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Trudeau meets with Doug Ford, agenda focuses on areas of agreement

Ont. Premier Doug Ford said his meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was 'phenomenal.' Read more here: #cdnpoli


Ont. Premier Doug Ford said his meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was 'phenomenal.' Read more here: cdnpoli

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford headed into their Friday meeting saying they planned to talk about the issues they agree on -- and avoid the ones where they don't see eye-to-eye.

The premier said he is very aware that some of the people who voted for him also voted for the prime minister.

The sit-down is the latest in a series of in-person talks Trudeau is having with provincial leaders after receiving a minority mandate last month.

Ford said Thursday in Toronto that he would bring a collaborative message to the meeting, despite the frequent attacks the prime minister launched against him during the federal election campaign.

Ford asked Trudeau if he knew any good teachers. Trudeau joked that he used to be one, but is a little busy these days.

Read more: CTV News

He said, 'I offered him some Kashmir Ice, and he had a lovely bong of BC bud!' 'Phenomenal' like the 'perfect' phone call? Hey at fordnation JustinTrudeau Did they talk about how they are going to keep en$laving the farmers and producers with monopoly money? Trading your nothings for their somethings. Because they not going to have for much longer. You lost 50,000 peach trees from me to feed u

Really? Why did Trudeau spend his entire campaign bashing Ford? They should ask Justin....... What would be “phenomenal”, never having to see nor hear from fordnation again JustinTrudeau pretty embarrassing that JT spent the majority of his campaign obsessing over Doug Ford and now he acts like BF's.....

fordnation not taking directions from AndrewScheer anymore eh. I do not believe this 'New and improved Doug Ford '. Some good acting going on here. I am changing my opinion of Doug Ford, anyone who desires to unite the country has my respect

Ontario Premier Doug Ford criticizes York University for allowing protest targeting IDF speakersThe event was hosted by Herut Canada, a York student club, and featured reservist members of the Israeli military who were there to discuss their experiences I believe that falls under freedom of speech. That wasn’t a protest That was assault and violence towards people they didn’t agree with. Big difference between the two Dug i was communicating with my friend at the park. Apparently the humans don’t think much of you. They thought buying dope would be a no brainer. They didn’t think it would be yet another government F up.

“Politics” just as Ford says his previous anti-Trudeau attitude was. Trudeau must step down. .... Harper sent in his trained seal. Headline should be, Ford by taking the high road makes trudeau look petty and without class It's an act! Don't be fooled by this Thug! He promised to lower Hydro rates. On Friday, he raised them.

This isn’t the picture CTV or any of the others painted of Ford to get their man-child re-elected. Doug found CBD. Is it coincidence or subliminal: Trump’s phone call was Perfect Ford’s meeting was Phenomenal? Perfect meeting. Echoes of Trump's 'perfect' call to Zelensky..

Ontario Premier Doug Ford defends $231-million cost of killing green-energy dealsMr. Ford is defending his cancellation of 758 wind and solar energy contracts, saying he would rip out every wind turbine in the province if he could Premier Doug Ford defends his idioct and incompetent policy* Is what the title should say. 'Ontario Premier Doug Ford defends his short-term cuts against long-term global problems he cares not to see, to support his anti-science government policy on climate change and the environment.'

Total class from fordnation. After Trudeau and Co cheap shots throughout the election, the Premier chooses to do what's best for Ontario and not lower himself to Justin's level. Shows great judgement and that he puts voters, and not his ego, first. Rare quality onpoli After TRUDEAUBlackface trashed him during the election

“Folks, lemme tell you” Well that’s scary Sure they both are complete idiots. Wonderful that fordnation and JustinTrudeau found each other. Very positive. Spewing Trudeau hate just for the sake of politics is completely counter-productive. Better to work together as opposed to acting like fucking children.

Ford has more class then Trudeau!! 👏👏👏 Sounds like a Trump statement!

Prime Minister Trudeau to meet with Ontario Premier Ford today in OttawaPrime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with Ontario Premier Doug Ford in Ottawa today. Ford should practise his newly learned French on Trudeau. Alpha male meets the beta male. Intelligence meets stupidity!

AndrewScheer “no comment” EvanLSolomon PnPCBC CPC_HQ The ape learned a new word. Shocker! Since the word “tremendous” is already in heavy circulation. Must of lied to you,.. He's worried about re-elected. If his polling numbers don't improve the party will be looking for another leader. He's toxic. onpoli

He’s going for the Federal leadership race. cdnpoli onpoli Those with the least power & the most to lose go in shaking their fist & making ridiculous demands, but Premier Ford can find common ground. Perhaps the western Premiers could learn a thing or 2 about diplomacy & cooperation from Premier Ford - and how bizarre is that statement!

Hey fordnation why do I have to wait till January 2020 for a hernia that is causing me extreme pain every time I eat? And I’ve been dealing with this since August. How is someone suppose to function when they are always in pain? Thanks Dougie for making things worse.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaPoor PM.

Mark my words. This wont age well fordnation you aren't smart enough to play the long con game. Your a smash and grab kind of crook. onpoli cutshurtkids dougfordsaliar OntarioPCParty OntarioNDP dougfordiscorrupt A Anddddd actions speak louder than words. Refund the services if you want following

That must be the same as a ‘perfect’ phone call’. Did they talk about Climate Change or would that not be phenomenal? Trudeau probably said to Ford - I source the best Cocaine for my friends Sounds like a Trump speech where everything he does / every meeting he attends is phenomenal. Next we’ll hear about Ford’s ‘perfect phone call’...😂

How can you be so inept and think you deserve a promotion Its obvious he sees himself as pm He is a joke Was it really phenomenon? That's stretching the definition by 100% When was the last time someone used the word 'phenomenal' to describe their meeting with Doug Ford? 😂😂😂 so all it took was a judge to get your ass in order 😂😂😂 This is a trick don't believe it people

This is how our leaders should conduct themselves, deal with issues, and handle our affairs !!! CommonSense

Ontario Premier Ford to meet Prime Minister Trudeau in Ottawa on FridayThat’s should go well. Lol Trudeau working on a Friday? No way. Justin don’t believe a word out of Ford’s fat mouth!

I just can't trust Doug Ford. A few months ago he was acting like Trudeau was his biggest enemy. Some incredible control of natural urge to be outrageous. Lithium drip? Sounds like a line from Trump's playbook. Well am I not surprised by that. What? Doug Ford being stately and reasonable? What's he up to?🤔 Full disclosure I haven't liked a conservative since Brian Mulroney. I don't like Ford. But after listening to a cbcradio podcast on how he won the election, he's a lot things, one thing Doug Ford isn't is stupid.

JustinTrudeau must have blowing him. BRING BACK BASIC INCOME! the question is for whom People work together? What people are you referring to actually..🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤷‍♂️ I’m hoping he’s being sarcastic

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaBut don't forget, FordNation was also proud of his brother, while Rob Ford offering up his wife for sex. I guess Rob had too much to eat at home, and needed to share! ONpoli How many companies will still retain a CEO if he caused a loss of $231m to the company? The failures join politics because they know they can get away because people are stupid ~ DougFord 'That government also said the total cost would be $230 million, but a year later, the auditor general said it was actually $1.1 billion.' Jesus. His petroleum friends take his priority over everything else, including Ontario's debt and climate change 😖

Live shot of jkenney and PremierScottMoe after listening to Doug's comments. Has Ford been replaced by a body snatcher? Phenomenal? a sale out Pull out those knee pads mr Ford. Like I believe anything Ford says! Doug Ford for Prime Minister! At least he didn't say 'perfect'

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