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Trudeau says he is watching U.S. with ‘horror and consternation’ — but Canada also has ‘challenges’

Trudeau says he is watching U.S. with 'horror and consternation' — but Canada also has 'challenges'

2020-06-02 10:19:00 PM

Trudeau says he is watching U.S. with 'horror and consternation' — but Canada also has 'challenges'

Trudeau also waded into the foreign policies of Israel and China , expressing concerns over separate but controversial positions that he says undermine peace

Speaking during his daily news conference in Ottawa, Trudeau said many don’t see this bias but it is a reality for visible minorities in Canada.Trudeau was asked about the protests in the U.S. and President Donald Trump’s talk of deploying the military to stop unrest.

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He paused a full 20 seconds — lips pursed, jaw working — before answering, an act that some on social media called merely performative given that he likely would have anticipated the question. He said that despite watching the United States with “horror and consternation,” Canadians must be aware of the challenges facing black Canadians and other minorities and take steps to address them.

“It is a time to listen, it is a time to learn what injustices continue despite progress over years and decades,” Trudeau said.“But it is a time for us as Canadians to recognize that we too have our challenges, that black Canadians and racialized Canadians face discrimination as a lived reality every single day.

“There is systemic discrimination in Canada, which means our systems treat Canadians of colour, Canadians who are racialized, differently than they do others.”The comments follow days of protests and violence in many U.S. cities after a video showed police in Minneapolis killing a black man, George Floyd, fanning the flames of fury over racism in the States.

A police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes while he pleaded that he couldn’t breathe.Trudeau also waded into the foreign policies of Israel and China on Tuesday, expressing concerns over separate but controversial positions that he says undermine peace in both places.

Trudeau denounced Israel’s plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank. And he said he has expressed Canada’s disagreement over the proposed annexation directly to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz, the country’s “alternate” prime minister under a power-sharing agreement.

“I’ve been very direct with the Israeli leaders,” Trudeau said.“We deplore such actions, which are going to delay any prospect of lasting peace in the Middle East. So, we should be working while respecting the concept of dialogue. And we are very concerned.”

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Trudeau reiterated Canada’s view on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians — Canada favours a two-state solution and does not approve of “unilateral” actions by either side.“I have highlighted both publicly and directly to Prime Minister Netanyahu and alternate prime minister Benny Gantz the importance of staying away from measures that are unilateral and our deep concerns and disagreement with their proposed policy of annexation.”

He also called on China to engage constructively with the people of Hong Kong after Beijing imposed a new national security law that has fuelled widescale protests.Canada, Britain, the United States and Australia have jointly denounced the new law as a violation of Hong Kong’s freedom from Chinese communist interference.

Trudeau said Canada is concerned about its 300,000 citizens in Hong Kong “and millions of others who are fighting for justice and peace.“We will continue to stand up for peace, for dialogue, for deescalation of tensions and for Beijing to engage constructively with the people of Hong Kong,” the prime minister said.

On Monday, a Canadian legal activist called on the federal government to grant asylum to democracy activists in Hong Kong and expanded settlement to those with links to Canada before China prevents them from leaving.“Canada is a country that has always welcomed people around the world fleeing persecution and violence,” Trudeau said Tuesday.

“We have a strong immigration system that looks at individual cases, looks at systemic challenges and responds to them.”Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne discussed the Hong Kong situation with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and their counterparts in the “Five Eyes” intelligence-sharing group from Britain, Australia and New Zealand on Monday.

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Blackface shouldn’t be entitled to an opinion! Well ya, his commie friends are trying to ruin America Canada’s challenges pale in comparison to the fascist America. But you want to emulate that sorry country. Shame on you, foreign owned paper. His awful government is Canada's challenge In my Opinion One of our 'challenges' is the prime minister having dressed up in black face .

I was a bit more than annoyed at the journalist who kept badgering JT for an answer to an impossible question. If he had condemned Trump, people would be screaming about the mess he made of the US/Canada relationship, if he doesn't, people are also yelling. Cheap shot question Virtue signally pandering fool

He’s the challenge His silence speaks for a lot of us Says 5 x blackface Yes we do have our challenges. TrudeauMustGo This guy is a menace to this country. Lets vote him and his clique out next election. The sooner the better! It’s way too easy to point fingers at the US and then say, ‘us too.’ But it’s not easy. Our history and back story is very different and we Canadians need to deal with it for what it truly is, not as a sidebar to the American experience.

Sensible Canadians are forced to look with horror and consternation that people voted for Skippy and put him back in office. Comms went down Yes. We have Trudeau and Butts Liberals. It's a big challenge Yes Canada does have it’s racist issues; I worked with at least one colleague that fit the bill;every damn country in the world has this issue; fueled by extremism some political, corporate and religious leadership, I bet you have some racists that work for

The definition of challenged = liberals Well I guess Montreal is proof that there are rioters and looters in Montreal He’s watching in horror now cuz if you follow the money, he’s probably guilty of funding a terrorist organization. Yeah our challenges are having a blackface PM, who else here has worn blackface? Bet you haven't.

