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Day 7, Federal Election

Trudeau seeks to one-up Conservatives with plan on maternity, parental benefits

Trudeau seeks to one-up Conservatives with plan on maternity, parental benefits


Trudeau seeks to one-up Conservatives with plan on maternity, parental benefits

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau sought to one-up his Conservative rivals on Tuesday by promising new parents won't pay any taxes at all on maternity and parental leave benefits.

But their promise meant the initial tax would still come off benefit cheques, something Trudeau said won't happen if he's elected.

The pledge was part of a suite of new measures aimed at parents, which also include increasing the Canada Child Benefit for those with children under a year old and extending benefits under the employment-insurance program for parents who adopt.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer argued Monday that the CCB, which sends parents monthly cheques if their income is below a certain threshold, is effectively a Conservative policy. Under the previous Conservative government, there had been a similar program that saw all families -- regardless of income -- also receive monthly payments.

Scheer also threw back to the previous Conservative government days Tuesday, offering a variation on a pledge the Tories made in the 2015 campaign to increase the amount of money the government gives towards registered education savings plans (RESPs).

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There are no leaders anymore...just a bunch of pansies looking for freebies and high salaries! Leaders are scarce these days. For who? Men and non-men? This is the brave women who asks the questions journalists ought to be asking. Perhaps you can reach out to her and report on her concerns. Women prisoners should matter too

Why not ask this true Shero TheClash709 why she asked JustinTrudeau questions about women's prisons no longer being single sex and stats Canada no longer recording crime by sex. This is a real issue that needs answers from politicians After 4 yrs of broken promises, we'll take a pass on any he makes now.

Trudeau thinks women are stupid and will buy into his manipulation. He fooled a lot of them last election so thinks he can do it again. Don't be fooled... Trudeau will only increase taxes

Trudeau seeks to one-up Conservatives with plan on maternity, parental benefitsThe Conservatives had announced last week that if they form government, they’d also address the fact that those benefits are taxed, by giving new parents a tax credit for them globepolitics Trudeau thinks women are stupid and will buy into his manipulation. He fooled a lot of them last election so thinks he can do it again. globepolitics Trudeau finally with his peers.l think play-based learning could really help with his development. TrudeauMustGo TrudeauCorruption TrudeauInheritedSoMuch globepolitics THE ISSUE OF THE DAY IS? I vote for adults! Do you?

HuffPost is now a part of OathIn other words, Scheer wants to “fix” something that’s not broken in order to score votes. So pay for activities you maybe can't afford to get a nonrefundable tax credit a year later. Cons once again targeting the wealthy

Scheer would restore Harper's child fitness and arts tax credits Liberals axedConservative Leader Andrew Scheer says his government would introduce tax credits to help parents pay for their children who play sports or enroll in dance, drawing and other learning programs. Read more here: cdnpoli elxn43 ScheerNonsense Yes he will give back what Trudeau took back. We had a child’s sports tax credit under Harper. More sham boutique credits that are lousy when you read the fine print. Anyone who's watched the first few days of his campaign has to have serious doubts about this man as PM. He can't go 5 feet without stepping on a rake.

‘Definitely not getting ahead’: Conservatives promise to cut tax by 2 percent on lowest income bracketScheer has criticized Trudeau for cutting tax credits the former Conservatives introduced to offset the costs of putting children in sports or arts classes, buying textbooks and using transit passe… As opposed to getting deeper in the hole with a new tax and raising taxes with the liberals. Go to my profile and take the poll, it’s that easy Nice Prince Jackwagon Promises More Corruption & Pathological Dishonesty 1 Month RCMP TeamJackwagon 🤡 BecauseIts a GongShow SNCNormanEthicsKhadrBoyleAtwalChina TrudeauJr PeterPanPM SockBoy UsefulIdiot2TheWorld PeopleKind MagicKingdom

Scheer brings back Harper's child fitness and arts tax credits axed by TrudeauConservative Leader Andrew Scheer is resurrecting two more of Stephen Harper's boutique tax credits that were later axed by the Trudeau Liberals. Good. They shouldn't have been taken away in the first place! I know many people who used these in the past A vote for AndrewScheer is a vote for stephenharper past! Dose ANDY have an original idea?

CTV National News: Truth TrackerRichard Madan examines a letter from Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on a supposed Liberal-planned capital gains tax on home sales. RichardMadan RichardMadan Can RichardMadan look into my Allegations of AndrewScheer 's secret plan to Use fake bots and Indian immigrants to get elected to keep his promise to PM Modi? cdnpoli elxn43 RichardMadan Good chance you’ll be paying tax on the gain of value of your home if liberals win and the economy starts to collapse due to carbon tax recession. If you inherit a home that’s appreciated over the years you may owe hundreds of thousands. Don’t risk it. TrudeauMustGo

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