Trump retweets, then deletes, video of supporter shouting 'white power'

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The video on Twitter, which was later deleted from the president\u0027s feed, showed Trump protesters and supporters in Florida shouting profanities at each other

The tweet comes on the heels of Trump’s hostile response to protests against racial injustice engulfing the United States following the death of Floyd, an unarmed Black man who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes in Minneapolis.

The Florida Democratic Party accused Trump of thanking “white supremacists” for their support and called on Floridians to deny him the swing state’s support in the November election.Article content continued


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stockguy61 By the way Trump was golfing when the tweet was deleted. So more than likely a staffer deleted it.

'The tweet comes on the heels of Trump’s hostile response to protests against racial injustice...' So promising to enforce the law is 'hostile' now. I see. NP needs to stop publishing Reuters articles. I know when it's Reuters every time without even looking at the tagline.

Trudeau’s top advisor tweeted this, then deleted it. What’s is more shocking is NOT ONE CDN MSM COVERED IT.

Trump should know better. Everyone knows you can 'only' say: Black Power. But , that's not racist though; just ask them?

The is now out in the open about its hatred for America.

He must not have watched the whole thing before retweeting. The Video must have been longer than 8 minutes long. Trump the clown needs to go back to clown college. If you can, make sure you vote this fool out of power and be more careful who you let have this kind of power.

Now do Butts tweet!!!

The guy in the video was using satire to make fun of the anti-Trump protesters..... Good lord. Anybody with a brain can see that. 🤦

funny? not.

Either of the 2: 1. He didn't know what he was tweeting: Gross incompetence. 2. He knew what he was tweeting: Well white power I suppose. Either way, complain about JT all you like. Be glad, you don't have to deal with this piece of work.

I stepped in dog s*** while I was mowing the lawn yesterday. I didn't mean to but it still happened.

And yet in Canada, the media seems to just ignore this

The PM wears black face three times and you're worried about a deleted tweet? fuiwdwytm

Trump did this..Trump did that.. How about suicide, mortgage defaults, marriage splits, ODs,illegal alien disappearances, gun running,tourist pregnancys, & political corruption in our own ' lil country? Gangs outta contol? Any statistics? Any reporters? tough..

Now do a Canadian story.

And those same trump loving idiots got me kicked off of fb for the day because I said it's time to take out the white idc

Nothing important in Canada to report? or are you racist like gmbutts towards the Americans?

My PM wore blackface and mocked black people mutiple times He was then re-elected with the help of people masquerading as “progressives” and a complicit media that accepted his bribes As a Canadian that is far more important to me than any foreign politician could ever be

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Canada Latest News, Canada Headlines

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Trump tweets video with 'white power' chant, then deletes itPresident Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted approvingly of a video showing one of his supporters chanting 'white power,' a racist slogan associated with white supremacists. He later deleted the tweet and the White House said the president had not heard 'the one statement' on the video. Thanks for this I don't think he needs more fuel on the fire Trump gets caught allowing Putin to place bounties on the lives of American soldiers. So to distract everyone from that he tweets out “white power”. It’s a bold strategy, let’s see if it pays off for him.
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Trump tweets video with ‘white power’ chant, then deletes itThe video appeared to have been taken at The Villages, a Florida retirement community, and showed duelling demonstrations between Trump supporters and opponents Well he is a white supremacist so it makes sense Why don’t you guys worry about your own country and share news about faketruedo stop with this Nonsense If every one else is on the side of black lives matter there are a lot of white voters. This is a bad presidential tactic, but like it or not, it could be a good electoral move.
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Trump approvingly tweets video showing 'white power' chantU.S. President Donald Trump tweeted approvingly of a video showing one of his supporters chanting 'white power,' a racist slogan associated with white supremacists. Watch the entire video people. Ignore CTV Twitter took it down but, yeah he is a racist pig! And now for your daily dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome from your favourite never Trumper, CTV News.
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Trump Shares Video That Includes Supporter Shouting 'White Power' At ProtestersIn his since-deleted tweet, the president thanked the 'great people' of The Villages, a retirement community in Florida. That's not an excuse. You are responsible for what you retweet. Not surprising. He also doesn't hear his national security briefings. Canada's PM has been accused of assault, is under many ethics investigations, wore black face on at least 3 occasions and yet the liberal hack media are obsessed with American nonsense.
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Stevie Wonder Slams Trump, Racism: 'Sad' When 'I Can See Better Than Your 20/20 Vision'“Black lives do matter, and this is not another digital, viral trend, moment or hashtag,” the music icon said. Sorry Ass clown Our PM wore blackface. this is just a Democrat party operation. Trump is not racist. You don’t see so you don’t judge! Keep singing and writing good music brother!
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