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Truth Tracker: Conservatives falsely claim Trudeau lowered taxes for millionaires

Truth Tracker: Conservatives falsely claim Trudeau lowered taxes for millionaires

2019-10-09 1:15:00 AM

Truth Tracker : Conservative s falsely claim Trudeau lowered taxes for millionaires

The Conservative s falsely claimed during Monday’s debate that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau lowered taxes for millionaires. In fact, he raised taxes on the wealthiest Canadians.

At the same time, the richest Canadians saw their total taxes drop.But it’s not true to suggest that the Liberals “lowered taxes for millionaires.” As the CP article points out, the Liberals increased the tax rate on incomes in the highest bracket in 2016 by creating a fifth tax bracket. The move pushed federal taxes even higher for the richest Canadians, up to 18.8 per cent from 18.4 per cent.

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“He actually increased the tax rate on high income people,” Moshe Lander, a professor of economics at Concordia University, told CTVNews.ca.But despite the federal tax boost, the wealthiest Canadians still saw a decline in taxes due to tax reductions at the provincial level – particularly in Quebec.

In 2017, the richest Canadians’ overall tax rate was 30.9 per cent, down slightly from 31.3 per cent in 2016.The reason for that drop, Lander said, has a lot to do with tax avoidance – a perfectly legal practice whereby the individuals find legitimate ways to lower their tax burden.

“It’s not because Trudeau lowered the tax on them. It’s because they became more skilled at avoiding it,” Lander said.“When you’re trying to squeeze the rich, that encourages them to hire tax accountants and tax lawyers to avoid the tax.”Last night, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May called for tighter tax rules on the wealthy. In her platform she has promised to put forward a reassessment of the Canadian tax system, close loopholes that benefit the wealthy and crack down on offshore tax dodging.

Lander said May’s theory is “right but unimplementable” because of how much it would cost to operate.“She is inherently contradicting herself somewhere. If you want to stick with the current tax code, then to reduce tax avoidance you need to hire thousands of more CRA employees to chase it, which is going to cost money, which is going to create a bigger deficit, more debt, and less room for saving the environment or whatever other policy she wants,” Lander said.

According to the StatsCan report, Canada had 277,695 one-per-centers in 2017. Most of them lived in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec or B.C.RELATED IMAGESConservative leader Andrew Scheer, right, and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau gesture to each other as they both respond during the Federal leaders debate in Gatineau, Que. on Monday, October 7, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

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Falsely is an interesting word from CTV. Am I to assume JT hasn’t done anything falsely? You guys are bad Why is the Canadian political landscape devolving to the point that it is starting to resemble the US? I'm very disappointed. It does not matter as I saw in the news people want a change but still want to vote for the liberal Moran.

Personal federal income tax on millionaires went up in 2016. Slight drop in 2017, another slight drop in 2018, bigger drop in 2019. Trudeau is right if you go back to 2015, Scheer is right if you only go back to 2016. Dropping for the past 3 years. Still higher than in 2015. CTVStephanie But he did give them money to buy deepfreezes.

Remember who CTV works for...racist Trudeau Truth Tracker: Liberals,Greens,NDP falsely (& constantly) claim Scheer doesn't support abortion & LGBTQ rights or climate change. All lies. New Motto for the Liberal funded CTV network: 'Show Me The Money' Trudeau's a blackfaced liar. Nice debate. Scheer your a JOKE. That wasn't a debate. That was a little girl on the playground pointing fingers.

Trudeau, the king of taxes. susiesharon The populist (nazi) playbook states: accuse your enemies of the very things you are committing. Scheer, hasn’t changed his Attitude. He will cut back everything. He’s a Ford Puppet. JUST SAY NO to Scheer. Enough FFS. I saw the tweet once, I don't need reminding every 30 mins.. Stop campaigning and start reporting. TrudeauMustGo TrudeauBlackface pmgroper lavscam vAnorman

Lol ya and Castro JR hasnt had any false claims spewing out his mouth lol Of course. You fail to mention the hundreds of false claims lies and broken promises Trudeau has made. I guess 600 million can buy that kind of silence in today’s world of TelePrompTer media reporters Fake news ,time to get rid of bell media, tv ,internet.

lower taxes? Trudeau gave 375 million to Bombardier, 12 million to Loblaws, 2 million to Irving family, 40 million to Blackberry Truth Tracker. may as well be a political campaign wing for the Liberals. Such a weird claim! I mean, aren’t all millionaires Conservatives? Why would they bitch about getting a tax break from the Liberals? Would a Conservative govt do any different?

