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Trudeau takes rare swipe at China, says they don’t seem to grasp Canada’s judiciary is independent

Trudeau takes rare swipe at China, says they don't seem to grasp Canada's judiciary is independent

2020-05-22 7:00:00 AM

Trudeau takes rare swipe at China , says they don't seem to grasp Canada's judiciary is independent

‘The fact that China is still linking an independent judicial system in the case of Meng Wanzhou with the arbitrary detention of two Canadians is saddening’

Trudeau also accused China of the “arbitrary” arrest of two Canadians in “retaliation” over Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer, who was arrested by Vancouver police in December 2018 and is fighting extradition to the United States on fraud charges.

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“Canada has an independent judicial system that functions without interference or override by politicians,” Trudeau told a daily briefing.“China doesn’t work quite the same way and (doesn’t) seem to understand that we do have an independent judiciary from political intervention.”

Shortly after Meng’s arrest, Chinese authorities detained Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.“We will continue to follow and uphold the independence of our judicial system while we advocate for the release of the two Michaels who have been arbitrarily detained by China in retaliation for a judicial system that is independent in the way it functions,” he said.

Trudeau said last month that China had suspended consular visits to the two men, citing the coronavirus outbreak.“The fact that China is still linking an independent judicial system in the case of Meng Wanzhou with the arbitrary detention of two Canadians is saddening but that’s a challenge we’ve been working with for many months,” he said on Thursday.

The Chinese embassy in Ottawa was not immediately available for comment.Canada and China are both “furious” over the case of Meng but there are signs the two sides can hold constructive talks, the Canadian ambassador to Beijing said in February.The B.C. Supreme Court will release its decision on Meng next week.

The court says Justice Heather Holmes will release on Wednesday her ruling on the issue of so-called double criminality.The legal arguments on double criminality centre on whether what Meng is accused of in the United States would be a crime in Canada.

The decision could lead to her release or it could start a new round of legal arguments, including whether her arrest was unlawful.The United States has charged her with fraud over allegations she violated American sanctions against Iran, which she and the Chinese telecommunications giant have denied.

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Her lawyers have argued the court should dismiss the case because Canada has rejected similar sanctions, while the Crown has said the judge’s role is to determine if there’s evidence of fraud.Earlier this week, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer criticized the Trudeau Liberals for a “policy of appeasement” to the Chinese regime. He said the Liberals initially did little to back Taiwan’s fight to be included in key pandemic meetings of the World Health Organization and only stepped up after loud calls by the Conservatives.

“We have been raising the alarm about this government’s failure to stand up for Canada, its policy of appeasement to the regime and the PRC (People’s Republic of China), and it’s only now after they see some polling data that they’ve started to change their message on that,” said Scheer.

Scheer said China is exerting undue influence on the WHO, as he lamented the decision not to include Taiwan at the World Health Assembly this week.“I think it’s a shame. I believe that Taiwan being excluded from organizations like the WHO does not help anybody,” he said.

“China’s foreign policy should not have so much influence on other organizations that the people of Taiwan are excluded from the participation.”The Trudeau government has made clear that it supports Taiwan’s inclusion in the WHO even though it is navigating its own political crisis with China. But that support has other implications because of the ongoing imprisonment of Kovrig and Spavor.

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Good for Justin T. He is trying to be peacemaker too often. Sanctions and limit imports from China. It is all junk anyway The reason he toolk that swipe , is he saw the group victory photo of her prerelease. And wants to look strong. I hope I’m wrong. Haha really!!! For Christ sakes wake up man!!! RobJack83120905 hy·poc·ri·sy /həˈpäkrəsē/ Learn to pronounce noun the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Canada’s “independent” judiciary! Yes, you heard that right. That’s what JustinTrudeau said. Canada’s “independent” judiciary! TrudeauLied TrudeauLies LiberalsLied cdnpoli Neither does JustinTrudeau !!! Trudeau doesn’t seem to grasp he is incompetent Canada’s sanctimonious hypocrite in chief. The judiciary is independent... until a sacred cow of Quebec is in the mix

No shit stupid! I cant understand how a prime minister who is the only one we have ever had who has been formally charged for ethics violations can preach to anyone else. Good or bad. Just saying. Considering his love of all things Chinese communist, this must have been hard for him. Well, I wish he was that interested in maintaining the independence of thr judiciary when SNC-Lavalin, or any of his other buddies, is involved...

Neither does Trudeau, FIRST he criticized the decision of a JURY in the Bushie case. SECOND, he tried to get his AG to DROP criminal charges against SNC in his RIDING... JustinTrudeau doesn't seem to understand that Canada's judiciary is independent. Ask Jody. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Coming from the ChildPM that's 'rich's littlepotato has been breaking the law with impunity since SNC Scandal RCMPareImpotent have allowed sockboy to break the law without consequence CanadaIsBroken

There is no doubt that the Canadian judiciary is completely independent. What is important is a logical approach with the approval of the Prime Minister of Trudeau, who does not ruin all the bridges behind him, and this is a smart policy. But is there justice in Chinese courts? Ummm SNC Lavalin? I'm not sure Trudeau grasps that our judiciary is independent.

