Trump's push to open economy could come at cost of lives

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Trump's push to open economy could come at cost of lives

Donald Trump, U.S Open By Easter


Trump's push to open economy could come at cost of lives

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York has said that if all of his sweeping, expensive measures to stem the corornavirus saved one life, it would be worth it. U.S. President Donald Trump has another view: The costs of shutting down the economy outweigh the benefits.

Aamer Madhani, Laurie Kellman and Kevin Freking The Associated Press Published Thursday, March 26, 2020 1:20AM EDT SHARE WASHINGTON -- The contrast could hardly be more stark. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York has said that if all of his sweeping, expensive measures to stem the corornavirus saved one life, it would be worth it. U.S. President Donald Trump has another view: The costs of shutting down the economy outweigh the benefits, frequently telling Americans that 35,000 people a year die from the common flu. Though it may seem crass, the federal government actually has long made a calculation when imposing regulations, called "the value of a statistical life," that places a price tag on a human life. It has been used to consider whether to require seat belts, airbags or environmental regulations, but has never been applied in a broad public health context. The question is now an urgent one given that Trump in recent days has latched on to the notion that the cure for the pandemic should not be worse than the disease and argued that "more people are going to die if we allow this to continue" if the economy remains closed. He has targeted a return a semblance of normalcy for the economy by Easter Sunday, April 12. Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox Critics say he's presenting the nation with a false choice at a moment when deaths and infections from the virus are surging. "We're not going to accept a premise that human life is disposable," said Cuomo, whose state has seen far more infections and death from COVID-19 than any other state. "And we're not going to put a dollar figure on human life." For decades, the federal government has made calculations on how policies intended to safeguard American health could impact the economy. Since the Reagan administration, federal agencies have been required to perform analysis of any proposed regulations that are expected to have $100 million or more impact on the economy. The Environmental Protection Agency, for example, conducts cost-benefit analysis to estimate in dollar terms how much people are willing to pay for reductions in their risk of death from adverse health conditions caused by pollution. The Transportation Department estimates the additional cost that consumers would be willing to bear for improvements in safety at $9.6 million. Now, the push-pull of when to re-open the economy during the coronavirus crisis centres on a similarly bleak question: What's an economically acceptable death toll? Putting dollar figures on the value of life and health is inherently uncomfortable, one expert said. "People hate that question," said Betsey Stevenson, an economics and public policy professor at the University of Michigan who served on the White House's Council of Economic Advisers during the Obama administration. "By laying out the math in such a crude way, people cringe when they see it." Days into his own call for Americans to dedicate themselves for 15 days to social distancing, including staying home from work and closing bars and restaurants to help try to stall the spread of the disease, Trump has changed his tune. Trump has grumbled that "our country wasn't built to be shut down" and vowed not to allow "the cure be worse than the problem." "The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success," Trump tweeted Wednesday. "The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!" He also pushed back against suggestions that he is being cavalier about the prospect of more deaths being caused by a premature of reopening of the economy. "How many deaths are acceptable to me?" Trump told reporters Wednesday evening. "None." But Democrats say that Trump was prioritizing the economy over the health and safety of Americans. "I'd like to say, let's get back to work next Friday," said former Vice-President Joe Biden, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. "That'd be wonderful. But it can't be arbitrary." Trump certainly has his defenders. Fox News commentator Britt Hume has called it an "entirely reasonable viewpoint" that older Americans would be willing to sacrifice for the good of the economy, and Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has said he's "all in" on lifting social distancing guidelines in order to help the economy. Mike Leavitt, a Health and Human Services secretary in the George W. Bush administration, said the battle against the virus is shaping into a "supremely local fight" and communities may need to periodically adjust as the crisis unfolds. "Each jurisdiction may not come to the same conclusion -- because each jurisdiction may have different situations about shopping and businesses reopening," Leavitt said in an email. In the recent past, the government has also put a dollar figure on American life in the aftermath of man-made calamities, including the 9-11 attacks and the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which killed 11 and devastated the regional economy, to compensate victims. Kenneth Feinberg, who administered the victims' funds stemming from those events, said the formula used in the nation's courts was a simple one: What would the victim have earned over the course of their life at work but for the tragedy that took their life? On top of that, there was some added compensation for pain and suffering and emotional distress, he said. "It is a rather straightforward calculation," Feinberg said. But when it comes to the current pandemic, Feinberg said calculating the impact is not so simple. "When somebody says, `You know the risk of the virus is not as great as the risks to everybody through a deteriorating economy,' that's a choice that everybody will have to make," Feinberg said. In the case of the coronavirus crisis, some economists and policy experts say the pandemic continues to present too many unknowns to employ the sort of coldly calculated, cost-benefit analysis that's been used to evaluate the impact of policies such as federal highway and air quality rules. "It doesn't help to save the economy if a tremendous number of people have died or fallen ill and their lives are changed forever," said Lisa Heinzerling, who grappled with regulatory impact on the economy as the head of EPA's policy office at the beginning of the Obama administration. Northwestern University economists Martin Eichenbaum and Sergio Rebelo and German economist Mathias Trabandt said in a working paper published this week that optimal containment efforts would lead to deeper economic damage and that recession in the U.S. was inevitable. But the economists also projected that maintaining social-distancing measures before the U.S. hits its peak in infections "saves roughly half a million lives." Stepping back from efforts to preserve human life in the midst of an event of this scale could also have enormous impact on the trust of institutions for generations to come, said David Ropeik, a former instructor of risk communication at the Harvard School of Public Health, "The benefit of an all-out fight against a virus includes reassuring the public that the government is on their side. Backing off that fight reasonably questions whether the government we have created to protect us from things like this crisis will do so," said Ropeik, the author of the book "How Risky Is It, Really?" "The loss of that to protect the economy is undermining that faith. How can you price that?" he asked. For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia and death. The vast majority of people recover. ------ Read more: CTV News

