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Scheer, Covid-19

Tories want Parliament declared 'essential service,' regular House sittings

Tories want Parliament declared 'essential service,' regular House sittings

2020-05-22 7:30:00 PM

Tories want Parliament declared 'essential service,' regular House sittings

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer wants Parliament declared an essential service so a reduced number of MPs can resume their House of Commons duties amid the COVID-19 crisis.

He says MPs need to be able to ask questions on behalf of their constituents across the country.Scheer says today that up to 50 MPs should be allowed in the House for "normal" sittings, starting Monday, and that 18 of them should be Conservatives, proportionate to his party's standings in the full 338-member chamber.

Antifa to be designated as terrorist organization, Trump says Officials worry George Floyd protests could cause new coronavirus outbreaks Chrissy Teigen pledges to donate US$200,000 to bail out protesters

Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inboxCurrently, the Commons has turned into a special COVID-19 committee, meeting three times a week, twice virtually and once in person.Trudeau says he wants to see a functioning Parliament, and is open to a "hybrid" model where some MPs could participate via videoconferencing.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 22, 2020. Read more: CTV News »

That is insane. I guess Trump wouldn't let Sheer into the country. Sheer you said anyone claiming the relief money are lazy. Now i hear Conservatives are applying for relief $$$. Does that mean your members are lazy bums? I thought he went back to the USA last year already. Parliament isnt essential? Lay off these bums then and let’s save some tax money

Shut up As it should be ,work for your money .. American says what? Thank goodness these guys lost or we be in as much trouble as USA is. We are all meeting using online tools. Why is it so important for Tories to get everyone sick? There is a new normal and they need to get on board with helping not hindering 🇨🇦recovery

AndrewScheer Beat it, you DEAD BEAT ! Well take yr pick scheer, work Sunday to Thursday or Tuesday to Saturday, you only only get 3 weeks holidays and mist work Family day like the rest of us, or, or, you could just STFU and run out of Canada. Take a break have a kit kat The small number of Ontario MPs that Scheer wants to select to sit in parliament and thump desks will not adequately represent the country, a virtual parliament (with no desk thumping) will represent all regions.

Parliament might be essential but then Scheer wouldn't be able to attend as even his own party believes he's expendable Sheer is's time to bring back the Parliament even in limited numbers....this liberal propaganda has to end and Trudeau and the government are due for tough questions AndrewScheer He's a Yankee Doodle Dandy!

Like the say what you want and what you get are 2 different things. Boring Why is that Thieving Embezzler's face on your story? Scheer lost. Get over it He is just a needy little man who wants attention. Can we please make places of worship essential service like how trump has for the US? Please and thanks

Want Want Want The Cons sure are a needy bunch. I was raised that if I wanted something then I had to work for it. The Cons are good at talking but kinda lacking most everywhere else. If the leaders of our country are not essential then what is If not.... WE THE PEOPLE can FINALLY.... MAKE THE RULES! Coming from sheer ... Oxymoron if ever there was one ... CPC_HQ

this is why AndrewScheer lost the sure shot Election2020 ..... drama teacher with the easy win! hahaha Conservatives Canada coronavirus COVID19 JustinTrudeau Is Scheer essential The last thing Scheer is is essential. He has never offered anything positive for Canada. All he does is whine and complain.

Why does this guy have such a hard on for in person meetings? A lot of people have adjusted to working from home. Maybe the conservatives should too Smear Sheer If Costco and Safeway can stay open with hundreds going through the stores, surely this useless governemnt can get 50 people in the house built for over 300 and get to work.

This mans comments are irrelevant Who cares what AndrewScheer wants? That’s right.. Nobody. Go stateside Andrew.. Canada doesn’t want you. Someone misses not hearing his own voice try to say something clever. Scheer is he stupid, or what? Agree and it's about time Call a vote on it AndrewScheer , and if it doesn’t pass, let’s call an election and show the liberals you mean business. 😂😂😂

I can't think of anything more essential in the entire country. Reverse indoctrination here by the UN funded fakenews. The sheep are against this and believe the new normal we don’t need a democracy. Unreal how people can be so brainwashed by media . Absolutely correct! MPs are essential to the financial governance of Canada. They need to fully debate both sides of the spending required for our economy. Sadly we’ve elected a leader who’s happily been hiding. Future generations will have to manage the astronomical debt!

