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Trudeau taps bank CEOs to help chart course for economic recovery plan

Trudeau taps bank CEOs to help chart course for economic recovery plan @GlobePolitics

2020-05-25 4:07:00 AM

Trudeau taps bank CEOs to help chart course for economic recovery plan GlobePolitics

The government is preparing a diagnosis of the economic damage inflicted by COVID-19 and has started to determine the sectors of the economy that will need the most help in the next phase

Adrian Wyld/The Canadian PressPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has reached out to the heads of Canada’s six big banks to get their reading on the state of the economy and how COVID-19 relief efforts are faring, banking sources and federal officials told The Globe and Mail.

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It was the first time that Mr. Trudeau has had one-on-one discussions with the CEOs since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, multiple banking-industry sources say, adding that the calls took place around the Victoria Day long weekend.The consultations with the CEOs were high-level check-ins rather than deep policy discussions, intended to take the pulse of the efforts to deal with the economic effects of COVID-19, the sources said. They covered topics such as how relief efforts rolled out jointly by government and banks might need adjusting, where bank clients are feeling pressure most acutely, and which parts of the economy may need further support to recover.

Story continues below advertisementThe Trudeau government, federal officials say, has largely finished rolling out its emergency response to the pandemic and is now starting work on the “recovery” phase that will aim to salvage sectors of the economy that are most damaged by the crisis.

The officials say the government is preparing a diagnosis of the economic damage inflicted by COVID-19 and has started to determine the sectors of the economy that will need the most help in the next phase.The Globe is not identifying the banking and federal sources who spoke about the recent discussions with the bank CEOs because they were not authorized to comment publicly on the matter. Spokespeople for Canada’s six largest banks and for the Canadian Bankers Association declined to comment.

Although Mr. Trudeau has called the bank CEOs on occasion in the past, such direct discussions are not common. In the fall of 2018, Mr. Trudeau briefed them in separate calls at a key juncture in negotiations to redraw the North American free-trade agreement.

The Prime Minister and his top ministers have been engaged in a series of talks with corporate figures, union leaders and academics to determine the country’s economic needs now that provincial governments are allowing businesses to resume operations, albeit at varying speed across the country.

Up until now, Ottawa publicly emphasized the emergency response to the short-term effects of the economic crisis, such as direct payments to workers and families, as well as wage subsidies and rent relief for businesses. Inside Ottawa, that phase was known as “contain and survive,” according to a senior federal official.

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“As provinces start to slowly reopen, our goal is always to ensure that the federal government is a strong partner in the economic recovery,” said Ann-Clara Vaillancourt, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s Office.Story continues below advertisement

University of Saskatchewan professor Janice MacKinnon, a former provincial finance minister, said Mr. Trudeau is doing the right thing by consulting widely with bankers and others to target the sectors that need help on the path to recovery. Read more: The Globe and Mail »

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Ottawa’s help needed so travellers follow quarantine plans: B.C.’s top doctorDr. Bonnie Henry said that public servants from various provincial ministries have been doing that work to ensure about 18,000 people so far have followed quarantine plans after returning to B.C. The Trudeau “Liberals” haven’t even tried controlling this What makes B.C. think they will start now ? What cards are they holding or deals are they making with the federal government ? In doing so, Ottawa would be joining the UK that made the same decision to prevent the spread of the virus by travellers. It’s important to remember that Canada would not be in as big a COVID mess now if: Trudeau had listened to his MILITARY’S warning early JANUARY, not GAVE AWAY PPE, and keep AIRPORTS and BORDERS OPEN until mid MARCH....

Sask. reporting three new COVID-19 cases, 14 more recoveriesSaskatchewan is reporting three new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Saturday, according to a release from the province.

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Nearly 70 new coronavirus deaths in Canada as Ontario sees highest case jump since May 8Overall, Canada reported more than a thousand new cases and 69 new deaths, bringing national figures to 84,686 cases -- including more than 43,000 recoveries -- and 6,424 deaths. Seriously.. even more stories this has been like the 10th post I've seen on this. Give it a rest already. Nobody wants the tests. The virus is almost gone. People want to enjoy summer. This does not match the directive from the Chief Medical Officer yesterday. Communications to the public and the testing community should be the same.

Cross-border golf course unplayable for Canadian membersThe Aroostook Valley Country Club has its pro shop and parking lot in the state of Maine, while the clubhouse and fairways are in New Brunswick Highlights why it’s not smart to straddle borders in this way. Just like that silly situation in Point Roberts, BC. Wont someone please think of the golfers? Boo fucking hoo.

Parking lot in U.S., fairways in Canada: Cross-border golf course unplayable during pandemicBorder restrictions related to COVID-19 are barring Canadian members of a golf course along the Canada-U.S. boundary with its pro shop in Maine and its fairways in New Brunswick from playing. Omg they can’t golf? What will they do? die ? No sympathy here. Thos is so sad. I sure hope there's some sort of fundraising or benefit for them.