Twitter says it will let users edit their tweets when everyone wears a mask

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Twitter teased a much-anticipated innovation on Thursday — but it comes with a catch. 'You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask,' the company tweeted.

teased a much-anticipated innovation on Thursday — but it comes with a catch.

The comment quickly spread across the platform, being retweeted half a million times in 12 hours and receiving more than 2 million "likes." The tweet was taken mostly in jest and hailed by many on the site, coming as governments around the world encourage citizens to wear face coverings in public to stem the spread of coronavirus.


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UrMakea Fuck twitter and the mask propaganda.

Be nice not to have to delete a whole tweet for an apostrophe or comma or incorrect spelling. Just when you think you have your tweet on

So one tweet is news? No wonder journalism is dying.

They weren't serious... But I believe they'd go through with it like a good company who keeps their word.

Do you have to wear the mask when tweeting?

LOL. I guess the world will have to live with my typos and misstakes I only realize after I send send.

Must be a slow news day, oh wait, it's not. I guess reporting an assassination attempt on the PM isn't that important. SMDH cdnpoli

What do all of these faces have in common?

Well that’s a polite way of saying never.


Will Twitter also provide masks with their logo?😉

Com'on sheeple! Twitter owners are part and parcel of the 'Liberal Elites' making up of the''Deep State'. They are not interested in your health by promoting the wearing of masks. Science has proven masks don't work for covid-19. Twitter wants power, profit, and control!!

Editing Tweets would be a total disaster Twitter

Twitter trolling us, y'all


Dudes! ☹️ NotFunny QuitTeasing Twitter

We’re in! Wear your masks everyone! ✌🏻❤️😷

How about BANNING fake names and aliases ? Twitter TwitterSupport ...and how about STOP harassing people for who AllLivesMattter ( including animals) and for who everylifematters ( including animals) ? and how about NOT allowing REVERSE racism ?

Allowing editing would be convenient but also dangerous in the wrong hands. We already have enough problems with misinformation. Allowing editing will just complicate things further.


Twitter so that is never.

That’s not going to happen.

So...still never going to get edit tweet 🙄

So, when pigs fly...

When someone argues they can't get enough air, ask if they have discussed a concentrator. They are light weight, and draw oxygen from the air. There is no excuse not to wear a mask.

The flood gates have opened to the Parler app.

Bell and you already edit and spin Trudeau's garbage propaganda - constantly edit/skew and denigrate President Trump on all your monopolized platforms - all without the 'mask' of objectivity .. congratulations for being way ahead of the game .

That's not at all creepy

Don't let us down America NVM too late.

Uh, you can already edit your tweets. It’s called “delete tweet”.

So never!

Editing tweets would be a bigger issue than what it's meant to fix.

Why does twitter want everyone wearing a mask? That's stupid.

Okay, we're in. WearADamnMask just not like this...


Well I guess that will never happen


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