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Trudeau cancels Barbados trip as Ottawa seeks resolution to end rail blockades

Breaking news: Justin Trudeau has cancelled a Barbados trip as his government seeks a negotiated resolution to rail blockades


Breaking news: Justin Trudeau has cancelled a Barbados trip as his government seeks a negotiated resolution to rail blockades

Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller is calling for more dialogue in dispute over Coastal GasLink pipeline, pointing to failed police interventions in Oka and Ipperwash in 1990s

Mr. Trudeau, who was in Africa and Europe as the protest movement grew last week, is now looking to focus his energies on finding a peaceful solution to the protest movement against the Coastal GasLink pipeline in Northern British Columbia.After spending the weekend in Ottawa, Mr. Trudeau was scheduled to leave on Monday for a two-day meeting in Barbados of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). His office announced late on Sunday that Mr. Trudeau would be remaining in Canada.

Mr. Miller held a seven-hour meeting with the Mohawk community near the Tyendinaga rail crossing on Saturday, while Crown Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett is expected to meet with Indigenous leaders in British Columbia on Monday.The country’s largest freight rail carrier, Canadian National Railway Co., has obtained a court injunction against the blockade. The Ontario Provincial Police have talked with protesters throughout the week, but have not taken action to dismantle the protest near the train tracks.

On Sunday, Mr. Miller praised the OPP’s approach to the situation.“Every single one of these crises starts with an injunction. What I hear back from communities and Indigenous peoples, when we talk about the rule of law, is that the rule of law for them has been time and time invoked to perpetuate what they believe to be historical injustices,” he said.

“Our greatest challenge is fear and ignorance, and refusal to dialogue. As we take a step back and realize the economy has been hurt, we need to think for a second how we see ourselves as Canadians,” he said.

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Yay! We're saved! This just in. Justin Trudeau preparing to completely collapse in the face of asshole protesters. Time to play cowboy and Indians CanadianPM must have got his free accommodations cancelled. We all know JustinTrudeau is a do nothing pm. you may as well go your useless anyways you will just make matters worse

Mob rule is now the norm. We are screwed as a country. One of the signs of good leadership is the ability to hire people better at doing a certain job than you are, giving them the tools they need, and then getting the f*** out of their way.. I guess the kickbacks he got in Africa from our $$$$ will now have to be wired to his tax haven accounts instead of hand delivered .....

No disguise, this time. Humiliation on🌎stage. Major 🇨🇦infrastructure shut down, critical supplies and commerce grounded by a handful of indigenous folks supported by spoiled brats in search of the cause du jour. Our weak Leaders want discussion with terrorists? Enforce the law! Non-confidence vote NOW!

Poor baby.

Trudeau skipping Caribbean trip amid rail blockades, protestsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has cancelled a planned trip to Barbados as protests continue to choke rail travel across the country. not a fan, but this is not his issue. What a noble thing to do Awwww poor justin !

Why would the government and the police enforce the law? Better to negotiate with criminals and terrorists apparently So sad that a spoiled brat doing his job is breaking news Next time when you want something, block railway 🚆. Bahahahah hahahahah hahaha... what a big effing joke. Probably a payout...again

No negotiation, they are breaking the law. Turn on the fire hose Perhaps the picture should be of the OPP and the Belleville blockade because RCMP has cleared blockades out west. It’s Doug Ford and his OPP that need to act. Poor thing!! What’s that useless pos going to do?

Canada doesn’t tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockadesScheer said the prime minister should tell Public Safety Minister Bill Blair to use his authority under the RCMP Act to end what he called the ‘illegal blockades’ Precisely! ~ Go for diplomacy! The RCMP have no problem handing out speeding tickets but when the going gets tough you’ll find them all hiding out in donut shops. cdnpoli The police will do whatever he wants them to do.

How is this breaking news? Everyone deserves a vacation, whether they’re doing a good job or not, and to align this against the important issue of the protests as if they’re connected is what’s wrong with the media. Do better. When there is Liberal smoke, mirror meetings. Disband the reserves, let them live as other Canadians. We give them more money than we do our homeless and those in poverty. This is not their sovereign land they just happened to be the last occupants when the Europeans invaded.

Why in hell are court ordered injunctions being negotiated? Were not all of needed negotiations presented to the courts? What's there to negotiate? Remove and arrest these people. Or take them down. As it turns out, blockades are like budgets, they dont balance themselves. The idiot is going to join the protest group

Opposition here is your chance vote this party out. Where’s Puglaas oups she was fired by JustinTrudeau

Ending Ont. rail blockade by force would create future problems, minister says Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says he believes sending in police to break up the blockade in Tyendinaga , Ont. by force would only result in more disruptive protests in the future. Tout à fait raison Just get out the guns . They will move Liberals are an appendage of the monster they created.

