Two Americans charged with breaking Canada's quarantine rules

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Police in Ontario say two Americans have been fined for breaking Canada's COVID-19 quarantine rules after being spotted multiple times in Fort Frances, Ont.

TORONTO -- Two Americans have been fined for breaking Canada's COVID-19 quarantine rules after being spotted multiple times in an Ontario town, police say.

Ontario Provincial Police officers in the Rainy River District, which runs along the Canada-U.S. border west of Thunder Bay, Ont., say the 66-year-old man and 65-year-old woman entered Canada on June 24. Police report that the visitors were told to drive straight to their Canadian destination and stay there for 14 days.

"Both individuals failed to comply with the … Quarantine Act and were observed making stops in the Town of Fort Frances," police said Saturday in a news release. As a result of the charge, the man and woman, who police say live in Excelsior, Minn., have each been fined $1,000.


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How do we legitimately enforce this, unless we are “lucky “ to spot American plates. Close the border to NONESSENTIAL travel.

I don’t get: “Police report that the visitors were told to drive straight to their Canadian destination and stay there for 14 days.” I think there should be greater accountability and if they are going to Alaska there should be a time limit for getting there.

What happened to not letting people in unnecessarily CanBorder we gonna stop non essential travel? How about the RCMP arrest the ones who lie to our border agents rather than fines? Isn't lying to a federal agent a crime?

Yeah..two charged...many more around. I think I heard the BC chief medical officer saying for us to be nice..we do not know their story. Oh ok..buck the f up at the border crossings, this is ridiculous...take care of Canadians. As I said before...grow some balls and get tough 😡

spotted these vehicles with AMERICAN plates parked in the west end last night. NB on Gilford Alberni, & SB on Chilco Nelson.

The O.P.P. did what they could do by charging them. Now, the Canadian Border Sevices Agency (CBSA) and Immigration should be making arrangements to have them both deported, and make arrangements with their counterparts in the U.S.A. to add them to the “watch list”. Hang ‘Em High

Send them back!

Deport them!

Clue in Canada,,, don’t let them into Canada,,, border guards are lax.

Yankee go home

Gee... For under $800USD, you can leave virus central and come to 🇨🇦 !! If I were them, I would pay that to come here too.

Of course.

Didn’t the federal govt shut down illegal border crossings?

It's almost as if you can't blame them for wanting to be healthy. Side note: we shouldn't be put a risk because of the gross incompetence south of the border. Tighten up them loopholes Canada.


Meanwhile JustinTrudeau panders this crap to his brain dead minions, I mean liberal supporters....

Now do BC

I believe they are allowed entry under the pretense of travelling to Alaska. Not sure about the rest of the logistics.

if these people should be 'banned for life' as one person pointed out in the comments..then I suppose that anyone that poses a lethal threat to Canadians should also be banned for life? interesting...🤔

Fake News

They also should have been deported and barred from re-entry!

If anyone thinks 2 Americans are the problem, maybe get off MSM influence b/c you're delusional.

IMO 96% of Canadians don't support these Americans getting charged. The other fringe 4% suffers one or various forms of mental illness.

So admitting to having used legal cannabis gets you a lifetime ban from the states, but violating quarantine during a pandemic is a 1k fine?

Where r our officials? How do these Americans get into Canada? Incident in Banff and now another one ! BAN ALL FLIGHTS AND LAND BORDERS !!!!! Other countries refuse them, why not us ? A canadian was jailed as he arrived in France! Why ?

So exactly how were they able to get into Canada with the boarder closed ?

5,000 probably didn’t get caught

On Vancouver island we see lots of American license plates up and down the highway. They need to be kicked out. This is definitely not the road to Alaska.

More details on this please. Do this couple own property in Ontario? Is that why they are allowed across? It seems US citizens can roll the dice on CBSA having the power to let them into Canada or not? Is one of them a Perm Res in Canada?

- need more info pls. Why were they allowed access across border. Sounds like tourists to me as no mention of Alaska destination and age demographic.... how are they essential? Glad law is being enforced though.

1000 usd or 1000 cad

Build the wall.

fake news... talk bout jt gettin investigated by ethics

Throw them out.

Banned for life to go with it!

Why the fuck are they here? I thought our borders were closed. Trudeau can't even manage to do that one right, huh?

There must be more, they walk amongst us

2 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 How about the others and daily too? Not to mention the thousands of denying rule breaking Canadians in awe of maga

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