Yes please! Great idea, Opposition Leader Milktoast! Really? What next from these buffoons? If government isn’t essential, then what is It should already have been deemed an essential service. It is in every other country of the world. Even China! The fact it's not is a reflection of a lazy, incompetent, power grabbing liberal government.

He’s correct. Liquor stores are considered essential services, yet the people running and questioning the decisions of a minority government are not essential services? And rightfully so. Any politician who supports further lockdowns must donate their salary to local food banks and get in line for a CERB cheque.

They dont all need to be in the same room to be an effective legislative body. They're doing fine. Will somebody please put little andy and his western separatist CPC out of my misery!!! Get back to work you bums. Please leave Andrew Just do it virtual who the hell cares be safe stop crying AndrewScheer cry baby wah wah

Where are the details Andrew Scheer outlined today the differences between what has been happening in Ottawa and an actual return of Parliament? Scheer is not essential so will he be excluded? To me it is an essential service. Has anyone asked Trudeau if he believes this as well? Amazing that teachers are encouraged to stay at home and do nothing while collecting full salary. With an average salary of $83,000 per year, paid by the taxpayer. educators, teachers and Union reps You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Really. Just zip it. You have nothing. I just heard the sound of Liberals going up further in the polls. What an oblivious incompetent leader Scheer turned out to be. It isn't essential, at least he didn't prorogue parliament, which we all know is what Conservatives would have done right away so they don't have to deal with anything

Amazing that teachers are encouraged to stay at home and do nothing while collecting full salary. With an average salary of $83,000 per year, paid by the taxpayer. educators, teachers and Union reps You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Not really Tories. Joe Clark was a Tory. These guys and gals are far less.

😭lmao. Plz stop. Andy's... 'Last dance' Government is non Essential we've all known this for centuries. As it should. This guy is getting annoying. Lots all deal with this pandemic by working together then deal with the politics after... Canadians are just English want to be’s. Does he just want everyone to get sick so he can take over?!? Please tell him to stay the Fk home!!

Andy, you've never been less essential than you are right now. Maybe quit drawing attention to that fact.

White House report blasts Chinese 'malign activities'Beyond its hard-hitting rhetoric against China over its handling of the coronavirus, the White House has issued a broad-scale attack on Beijing's predatory economic policies, military buildup, disinformation campaigns and human rights violations. And nothing false about that Xi must be tried for mass murder. Excellent, when is Canada going to fight the CCP? Oh that's right our PM is bought off!

U.S. Supreme Court blocks House from Mueller grand jury materialThe Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily prevented the House of Representatives from obtaining secret grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Grand jury testimony is secret and have been that way forever, Democrats want to change it for their own selfish ways. Republicans would be denied also, so not a big deal.

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Aging East Chinatown house gets a modern reimaginingA rear addition helps open up a dark and cramped home China town? That's racist. Where's the Negro town, or Caucasian town, or Pakistani town? Where's the Irish town or Scottish town? China town sounds racist. Funny they get their own town and no one else does, seems a little one sided, like ..oh I dunno, like racism is one sided.

China blasted for ‘brutal’ economic, human rights policies in White House reportThe 20-page report released by the White House on Wednesday issued a broad-scale attack on Beijing’s predatory economic policies, military buildup, disinformation campaigns and human rights violations. Lmao that’s not news that’s China read some frickin history! That's awesome news. Ruined the Vancouver real estate market. Their Triads killed 30,000 canadians from their billion dollar opiate trade in 2019 67,300 in America. Human trafficking in Richmond bc. Brothels , illegal gambling, gangs, any scam possible. That's the truth. The White House shouldn't be talking about human rights violations when they are the worst perpetrator. No nation on Earth has invaded more countries than the US in the last 60 years. (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Syria, Panama, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti).