Trudeau pauses before answering question on Trump

Watch: PM Trudeau takes a long pause after question about U.S. President Trump’s response to racial unrest. See more here:

2020-06-02 7:45:00 PM

Watch: PM Trudeau takes a long pause after question about U.S. President Trump’s response to racial unrest. See more here:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes a long pause before responding to a question about the actions Trump is taking against protesters.

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He would rather talk behind his back Anyone tell me how thick a fence post is? This is the same type of pandering idiot we had for the last eight years. 😉 If anyone knows anything about government/international relations, you know very well why he wasn’t quick to answer and speak his mind. His pause speaks volumes.

Time the power of money. if this exactly thing happens in any 2nd or 3rd world country, the answer would be come quickly. Looked more like audio delay to me It is clear to me that, coupled with his hiccups... he was waiting for the teleprompter to load his 'scripted response'. He can not answer 'off the cuff'. He needs his replies to be written. Seemed to me that we was simply awaiting his 'cue' to start reading off the prompter....

It seemed clear his instinct was to be harsh,but realizing he might regret it if he did,he had to come up with an alternative, something more politically correct. But I think the reason the pause was SO long was that he had to fight the urge to say what he thought of first! Teleprompter delay? Actors gotta rehearse before they’re ready to speak. He was going over his lines in his head and, by the looks of it, thought he was making some clever drop the mic speech.

He was waiting for the answer to come through in his earpiece. He's just a Deep State puppet. The pause was effective but given the highly scripted response (note lack of his usual “uh” utterances - I counted only one) perhaps he was waiting for his response to be loaded on the TelePrompter? You should be the world’s president JustinTrudeau , my respects to you.

Good for Trudeau. We are supposed to let criminals burn our countries down. They are lucky to be here Why do the media try to solicit hatred against Trump from everyone? For all the Trudeau trashers here, what did you think was appropriate? Did you expect the PM to say something like, “That f’n orange, deranged moron in charge down there should be hauled before a court of rational people and sentenced to 20 years on a rock gang”. Seriously?

The silence is the sound of the lies catching up with him.. That long pause should answer ur question This is the difference between Trudeau and Trump. One thinks before talking and the second never thinks before talking or tweeting. This is Eastern Canada’s white knight 🙄 Possibly lost ear connection to Butts and ended up lost for words

Because he had the hiccups you lowlife left wing snowflakes. FakeNews THERE WAS NO TEAR GAS. Take this LIE DOWN. YOU people are INSTIGATORS. demonstraightfromhell That pause was so pregnant, it needed an epidural Justin Trump Was he wearing a faulty earpiece under all that hair, or did he forget his prepared response? Had to expect that question.

DownloaderBot It's called law & order you fake PM. You are a fraud. You will be exposed. LOL clown town Prime Minister JustinTrudeau 21 second pause was absolutely BRILLIANT!!! That was the answer. I am so proud Canada does not have a bombastic leader like Trump. I am so PROUD of my Prime Minister. Where’s all conservatives stepping up and calling out trump the same way the expected Trudeau to do? Oh that’s right. It’s all crickets over there. Instead they are celebrating National Mike Day. With chocolate milk.

You're all over analyzing what was happening during those 22 seconds. Enhanced audio helps.... Just like the rehearsal. Groomed questions from hand picked media. He’s obviously “miked up” and waiting for his handlers to relay a response. Just another example of gross incompetence! What a loaded question very biased media

His pause says he's completely against Trump's response to racial unrest, but as leader, he does not want to negatively affect Canada's economy. I commend him for trying to balance important issues. You are so corrupt, JustinTrudeau It's repulsive. put your self in his place and think what you can say! If someone just asked you to comment on your colleague at work publicly.. very limited words you can say.. your family as well as your colleague will listen to what you will say...

I present to you your Canadian Prime Minister May God have mercy on your souls. The message is very clear, if Donald doesn’t hear to wise opinions he should see what a true leader acts like...being speechless says much more...never argue with an idiot justdonald notitledeserved Justin ASMR Well, he didn’t do the presser in black face, so progress?

Would be interested to hear his comments on EmmanuelMacron's response to the GiletJaunes? delao_pablo Love him ✌️🇨🇦✊ He was pausing to see if anyone would heckle him over his repeated blackface appearances. 💖🙏 but at least he seems real, not like the so-called president... Lol he looks so dumb! gugachacra marcosmion é você?

So he was told what to say through an ear piece. President realDonaldTrump is NOT calling on military actions against protestors!! He’s calling for action against VIOLENT RIOTERS!! AntifaDomesticTerrorists!! There is a HUGE difference!! Stop lying!! Sounded like Trudeau was having teleprompter problems!

This is a joke, right? He's seriously not addressing racism. This is one issue he clearly cannot criticize anyone about. Everyone around the world knows TrudeauBlackface WWG1WGA Well he was a drama teacher..... Blackfacetrudeau takes a long pause.. 🤡🤣🤣 Please annex Seattle and Portland! Thats why Trudeau closed Parliament he can't answer simple questions without the answers are written for him, he is a total disaster as PM.

I bet Chauvin never wore blackface. “Not my circus, not my monkeys” I think trump shot down your satelite link. this_vid JustinTrudeau UN NATO SEND HELP We need help! It wasn’t a pause. It was an effort to keep down his breakfast. Thank you Prime Minister! He paused cause a reporter asked him a real question and not the typical soft toss and he had to think how to answer without answering You could see the wheels turning in his head Just once I'd like him to answer a direct question directly instead of all these non answers

This legend, I cannot. You can watch the wheels turning in his head as he contemplates the most diplomatic response. Lots of people rightly see it as weakness, but we have 10% of their population and probably 0.03% of their military budget. Their civil war will probably cross our border. Poke the bear?

I100% the best thng i to bring in the militay Should have been done night one. Definition of protest to voice dissatisfaction not break and enter loot beat up vandalize these are felony charges in the US. Now some of the beaten have passed away.🙏 Is this real? I love his pause. And answer. That's exactly what I feel like about it all. It's a completely understandable pause esp when Trump ordered tear gas & violence yesterday toward peaceful protesters just to take his bizarre & ridiculous photo-op. 🙄

Yup nothing says equality like a trust fund baby like Trudeau... GuadalahonkyToo Now that’s an answer. Not rushed into but given some thought. We’ll never see that here. That is certainly a question with no right answer. Every response could offend someone. The situation is terrible. Good to think before you speak.

You do know he has an ear piece and soemeone is telling him exactly what tosay. He is bright enough to speak his one words. The Liberals has prewritten answers. Very surprised CTV has the guts to ask the question, carefully you may loose your funding. that was so strange. no stutter, no acting like he's searching for words or phrasing just stands there silent...

Look at Toronto, no different than Milwaukee. Blacks killing blacks and where is Justin? Even Trudeau’s line feeders had trouble responding to an inaccurate statement. What a bullshit response GuadalahonkyToo Useless POS. Powerful 🥱 I would think with all of the out of control rioting, looting and burning that our government would support Trumps response. Is everyone to just just sit back and let chaos rule? Of course the US government and law enforcement have to respond? Dumb dumb question

Yup that’s OUR leader!!🤡 Speak moistly and carry a little stick!!🙄 Trudeau wore Blackface 3 times. How can he judge anything/anyone? So, he apologized, he does that for everything, words words words... What about our First Nations, he dismisses their requests for clean water! Hypocrite. He's not who we think he is.

U.S. Park Police reportedly say protesters near the White House were pushed back by riot police on Monday evening because they were attacking police officers, not because of a visit by President Trump to a nearby church that had been set alight the night before. Longest pause ever; Speak, you coward!'s time some politicians stop and think before they open their mouths in front of reporters AND THE WORLD!!! Calm....deep breath....speak the truth...novel idea, huh?

I’m just happy Canada has a leader that articulated his words instead of spewing the first thing that comes to mind The silence says ‘Trumps a fckn moron’. I love this Obviously showing the world what a non-empathetic, psychopathic, basic, politician he is. It’s not playing anymore. “Despite progress” 🤦🏼‍♀️

The pause because no one was feeding him answers . Look at his face, says it all He’s an idiot - he only reads what’s given him, and gets in trouble when he has to think for himself. He is, after all, a former Drama Teacher...although he didn’t go to Teachers College. Still swallowing that load the Liberal media gave him before speaking.

A pathetic actor!! You Canadian fakenews have never really gone after Trudeau ...... from blackface to SNC LAV...... what a disgrace Auhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm a speechless puppet with an ear piece in my ear waiting for George Soros to give me my answer that has nothing to do with the question...duhhhhhhhhhhhhh!...cause I left my brains in the tool box

This is the complete answer he gave. Why do you cut and paste the parts that meet your agenda His important message was about discrimination in Canada Staged. He’s stunned. Word salad. No guts. He’s not a leader. TrudeauMustGo TrudeauBlackface oh come on! he was just waiting for teleprompter The pause is the most interesting part of his answer? That says a lot.

