not equal deaths if you haven't noticed, they seem to have stopped reporting on deaths and are focused on case increases. Might wanna re-examine the numbers.

Government employees, teachers, minimum wage workers now on CERB...that’s obviously who this survey targeted.

Did the study only include politicians and students?

The only businesses that should close down if there's a second spike is the media


No they don’t


They've lapped up every drop of the koolaid.... At least a third of Canadians have half a functioning brain.


CTV you are truly pathetic!!!

I don't think anyone asked me, but then they probably didn't ask anyone west of the Ontario border.


How many people were in that survay, 5?

Who are you asking?

2/3 of Canadians shouldn't have a say.

This is a lie. 0% of Canadians support this. People whose pay cheque’s aren’t affected don’t get a vote

The lockdown hoax was the costliest unforced error in human history. We won't be making that mistake again. Scamdemic Controlavirus

Did you poll the hypochondriacs on twitter for that result because in real life that is not true.


Business owners are the other rhird.

Just the lazy assholes

Huh?!?!! This is an impossible stat...

that poll is SO fake omg

Phuk you. No way, we do not. Socialist pieces of dung.


After watching our neighbors down south I'm pretty ok with closing them *before* they spike. A bit like how I'd like the bridge to be taken care of before its actually going to collapse.

Nope, whats the death rate instead

So you polled 100% libs I see

Fake news! 100% BS

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