The bought and paid for CTV pulling out all stops now. 12 more days of endless bias. Get ready for it peeps. Right. We've got it. You can stop posting this every twenty minutes for the rest of the campaign. You're damn near as bad as CBC when it comes to conservative bashing. Never miss a chance. why keep repeating this. plus you really have to bend to get that headline. also fact check number out of poverty since they keep changing the number. then fact check lib environment claim, they are lies. oh and don't forget still lying about snc

CTV news has been spamming this by the hour. Facts are that the top 1% became wealthier under Trudeau. They kept more money. CTV is focusing on a false word of Scheer, but are ignoring the big picture, which is the reality. CTV is becoming more radical than the Toronto Star Way to earn that bribe money CTV - what about the more serious lies from Justin? Oh ... not important? Pathetic!!!!!

I'm pretty sure no conservative accused him of lowering taxes on anything but maybe I'm reading that wrong Statistics Canada: Canada's top 1% saw fastest income acceleration, overall decrease in taxes in 2017. Trudeau’s BS about taxing the 1% more is a lie. What about Trudeau's unkept promises and lies. Anything to say about those?

Are you still doing this? Scheer is a liar what’s new Conservatives living in a echo chamber of lies. No. You don’t say. And this holds true, ya just sank yourself with my vote. What the hell is wrong with the media? I’ve seen the same headline countless times over these last weeks, falsely claimed. Who calls it that? He lied!!! He always lies!! Use the damn word!

He may not have lowered taxes but thjer earnings are a higher percentace since Trudeau took over . The wealthiest have become richer in Canada under Trudeau. That is fact, Singh even said it himself. He may have mixed up his words using tax cuts, but the point stands. The top 1% have become wealthier in Canada under the LPC.

Sheer keeps lying and lying and lying AndrewSheer has ties to Donald Trump !!!!! Truth tracker: Liberal bought and paid for media claim Trudeau to be king of the world who can do no wrong despite his many obvious fails as PM. Truth tracker: CTV News shilling for the Liberanos Truth Tracker: Trudeau falsely claimed he helped the middle class and seniors. What a crock! He did help billionaires though! Gave Loblaws $14 million taxpayers $ for new refrigerators. His government also forgave a $7.4 million loan for multi-billion-dollar Irving family.....

Truth Tracker - CTV bridged and bought by Liberals money!!! Proof - this attack Practically everything that comes out of AndrewScheer 's mouth is a lie. cdnpoli canpoli elxn43 ChooseForward It's too bad candidates can't use props or other aids in election debates, otherwise, when Scheer Nonsense lied about Trudeau giving tax breaks to millionaires, Justin could have played this video of Scheer making a fool of himself.

I find it interesting how the Truth Tracker headlines will directly say when CPC says something incorrect, but will bury when Trudeau lies deep in the article. It's the small things that are so obvious. What happened? Lies or truth? Why doesn’t CTV just put a big Liberal L at the end of your logo. Your direction is one that won’t end well for you, with obvious and blatant misleading the public. Disgraceful.

Oh come on CTV! Who is your fact checker? wow really had to bend for that. how about trudeau said SNC globe story was false in debate. how about do trudeau claim last night snc was about jobs. bot of those statements have been proven false many times. but that gets a pass. do his environment claims too also a lie

Scheer using the Donald tactics. He'll try to lie his way into office. We need a fact checker law for if you are caught lying, you need to publicly admit it. If they had to admit they messed up every so often this type of behaviour will go away. There’s rumour of Trudeau sex scandal w 17 year old student but you report this semantic nitpicking crap? biased-media

cdnpoli canpoli elxn43 ChooseForward Given what's happening in Ontario -- heck, every time a Conservative gets into power -- it's laughable that Scheer Nonsense lies about a Liberal giving tax breaks to millionaires. Andrew Scheer is a liar. He is lying to Canadians. He is misleading Canadians. Can you please report this to Canadians on the CTV News!

3,2,1..... didn't take long for the media to suck up to the turd....how much does CTV get from the $600 Million i wonder... guess it depends on how well they do for the election Conservatives lied* The Cons are out-right lying continually. Keep calling them on it! The wealthiest have their tax lowered, but it's not Trudeau's fault

look at these 2 shysters - we need a lying debate - 2 sides of the same coin Between this and the lie about principal residence taxes, I have a hard time trusting anything the Conservatives say. What next from Scheer,he is a terrible liar on so many issues .STANDWITHTRUDEAU So who is lying now? 1 false check mark for Cons. 154 false check marks for Libs.

BREAKING Truth Tracker: Liberals reducing hospital benefits for military members and Vets. They are apparently asking for more than Trudeau can give. AndrewScheer ScheerHypocrisy ScheerLies No surprise..Scheer lies! Truth Tracker lied yesterday about Sheers claimTrudeau giving large breaks to large emitters. Pathetic

Millionaires pay less taxes under Trudeau government. There. Fixed and accurate. FakeNews No it the truth Conservatives Lied. Fixed your headline. 😒 Track this down ColinDMello Cdnpoli Elxn43 Says who the Liberals? Haha Doing your job. KellyLNL You mean Yankee Dimples not-a-stock-broker LIED? Surprised to see CTV (conservative television) reporting that AndrewScheer is a Liar.