Canada wants a wall. What a stupid leader. Don’t follow his lead thousands of people will die TellUsWhatWeDontKnow Trump DumpTrump GoneSenile StupidCommentsFromTrump AreYouPsychic StopTheSpread StayHome ThinkOfOthers 14dayQuarantine ToManyNotFollowingRegulations StopKillingOthersWithYourStupidity DummiesPrevail YoungPeople continue to gather and party.enditnow StupidAlert ChargeThem

He doesn't care, BUT he can't reopen anything. The only thing that will happen by Easter is 1 million Corona Virus cases in the US MLGG2 You mean he is still allowed to have a microphone.....foolish people......🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️proud to be a CANADIAN Unlike Canada the US needs to do something, we can just live off our inherited resources, sitting around may be safer, but it's nothing

Why is CTV always posting American news? No one cares what the orange Russian cuck says.. hes gone by November anyway Please change headline to “... will come at a cost of lives”. 😷☠️ How about a story reading ' Trudeau risks lives of citizens over the thought of damaging his personal brand'

Jim Carrey's New Donald Trump Coronavirus Cartoon Is NSFWTrump is handling 'the important tissues” in Carrey’s taunting new artwork. I was starting to like him again after sonic...

They America are about to militarize the border and Canadians are still mesmerized by the states. Obsessed infact. Could? Dammit Jim, I’m an engineer not a doctor! But I have a grasp of cause-and-effect. Humans will die. Blame Trump, he’s only pushing back because his Hotels And Golf courses are haemorrhaging money.

Could? How about will. You can be sure his won't be CTV News...😂😂🤣 Could? COULD. IT WILL. Headlines like these are why people don't trust you. Braindead corrupt trugrope views ctv. He said if conditions were right. A total shutdown would result in millions of deaths and destruction of society. A compromise must be found.

He only cares about the money!!,,,he will sacrifice Amerian lives to keep the money flowing!

Bach invokes Trump in defence of Olympic decision - TSN.caA day after officially postponing the Tokyo Olympics, IOC president Thomas Bach invoked comments by President Donald Trump to defend himself from criticism on Wednesday. Here we go... Bring on the triggered, blue haired, soy drinking, Antifa loving slacktivists! I hope they find a truly safe, safe space! Orange Man Bad! Lol. This is awesome! 👌

Not could. Will. This cost in lives is what experts and people who make it their business to know advise, unfortunately listening to this segment of the medical scientific community has not been a strong point of Trumps presidential leadership. Correction: 'WILL come at the cost of lives....' Even as the bodies begin to pile up and the US is on a path to have the highest rate of infection on the planet... trump loving rubes are still applauding the closing of a border once the virus was *already in the country.

The 99%'s lives. The 1% will do just fine. spudislander45 “Could”? Like he would care *WILL Not could. Fixed it for you. He said “hopefully” DemanderComman1

New York Daily News Calls Trump A ‘Basket Case’ Over Easter Coronavirus Plan“I would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” Trump said Tuesday Poor New York. tRUMP and the RepubliKLAN Party are what happens when stupid people take’s like the movies where everyone knows that the idiots in the movie are about to do something extremely stupid! Is it his intense boredom with the virus? His fear that if he can’t campaign with rallies he will lose the election? His fear that his own businesses being shuttered means less money in his own pockets? His worry that a suffering economy will look bad on him? Or stupidity?