Liberals wish that Canada was a racist nation just for the sole purpose of having a reason to advance socialism. Canada is not a racist nation. And neither is the US for that matter We have challenges,look in the mirror,that's the biggest one we have ...yes Canada does.... JustinTrudeau Canada has challenges, the biggest one is we elected a racist who projects his feelings onto us. I have never worn blackface. Trudeau lectures canadians but he needs to look in the mirror. There is always room for improvement but don’t lecture us when he acted like a racist

Oh our only challenge is you know who... This guy seriously needs hair/beard trim.. Beginning to look too hippy dippy for serious work ahead. The Canadian economy is the horror show. Of course Canada has its challenges. Just ask the indigenous people. Blackface Trudeau says something,something. Yes, we have the challenge of a hypocritical blackface PM.

Yes we do. It is privileged white politicians who go around in Black Face. Is he watching it as he does his make up for his next costume party? Our biggest challenge is how to remove Trudeau and liberals from office before we are all calling each other comrade. Yep. The racist calling Canadians racist. The usual liberal act of defeflecting what he is actually guilty of.

TrudeauMustGo Is consternation a real word? Yes If you are have a sense of consternation you are afraid, disoriented, or completely befuddled. Sounds like an everyday event in JT’s world. onpoli cdnpoli The only 'Horror and consternation' I have is watching JustinTrudeau ...He is the only person even remotely close to my age who has ever worn Blackface TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauBlackface TrudeauMustGo

Totally agree. We have a blackface as a Prime Minister The biggest challenge Canada has is sitting in the prime minister’s office. What a mess! Ash him to spell consternation .. The only problem Canada has is a Prime Minister and cabinet ministers that clearly want to send a global message that Canadians are racists. Fact Check: we’re not. Trudeau donned black face, thrice, his fellow Canadians didn’t. cdnpoli TrudeauBlackFace Trudeau

Here’s the distinction: in Canada (as in all other civilized countries), racism is a problem. In the US, it’s a solution. Calling Canadians racist everyday isn’t helping. He makes things worse pushing division. Canuck4466 I watch JustinTrudeau with horror and consternation- every damned day I am tired of been called a racist by the PM. CANADA is a harmonious multicultural country. We as Canadians try to live respectful of everyone’s race/beliefs. We r not perfect but try. Do not stir up trouble just because u have nothing to solve the economy. We r Canadians!

He does know there is no such thing as a State of Palestine right? Israel gave up a lot of land to the wandering Arabs...a long time ago. Trudeau as leader is our only 'challenge'. Someone should pay him down for wifi earbuds. Who is the puppet master? Is Butts pulling the strings again? This guy has got to go!!!

After 21 second long brain f^*t Imagine the media if Trump did that, rolling out dozens of experts claiming he was on drugs or mentally unfit. Trudeau and Biden now have the same campaign manager, strategy is dumb gafs & awkward clueless pauses = votes Did trudeau foundation donated to AntifaDomesticTerrorists ? brianlilley

Was that following his breathless pause? From inside his protective mansion!!!!! With his staff!! Afraid to answer to the real media!!! Coward!!! Yea, HIM! TrudeauBlackface The only challenge we have is the liberals running/ruining the country!!!! He has to worry about his connections to Antifa great, the boy philosopher king weighs in again. must have taken him and his cronies a while to think up that great line.

Horror and consternation is how I felt seeing our PM dressed as Blackface 3 times Whatever this guy says means nothing

'Anti-black racism is real': PM Trudeau calls out Canadian racism after Floyd protestsAmid protests in Canada following the police-involved killing of George Floyd , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says 'we can't pretend that racism doesn't exist' in Canada . That's rich JustinTrudeau : 3 times blackface (at least) Cut Indigenous man's hair to humiliate him Raged at Black female caucus member Pressured then fired Indigenous Cabinet Minister Called Jagmeet Sing 'Marge Simpson' He is the racist and has no moral authority on this issue. NONE.

Canadian health officials urge George Floyd protesters to stay safe amid COVID-19Canadian health officials are not suggesting people avoid protests, but they are stressing the importance of hand sanitizer and masks.

Canada concerned some of Israel and China’s policies undermine freedom, Trudeau saysTrudeau is denouncing Israel's plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank. Concerned SOME hahaha 😁🤣🤣🤣. You don’t say. 🙄

Israeli, Chinese policies 'concern' Canada, undermine freedom, says TrudeauPrime Minister Justin Trudeau waded into the foreign policies of Israel and China on Tuesday, expressing concerns over separate but controversial positions that he says undermine peace in both places. If those concern you, you should see the US! As does his LPC!! Our homegrown dictator who banned guns, suspended elections, and arrests people who go outside, has concerns about the only actually free country in the Middle East. If this is not the definition of irony, I don't know what is. TrudeauCorruption cdnpoli TrudeauLied

Trudeau pauses before answering question on TrumpPrime Minister Justin Trudeau takes a long pause before responding to a question about the actions Trump is taking against protesters. Teleprompter guy shut off what he needed to say. 😂😂👍 ACTOR! what a panderer CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFUL SOYBOY.

Political leaders take aim at racism in Canada as protests rage in U.S.Trudeau condemned those who ‘took advantage of these peaceful protests to do significant damage to communities and stores as we saw in Montreal,’ saying they did not represent the majority globepolitics globepolitics IndigenousHistoryMonth globepolitics