Is Yankee Doodle ever not lying? Like EVER?! michelle373737 Conservatives lie and twist the truth all the time. Not an honest bone in Scheer's body. ScheerDisaster ScheerNonsense But was right about raising them for the middle class stephenlautens This isn’t news. AndrewScheer and CPC_HQ are known liars. cdnpoli elxn43

Care to share news about the plethora of falsehoods the Liberals are spreading about Conservatives? Maybe the media covering his campaign should actually bring this up and let him own his lies cdnpoli Elexn43 ScheerLies JustinTrudeau Liar Pinnochio Andrew AndrewScheer = No Integrity for telling Truths. Actually all the words ScheerSmearMouth States Falsely About PM Trudeau is Actually Scheer’s Resume Of Himself Fraud, Liar, Deceitful, No Credibility = No Thank You To Scheer ScheerDeceits

merry123459 Scheer lied. SSDD how about letting us in on what the liberals falsely claim as well. are you afraid to jeopardize your subsidies Where was this truth tracker in the SNC Lavelin affair or when Yrudeau paid off an ISIS terrorist? your truth seems to be coloured...cdnpoli radlady Yup, The liberals brought in passive income rules, meant to target Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants. The rules are also screwing over private companies that have passive income over 50K.

Truth Tracker: CTV is Media not Journalism He did or forgave their debts and tax evasions If you actually read the article, it states that the Liberal tax grab on the “wealthy” encouraged more tax avoidance, resulting in them paying less tax. That is precisely what one would expect when marginal tax rates exceed 50%.

He lied. 'Conservatives LIED claiming Trudeau lowered taxes for millionaires' Come on. Truth Tracker: I'm gonna unfollow CTV. Very biased. Anyone know a good news source? More lies. Scheer lied on his resume, lied about where he got his degree from and withheld information that he’s an America citizen. Truth Tracker: CTV falsely claims to be Truth Tracker

أخواننا اللي بالخارج يشاركون هذا الهاشتاغ حتى عودة الأنترنيت 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶 30_million_Iraqis_in_complete_isolation_from_the_world_after_the_Internet_was_cut_off 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶 30_مليون_عراقي_في_عزلة_شبه_تامة_عن_العالم_بعد_قطع_شبكة_الانترنت_عنهم save_the_iraqi_people 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶 Lie some more CTV! How about fact checking JT once in awhile!

Truth Tracker: Bernier's claims that immigrants have a hard time integrating into Canadian societyDuring Monday’s English-language debate, People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier attempted to bolster his stance on reducing immigration by suggesting immigrants are not integrating thanks to current migration levels—but the numbers suggest otherwise. Any news on the breaking Trudeau scandal? I don't think they have a hard time, they don't want to integrate. His point he was making was showing what’s happening in Europe. Just look at Sweden. Thousand of refugees cannot speak the language, most don’t work, so much welfare. Raping women left and right. Sky high crime. All 100% true. He doesn’t want that to come here, that’s all guys.

CTV National News: Truth TrackerTruth tracker: RichardMadan analyzes claims made by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau that Canada will meet and surpass the emission targets for 2030. RichardMadan And the lie detector determined that was a lie. RichardMadan Justin will not make past next week. All of those liberal fools are gone RichardMadan Either truth track them all or admit biased reporting!!!! biasedmedia

Reality check: Trudeau claims Scheer is giving Canada’s wealthiest a $50,000 tax breakDuring CanadaDebates2019, Trudeau claimed Scheer's platform would give a $50,000 tax break for some of Canada’s wealthiest households — is this accurate? elxn43 Nope. Just more lies from Trudeau Trudeau is a lieing sack of shit, a vote for Trudeau is a vote for the separation of Canada, Alberta and the West will not sit back and take it like we have been for 4 years. Trudeau wants nothing to do with the west other than our tax revenue, he's alienated us just like his dad Can we have all ur money back..you know the money who was Stolen!?

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaWhere's the Lie? Both are Inept Both are Incompetent Both are Liars Both are seeking Self Enrichment Both are Contemptable Andrew Scheer just hates public education. It's the American in him I guess.

Chris Selley on why the only English election debate with Trudeau was the worst: 10/3 podcastOn today’s TenThreePodcast episode, National Post columnist cselley tells BreakenridgeYEG why last night’s leadersdebate2019 was the one of the worst debates he has ever seen. Listen now on your favourite podcast app. canadadebates2019 elxn43 cd... TenThreePodcast cselley BreakenridgeYEG No Liberal likes watching Trudeau get owned.

Trudeau won’t remove Jaime Battiste from Liberal roster for racist, sexist social-media postsThe Conservative s have called on Trudeau to fire Battiste, zeroing in especially on the sexist comments, including one that joked that a woman’s role is to clean, cook and fold laundry Andrew Scheer won't either. In fact, he'll support them and stand beside them if they say 'sorry'. Be better National Post. Another example of ' do what I say, not what I do'. Liberal hypocrisy 101. JaimeBattiste is an ogre