Trudeau warns against the use of force to resolve protests over Indigenous rights

Trudeau warns against the use of force to resolve protests over Indigenous rights @GlobePolitics


Trudeau warns against the use of force to resolve protests over Indigenous rights GlobePolitics

Prime Minister described the disruptions as a ‘critical moment for our country and for our future’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers a statement in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020, regarding infrastructure disruptions caused by blockades across the country. Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for patience and warned against the use of force to resolve the ongoing rail blockades by Indigenous-rights protesters during an address to Parliament Tuesday. Describing it “a critical moment for our country and for our future,” Mr. Trudeau acknowledged the frustrations caused by the disruptions, but cautioned against extreme viewpoints. “Those who would want us to act in haste, who want us to boil this down to slogans and ignore the complexities, who think that using force is helpful – it is not. Patience may be in short supply and that makes it more valuable than ever,” he said in a speech to the House of Commons. Story continues below advertisement The Prime Minister delivered his address shortly after First Nations leaders held a news conference in Ottawa to appeal for calm and further talks. During his speech, Mr. Trudeau said his government remains open to discussions with First Nations to address their concerns. “To the Wet’suwet’en and Mohawk nations and Indigenous leaders across the country: We are listening,” he said."We are not asking that you stop standing up for your communities, your rights and for what you believe. We only ask that you be willing to work with the federal government as a partner in finding solutions.” Mr. Trudeau compared the strong public sentiments to the issue with global populism, as he urged Canadians to consider opposing points of view rather than only listening to people with whom they already agree. “The need for reasonable, reasoned debate in this place is at the centre of what we have to continue to move forward with as a country," he said. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer sharply dismissed the Prime Minister’s speech, saying it failed to denounce the actions of “radical activists” as illegal and failed to offer a plan of action. “The Prime minister’s statement was a complete abdication of responsibility and of leadership,” Mr. Scheer told the House of Commons, describing Mr. Trudeau’s speech as a “word salad.” Story continues below advertisement Earlier Tuesday, Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde, who joined other First Nations leaders in Ottawa, also urged calm. “We are calling for creativity in constructive dialogue,” Mr. Bellegarde said. “Our people are taking action because they want to see action. When they see positive action by the key players, when they see a commitment to real dialogue to address this difficult situation, people will respond in a positive way.” Mr. Bellegarde also warned ignoring First Nations rights and jurisdiction creates conflict and court cases while peace and prosperity result when rights are respected. For his part, Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet asked the Prime Minister in the Commons why it took 12 days for his government to get involved. On Monday, Mr. Trudeau convened an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers to discuss the anti-pipeline blockades and its impacts, including on the Canadian economy. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called the situation a “serious crisis” and pointed to deep and historical frustration and injustice that plays into the situation. Story continues below advertisement Via Rail announced Tuesday it will resume running passenger trains between Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City, but most of its routes remain suspended amid rail blockades that have halted much of Canada’s rail freight. Canada’s passenger rail service said it will restart eight trains between Ottawa and Quebec City on Thursday, after getting the go-ahead from track owner Canadian National Railway Co., which has suspended freight trains on its network east of Toronto due to the blockades. Via last week cancelled its service nation-wide, with the exception of two routes in the north of Manitoba and Ontario. “We remain hopeful for an end to the situation as soon as possible and encourage all relevant parties to continue their efforts towards a peaceful resolution,” said Marie-Anna Murat, a Via spokeswoman. Several groups of protesters have blocked railways across Canada, in support of Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs’ opposition to the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline in B.C. The disruptions, which began in the first week of February, are raising fears of shortages of critical commodities, including propane for home heating and chemicals for water treatment. Brad Cicero, a spokesman for Porter Airlines, said the carrier based at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport has seen increased demand for seats amid the halt to Via’s passenger routes. “It’s higher than normal for this time of year,” Mr. Cicero said. “We’ve certainly seen that over the course of the disruption.” He said he is unaware of any concerns about supplies of jet fuel and de-icing chemicals, which are trucked to the airport on the Toronto Islands. Story continues below advertisement Rohit Bhardwaj, chief financial officer of ChemTrade Logistics Inc., said the maker of chemicals for water treatment and industrial uses is “very close” to being forced to close its factories, which require raw materials delivered by train. “The chemicals come to our plants by rail and then we produce the water treatment chemicals and typically ship that by truck. But the problem is if you don’t get the raw materials coming in then we are unable to produce those chemicals,” Mr. Bhardwaj said. “Trucks are not a viable option. It has to be rail.” ​ Follow Bill Curry and Kristy Kirkup on Twitter Read more: The Globe and Mail

globepolitics Trudeau get your act together globepolitics Non confidence vote needed, he cant even secure the 'open dialogue talks' meanwhile Canadians getting laid off, propane shortage for the East,growing anger&division across this country TrudeauMustGo globepolitics This just adds to the belief that JustinTrudeau does not care what the law or courts say.

globepolitics He says government can’t order the rcmp to do anything yet in the next breath warns the rcmp against enforcing the injunction globepolitics I think we should shut down the airports until all the pipelines are built globepolitics He is incompetent globepolitics I guess we should let them just shut down the country instead of having a spine and doing something to stop them.

