Trump knew Jan. 6 protestors had weapons, wanted to join crowd, former aide tells panel - National |

2022-06-29 12:43:00 AM

Lawmakers said last week that the two July hearings would focus on domestic extremists who breached the Capitol that day and on what Trump was doing as the violence unfolded.

Jan. 6 Hearings, Jan 6

Former president Donald Trump became irate and tried to grab the steering wheel of the Secret Service limousine when told he would not be joining supporters moving on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, a former aide, testified on Tuesday. Read more:

Lawmakers said last week that the two July hearings would focus on domestic extremists who breached the Capitol that day and on what Trump was doing as the violence unfolded.


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promoting the narrative like good MSM puppets. Found the lost footage of the Trump limo rage: Can the lies get anymore ridiculous? I have never seen a president sitting in the front seat beside the driver of his limousine. Picture it, if you will. Quite hilarious, when you think about it. globalhalifax Pretty hard to reach through bullet proof glass from the backseat of a stretch limo to the steering wheel.

GlobalBC And trump, reached for the steering wheel, he did, he really did, i taw it wit me own eyes Well apparently the secret service agents are willing & go under oath & say this has never happened! No matter what side you believe this is looking more & more like a childish show trial that Russia & China are often accused of holding! What a waste of time!

CKNW Turns out to be bullshit! Secret Service agents said it never happened! Fake News as it has been found out...all lies to The secret service agents have offered to testify refute her testimony. It sure looks like she lied under oath. Come on if you are going to report on the hearings at least get the vehicle trump was traveling in right. They showed video of trump in the SUV not the limousine.

GlobalBC there was a women stretching her legs in the front and he missed grabbing at the wrong thing? CKNW How'd he get through the armored glass that separates him from the driver? Lol he may have tiny hands, but they ain't drills 😂😂😂 Are we really supposed to believe this?

Trump attacked Secret Service agent in attempt to reach Capitol on Jan. 6, aide testifiesPresident Trump tried to grab the wheel of his limo and assaulted a Secret Service agent in an attempt to reach the Capitol on Jan. 6, aide testifies. 🤣 In Canada, it's called the 'Shawinigan Handshake' after the hometown of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien. That just seems physically implausible.

Obviously he was grounded and no more car for the week This testimony seems to have been debunked. am640 ...and then my dog stepped on a bee AM980News Her whole testimony is hearsay. None of these conversations included her and “ something to the effect of” doesn’t mean that’s what was said. She wasn’t in the “beast” so again hearsay

am640 to You print unverified allegations that don’t sound plausible (from the back of the car? Lol) about your favourite smear target and wonder why people follow you for laughs rather than news. Pssst…you’re the joke Glowbull. 😆 GlobalNational

Trump 'Lunged' at Secret Service Agent Who Refused to Take Him to Capitol on Jan. 6“I’m the f-ing president, take me to the Capitol now,” the former president said, according to former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson

GlobalBC Global is turning into trash news. US Secret Service Sources DENY Trump Tried to Grab Steering Wheel, willing to testify… How does anyone actually believe that ridiculous third hand comment? globalhalifax Fiction CKNW Wonder why they call you fake news GlobalBC My brother’s friend’s girlfriend said…. How do they let this sort of narrative go unchallenged? Same strategy. Get it out there and who cares if it is wrong later. Like the peeing prostitutes story in Russia. U.S. politics is a clown show.

Global_NB Global seriously? Humble yourselfs and post REAL news and NOT fake news!!!!! The president is in the back of the limo, separated a good 6 feet from the driver. Also separated by a glass partition. Good fictional story though. (I saw Obama's limo close-up). Global_NB Lies!!!!!!! GlobalNational You swallowed that one eh? Lets have another report on the Russian collusion hoax… CNN journalism is contagious!

CKNW Of course he did. 'Fake news '.

