Canada-U.S. Donald Trump, G7 Summit Trump G7, Russia, Crimea, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canada-U.S. Donald Trump, G7 Summit Trump G7

Trudeau rejects Trump suggestion to readmit Russia to G7, citing Crimea invasion

Trudeau rejects Trump suggestion to readmit Russia to G7, citing Crimea invasion

2020-06-01 10:15:00 PM

Trudeau rejects Trump suggestion to readmit Russia to G7, citing Crimea invasion

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Russia is not welcome in the G7 any time soon. Trudeau is flatly rejecting today a suggestion by U.S. President Donald Trump to readmit Russia , which was kicked out of the group of leading democratic countries after its invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

Last Updated Monday, June 1, 2020 2:06PM EDTSHAREOTTAWA -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is rejecting Donald Trump's latest proposal to readmit Russia to the G7.The American president was to host the G7 summit later this month but has postponed it to the fall because of the mass protests rocking the United States, and he has mused that he would like to see Russia, India, South Korea and Australia added to what he calls a "very outdated" group of countries.

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Trudeau said Monday that nothing has changed since the G7 ejected Russia from what was then the G8 in 2014, over its annexation of territory from Ukraine.Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox"Russia was excluded from the G7 after it invaded Crimea a number of years ago. And its continued disrespect and flaunting of international rules and norms is why it remains outside of the G7, and will continue to remain out," the prime minister said.

This isn't the first time Trump has mused about bringing Russia back to the G7 -- he made similar comments two years ago on the eve of a leaders' summit that Trudeau hosted in Charlevoix, Que.That summit ended in disarray with Trump hurling insults at Trudeau over Twitter after he departed Charlevoix. Canada and the U.S. were mired in contentious renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement at the time, and Trudeau reiterated his opposition to U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs at the summit's closing press conference. Trump was bound for a historic summit in North Korea when he heard them.

Late last month, Trump and White House officials were considering the idea of holding an in-person G7 summit near Washington.Trudeau said then that in-person G7 meetings leaders are more effective than the virtual alternative, but he said he wanted to make sure the U.S. had plans to deal with the health risks posed by COVID-19.

"We've always been working with the United States to co-ordinate when we can hold this important G7 meeting. It's really important to keep holding these meetings and co-ordinating internationally in this time of crisis," Trudeau said Monday.

The G7 includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the U.S., with the presidency rotating annually among member countries. The European Union is also a member.This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 1, 2020RELATED IMAGES

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with US President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC on Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick Read more: CTV News »

When will the beta man experiment be over? Finally some gonads. And China is not the problem. Russia is not our friend, never has been, never will be. Or you can explain to Cdn servicemen past and present. Our present stupidity should never undermine history. Finally some gonads. And China is not the problem. Russia is not our friend, never has been never will be. Our you can explain to Cdn servicemen past and present. Our present stupidity should never undermine history.

Stop talking bullshit to people. 1. Crimea belonged to Russia since 1783. Soviet Russia transferred it to Soviet Ukraine in 1954. After the USSR collapsed, post-Soviet Ukraine decided to keep Crimea. 2. Crimea people decided to join Russia back by the People's Referendum. Time to throw the USA out, too.

He did not want a G7 meeting CNN as he won’t want to face those leaders who will condemn realDonaldTrump for his crime against humanity by tear gassing and shooting at peaceful protesters. He is a narcissistic arrogant racist Do not care what sockboy says, holds no water whatsoever But yet CanadianPM wants to bring isis members to life happily amongst Canadians. That is one f..led up idiot Canada has in power.

Chrystia Freeland's grandfather was the editor for Hitler's Nazi Propaganda newspaper during WWII. Her grandfather hated Stalin, C Freeland wrote several books against Russia. She is banned from Russia. That is why JT & Freeland oppose this. I hope Trump vetos JT's UN-SC seat. Bravo Mr. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 🤲👍

Shame we cannot consider ejecting the US, just musing out loud Ya, CowardOfTheCottage is going to make Russia change hand over a buffer zone to the Nazi Ukrainian regime who'll let NATO right up to Russia's border. Give your head a shake and move forward. You might as well ask US to give Texas back to Mexico. Any excuse to sweet FA.

Did he put his blackface on when he rejected the suggestion? JustinTrudeau rejects Democracy Omg are we still .. Justin turd Trump is not suggesting him, he is telling this bell boy what's going to happen. No on cares what JustinTrudeau thinks. He is irrelevant. Good TrudeauBlackface OK CTV We get it, you love this picture.

This is my all time favourite pic. I’m not touching that hand! Who knows where it’s been! Home come Justin REFUSES to wear a Canadian flag pin? IS HE TOO EMBARRASSED TO BE A CANADIAN? DOES HE HATE CANADA. Our soldiers died with a maple leaf on their uniform. Bravo, Mr. prime minister. Putins boy Donny. All politicians are corrupt!

