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China, Canada-China Relations

Trudeau says Canada concerned about China’s proposed new law for Hong Kong

“We are concerned with the situation in Hong Kong,” Justin Trudeau said.

2020-05-22 6:39:00 PM

“We are concerned with the situation in Hong Kong ,” Justin Trudeau said.

Trudeau said Canada has long called for deescalation of tensions between Beijing and the semi-autonomous territory.

Trudeau said Canada has long called for de-escalation of tensions between Beijing and the semi-autonomous territory, which has faced widespread protests for nearly a year. They were initially sparked by a proposal to extradite Hong Kong citizens accused of crimes to mainland China.

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On Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump said his country would react strongly if China went ahead with the national security legislation.Story continues below advertisementThis is a breaking news story that will be updated. Read more: »

More useless words from trudeau about a situation that goes noware at taxpayers expense. the best way to shop at retailers is look for the sign "All Employees Tested" Concerned they did not surrender months ago Do something about it! Time to protect what we have left and start cutting economic ties with China. Strong measures NOW to stop foreign takeovers of vulnerable Canadian businesses post-Covid.

Worry about the USA you tool Mind your own business. Stop meddling in other countries internal affairs for god sakes. It’s none of our business. From a creep who has destroyed democracy in Canada. No wonder i dont watch your propaganda broadcasts. And there’s nothing Canada can do. Trump says 'go for it China' and see. Trudeau reaches down finds zero fortitude between his legs and replies..Well, I am concerned. No military, no allies, no respect.

He is full of shit!!! JustinTrudeau doesn’t care one bit...all he cares about is sucking up to Chinese authoritarian government! I'm sure he is Just how concerned? Concerned for China or Hong Kong? Stop walking on eggshells! It has never been so evident that the world can’t trust a genocidal regime that lies, steals,Threatens, coerces, bullies, infiltrates,...either stand up for your country or gift its sovereignty away!

We got our own communist party in Canada 🇨🇦 that we need to worry about. You’re full of S..t Mr Trudeau. You love China and dictatorship How does it feel to be owned by China, Justin? Trudeaus concerned its going so slow. He just concerned that he has to appear to support Hong Kong for Canadians without PIssing Off the CCP

He wont do anything. Just like they didnt do anything last year. It's a disgrace to Canada. Doesn't make feel more Canadian each day. Just see ower PM do nothing. Even though Canada stands for freedom & rights. Yet not anymore. We should be call Chinada. Since they just let them We are concerned with the situation in Canada.

. Trudeau will not stand up for anything. 'Concerned'. Therefore can't even challenge Trudeau on which side he stands. Such a drama teacher. I think Trudeau is concerned that Xi Jinping 🇨🇳 CCP won't get their way with Hong Kong ! 🤔 . He needs to focus on getting our two Canadian prisoners freed. Not once have heard Trudeau say he was concerned about the energy industry in Alberta. But China and Hong Kong non stop. That’s what happens when who elect a globalist

Shameful impotence from a nations leader. I’m convinced liberalism is a mental disorder. Beware of commies disguised as liberals. I’m concerned with our government Fuckoff, CowardInTheCottage Better send China some more of our money. They need it to crush Hong Kong’s free democratic society and make it communist.

Are we We? You are not amongst real Canadians who have legitimate concerns about the attack on democracy. We want our 2 Canadian hostages back from the Chinese Criminal Party that you love so dearly. trudeaumustgo I care not right now. We'll have to deal with everything China, starting with the excessive amount of chinese factory utilization by our industries. But that takes the back seat till next year. Hong Kong democracy may have to wait longer.

He failed to add that the part he was concerned about was the citizens fighting back against a tyrannical government “Concerned”. That’s it? So concerned, in fact, that Trudeau has decided to do: nothing, absolutely nothing. TrudeauMustGo TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauWorstPM None of your business! Sorry JustinTrudeau but that is not strong enough condemnation for what CCP is doing to Hong Kong. Step up for once and be a leader. cdnpoli

Can we just focus on covid in Canada at the moment and when we can get our lives in order? Bullshit. He is a communist! Sure he is They aren't. That cork toothed substance abuser and the rest of his crew are defacto CCP jr members. They care as much about this as they do about the 2 canadians who have been held hostage for over a year.

