Trend Line: Nanos on top political stories

Trend Line's Michael Stittle and Nik Nanos discuss the CPC leadership race, the Ont. election campaign and economic anxiety in Canada.


2022-05-27 5:43:00 PM

Nanos Research's niknanos says young people in Ontario are 'much more pessimistic' about the future. cdnpoli Watch the full episode of Trend Line here:

Trend Line's Michael Stittle and Nik Nanos discuss the CPC leadership race, the Ont. election campaign and economic anxiety in Canada.

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niknanos Current systems certainly aren't giving them reason for optimism. niknanos If you keep telling that then they will believe it! niknanos Then the eligible ones should be out there voting to prevent it worsening over the next four years. n niknanos Yes because Trudeau keeps spending our money on his ego.

Bankers buck gloomy trend by forecasting growth amid concerns about economic slowdownBank of Nova Scotia and Bank of Montreal both reported higher second-quarter profits on Wednesday, underpinned by robust demand for personal and commercial loans as well as lower loan loss reserves than analysts anticipated Sure…. BS… They see record profits, yet there's massive inflation. 🤔🤔🤔

SkyTrain delays this morning on the Canada LineMarine Drive, Bridgeport, and Langara stations are all closed.

Calgary police officers expected to remove 'thin blue line' patchesAfter nearly two months of defiance, officers are expected to remove the controversial thin blue line patch from their service uniforms. Theres nothing wrong w the patches. Should keep them and show unity! The uniform is the property of the police service not the officers.. them's the breaks.

Calgary police union 'reluctantly' directs officers to remove thin blue line patch from uniforms | CBC NewsThe Calgary Police Association has “reluctantly” directed its members to remove the thin blue line patches from their street uniforms while declaring victory in other areas of negotiation with the police commission. How about a headline that says the truth, like “it’s a symbol of white supremacy and it’s very threatening to most people.” This post is a bad idea. Just going to leave that there. If that's all those officers think, they are woefully ignorant of the concept of the thin blue line. That sort of rhetoric is what has militarized the US, you do not want it to spread. Delete this. Then sit down and have a think. Mostly about firing every person involved in this tweet, from the author of the article to the editor that approved it to the social media coordinator that posted it.

Calgary police union tells officers to remove 'thin blue line' patchesThe union representing Calgary Police Service members has directed front-line officers to remove 'thin blue line' patches from their uniforms, its president confirmed Wednesday. Liberal is red.... U can only fly a rainbow, Ukrainian or Blm flag the rest are not virtuous enuff. They don't align with the woke agenda. Aaaaaaaaaaah.... Racist! There should be nothing on their uniforms besides the standard issue of what they wear as an officers. No Blue line, no rainbows etc. they work for the public and are paid by public funds. They can wear whatever they want when they aren’t working.

U.S. SEC unveils rules to ensure ESG funds’ investments fall in line with their names, policiesThe proposals, will outline how ESG funds should be marketed and how investment advisors should disclose their reasoning when labeling a fund