Typo: Could = Will Will come. Will come at cost of lives DemanderComman1 Ha ha CTV, more fake news! When will people see that Trump only care about money & power, for himself & the wealthy He’s not pushing. Listen to the words. He said it would be nice to open by Easter. No guarantees Eventhough you constantly attack Trump on everything including his COVID-19 response, 60% of Americans approve of what he has done so far and even the democrate voters approval at 26% up from 20%.

If by 'could' you mean 'most certainly will', then yes. This buffoon needs to be removed immediately!!

Virus briefings are the new campaign rallies for TrumpU.S. President Donald Trump has a new daily ritual now that a pandemic has put the kibosh on the signature campaign rallies that got him elected four years ago: the coronavirus briefing. Fascinating entertainment, eh ? Do the Canadians get taxed on all this realDonaldTrump entertainment ? is this information or feeling? couldn’t tell Don't let Trudeau know

WILL! 'could' 🤔 CTV is fake news. For him, lives are not important, only votes and he will have them at any cost, all right. Would, not could. I think he struggles to understand things he can’t see. This virus is active and a return to life as normal would cost more lives. The irony of a draft dodging coward demanding other people die for a short term gain in the stock market 😖

The irony of a draft dodging coward demanding other people die for the stock market 😖 You think he cares? Trump being a motivator, wanted to inject hope into people's lives, makes this statement. He clarified this statement at subsequent pressers. When media seeks drama, they sensationalize worthless tidbits.

Tds Fn Bs

Trump wants U.S. economy reopened by mid-April despite surge in coronavirus casesThe U.S. President downplayed the pandemic as he did in its early stages by comparing it to the seasonal flu Antoyac mariloupwolfe EmilieBerge journalmetro le1518 juliedroletrdi JdeMontreal SebBovetSRC geraldfillion migirard AAStArnaud AzebWG cathmerc MFBazzo cyblesoleil RadioCanadaInfo CBCNews PatriceRoyTJ Val_Plante jyduclos beatricepirate BobRae48 How is this even a headline? Who wouldn't want the economy opened again by then? Well, I guess he'll later claim that he didn't specify which year?

Dying because of bankruptcy isn't any fun either Could? 'Could'? Will. This is a given. COVIDIOT Trump is a COVIDIOT Replace the word ‘could’ with ‘WILL’! More CNN trash news...CTV CANADA'S BIGGEST EMBARRASSMENT.... Isn’t that a form of genocide!?!?! Taiwan is back up and running. Everyone wears a mask , economy is saved and Cases are dropping. So of course our media also works for China and is bent on destroying the west.

Ctv's Trump Derangement to destroy the economy will also cost lives.

Trudeau, Trump In Sharp Contrast Amid Fight Against CoronavirusThe U.S. president suggested he wants to scale back social-distancing measures to boost the economy. Trump has limited cognitive abilities. So happy I'm Canadian. Always was now more than ever! And becoming the supreme ruler of Canada so I can tax anything to do with anyone who is right wing %100.

Global news was yesterday .. looks like its your turn to spew the bs today 🤦🏻‍♂️ What do you mean 'Could '. CTV’s Trump bashing is sickening. The President made it clear that the economy would open when it was safe. He was expressing hope like any leader would do. I assume CTV and CBC will get worse now that Justin sprinkled some cash their way. Remember when we made fun of Pravda?

Come on ctvnews “could” cost lives? WILL cost lives. Millions. He doesn’t care! CTV's continual lies & deception to Canadians as they work tirelessly to promote liberals & to get continued access to the millions of liberal tax dollars- will surely come at a cost of Canadian lives. Fake news has deceived & destroyed Canada!

There will be deaths either way Conservatives don’t care EuthanizeGrandpa said Arabella, Theodore and Joseph Kushner.

He doesn't care about the economy or the people, only himself. I'm baffled why Canadian media love to criticize Trump but JustinTrudeau who sent 16 tonnes of our protective equipment to China in February gets a free pass. Trump is a moron,I hope nobody listens to him,and people do what the professional people tell them to do,

It's a ploy to get the markets back up, for the love of God, you know this. Nothing is going to open back up Hey ctvnews stop showing his press briefings he’s lying it’s dangerous CBCNews doesn’t show them so I switched to them you have a responsibility you should be ashamed Love the people making comments when they probably haven't listened to one of his discussions. Yes we have a media that's gone Rabid after polls showed Trumps approval is over 60% for the handling of the virus. They even went as far as not showing so the public can't get info.

*Will “Could”? 😡 Could?

