Trudeau pledges $300 million to fight COVID-19 abroad

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UPDATE: Trudeau pledges $300 million to fight COVID-19 abroad

Trudeau announced the new funds in another virtual international fundraiser -- this one sponsored by an organization, Global Citizen, that is trying to raise $42.8 billion.

The ACT Accelerator supports organizations, health professionals and businesses in their efforts to develop a vaccine, as well as drug therapies and diagnostic tools to battle the pandemic. Julia Anderson, the chief operating officer of the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children's Health, said the ACT Accelerator is the "robust mechanism" the world needs to co-ordinate the fight against the pandemic while supporting the existing health systems of vulnerable countries.

Chris Dendys, the executive director of Results Canada, said she expected Trudeau to announce a "meaningful investment" but that more will be needed. The aid agencies and anti-poverty groups are crediting International Development Minister Karina Gould for being one of the strongest advocates they have seen for their sector around the federal cabinet table.


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Definitely needs to be investigating into THAT donation. What money There is none! I fear it’s going into the bottomless pit of ever cycling money. But I’m pretty sure that all the corruption will be revealed soon and the New World Order people will lose once again.

Get a haircut, you drama queen.


Out of his own pocket!!!! What a swell guy! Keep printing those bonds👊

He doesnt have it so how can he hive it

To the WHO no doubt

Is he nuts We have no money to give. This country is in debt up to their ears. Why does he think he has to play Mr Big shot when he hangs around these arragant rich ass......

The hard-working Canadians of this and the next few generations will be paying for the money donated to corrupted countries. We need new, smart, qualified candidates for the PM role to save us all.

We need to get him out of office, he’s an absolute clown


For heaven's sake give the old and the diabetic and the most pigmented a bolus of 50K vitamin D every two weeks and let them defend themselves - before a truly deadly flu arrives next Christmas. The medical authorities abandoned us for Big Food and Big Pharma. YouTube LCHF.

This man does not care about Canada or its citizens TrudeauCorruption This dictatorship must stop

We should be concentrating on our own Country and people!

Phew! I thought he was spending Canadian taxpayers' monies; so long as its his money, I'm okay with this.

Why bother he didnt get UN seat.🤣

How about helping out the Royal Canadian Legion?

Low income Canadians voices are not heard. We did not qualify for the discriminating aid programs set by liberals. hypocrite JustinTrudeau

Why? Why isn't he looking after Canada

What is money?

First Nation communities need water would be a good start of that $300 million JustinTrudeau

If you don't treat other less impoverished countries, for the corona virus, then you will never get rid, of the virus completely.

FFS. Stupid Liberals.

What a great thing to do while your country is crumbling and your economy is in the gutter with trillions in debt and climbing.

Yayyyy more taxpayer money wasted on non Canadians’s nice to be nice, but stop already!

I still don’t have the $300 yet😢

I would love to have 1/10th of the money this government pisses away

Of course he did!

Just a pledge, no money moving here, well, maybe to Liberal pockets.

We don’t have any money. WTF is this moron doing?

After we have addressed the ills of our own backyard, then we help abroad.

Uncontrolled spending. Poor taxpayers.

The only people whom Trudeau did not pledge any money for were those who stayed at work during this crisis. These people did not receive any free money or a temporary increase in their wages but they did not fail to do their jobs in perfect way possible.

“Moody’s downgrades Canada to a BBB rating”

🗣 you already lost the UN seat. You can stop

There are just no words for this... small business's and hard working tax payers busting their chops trying to stay afloat ...and he's playing Robin Hood He's been wearing tights too long...

You are going to regret that. You gon need that money later.

We are going to see record deficits, yet he is still giving OUR money away. Will ANYONE with the MSM challenge him on this? Anyone?

Better start at the US. They need help.

But the dipshit doesn’t care about the Western provinces 😒.

It should read “Corrupt Trudeau pissing away Canadian Tax Payers Money”. Somebody take the check book away. TrudeauworstPMever TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauCorruption

Wtf?!!?!?! Is this a fkn joke?! Were in a DEPRESSION OURSELVES!

Not to Chinese labs again right? Or not somewhere tight to his family again like WE? Sure not.

Now who is he trying to suck up to What about the Indigenous communities that are desperate for clean water, better housing, Doctors, the list goes on. Trudeau, well there are no nice words.

JustinTrudeau recall the HOC. Start making announcements there. Draft legislation. Debate legislation. Respect our democratic process. Stop governing by pressers. Long live democracy. TrudeauMustGo

Yet has done nothing to help those on disability during this time to help with rising costs of things.

how about he stops giving Canadian dollars to shithole countries and invest those dollars in CANADA ya know the country he's suppose to be running!


UN seat is gone. Give up JustinTrudeau 🤦🏽‍♀️

$300 million abroad ? This guys to much wow! Now he’s just being spiteful or really has no clue?