I doubt that Trump really cares what he thinks..and how do we even know this is what Trudeau said..such a poseur. Trudeau is too busy kissing up to communist China. Love the disgusted expression on Trudeau's face! He's gonna leave Trudeau out now. Trudeau fascist hypocrisy ! Canada helped nazi org in Ukraine that murdered civilians thanks to Freeland & Trudeau Canada supports fascist groups & oligarchs in HongKong provoking social unrest & the destruction of HK's economy against International laws

So if it was the other way around the media would be upset but since it’s JustinTrudeau though I guess the media is happy Love it !! Rather than make stupid old remarks about our PM, He did what he should have , Told POTUS to jam it This picture is worth a thousand words. Look how Trudeau is looking at Trumps outstretched hand, and his smirk. Amazing how honest Trudeau is being by doing that.

Well, Trudeau does represent China, so Trump isn’t wrong Awesome!! Trudeau’s balls finally dropped !! Why would Trump want to invite Russia back in? Any ideas? who cares what that CowardInTheCottage thinks about anything. TrudeauMustGo trudeau is a worm in the world scene TrudeauMustGo has no say! He’s weak and feckless

Wait! America listens Canada? Why Justin is playing spoilsport between Trump and his boss Putin? I thought trudeau & his buddy obama were all for that invasion. Neither one if them said a word at the time. What about the Chinese invasion of Canada? Welcome to Chinada. The coward doesn't even want to attend the G7 meeting at the while house or for that matter have the house meet. Blackface has turned Canada into a dictatorship

But he can still send China puppets 850 million after causing hundreds of thousands of deaths with a cover up Trudeau has maple glazed balls!! 🇨🇦 Disappointed but not surprised that he's continuing to acknowledge Trump as the President. I mean, Bernie Sanders is right there in Vermont, and the entirety of the USA has risen up in revolt against the TrumpRegime...

Trump continuing to show he's owned by Putin 🤢 Good, the Russian and Chinese governments are not our friends, and they don't want to be. Russia is still occupying Crimea, .JustinTrudeau supports and funds the terrorist group Hamas thus Canada should not be in the G7. I think the bigger story is: “A racist Prime Minister is still allowed to attend the G7 meeting!”

Too bad US China Russia sitting in the UNSC. No wonder the world has been lead to such a catastrophic state. What can Canada do as a member? Canada is the moral conscience of of at least the US, out of the three listed!!! Good for you Justin. And don’t let that crooked Trump get his way. The hell with Russia

JustinTrudeauNotoG7🇨🇦 Stand to your ground please. Thank you Mr. Trudeau. JustinTrudeau Thank you. It was the decent thing to do. Ohhhh you mean like how Hussain and ilk over threw Ukraine by force? sniping protestors to kick it off So Putin took back Crimea after a referendum to the people. Also he has a port there. can you Blame them (russia)? 2 sides to every story.

The greatest photo ever! Thank you for doing that. It was the right thing to do. Who cares what Trudeau thinks? Beijing? Certainly not Canadians. Respect ✊

Russia has no objection to earlier OPEC+ meeting, sources sayThe lack of Russia n opposition to an earlier date could indicate that it is moving closer to an agreement with OPEC’s de facto leader, Saudi Arabia, on how to extend oil production cuts for the rest of the year

Russia to start coronavirus vaccine clinical trials in two weeks, health minister says Russia has the world's third-highest toll of coronavirus infections after the United States and Brazil, and Kremlin officials have said the nation's researchers are working on almost 50 different vaccine projects. Vaccines take years. Too, the similarity to HIV means it cannot be done. Government should go first No mention that Russia also just approved a drug to treat Covid? Avigan/favipiravir looks to be one of the best treatment options globally

Trump to push back G7 to the fall after floating a summer summitU.S. President Donald Trump said Saturday he will postpone a meeting of Group of 7 nations until fall and called for an expansion of the group's membership because he considers it an outdated group that doesn't properly represent what's taking place in the world. It would be pretty lonely being a G1 🤣 LMAO, of course he is. No one wants to come to the US right now. Be safer to host the G7 at Chernobyl. Ms. Merkle said no. He has to save face somehow.

Trump wants G7 summit delayed, says group needs new membersThe G7 members are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. he isn’t wrong ... he wants canada out Maybe he should leave the group Trump wants Castros kid out lets hope so

Trump pushes back G7 summit as U.S. cities burn over George Floyd protestsHe's musing about scheduling the gathering in September, possibly coinciding with the annual United Nations General Counsel meeting in New York. No one would come during a pandemic.. Nope, not protests. Riots, Domestic Terrorism by Antifa, Looting Crime spree The George Floyd thing has been Hi-Jacked. He wants it so he can brag and lie to try and boost his ratings before the election! Sure hope Trudeau refuses to go! tRump only wants a platform to get on to brag about how great he is and he has the best record of any president in the last thousand years!

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