Trump denies briefing on reported bounties against U.S. troops

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U.S. President Donald Trump says he was not briefed about intelligence regarding alleged Russian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON -- U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday denied that he had been briefed on reported intelligence that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing American troops in Afghanistan, and he appeared to minimize the allegations against Moscow.

Trump, in a Sunday morning tweet, said "Nobody briefed or told me" or Vice-President Mike Pence or chief of staff Mark Meadows about "the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by Russians."The White House had issued a statement Saturday denying that Trump or Pence had been briefed on such intelligence.

Trump's tweet came a day after presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that the report, if accurate, was a "truly shocking revelation" about the commander in chief and his failure to protect U.S. troops in Afghanistan and stand up to Russia.

The Times, citing unnamed officials familiar with the intelligence, said the findings were presented to Trump and discussed by his National Security Council in late March. Officials developed potential responses, starting with a diplomatic complaint to Russia, but the White House has yet to authorize any step, the report said.


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Best thing for the USA is this guy. They deserve each other.

Sooo...if this is true, shouldn’t people have been fired by now? Shouldn’t he have condemned Putin by now? 🧐


Well what else would he say Add it to the list of lies

Should put a bounty on Trump and his family as well

We all know that the man lies—all the time. Why is this news?

Trump's go to answers 'I didn't know' 'I've never met that person' 'No one told me (I wasn't briefed)' ...

He missed the memo while retweeting hate!!!

Ok bud 🙄

No surprise. “I’m not responsible” “fake news!!!”

Russia and Trump - AGAIN !!?! How about some real news ?

And gmbutts tweeted a racist, sexist picture. But you aren’t covering that for some reason?

Hey CTV did you hear about JOE BIDEN SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE and did you hear about JOE BIDEN telling BLACKS that if you VOTE Trump then you AINT black

And you the fakest news believed it!!

Talk about a LOW IQ.

President Trump a known liar.

Ya! Everybody believes a President wouldn’t be “briefed or told” about an issue such as this. I mean, bounty on American Soldiers? How trivial eh oh Dumb One? If you weren’t briefed, us that not a major issue as well?

Lying sack of dogs--t!

Anything that comes out of his mouth cannot be believed. Liar.

The falling sky? The emperors new clothes? 💰💩🇮🇱


The amount of dumb brainwashed and conditioned Canadians on here is embarrassing....

He was briefed but he was focused on Sean Hannity at the time and didn’t actually hear the briefings - ANY of them in the last 3 ½ years.

Would love a story regarding the theft of a billion dollars (nepotism) regarding JustinTrudeau’s payment to his ex-wife and the WE foundation.

Meanwhile in Canada. Trudeau gives a $900M contract to his wife’s charity. His Top advisor sends out anther offensive racist tweet. A Liberal MP keeps his job after B&E and assult charges. Corrupt SNC continues I get government contracts .....

Canadian news please. Or do we not have much to talk about?

his biggest lie yet - TraitorTrump

What does his fist sign mean? Is that summer secret white power message ? What does HE think our means?...confused orange man...

Liar liar pants on fire.

I believe it... How can he be briefed when he doesn't read any of the briefings.... Plausible deniability.

Canadians have to be some of the most gullible people on the planet. Our own PM has been caught lying on multiple occasions did blackface and all the other stuff yet throw out some stories about Trump and that's all they care about. Iran blew up a plane with Canadians on it and

His loyalty lies with Putin it’s disgusting. Troops sacrificing their lives and he’s betraying them .

This is complete garbage. Those who believe are:

It’s become quite clear that Biff has a listening problem...he doesn’t realize that when the huge cake hole on the front of his face is moving, the two holes on the side of his head don’t work.

Oh he was there he was cat napping like always

He knew from messaging putin the day before probably, he doesnt care what happens to the US citizens, he only cares about his ratings on twitter foremost and it shows when they delete his racist tweets, if ya care to argue, prove me wrong and not stupidly.

Of course not. He didn't wipe his arse this morning either

Trump will blame China for it, watch this genius win by blaming someone else for his mistakes.

The CDN msm just spent over 3 years reporting on the Russian hoax. You'd think they learned their lesson, but nope. They still print stories from anonymous sources even after they've been proven false. It's almost like they print 'wishful thinking' when it comes to Trump.

Pancy Nelosi and Shuck Chumer were amazing leaks to the New York Post on this one

Maybe he just forgot.


It’s a fake story. That’s why he wasn’t briefed on it.

I love how one far left publication posts an unconfirmed story and the entirety of the media jumps on it

Trump was most likely tweeting Law and Order when he was briefed on this or watching a Golfing Video


This is treason in any kind of perspective!

Hey ... PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau just got caught in a massive cronyism scandal and an enormous Infrastructure money (laundering) debacle. Please try to concentrate. Canadian democracy hinges on open, fair, and honest Canadian News being broadcasted widely.

Here’s my response in technical terms: “Yea, Ok.” 🙄

Obviously he wasn’t, he would have lost it. I bet someone gets fired if it’s true. He is the 1 supporter of the USA military in the USA.

I call BULLSHIT Donny

Trump can whine all he wants but his previous, ongoing behaviour is what makes this seem plausible to people. Not to mention saying he wasn’t briefed carries no credence given the fact he simply doesn’t bother to pay attention or seem to understand briefings. Typical denial.

He was tweeting when he was told

If he didn’t know, head would be spinning now

The problem with being a serial liar is ... no one believes you. And in this instance, no sane person can either believe nor forgive Trump for not acting to protect American troops.

And.......... you guessed it....... he’s lying!

So he's saying that his team doesn't communicate critical information to him? How is that better?

Even if true, does anyone think that CIA wouldn't, hasn't, done similar to Russian and/or other foreign assets for decades when the opportunity presented itself?

Then he must not have been briefed. Trump would never lie would he? I trust the most corrupt President in US history.

Then I guess he was

Mabey it’s a good idea to keep this ass hat in the dark

Deny deny deny! Kick him to the curb. Treasonous cheeto just sold you out to Russia, again.

Wouldn't be surprised if this is fake news

Anything involving 'intelligence' is in one ear out the other? Now if they were putting bounties on KFC there would be hell to pay?

Your daily 'orange man bad' article by Pravda.

I smell another investigation coming. Wake up people!!!!!!! He’s for SELF preservation and profit ONLY. He cares about nobody else, not even his own family. He would sell them to the highest bidder. If you think he gives a damn about his base, you’re a bigger fool than I thought.

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