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Trudeau calls actions at Tyendinaga blockade 'extremely concerning'

Trudeau calls actions at Tyendinaga blockade 'extremely concerning'

2020-02-26 10:42:00 PM

Trudeau calls actions at Tyendinaga blockade 'extremely concerning'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling the actions of protesters causing disruptions in the area of Tyendinaga, Ont. 'extremely concerning.'

Last Updated Wednesday, February 26, 2020 2:32PM ESTSHAREOTTAWA -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling the actions of protesters causing disruptions in the area of Tyendinaga, Ont. "extremely concerning."Demonstrators are pushing back in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs who oppose the planned route of a natural gas pipeline in British Columbia.

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In a live feed from the Facebook account Real Peoples Media, protesters can be seen standing on the tracks as a train barrels towards them, leaping to safety in the final seconds. There has also been footage of fires on the tracks and police removing debris from the rail lines.

"It is extremely concerning to see people endangering their own lives and the lives of others by trying to interfere with the trains," Trudeau said.The sentiment was echoed by Public Safety Minister Bill Blair."I think that's terribly unsafe and inappropriate, but again the police of jurisdiction are managing that and that's their responsibility," Blair said.

"We would encourage everyone to obey the law and be safe."Transport Minister Marc Garneau also weighed in on the fires that were lit on the tracks in Tyendinaga, calling it a "totally reckless act.""This was an extremely reckless act, I saw the video this morning, and something that not only put in danger the life of the people who were actually lighting this fire under a moving train, but also could have been very dangerous for many other people, because what if this train was carrying dangerous materials? It could have ignited, depending on the size of the fire," Garneau said.

He would not comment on CN Rail's decision to run trains through the area, adding that he's sure they "thought very carefully" before doing so.Demonstrations have continued since the Ontario Provincial Police moved in against a rail blockade that had been set up by the Tyendinaga Mohawk near Belleville, Ont. on Monday and charged 10 protesters. In addition to the continued pushback at the tracks in Tyendinaga, solidarity protests have been taking place across the country.

Among those new protests were a blockade that halted a regional transit service near Hamilton on Tuesday and a rolling blockade that was briefly set up by the Khanawake Mohawk on Quebec's Honoré Mercier Bridge.Canadian Pacific Railway also obtained an injunction on Tuesday to stop a blockade in Khanawake, just south of Montreal. Meanwhile in B.C., at least six protesters have been arrested at the Port of Vancouver and demonstrations have continued at the B.C. Legislature.

The Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs have said they will not end their demonstrations against the project until the company behind the pipeline, Coastal GasLink, ceases all operations on Wet'suwet'en territory in B.C. and the RCMP leaves the territory entirely.

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Blair said the RCMP cannot remove its presence from the whole area, as people within the 22,000 square kilometers of Wet'suwet'en territory are entitled to have access to a police service."The RCMP…have a responsibility to maintain public safety throughout that community," Blair said.

As the situation escalates across Canada, the government says it's optimistic the hereditary chiefs who oppose the pipeline will be willing to meet with them soon."We hope to hear more back from them hopefully this afternoon as to whether there will be an invitation for us to join them," Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett told reporters on Parliament Hill on Wednesday.

She was short on any other details, however, saying simply that the government "can't negotiate this in public."Meanwhile, Garneau confirmed on Tuesday that the police will be moving in to respond to injunctions against blockades across the country.

"The provincial police will be moving in and responding to the injunctions that have been put in," Garneau said.The Mohawk Council of Khanawake, however, has warned against this kind of police action. In a press release sent out shortly after the Ontario Provincial Police moved in against the Tyendinaga blockade on Monday, they cautioned that the use of police will not result in a peaceful outcome.

"The Mohawk Council of Khanawà:ke wishes to express its outrage and disgust regarding the actions taken this morning on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory," the release said."It has become very obvious that use of injunctions and police against Indigenous people who are simply defending their own land from unwanted development will not produce a peaceful resolve."

With files from The Canadian Press.RELATED IMAGESProtesters and Ontario Provincial Police officers walk on either side of the tracks in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, near Belleville, Ont., on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Lars Hagberg Read more: CTV News »

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Train 1, protestors 0, cannot outrun a train. Captain Obvious speaks. Very helpful. That will teach em Extremely concerning to Canadians period!! Jail them !! Enough is enough !! Want the government to act ? Send prolife out to block the track. Won't last a day. Explain! what concerning? another fn drama of words? Gear up and wear this and jail all those terrorists!