Jan. 6 committee calls surprise hearing after obtaining new evidence - National | Globalnews.caThe hearing scheduled for Tuesday comes after Congress left Washington for a two-week recess, with lawmakers on the committee saying hearings would resume in July. And still, no one cares. Rent free By the time they finish with these criminals the Supreme Court henchmen wil have overturned every progressive legislation and maybe even invented a way to give TRUMP and crew exactly what they want

GlobalBC So much fake ass news out of GlobalBC 😂😂 GlobalSaskatoon You do realize that this is a fabricated story, right? Of course you do, but you'll post this crap anyway. There are already two SS members willing to testify under oath that this never happened. Lol, this will not help the beat down the Democrats are going to get in November.

Debunked already by witnesses. Globalnews must only use CNN. Liberal media is all-in with Demonrat conspiracies. More mid term theatre by the dems. Keep everyone fighting against each other so they don’t join together in disgust with the gov sending all their money overseas, defending any border but their own and overall running the country into the ground

LiberalismIsAMentalDisease Yeah mkay lol good lord you people are stun. Yeah then he broke out from the roof of the limo and jumped over buildings to reach the Capitol 🤣🤣 🚨🇨🇦. Be vigilant. We are under attack by same bad actors involved 1/6 with convoy. People still do not understand national security threat. It’s real.Bad intentions I am concerned about violence in 🇨🇦. People still do not understand what is happening here. 🚨🚨

might as well delete ur twitter acct u trainwreck of a gov funded organization ... i mean u do read the comments dont ya lol

Jan. 6 panel to present new evidence at surprise hearing - National | Globalnews.caLawmakers said last week that the two July hearings would focus on domestic extremists who breached the Capitol that day and on what Trump was doing as the violence unfolded. 🤡🤡🤡 Global News associated with Democrat’s conspiracy theory. Not sure it counts as storming a castle if you leave the gates open and invite the barbarians in

More noise from the media about this fake news than about Maxwells list of nonces Sure. Lol Haha. Trump was Chuck Norris in disguise haha BTW your claim of 'fresh perspective on local and international headlines' is more accurately stated 'more woke propaganda on local and international stories that fit our agenda'

Said no believable 'Witness' ever. Globull news. You can’t make this stuff up. Lol She actually said that she was told this by someone else who was also told this. That's called 3 levels of hearsay. Msm is the new National Enquirer. Curious as to why she wanted to work for Trump in Florida if she believed those things were true. 👇

Lol The clown couldn't get to the circus...very upsetting 🤡😡

Trump aides predicted possible Jan. 6 violence, aide saysThe House panel investigating the Capitol insurrection will hear testimony Tuesday from Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide in Donald Trump’s White House who is a vital witness in the sweeping investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021 attack Jan. 6th is over. Get over it. You're lucking they didn't organize with war vehicles. The ocean protects you, not the yankees. And the yankees are invading over 6 nations.

Hearsay wow is that truth now. He is the back of the Limo n tries to grab the wheel lmao TDS much. Hey, ! You obviously have not researched Trump’s Presidential limo, ‘The Beast’. If you did, you’d know that testimony is patently false. The ‘former aide’ has committed perjury, you are FakeNews! Is heresay considered admissible evidence in the US now?

r/thathappened Alpha move. Lol, you made fun of him for not being able to walk down a ramp now you want everyone to believe this nonsense. This 'testimony' wouldn't stand in an actual courtroom hearsay

Trump was told protesters had weapons on Jan. 6: former aideCassidy Hutchinson, a key aide in Donald Trump's White House, told the House committee investigating the violent Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection on Tuesday that Trump was informed that people rallying on the mall that morning had weapons but he told officials to 'let my people in' and march to the Capitol. Funny how President Trump offered troops but all of the swamp puppets refused them What’s her ? 😍 Looking forward for when the Dems toss RINOs like Cheney aside once they've used them up.

Associated Press writers Nomaan Merchant and Kevin Freking contributed to this report.Print WASHINGTON — President Trump lunged at a Secret Service agent, putting his hand on the man’s throat after he was told he would not be taken to the Capitol on Jan.Cassidy Hutchinson testified that on Jan.1:47 Former acting AG tells Jan.

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