Castro boy needs to add 'independent ... so far, but we're working on it'. Just recall the SNC LAVALIN... Mark Norman, etc. What was it that JRW had to say about this very idea just a year ago? China understands the concept of an independent judiciary. They understand it so well that they just crushed in in Hong Kong because it's a threat to their totalitarian dictatorship.

Baby steps.... good he said it. Fact is that in communist China all branches of government (of which the judiciary is) are under the thumb of the state and answer to them. They gave him permission for the sake of optics. Not really a swipe. He seems surprised that the rule of law is meaningless. SNC? If only stephenharper had not sold our sovereignty to 🇨🇳 JustinTrudeau could be far more aggressive. CPC_HQ / GOP rules, break/compromise the system then bully the other guys for not being able to do the job.

Lol... LOL Captain Crayon taking shots (albeit) weak ones at his Chinese masters? What a joke! Interesting that its ok for the PM's office to interfere with the judiciary when it comes to saving jobs in Quebec 🤔snclavlin The guy with numerous federal ethics convictions should not be lecturing anyone Trudeau is one to talk about understanding Canadian judges. LavScam TrudeauLied

He like an annoying lap dog yapping in the front window. When the public’s questions start getting uncomfortable, he half heartily jumps into action. As soon as China looks his way however, he’ll run and hide under the couch. Neither does Skippy he runs this country like a dictator! He needs to see a hair stylist soon. That colour is far too dark for him.

Says the guy who fired his Attorney General cause she wouldn’t do what he wanted. Hypocrite Meanwhile, fake news mainstream media is blaming Trump's stance against China and brainwashed Canadians believe that horrible press. Trudeau is starting to see the CCP for what it is and we should applaud him for that, not bash him.

Is he wearing his big boy pants today Trudeau didn't grasp the independence of the judiciary either . I'm Canadian and I know Canada's judiciary isn't independent. heathrodgirs Awe did the little boyinthecottage hear already he's not getting the UNSC seat he has spent billions to get 👏👏👏 That barely registers as a swipe. More like a grumble under his breath.

Maybe that’s because SNC Lavelin showed that the Government can and does interfere with judicial matters! Trudeau: “China doesn’t work quite the same way and (doesn’t) seem to understand that we do have an independent judiciary from political intervention.” They didn’t report the part where he states “but I’m trying”.

Yeh definitely a swipe 🙄 TrudeauGate if you want to know about the real justintrudeau They watch you interfere in the judicial system for corporations, so yes they don’t understand, as you don’t JustinTrudeau That's not a swipe. Apparence judicial independence Only apply when Trudeau is not involved canpoil Jody Wilson-Raybould Canadians have such short memories China & ChineseCommunistParty does not

Actions speak louder than words. China saw you and SNC JustinTrudeau He has had a hard time with that concept himself. Neither does Trudeau Just let her go back home. Punishment enough Take that, billions Trudeau forgers he himself corrupted the independence of our judiciary by using the PMO and cabinet shuffling to help his donors and that this is public information.

China does not understand indepence. It is a foreign thought to them. cdnpoli ldnont Something they have in common. Self-awareness is not a Progressive strength. Justin call INTERPOL and have them issue arrest warrants FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE International ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE known as the CCP for Kidnapping Canadian citizens without due process of law. then it will be the CCP members who will be in jail all over the world held on charges of kidnapping and possibly crimes against humanity charges.

SNCLavalin TrudeauLies. . China knows very well how Canada's judiciary works. It is Justin Trudeau who is confused about how China operates. Did Canada not arrest Meng at the request of the USA? Doesn't sound particularly 'independent' to me. Like it or not, the business world depends on China. If the business world wants to wean its dependence off China, then the business world needs a new business model emphasizing social responsibility over profit, among other things. Take away China’s power. You gave it to them.

The irony in that statement is as blatant as the irony in the picture. The dye is called “Just for Men”. Oh big whoop your PM said he admires China. Now he says China dont understand independence legal system. Does that mean he will implement Chinese judicial system in Canada? Wait, he already did? And yet SNCLavalin LavScam and vice admiral Norman? Independent but always drawing political interference.

We must cut ourselves off from China Is it? How is your Molla's friend of Iran? US claims to have independent Judiciary as well. We all see how it goes. WAY TO LITTLE! WAY TO LATE! you could make a safe bet had it been two Americans they would have been released a year ago. Swipe? I bet they're scared. Little tiny love tap. What does he plan to do to back up his words?