Son't comvern yourself too much Skippy! Your head will burst, moistly! Concerned about the existence of people wanting freedom, he means. No you're not. Not concerned enough to cut off funding or stop sending them money for a GD vaccine. He needs to go. On Monday Chinese Communist Party thugs literally drug pro-democracy members out of the Hong Kong legislature. Now Skippy is 'concerned'. He better be careful or his master Xi Jinping is going to put him in the out!

He should give Hong Kong 5-10 Billion Dollars to help them. That's what Canadian want. That's a non-committal statement if I ever heard one... oh right he's perfected the art. JustinTrudeau I suggest opening our borders to Hong Kong - People are highly skilled and share our love for democracy DakotahNielsen ......AND?......

Breath Easy Hong Kong China's Little Potato has been Forced to Say 'We are Concerned' 🥔 Pathetic PeterPanPM 🤡🤪🧦🤡🤪🧦 MagicKingdom I’m concerned about our poor leadership in Ottawa Blah.. Blah.. Blah. When are you going to hold this government to account. Never. So what... he'll get a pair of socks that say HongKong on them? Canada Trudeau Liberals Cdnpoli

If he was concerned he would use stronger language. He's concerned that he'll have to fake supporting democracy. Concerned? What an imbecile that guy is. Good thing he's not the PM or anything important like that. 🤦‍♂️ Hahaha ya right communust He wants Hongkong to give a walkover to China just like Canada..He is aghast as to why they r protesting..

This is the beginning of the end for the people in HK. If the PM will ever do anything in the name of Canadian values, now is the time WeakJustin realDonaldTrump will take care of it 5 years of pandering to China then polls came out last week showing the vast majority of Canadians don't trust China and voila! Trudeau has taken a contrary stance on Hong Kong, the WHO and their lack of understanding of our independent judiciary. Who doesn't see through this?

Concern Canadian first please Yeah, he should be, there will be lots of rioters flee to careful Well fuck me silly! We’re just little concerned with what’s happening in Ottawa!! Try concerned about Kashmir also they are locked down since last August as India wants to devour their land Too bad China doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.They’ve got the world by the balls. They make all our goods for dirt cheap. So who is going to say anything? They STILL haven’t admitted how many were killed in tianamen square in ‘89 because they know no one will do shit

'We are concerned', means, 'China said, mind our own business'. cdnpoli What time each day does Trudeau and the Liberals get their talking points from China? Says the guy who has shown and said admiration for Cuban and China dictators! Closet Socialist! Thank God for TRUMP. Yes, JustinTrudeau is concerned that the protests in Hong Kong are going to gain too much traction and disrupt the dirty communist Chinese governments plans to swallow them up. FUCKTRUDEAU FUCKCHINA FUCKYOUGLOBALNEWS

Oh... wow concerned.... riveting news Is he worried for China or the Free People of Hong Kong. At this point I honestly don’t know which side he is on anymore. Geez... I’m more ‘concerned’ about what’s already happened, and continues to happen in CANADA. You remember little ol’ Canada, it’s LITERALLY the ONE and ONLY place that YOU are paid to be concerned about. How stupid are you Justin...? Sorry. Rhetorical question.

He’s concerned that democracy will win and ruin his plans. Hey JustinTrudeau we are concerned about the situation here!!! In Canada!! Grow some balls FFS.... Concerned the people of Hong Kong will fight back like freedom loving people always do? Probably concerned that's beginning to happen here too. not your country not your problem

Concerned..sure..while you have sent a Canadian envoy to secure your seat at the UN..couldn’t do it virtually, I guess? You are such a poseur. Yeah yeah I am concerned with the situation in Lunenburg. Lol. Just like they’re concerned about Canadians being jailed for 500+days in China... yaright 'concerned' Wow, that's a pretty underwhelming statement with no action forthcoming! Weak and feeble.