“Could”? Whatever Trump does the media will put a negative spin on. This does not serve to inform the public, just raise fear and stress! it's despicable! Not could, WILL Doubt it Did he actually say he was going to open up the country? I’ve seen all his conferences. He hasn’t said that at all. He’s not going to open anything, he’s just trying to have some optimism. Something that everyone is looking for. His health officials will ultimately make the decision at the end. To much energy on Trump, and not enough on Chinese government for their negligence. chinalied

this should be easy for dotard Donnie all you have to do is “nothing” to stop this pandemic stay at home and “do nothing” he’s a stable genius at this I remember when he closed the borders and the media called him racist....Experts said those actions did stop the virus from spreading. Its pathetic that the media continue these little petty communication games...

CTV aka CBC aka CNN aka FakeNewsMedia Trump can't order private business back to work

Driving costs lives. 40,000 people in USA & CAN die each year from traffic accidents. We know this and we expect this and yet we do not ban driving. Why is that? We have priced the cost of driving deaths as a cost of having the benefits of an economy and better lives. You spelt 'will' wrong... Everyone here has tested positive for Trump Derangement Syndrome. Keep listening to CNN NORTH and the State Broadcaster CBC and read the Toronto Red Star.

To date realDonaldTrump has been right. The world, and the fake news media has been wrong. There’s no factual basis for this “story” Trump doesn't like taking from experts who know WAY more than he does (which is nearly everyone) Well! As long as us Canadians keep our borders and airspace lock down, I don't give a damn about the Americans especially if they don't stand up to that Maniac in the WH!realDonaldTrump

He suffers not from Covid-19 but rather ID-10-T syndrome Could? Oh Stop

There is no way the economy should open so early and I usually support Trump but I work front like healthcare and it would be dangerous to open things so early...and the US is far worse off with COVID-19 !!! It is horrifying to see a billionaire with less billions , cuz you want to live and stay home for a few weeks .

How can anyone even be shocked ? He’s proven himself to be pure evil but he’s tricky with words - look up gas lighting - pray for the US & pray Canada has the brains to stand alone & strong without the US because they’re about to collapse at Trumps hands. With him saying it may be all over by Easter (everyone else says no way). Is there are people out there who were finally getting the message that they need to self isolate and such to stop this, but are now getting the message it's almost over, so In their minds, why bother then.

BanDotards StayHome PlankTheCurve Die for the Dow , hitler killed people to help the economy, proven tactic. CTV News is just another media group 'trashing Trump'. There are those who worry about the economy. Trump is trying to give Americans some 'hope'. I doubt Trump would do anything if there is a risk of spreading covid-19.

CTV - Now with more FakeNews and TDS 🙄TrudeauLiedPeopleDied I say as long as he’s president Canada 🇨🇦 puts its people first & keeps a distance because he sees Canada as his side kick at his disposal & doesn’t truly care about our Country or any other Country. He is a very dishonest, conniving opportunistic individual

I think dont think he ever said he would but said he’d like to. It’s called hope. CTV you propaganda nothing more

Not could, will. He’s the king of gas lighting, running a country like a crooked business owner to him it’s all about money. He has probably figured that the numbers of lives lost somehow benefits the economy as well. He’s a psychopath & if I was an American I wouldn’t trust my life in his hands We need to keep our border closed! He will be the death of this entire continent.

He is not open or changing anything. He is saying he want to have things go back to normal sooner than later. It is called hope. No, no, no. This isn’t a hypothetical. This is inevitable. It WILL cost thousands if not millions of lives. I’m sick to my stomach thinking about it “Could?” Dont worry ..he and Fauci are working together..nothing will be done that endangers lives

Stop deflecting from PMJT's disastrous nonresponse and attempted coup. Will .. the word is will... will cost lives.. CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 38 million flu illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths from flu in the US. Why is this not applicable data?

Not could but will. This is just more Trump stock market saving verbal diarrhea. The governors will never allow it. Ctv canadas own embarrassment of a news network. No wonder you're affiliated with cnn Why don't you shut down the global economy for the flu every year ... which will claim more lives than this virus! Please answer why the flu deaths mean less to you than covid19 deaths... because MSM made it nasty for you?

capitalism is bad FU could. WOULD, will cost thousands possibly millions of lives & spill over our border + economic & political melt down. It's a crime against humanity. Let the smart ppl make the decisions. Don't be complicit in your reporting of this CTV .. ffs Yes and when CTV spreads disinformation and manure, many people will get sick in the head and become Liberal and die.

Not “could”...”definitely will!!!!!” Onto more good news

Could? Look at the history books and you'll see how many lives are lost and families destroyed during a depression......that's where we're heading. Trump is right people need to get back to work as soon as possible. Everyone should have the right to provide for their family. It doesn’t matter what Trumps wants to happen. The Governors implemented the restrictions and can continue enforcing them.

Not 'could'.... but WILL. So could shutting the economy down. 🤷‍♂️ How many lives will 40% unemployment cost?

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