Oh Lord, someone grew a pair overnight? He’s really going out on a limb. What he really means is; if he could steer the judicial process in China’s favour, he certainly would do it. That’s hardly a swipe. Because they read the SNC-Lavalin stories. People still read your paper? Bollocks. Canada does whatever the US State Dept and intelligence services tells it to. That goes for weapon systems purchases, foreign military interventions and the seizure of foreign nationals.

Trudeau’s understandings about CCP is like a kids. CCP is law and law is CCP. That's not a swipe you hairy Muppet. Geez the pot calling the kettle black. What a hypocrite. Independent of Canadian national interests? Then they must be working for some other nation interests He didn’t seem to grasp hes a disgrace

It is Ask Jodi Wilson And that’s why being able to intimidate your Attorney General to ensure ur issue never makes it to the judiciary is a cornerstone of Liberal politics. cdnpoil Oh, the irony. He's been saying that since the arrest of the tech lady. So this is like a kitten pat without claws. Hardly a swipe. Seems more like pleading

Canada's independent of China? 🤣😂🤣😂 not based on the behavior of justintrudeau! JTs in completely submissive!! Canada's judiciary is independent? Well he surely didn't get that when he was trying to help out his buddies from SNC Lavalin Wow! he finally says something 'slightly' critical of China after majority of Canadians are waking up to the fact this governemnt is totally controlled by the Chinese communist party. Everything he does benefits China in some way.

Ironic since neither does he. It’s all for show, relax. So what he is saying is that if it was up to him he’d send Meng back to China Trudeau is telling China that they need to up their effort on bribing the judiciary. Or increase the donations to Liberals so that Liberals can destroy the judiciary independence in the same way they are destroying Canada.

Does he know that? SNC much? This was for his image wasn’t it ........... Isn't that racist my JustinTrudeau standards? I'm sure the Lol listening to Trudeau to explain this when it's still not clear he understands it as well? LavScam *CoughLNCCough* He said it before...still he has not backed our allies when dealing with China. His behaviour is evidence that Chinas kidnapp blackmail diplomacy works.

It is calculated. Not to really stand up to China. But to posture here at home. Lol... sure JT... no political interference here... 🙄 lol, the Chinese are not fools like you - 'the allegations are false' but we all heard the tape and so did the Chinese, liar cdnpoli As China likes to say, just facts

Trudeau says China ‘doesn’t seem to understand’ Canada’s judicial independenceIn response to a Global News interview in which the Chinese ambassador directly linked the detention of the two Michaels with the Huawei CFO's arrest, Justin Trudeau said China , 'doesn’t seem to understand that we do have an independent judiciary.' damn shots fired It's the Idiot Clown Boy! 🎈🤡 aka The Little Potato 🥔 Proving Once Again Why He's a Global Punchline PeterPanPM 🧦🤪🧦🤪🧦 MagicKingdom Communist China have pictures and video of this POS

Global stocks lower amid China tension with U.S., AustraliaGlobal stock markets declined Thursday on weak economic data in Europe and Asia and as Chinese trade tensions with Washington and Australia worsened.

Fives Eyes allies urged to lessen dependence on ChinaThe Henry Jackson Society says the Five Eyes as as whole are ‘strategically dependent’ on China in 831 categories of goods, of which 260 are necessary for important national infrastructure globepolitics That was the whole idea when the Five Eyes was set up damn it globepolitics All 5 Five Eyes or just four with Canada dithering? globepolitics CCP has infiltrated our universities and government institutions! Where is the Canadian MSM!!

Asian stocks mixed amid China tension with U.S., AustraliaAsian stock markets were mixed Thursday after Wall Street rose despite trade tensions between China and Washington and Australia. JustinTrudeau is in bed with 'who' and china and willing to lie and tries to save them

China blasted for ‘brutal’ economic, human rights policies in White House reportThe 20-page report released by the White House on Wednesday issued a broad-scale attack on Beijing’s predatory economic policies, military buildup, disinformation campaigns and human rights violations. Lmao that’s not news that’s China read some frickin history! That's awesome news. Ruined the Vancouver real estate market. Their Triads killed 30,000 canadians from their billion dollar opiate trade in 2019 67,300 in America. Human trafficking in Richmond bc. Brothels , illegal gambling, gangs, any scam possible. That's the truth. The White House shouldn't be talking about human rights violations when they are the worst perpetrator. No nation on Earth has invaded more countries than the US in the last 60 years. (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Syria, Panama, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti).

Taiwan President Tsai calls for stability in China relationsTaiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen called for stability in relations with China in her inaugural address Wednesday but said she would not accept Beijing's political terms that would 'downgrade Taiwan and undermine the cross-strait status quo.' CCP are Nazi demons that are fake communists, like the Liberals are fake environmentalists kick Chinese nationals (CCP spies) out of Canada, seize their homes Taiwan should take over the government of China. If China was a true democracy, with respect for its citizens it might be a shining light in this confused world. With the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) China is just a big Covid-19 stain on this world.