Donald Trump Impeachment, İmpeachment Trial, Trump, Trump Broke Law Ukraine Aid, Trump İmpeachment, Ukraine, Ukraine Aid Trump

Donald Trump Impeachment, İmpeachment Trial

Trump administration violated law in withholding Ukraine aid: U.S. watchdog

The report, released Thursday, said the funds were withheld for a 'policy reason, which is not permitted under the Impoundment Control Act.'


The Government Accountability Office said in a report that the Office of Management and Budget was wrong to delay security assistance for Ukraine .

The report, released Thursday, said the funds were withheld for a 'policy reason, which is not permitted under the Impoundment Control Act.'

Trump impeachment: How the U.S. House inquiry led to formal charges

Trump was impeached last month on charges of abusing his power for pressuring Ukraine to investigate Democratic rivals, as he was withholding the aid, and for obstructing Congress’ ensuing probe. The Senate is set to begin its trial on Thursday.

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And OMB disputes that claim So exactly the same as Biden admitted too. Cool, same rules right? on the heels of CNN Funny how the libs wont let hunter and joe Biden testify when this is all about them. Not 1 piece of information in that 300 page document says that trump abuse of power. Read the fucking document you call yourself journalists

No one cares!

Vince Vaughn shakes hands with Donald Trump: Man who recorded clip gets death threatsA Louisiana football team pulled off an incredible win to snatch a college championship. But who cares — an actor shook hands with the U.S. president A whole lot of childish stupidity over a handshake People need to learn some respect. Vince is having a civil conversation with the President. If you can't see that as a good thing then there's something wrong with you. This world needs civility, everything is hate all the time. Makes me sick. Let's try to be more kind please LOL

Vince Vaughn shakes hands with Donald Trump, dividing the internetMany Twitter users vowed to boycott Vince Vaughn's movies, while others applauded him for being cordial to the president. With him there would be an hesitation. Might have words I dont want with secret service after. Not a fucking chance he just killed almost 50 Canadians due to his flippant war mongering. I wouldn’t shake Trump’s hand: A/ don’t know where it’s been B/ he’s revolting

Trump sets sights on Sanders on eve of Democratic debate in Des MoinesBernie Sanders, the gesticulating, septuagenarian senator with the fixation on Canada's universal health-care system, seems to have caught the attention of Democrats in Iowa -- as well as a certain U.S. president. Why leave out the project veritas video that shows his campaign aids want to put people in gulags? Bernie needs to worry about what ProjectVeritas is going to lay out at stopsocialists Socialist Bernie vs. Capitalist Donnie who is sporting an amazing economy... Good luck Bernie. I'm sure you'll still get the votes from all the people who want free stuff and don't care about who pays for it though.

'Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy': Trump Hotel Trends After Bonkers InterviewLev Parnas said GOP figures and Trump insiders would mingle with some unusual characters at the president's Washington hotel.

Trump impeachment: Democrats need only 4 Republicans to get Senate trialThe House Democrats presenting the case at trial face the unique challenge of persuading a handful of senators to cross the aisle and join Democrats in demanding that the trial include documents and witnesses most Republicans would like to avoid. Is this the reason for the delay? Custom made assault-style pens. The vile narcissist wanted her *NAME* put on them:

Pelosi names Schiff, Nadler as prosecutors for U.S. President Trump impeachment trialSpeaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday named two House chairmen who led U.S. President Donald Trump 's impeachment inquiry as prosecutors for Trump 's Senate trial. Waste of time money and energy We are in Canada, an objective reporting on this weak and weird impeachment would be useful. Why is Canadian media following the corrupted US medias one-sided partisan coverage? Why don't Canadians deserve unbiased evaluations, analysis and reporting?

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