Send in the Army to deal with these blockades. Enough is enough! Protest all you want in front of Parliament Hill, the Ontario Legislature, but do not disrupt the lives of ordinary Canadians because you have an issue with the Federal or Provincial governments. You think Glad to hear true dope is getting concerned

Leaders lead, callers call. Extremely concerning but he isn’t going to do anything about it Ya and I call JustinTrudeau response 'extremely concerning'. The chief of the mohawks there wanted nothing to do with the block aid their ..but was a group of rebels who have no care for rules,white or Band Failure

Been saying same thing about his dismal lack of leadership. it is “extremely concerning” that our PM is useless! Really idiot,, Extremely concerning? Way to understate it. It’s illegal, and someone is going to get seriously hurt with protesters standing in the tracks throwing rocks at the windows of the train

No shit Sherlock Why is this even an issue? Run the trains. If a dummy gets hit by one. Who cares.... It’s aight fam the tracks will clear themselves... I call Trudeau being the prime minister extremely concerning. Golly Gee Wilikers Mr PM. Ya think? Than do something you twit Atta be boy wonder! Great quote.

You think? JustinTrudeau It is concerning. You are driving people with a legitimate complaint to do desperate things! Back off! Listen to them! Figure it out! Full steam ahead The fact you are our PM is ‘extremely concerning’ Trudeau's inaction is extremely concerning. The elected Indigenous chiefs want the pipeline. The Indigenous people want to have jobs to lift themselves out of poverty. They should be encouraged, but some are putting roadblocks in their way. Hereditary chiefs should support their people or resign.

Is he related to Maine senator, Susan Collins? The PM is negligent and his actions are totally lacking due diligence. At the end of the day he, his Government and Party are culpable! At this point I would like to pluck each whisker from his face. Now that is concerning. NoConfidencevote Just wait for these 'land protectors' to settle in someplace and spread their love.

No kidding!!!! How’s Justdumb figure that out? Took the turd long enough. Call it like it is Justin, illegal. 🤨 All Trudeau fault Extremely concerning comments . Tell the protesters their EI and welfare will be cut off if they don’t leave. Arrest for domestic terrorist Huh When does this become deadly? When someone dies? I love how MY CANADA allows some people to break the law with no consequences. Remove RCMP from territories. Roll in the military. I am tired of this bullshit.

Ok it’s concerning. Still no actions taken on domestic terrorism? cdnpoli WetsuwetenSolidarity JustinTrudeau The liberal_party and JustinTrudeau the most inept gov Canadians ever elected, full time apologists whose pandering has led to this road where anyone expects everyone else to pay for anything that they perceive as unfair and everyone is a victim of something. TrudeauMustGo

No catch and release. Fine, charge with trespass, detain.. Kettle them in the cold corner for hours. 2 strikes on CN property and it's a terrorism charge.. Almost as concerning how the media does not call Trudeau out for being an absolute failure at everything he does. Concerning says the horses ass How about the solidity calls them illegal and a disturbing act of domestic terror I’m and they won’t be tolerated!

That's it? Stop calling concerning and call in the army. And we call you a Canadian EMBARRASSMENT.. With that eloquent curt tone, I fathom the protesters with immediately heed his advice and leave 🙄 TrudeauMustResign TrudeauNotFitForOffice TrudeauMustGo JustinTrudeau Yes they have complaints... But NO they cannot tie up valuable police/fire resources to accomplish their challenges.......There are legal ways not high crimes that affect a full nation

“Extremely concerning” what a polite statement..he’s such a wuss🤬 Trudeau is safe in his rich Ottawa bubble. It doesn't affect him whatsoever. So why would he really care? I have no doubt he is counting the days until he can fly off somewhere and pretend that he is King. Trudeau mislabels everything. It’s terrorism. Say it slowly journo hacks

Maybe the Trudeau gang should take some lessons from other countries how they suppress small groups of disruptive protesters. 🇨🇦what needs to get done?🇨🇦 Then do something, for fcuks sake. Not nearly as disturbing as your lack of action JustinTrudeau wants UN seat so putting rest of Canadians at risk supporting small indigenous terrorist

🙄 These domestic terrorists need to be stopped We need to maintain the dialogue necessary to achieve a peaceful resolution to this conflict. These random terrorist acts will only inflame rage that will embolden more vigilante type of responses. All MP’s should concern themselves with a untied solidarity in negotiated solution

CTVAtlantic THIS IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM AND IF Trudeau WON’T PUT HIS FOOT DOWN. ITS TIME WE TAKE ACTION AS A NATION!!! TIME TO STAND UP AND PUT AN END TO THIS TERRORISM!! Prime Minister JustinTrudeau continues to show extraordinary weakness. These actions are not “concerning” they are dangerous and illegal. I know the Prime Minister typically courts these votes, but he must either do his job and bring these radicals to heel or step down.