Puglaas Jody Wilson Raybould would have made a huge difference negotiating with the Wet’suwet’en we need her but she was fired by JustinTrudeau I guess it's time to get out the checkbooks. That was nice of him. Too little too late. Not upholding the law and worse yet, negotiating with illegal protestors blocking borders, ports, ships, trucks, rail and pipeline after everything trudeau has put tax payers through, has confirmed we’re not a secure country to invest in. It’s already over.

About time! A little too late. Your legacy will live forever. joker Why the eff was he going off to Barbados. Canada’s going through it, and you got the c-virus here now. Taking vacays like a good leader. Come on! Guess he just heard about it. CPC need to elect a decent leader fast. My gut tells me that most Canadians are finally seeing Trudeau for what he really is. The last 10 days and the balance of this month (TECK decision) will be his downfall. Silent majority rising up!!

When isn't he on a trip?

CTV National News: PM calls for dialoguePM Trudeau is calling for dialogue to end cross-country train blockades. VanessaLeeCTV reports on the ongoing standoff: VanessaLeeCTV *Angry Conservative Tweet* VanessaLeeCTV The cops that aren't doing their jobs need to be fired. VanessaLeeCTV 'Calling for dialogue'. How rich.. Lame Incompetent ResignTrudeau

Breaking! “Justin has figured out that people actually want him to work before the House breaks for summer..but just to be sure, he’s sent his first plane ahead to Barbados to set up his beach towel” Is the PM ever in the house of Commons even though he doesn't know anything.. Thanks, let ur bosses know just going to cancel my subscription.... lol 😂 keep up the good work

He must be pissed that he has to visit us, especially during the winter. If he lets the RCMP do their job, he won't have to stay for long. That may be our only chance... Ashantz6 I think this is organized by jkenney and whoever is bankrolling his failed War Room in Alberta. Kenney knows his policies aren't working and now he can blame Ottawa. Is this outrages, think about the rigged a leadership race. UCPcorruption

Sorry, we negotiate with terrorists now? What is there to negotiate? Another pipeline purchase tmex Trudeau doesn't get it. The more you cede ground to the minority mob, the more things like this will happen and for more reasons. Should have just shut it down when it began. JustinTrudeau 1. Cancel CGL permit and work with hereditary chiefs who offered an alternate route last year. 2. Remove RCMP from Wet’suwet’en lands. christibelcourt

Reading news, Trudeau cancels bribery trip to Barbados to beg for their vote for a seat on the bankrupt UN - constant story since the 60’s. Why and what does the UN do besides collect money from member states

Federal Indigenous services minister meets First Nation at rail blockadeThe federal Indigenous services minister began meetings today with representatives of the Mohawk Nation to discuss a rail blockade that has shut down rail services across Eastern Canada. Talk is cheap Time for action Time to move people off highways and railway tracks or charge them with economic terrorism There is plenty of space elsewhere to protest They love photo ops.

This shouldn’t be breaking news for God’s sake. It should be matter of fact. Why would there be even a question. What the fuck is JustinTrudeau going to do? I was hoping he never returned About time he stopped galloping around the world for a useless seat at the UN and start running the country he was elected for ! JustinTrudeau

CTV has been raking him over the coals all day on this... SURPRISE! Guarantee it was not his first choice. Since when do we negotiate with criminals? Well somebody better tell the money tree to start shedding. Nothing a few hundred million $$ worth of government debt can’t solve. Great negotiation Turdeau.

Breaking News, the Prime Minister of Canada has to do his JOB. WHOA, Whoa, whoa!!! How dare we ask him to do such a thing IT'S ABOUT FU**ING TIME!! Yes... I realize that was all caps...

Federal minister meets First Nation at rail blockadeThe federal Indigenous services minister began meetings today with representatives of the Mohawk Nation to discuss a rail blockade that has shut down rail services across Eastern Canada. More freedoms will be lost. It's the natural progression of government inaction things will get out of control and then poof out comes the wars measures act and that's what he will do just like his daddy. Time to arrest all the eco terrorists before we have civil war in Canada. They have openly admitted to attempting to shut down commerce Time to move them off of highways and railways or charge them with economic terrorism There is plenty of space to protest elsewhere

It’s not breaking until the trains are running again. Wonder where he’ll head first ? Why are we negotiating? Arrest and put them all in jail. Hold on,wait,wait.....that was close Mr Prime Minister. Quebec is running low on something 😳 Like he had a choice ... somebody called him home...get to keep our tax dollars in Canada for another week

I heard justin is going to dress in his baba yaga outfit and stuff his penus area like in his video, and go full on blackbody to scare the natives He will be doing lots of urging followed by frank discussions with lots of dialogue followed by more urging and dialogue and ending with frankness The laziest PM JustinTrudeau in Canadian history,refuses 2protect Canada's Economy. We r embarrassed this perpetually stoned woke fool is our PM. A few foreign funded radicals have brought Canada to a standstill cdnpoli cdnmedia ukpolitics USPolitics uspoli vanpoli BCLeg

Freeland failed her first test from not being able to get in a building from a feather. Recall parliament and hold a non confidence vote! NOT negotiated. ACTION. Arrest all for breaking the law, convict US & foreign paid terrorist/activists. A criminal record will disallow future actions. liberal_party JustinTrudeau BillBlair we give you one last chance to put Canadians & our economy 1st. New concept. Respect!!