My goodness, this is going to completely ruin us unless thats already happened.

See? MSM totally set this up yesterday? Now can Canadians see how they are working as one?

That money should stay in Canada. Many people could use that to buy food.


JustinTrudeau Pay Canadian seniors the covid emergency benefit you promised. It's been months. Unacceptable. HumanRights

Seriously JustinTrudeau ? Don’t you think we Canadian citizens have enough to pay back after this pandemic Some of us never used any money you handed out and we don’t mind to help but not for this!!

Jesus H. Christ!!!! Worry about your own country first!!! Our old folks homes just got exposed for being unfit crap holes! If you want to piss away money, start at home!!!

Remember the good old days , when PM ‘s did not go out and spend hundreds of millions of dollars each day , with little regard of how one pays for it


300 million to other countries to fight covid19. We need to tell Trudeau that we need to leave some Canadian money, in Canada.

If only there was money for healthcare, veterans, children, seniors, aboriginals Canada

This is money that should be staying in Canada to help Canadians JT.

Maybe you should put that to the nursing homes. How much money do we have? Just giving it away😡

What about our own. The Legions are hurting! Keep our money in Canada.

Good. Because this virus doesn’t give a fuck about borders, so the more we tackle it wherever it is, the better.

What about the frontline healthcare workers who haven’t even received pandemic pay yet? CanadianPM JustinTrudeau

That's not enough.

JustinTrudeau and karinagould just love to squander taxpayer dollars!!!

Please stop this money leaving Canada shit!

This would be the perfect time to invest in a national long term care strategy in Canada. cdnpoli

All these millenials who love Trudeau & are enjoying their cash windfall will soon regret this pathetic leader wannabe! In the long term their children will suffer even more! trudeauMustGo notaleader hypocrite fakefeminist TrudeauworstPMever TrudeauCorruption

If Canada can afford to give the amount of money away that it does then maybe we shouldn’t have to pay the taxes we do.......😂🤣🤦‍♂️

He needs to get the hook to stop this reckless spending of taxpayers money.

Let's reel that back in Justin. Not sure my future grand kids and great-grand kids are going to be happy paying for all this.

This clown won’t be happy until he bankrupts this country

I think that 300 million should be spent on Canadians

Went through my second test just waiting to get tested again in Maybe 3 to 4 months I'll get tested again both are negative right on Be Safe

Meanwhile Canada is suffering and Blackface thinks veterains ask for too much along with farmers and the thousands of businesses that will not reopen. This guy needs to go.

Soooo? Where is this money coming from, Justin? Is this a PRINT, PRINT, PRINT type of deal?. Sounds like something the Dems in the US would do. SAD

Are you serious? How about our opioid crisis on the plains? Literally every other country abroad (except Amerikkka) is doing just fine. Worry about your own yard JustinTrudeau before others.

Where is all this money coming from!!!? Stop spending!!! Entitled drama teacher needs to go before generations and generations have to pay for this man's stupidity and the lapse in judgment for those who voted for him! Vote brains not good hair!

What about OUR veterans He said there wasn’t any money for them!!!!

To skim? JustinTrudeau doesn't even have the competence to provide the financial picture of the country now. Why is he freely cutting cheques now! Our credit rating just recently dropped from AAA to AA!!! No financial update to show why! Crooks

Non of our concern, let the vaccine save them when it eventually comes

Where is the Federal budget.

First Nations are still looking for clean drinking water. Sending $300M to some government buddies in another country to fight some phantom virus is a kickback.

Trudeau hates Canada and Canadians.

True to socialist doctrine, giving away everyone else’s money to those that didn’t earn it... That money should go directly to the small business owners & families in this country that have lost life savings and been decimated by the pathetic decisions made by this government!

Wow, the Trudeau Foundation giving millions in aid. Good for him. No, you mean Canada pledges the money?

This guy needs to be removed immediately

Isn't that how you launder money

Would someone please tell PM blackface JustinTrudeau to stop borrowing money and sending it overseas? Canadians living in poverty. Veterans living on the streets of Canada. Our only hope is a depression.

JustinTrudeau better start wearing his bulletproof vest from now on. He’s pissing a lot of Canadians off. Plus calling us racist and dividing our country. TrudeauCorruption TrudeauworstPMever TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauMustGo

Gotta love the rich white liberals “pledging” taxpayer money to foreign agencies

He pledges / launders under the guise of COVID-19 so he doesn't need parliamentary approval because it's under the pandemic funding.

To hell with Canada, eh? FFS.....

When it comes to foreign nations, they're NEVER asking for more than we can give right now ...

He pledged it. Take it out of HIS Trudeau Foundation.

vore good

300 Mil of tax money could really help a lot of Going under businesses right about now

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