globepolitics Time to call for a new election globepolitics JustinTrudeau MIDDLE CLASS ARE FED UP BY CORPORATE WELFARE To let pipeline use shortcut have bring us in this shit 😡Pipeline should follow main road or main railroad gmbutts cathmckenna telfordk Bill_Morneau TheEconomist cafreeland OttawaCitizen

globepolitics Sure... let them do whatever they want. Block Airport as well... globepolitics Force is what’s needed now ! JustinTrudeau

Rail blockades must be resolved ‘the right way,’ Indigenous Services minister says'This is something that's fluid, and is moving on an hourly basis,' Marc Miller told The West Block. 'But we remain committed and engaged to resolve this in a peaceful way.' Peaceful people don't try and shut down an entire country. Who are paying these clowns? FollowTheMoney Just clear them out This is absolutely correct! Not to mention the fact that this pipeline is slated to run through Wet’suwet’en tribal land. Why? It is not government land. They can’t just do whatever the hell they want. Go around, it’s that simple!

globepolitics Remember Oka? What exactly did getting heavy-handed accomplish there? Zero. It just exacerbated a local issue into a national one....and put our soldiers in an impossible situation. globepolitics From now on if anybody has grievance they're just sit on a railroad track...very serious precedent being set

globepolitics Please get on with improving the lives of Indigenous Peoples. They feel betrayed - and rightfully so after 4 years of lip service - and will continue to protest until they are treated respectfully. If Trudeau cannot do it then he needs to step down and allow someone who can. globepolitics Cons calling for a heavy should be a warning about what future con governments will do to protestors

globepolitics Blockades are not protests. Blockades are a violation and a force which require an equal and opposite force. Blockades are a clear and present danger to the lives of many. We need a leader, not the leader of this mob. globepolitics Racism is strong in the comments. Use of force is not necessary and thank the RCMP & OPP for not acting sooner. Toronto police & OPP delt with G20 consequences for years after the fact. It’s a delicate situation.

globepolitics We can’t even return the boycott favor. The Aboriginals produce nothing of value, unless we boycott their casinos 🎰 globepolitics Prime Minister Donothing was dragged back to Canada finally. This Crisis could have been avoided had he the balls to act 2 weeks ago. We have elected a spoiled boy with no experience & on his father’s name. Now Incompetent people hold important positions based on gender & race.

globepolitics The true north strong and free no longer with Judas globepolitics Spineless wimp. ,

‘Lack of privacy’: Nancy Pelosi warns NATO allies against using HuaweiThe White House has also raised national security concerns about Huawei, and is aggressively lobbying Western allies to bar the company from their wireless, high-speed networks. [laughs in REDACTED] Does Nancy know what a Huawei is? We'd rather make money working with a country that puts people in concentration camps. Sorry nancy

globepolitics Breaking News: Andrew Scheer promises a free case of beer to anyone who jumps on Twitter to post idiotic comments about Trudeau. Traffic causes Twitter melt down as thousands clamor for free beer. globepolitics It makes my soul praise Glorious Wonderful God Himself. JustinTrudeau has proposed that no force should be used to settle this disagreement. This country could benefit from a peaceful solution. We all have the intelligence and love for each other as Canadians to understand this!

globepolitics WeakLeader globepolitics Accepting the decisions of the hereditary chiefs instead of the legal system's is akin to adopting the sharia law overnight... What ever happened to the Canada's ideals 'peace ,order and good government'... JustinTrudeau seems unable to satisfy any of these cdnpoli acoyne

globepolitics So bribes? globepolitics Maybe if he does enough selfies wirh the people who formed the blockade they will stop. globepolitics Garbage !! globepolitics Trudeau is still trying to manipulate Canadians while pandering to every activist and NGO that has inserted themselves into this dispute yet have absolutely nothing to do with and no connection to the Wet'suwet'en First Nations

globepolitics Fancy Socks is paying these protesters. Of course he won't use force against them. PuppetPM globepolitics so if regular 🇨🇦's protest their rights, you know like trying to get to work etc, will worstPMever warn against the use of force ?

Trudeau cancels Barbados trip to focus on resolving rail blockades across CanadaCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has cancelled a planned trip to Barbados, as nationwide demonstrations continue in support of an anti-pipeline protest... Why? I'm sure they were excited to see his Fancy Socks!!! Blackface Trudeau wants to bring in the military like his dad did This guy is an

globepolitics Best to let Scheer Nonsense know! globepolitics Pepper spray for all

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Energy, economy, land rights face Trudeau as House of Commons returnsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau returns to a House of Commons eager to debate his government's policies on the economy, energy, climate change and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples after a week away. *Angry Conservative Tweet* JustinTrudeau you are a disaster, just bail out, you are taking all canadians to a huge dumpster fire.

Trudeau skipping Caribbean trip amid rail blockades, protestsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has cancelled a planned trip to Barbados as protests continue to choke rail travel across the country. not a fan, but this is not his issue. What a noble thing to do Awwww poor justin !

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