Trump Had No Response When Asked If He Regrets All His Lies

A HuffPost reporter's question left Trump stumped

2020-08-14 2:10:00 PM

A HuffPost reporter's question left Trump stumped

'Do you regret at all all the lying you’ve done to the American people?' a HuffPost reporter asked at the White House. Trump skipped the question.

, “The notion that Trump would exceed 20,000 claims before he finished his term appeared ludicrous when The Fact Checker started this project during the president’s first 100 days in office.”In that time, its authors noted, Trump on average made fewer than five false claims a day. “But the tsunami of untruths just keeps looming larger and larger,” they said.

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The events of the past 15 months ― including Trump’s impeachment trial, the coronavirus pandemic that’s infected millions and shattered the economy, and nationwide anti-racism protests over the death ofGeorge Floydand other Black men and women in police custody ― have filled an entirely new ballpark of falsehoods from the president, and the tally continues to climb.

According to the database, he reached nearly a thousand false claims about coronavirus alone in just a matter of months. His persistent downplaying of the virus, suppression of warnings from experts and repeated pushes to prematurely reopen businesses, speculating that the virus will just “go away,” has contributed to a resurgence of COVID-19 in the U.S. that’s killing more than a thousand people each day.

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Pennyvane10 Regrets would require a conscience… There is none…

Trump opposes U.S. postal service funding, admits mail-in voting hard without itU.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday that he opposes additional funding for the U.S. Postal Service, acknowledging that his position would starve the agency of money Democrats say it needs to process an anticipated surge in mail-in ballots during the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe just for a day you could show something other then your blatant bias against Trump...just one 🙏 Communities should be organizing private, trusted couriers as back up. Trump needs to be stopped. Post Offices operate by anti Trump unions. Everyone should be home during Covid which makes voting in person the best viable option.

Trump says UAE to open diplomatic ties with Israel in 'historic moment'U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that the United Arab Emirates and Israel have agreed to establish full diplomatic ties as part of a deal to halt the annexation of occupied land sought by the Palestinians for their future state. Wow, that's huge.🤯 Another Trump promise kept and a great achievement. How will CTV and other leftist networks apply a negative spin to this one? Stay tuned. That's Incredible. Wonder how the fake news is going to spin world peace.

QAnon-supporting candidate gets GOP nod in Georgia, support from TrumpPolitical newcomer Marjorie Taylor Greene was mocked as a supporter of QAnon conspiracies and denounced for videos deemed racist even by fellow Republicans who withdrew endorsements and declared her unfit for Congress. 2 Bullshite Trump Man Bad story of the day. How about some Real Canadian News ...I bet there is lots going on in Canada that you could spend time on to report. Time to Defund the Biased Canadian media. DefundMSM biased Maybe journalists could ask Trump what QAnon is. Let's get clarification. Ask the question

Trump promotes false conspiracy claiming Kamala Harris ineligible for White HouseTrump told reporters he had ``heard'' rumours, which are false, that Harris, a Black woman and U.S.-born citizen whose parents were immigrants, does not meet the requirement to serve in the White House. Well that didn’t take long! If she was white it wouldn’t of even been brought up! He’s so predictable Might want to look that up. Do a story about how her Jamaican ancestors owned slaves next that would be great! TheMoreYouKnow

Biden, Harris lash Trump in introduction of historic VP pickJoe Biden and Kamala Harris delivered an aggressive one-two attack on the character and performance of U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday, as they made their election case for the first time as running mates. JoyCTV Such tripe!

Trump congratulates QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene on win in Georgia Republican primaryGreene, who has been criticized for racist comments, beat neurosurgeon John Cowan in a primary runoff Tuesday in Georgia’s deep-red 14th Congressional District This is not a joke? Really? Sigh... The Idiot Party strikes again. while disparaging another woman. How every woman in America does not condone this behaviour I will never know. You don't need to agree with ones politics but condoning sexist behaviour is sickening