And yet, he does nothing. Cut off all funding till they learn a lesson We are paying for this In other news... Water is wet It's good to know that he is 'extremely concerned.' But guess what, you are the PM. It's not your job to express YOUR concerns; it is your job to address OUR concerns. Is he really this incompetent? A real news source would be demanding his resignation.

Then do something if my neighbour and I did that we would have been thrown in jail immediately Is this man having a mental breakdown? Thanks Toronto...thanks Dear Mr. Trudeau, I believe the word you're looking for is 'TERRORISM'. He ought to. This is all on him from here on in. How can these be in support of the Wet'suwet'en when we never hear from the Wet'suwet'en, just activists?

Call a spade a spade JT it is illegal! Well made he should roll up his sleeves and dialogue that fire right out. More concerning is his fucking “Leadership” if that’s what you want to call it. It's crucial for Canada to remove this moron! Time to organize a take down while we still have a country! Kumbaya my lord, Kumbaya!

Trudeau caused this mess. It should have been shutdown from day 1. It’s terrorism Next news release he will prolly say '...double plus concerning.' Yup, that will work 😂😂😂😂 The appeaser speaks .... War mesures act comes to mind right now because that is plain terrorism! Trudeau, man of useless word, except for positive words where and when it matters.

More of Trudeau's 'dialogue'. Arrest them. This is setting such a dangerous precedent. Every time one social group or another disagrees with the majority they now know what to do to get attention. He forgot he’s totally culpable and negligent along with his Cabinet and Party! Heaven forbid if and when a fatality occurs. His Government has created a blood sport & is on a collision course with FN and the Canadian public.

DUH! Lawbreaking indians, destroying our economy in $millions, risking the lives of lawful citizens. Be a Canadian, work, pay taxes to gain respect. So is Trudeau's lack of a sensible plan to disincentivise blockading of critical infrastructure, which won't stop until the cost to FN is greater than the benefit. Only two currencies in the equation; money and liberty. FN communities depend on federal money. Noone relishes jail.

Extremely concerning? He can't even say it's illegal. Extremely concerning that this is interfering in his vacation plans? That’s it....find it concerning. Maybe ask for more dialogue....don’t dare DO anything, for fear of offending somebody in peoplekind. What a wiener! But honestly , just arrest them all, again and again if necessary. And for pete's sake call a non confidence vote now and get rid of the liberals.

That adjective really helps, the understanding of your level of concern. Maybe more dialogue is required Sir? Maybe a double adjective next week. Uh oh....Justiin is 'extremely concerned' Next phase is worryingly concerned. No brainer. CTVAtlantic More concerning is the racism in genocide perpetrated on BIPOC!

Well do something ffs Domestic terrorists commit arson. Trudeau's response: 'That's concerning, I sure hope somebody does something about it. Is the jet to Barbados ready?' TrudeauMustGo TrudeauIsNotFitForOffice TrudeauMustResign canpoli cdnpoli This is quite an aggressive tone for Justin. Next step.... send them an un approving letter!!! Go get em tiger!

Ya dont say😜 The terrorists are begging for a fight ! What do ya say Justin, got the balls? Maybe you should send them a letter. Use big letters, all caps, and bold type. That’ll teach them. If they are they stupid, only a sharp, pointy stick will teach them anything. Your inability to respond appropriately to this situation is 'concerning'

No, really? 😡 'Extremely concerning' Such bold leadership! Did he say this before or after he ate his crayons and had a nap? You go get em tiger...rawrrr.... 🙄

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Evening Update: Police clear Tyendinaga Mohawks’ rail blockade; Harvey Weinstein found guilty of sexual assault, rapeAlso: World markets tank as coronavirus cases spread wow 2 good news stories in one day It was illegally cleared.

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First train runs through Tyendinaga as cross-country protests mountThe first train since Feb. 6 ran through Tyendinaga after police dismantled a Mohawk blockade and arrested 10 people who were protesting the construction of the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline in northern B.C. Acting against the wishes of the Wet’suwet’en First Nations community itself who not only voted to approve the pipeline but have also made it very clear that the protesters do not speak for them is NOT solidarity It is exploitation in pursuit of personal ideological agendas

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Some demonstrators in custody as OPP begin dismantling Tyendinaga blockadeUPDATED: Several people were taken into custody as police moved in on a blockade near Belleville, Ont., sparking condemnation from the Mohawk of Tyendinaga. Criminals condemn getting arrested. Ha ha Maybe when they get out of jail they can use some of their free time to self reflect and clean their sacred land. Real stewards of the earth.