He should have just left it at the long pause and moved on. trump acts up because the focus is on his him. poor Mr. Blackface Trudeau a little embarrassing Yeah The art of making a political statement that doesn't mean anything at all... I see the wheels turning!!! Difficult question, difficult answer He was waiting to get told what to say

he's being fed an answer Took a moment to moisten his lips first. He's being told what to say & obviously there was a technical problem with his ear piece. Canadians can do better than this guy. OMG the horror a politician actually seen to think about a response to a question. FUCK YOU this is gatcha politics . why don't you try to actually find some news instead of trying to catch JustinTrudeau with this type of crap

I think the pause was an indirect message about how Trump actions are becoming more awful. It is like saying, 'I'm speechless' without actually saying it. Which is better than ad lobbing as Trump usually does. I for one definitely feel the same as PMJT. It is awful what is happening in the states. They have no leader. I am so proud to be Canadian 🇨🇦

20 seconds to run through what he really wanted to say. Canada isn't there for race baiters Hussen and Trudeau to work through their issues No answer. What else is new. Looks like his earpiece to Butts was malfunctioning. This happens when people elect JustinTrudeau who can’t even speak about looting and rioting in US, may be he is supporting that violence like Obama. Canadians could’ve elected AndrewScheer .

WOW, with all the crap that is going on these days between the virus and the racism, cdnmedia has to dwell on a pause PMJT takes after a question!! If you have something to say about it, say it. Thank God we have a leader who thinks about what he is going to say. The last person in Canada who should be talking about race issues.

Had to wait for for the person on the other end of the teleprompter to finish typing his answer. Before your words leave your mouth. Are the kind, necessary, true? Gotta show diplomacy. We have a fight here too. I get it. Choosing his words carefully. Good on him. Bad actors always forget their lines...

Def proud to be Canadian Thank you Mr Trudeau 1. He did not call for military against protestors. He called to protect businesses from looters and rioters. 2. Tear gas was NOT used in DC. It was fake news by CNN which our media repeated to help CNN interfere with the election. U can look the article up.

The pause says a lot and maybe it was meant to. Canada needs America and can’t completely condem their president without massive tantrums coming back to affect trade, safety, and economy. Drama teacher pausing for dramatic effect Damn, did not prepare for that question. It must be a wrong question been asked. What a joke, he is humiliating the country of Canada.

He was waiting to be told what to say. Damn. That really got him. I wont even know what to say in formal language CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFUL SOYBOY. ACTOR! what a panderer Teleprompter guy shut off what he needed to say. 😂😂👍

Trudeau rejects Trump suggestion to readmit Russia to G7, citing Crimea invasionPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says Russia is not welcome in the G7 any time soon. Trudeau is flatly rejecting today a suggestion by U.S. President Donald Trump to readmit Russia, which was kicked out of the group of leading democratic countries after its invasion of Ukraine in 2014. Respect ✊ Who cares what Trudeau thinks? Beijing? Certainly not Canadians. Thank you for doing that. It was the right thing to do.

Trudeau rejects Trump suggestion to expand Group of Seven to readmit RussiaTrudeau rejects Trump suggestion to expand Group of Seven to readmit Russia GlobePolitics globepolitics Wouldn’t the Gang 7 needs a boss? globepolitics Trudeau: Russia bad. China good! globepolitics Vote Trump out

Trump urges crackdown on George Floyd protests, tells governors to get ‘tougher’“Most of you are weak,” Trump said. “You have to arrest people.” you mean rioters They aren't protests, they are riots, and they have nothing to do with George Floyd. Shut the media down from covering it for 48 hours-it would have ended.

China tells Trump ‘don’t hide behind Secret Service,’ amid reports he retreated to bunker during protests‘Go to talk to the demonstrators seriously. Negotiate with them, just like you urged Beijing to talk to Hong Kong rioters’ China should mind their own business and stfu. Wow, that's some black belt level trolling. If they think Trump is bad, they should call out Trudeau, who has hid in his cottage for 2 months.

Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests ragedSecret Service agents rushed President Donald Trump to a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion, some of them throwing rocks and tugging at police barricades. Lil rooster hiding in the hen house

Antifa to be designated as terrorist organization, Trump saysTrump made the announcement on Twitter Sunday following tweets that accused the movement of perpetrating violence during protests over the killing of George Floyd. IT'S HAPPENING 👍 Woooooooo deep stake will finally end!!!