Like hell you are. You tried to get the same power for yourself TrudeauLied Whatever. He’s rooting for the Chinese communists. Wow, such big talk. Hong Kong can rest easy, our PM is concerned. “Concerned” Ya, whatever 🙄 My friends in HK are happy things are being done to clamp down all the bombs and vandalism since last year.

Does anyone give a shit what JustinTrudeau thinks? Is that what he said? “Concerned”? How about he actually stand up and say that it is wrong? Yeah if people can defy china, that means they could potentially stand up to you Trudeau may be concerned, but he will never take a strong position against his Chinese masters!

help ur country first! A monumental failure of a PM and fraction of a man. How unlucky are we to have this clown guide us through these times. We’re so screwed. No he's not. He just said that because people were starting to notice that he is fully owned by the CCP. TrudeauLied loves the chinese gov't. He has said so on many occasions but the hacks aren't allowed to write about that. FakeNews

Always 'concerned' attitude. This Government is a joke. Trump condemned the new law. Trudeau is 'concerned' about the new law. I like Trump's response better. Wonder if he can say the word Taiwan. Hahahaha “concerned” hahaha !!! He says this as if he could do something about it !!! Hahaha what a fool!! Thanks for the laugh.

There are estimated to be as many as 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong. Hong Kong boasts one of the largest Canadian communities abroad. It is expected 20% of those Canadians will be coming back home due to the worsening political climate. Most of those 60,000 will end up in BC. But not concerned enough to do anything about it. We will have to leave that to Donald Trump.

Alot of Canadians are concerned for Canada. Step down traitor. Now we are? Can I ask why we weren’t back when they were rioting and the Chinese was rolling militarized police into the country? Sharia law is here in Ontario... We are now controlled by muslims in Ontario. Hide your wives and children with hold your tax dollars...

Trudeau says Ottawa will help fund coronavirus contact tracing across CanadaThe federal government will fund provinces' efforts to test people for COVID-19, track the contacts of positive cases and help jurisdictions share data, the prime minister said. Contact tracing. Use healthspace $hs JustSayNoToContactTracing It is the worst form of people control, and a total invasion of everyone's personal privacy. It's what China uses to control the population, by tracking the whereabouts of every citizen. If they call, tell them nothing, per CCoRF Sections 7 through 13. I'd be happy with a simple test for everyone. Get accurate numbers. I dont believe for a second government can be trusted. Especially with tyrant Trudeau in office.

Bank of Canada says downward pressure on inflation likely once shutdown endsThe Bank of Canada has slashed its key rate three times to just 0.25 per cent since the crisis started globebusiness That will change as gas prices continue to rise as that is all this deflation was based on, the price of groceries is up....isn’t this obvious? globebusiness Good. Zero inflation is stable prices. Not 2%.

Lowe's Canada retail network hurt by COVID-19 pandemic during first quarterChief executive Marvin Ellison told analysts Wednesday that Canadian same-store sales -- a key retail metric -- were negative during the three-month period ended May 1. The extent of the decline wasn't quantified. Take a number behind the rest of all businesses everywhere. This is not news or new. Good they chased Rona out of town.

Canada Opens The Door To Virtual Citizenship Oath CeremoniesThe swearing-in ceremonies have been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The good news for these applicants is that Trudeau's deliberate failure to contain the spread of coronavirus just opened up about 5000 Canadian citizenship opportunities... 😠

Cross Canada Coaches Clinic puts nation's basketball knowledge on display - Sportsnet.caThe first annual Cross Canada Coaches Clinic is attempting to share hoops knowledge from Canadian coaches who are beginning to make an impact at the highest levels of the sport and some of the lesser-known talents who may not have the profile, but have plenty of chops. michaelgrange that Jay Triano? Roy_Rana michaelgrange 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 We have a few 🇨🇦 ourselves 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Tips on how to safely shop as retailers begin to reopen across CanadaI know a really good tip. Order online. We’ve opened up too soon. online. how 'bout this 'safely shopping'...and grocery stores never closed !!