He can’t seem to make up his mind - one day he says “we are a nation of the rule of law” the next day he tells the police NOT to enforce the law...what good will this idiot be... ...and how is he going to help Trudeau will give them all the land in BC, ONT and Quebec to stop cause he's a good negotiator.

Yeah because Quebec is in trouble 🙄 Stunning and brave! All Torontonians have cancelled their train trips to Ottawa and Montreal in solidarity with the PM. Things will get worse.

Why doesn't he just stay in Barbados forever? Shocker! I wonder, if Quebec wasn't running low on propane, would Captain Crayon be cancelling his latest vacation? The poor little suckey.. we feel for him. I mean, he hasn't had any time off since 2015, we have seen real leadership, accurate decision making, total dedication to the job, haven't we.

The rail blockades are in retaliation to the Wet'suwet'en issue in British Columbia. IMO that should be dealt with first. jackmintz Oh no we miss out again. Tell the pipeline company to accept an alternate route that was approved by the tribe. JustinTrudeau learning about priorities?

That must have pissed him off. Probably had his tiki skirt and coconut necklace allready packed in his tinkle trunk. I sense a photo op coming. This is the war JustinTrudeau was waiting to send him sky high in the polls. Wonder if he will wear a bullet proof vest for that one? 🤔 He let this mess continue for weeks while he was on a selfie tour trying to buy votes for his temporary UN seat. It's like we have a PM who thinks his role is ceremonial in nature.

Quebec spoke Guess the selfies on the beach will have to wait. Poor Guy. How disruptive this must be to actually deal with the minions who elected the fool. For the love of god don’t write them a cheque for 10 mil each of our money Sockman justin is disaster to this great country called Canada About **** time. Already a week too late given how so many people's jobs are being impacted by an ILLEGAL blockade. It's disgusting it has taken Trudeau this long to realize how the illegal actions of a few are doing so much damage to our country. I expect more from our leaders.

Maybe and just maybe the solution for all these nonsense is a CANADIAN TRUMP I bet you anything he knows how to deal with a group of people hurting fellow citizens

Too little , too late, too much water under the bridge. Stuck around for the election, made promises he doesn't keep. Hasn't worked before or since. Too much hush money and NDAs and throwing around taxpayer money without consent. Divorced from reality. Let's get divorced. Good grief. Is he really going to do something about something in Canada? Well that’s novel. It will be a first. There must be money in it for him. Or some personal gain.

Sacrifices. I thought he said he doesn’t control the RCMP. So that’s why he’s never investigated. Blockades... yeah, that’s it! I can’t get what I want other ways so I’ll buy a warm jacket and set up camp on a public thoroughfare so others can’t get what they want either. Yeah. Wait. My kids all tried that. It failed. It’ll fail for anti-pipeliners too. Mark my words.

OMG... We're all gonna die! Wow good to know that JustinTrudeau made good decisions this time. Now get back to work and try to resolve this issue. Do not believe these guys are willing to negotiate unless there is a lot of financial compensation and even then there will be the Omar Kadr scenario of endless demands.

What the hell is there to negotiate? He had no choice

He must feel confident and has enough bribes to secured his UN seat with his fellow globalists. Next issue resign SeakasPerson So what? He will dress up as 1/1024 native and negotiatiate? Hmm, where have I seen that before? Oh ya, 2nd from the top... I bet the checks to bribe them are still going . Damned by one side if he does nothing and lets the negotiations continue and not exacerbate a bad situation. Damned by the other if he goes in with a iron fist. Either way, the only happy people are the trolls and haters.

What a hero About time that Trudeau starts doing his job! How nice of him Oh hail the king has decided to Grâce Canada with his presence. May we all bow down to him like he bows down to terrorists. So disgusted

Oh,so after he caused the mess,he wants to now appear to be the hero,especially to all the devoted libtards and social justice idiots -and Soros -his and their sponsor! Bernier PPC TrudeauHasGotToGo Just cancel the fucking pipeline(s), meet our emissions targets and END THE SEAL HUNT!!! That guy in the picture looks black not aboriginal

The messiah will arrive and soothe his followers. Goats, sheep... Why? If I did this, I would be arrested They must have finally figured out how to spin it in their favour. I feel so sorry for him. About freaking time

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