Top Trump adviser Peter Navarro disparages Canada's military efforts in Afghanistan

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Top Trump adviser Peter Navarro disparages Canada and Canadian military efforts in the war in Afghanistan in a new book, 'The Madman Theory: Trump Takes On the World.'


"Were they doing us a favour, or were they brought into the idea they needed to do that as part of the global effort against terrorists?” Navarro is quoted in the book as saying. "And it shouldn't be men and women in uniform and those who served in Afghanistan, every Canadian should be insulted by comments like that … to put it all in that view is ignorant, and ignorance is perhaps more frightening than being insulted," he said.

Navarro, who called Melania Trump the "Jackie Kennedy of her time" on Tuesday, predicted over the weekend that voters would give "tough guy" Trump a second term because “they know the world's a dangerous place.”


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That asshat does not speak on behalf of the American people. I apologize on behalf of our country for this unfathomably awful administration.

The Amerifans are negotiating peace with the Taliban. Lol.

Has this do to with the fact that Canadians asked few Taliban prisoners to not be released and Americans are angry about this?

Arrogant chickenhawk fool. Canadian are only in Afghanistan I’m loyal support of American mistakes.

So here is a guy who never served disparaging our closest ally. I served with the Canadian Army in AFG. They are professionals who honored their country, Afghanistan, and NATO with their dedicated service.

There Pete goes again. Making friends all over the world.

As an American Vet i can just say Fuck you Peter Navarro and DJT.

The SAME Americans who started the mission by killing our soldiers in friendly fire? Those ones?

This administration does *not* speak for (most of) us, who appreciate Canada's friendship and -for the last 3+ years- patience and sympathy. Sincerely, The Majority of Americans

Navarro's arrogant ignorance can fill volumes. A fact he has proven over a dozen times. Sorry CAFinUS. We don't a friend as true as you.

What's up, didn't they shoot enough friendlies? Didn't they torture enough Afghans? The US started yet another fight it didn't finish and left the place in a mess like Iraq and they've got the nerve to complain about the contribution of their allies...

Love Canadians, went to school w many. I hear the question .. re.phrased 'If a Canadian shows up in a uniform is it (for) doing us a FAVOR..' (or) because ISIS/Taliban war is an ASSAULT to free peoples of the world & Canada supports freedom. 'Ck your gov leadership' BIG DIFF?

FWIW, I’ll take the opinion of a real soldier than a man that pretends he is of some significance.

Yet 1 Canadian military member does the same job as 5 American military members.(not hating on U.S. military - just stating a fact) It's ok PeterNavarro45 the only person to 'curry favor' is you. Btw, what does tRump's shoes taste like?

He is such an idiot. Just like Canadians did nothing during 911!

This guy has to go. His family must be so ashamed of him.

Where does the USA plan to land their planes during the next 9-11? Canada was there to help as good friends last time. Quit spitting in your good friend's face. Trump' s enablers are disgusting.

Navarro and Kudlow are the Laurel and Hardy of the Trump administration. Except Laurel and Hardy were playing idiots.

We in Canadasent our families and neighbours to help the US in Afghanistan. Many died ,were injured or came back with PTSD. This is the Trump admin's thanks to their good ally. Trump constantly calls Canada an enemy while he cozies up to Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, etc.

158 Canadians gave their lives to this mission and thousands were injured. Anyone associated with Trump is poison!

Hey ErinOTooleMP do you plan on standing up for the Canadian military where 158 Canadians died fight USAs war? Or do you plan to stab them in the back to support the ugly American Peter Navarro who said Canada's sacrifice didn't matter?

Canadians don’t care what this trump sycophant thinks

And who gives a shit what a Donorrhea ass kisser thinks 🤨


We are insulted. Alot of Canadians lost their lives for the US lead fight's. The good thing about Canada is we recognize idiots like this guy for what they are. Mental case with a big mouth. Next time we can just sit it out when they need our help!

If this doesn’t get him fired then don’t pick up the phone when Donald calls

So CTV News just been used by CNN jimsciutto to sell his book to Canadians. This is not a's a book promotion. Disgusting!

last sentence says it all

Weren't some of our first 3 or 4 deaths in Afghanistan caused by American 'friendly fire'?

Hey ErinOTooleMP, as a military man, care to comment on this?

If his bumbling interviews on CNN are any indication, this guy is an absolute clown. 🤡

Time for Canada to stand on its own and cut the USA ties

Navarro is in incompetent lying Trump shill. I don't care what he thinks or says about anything. I do care, however, that the US has treated Canada, its closest ally & one of its largest trade partners like dirt. Canadians will never forget this.

Yeah sure! Like if the US were the best ally...remember when an F16 pilot drop a 500lbs bomb on Canadians training just outside of Kandahar. STFU 🖕🏼

This is bullshit. Who is Peter Navarro or DT to think they can disrespect us here in Canada, our government and military is none of their business. We should worry as a nation if Trump C Syndicate gets back in as they are trying to meddle everywhere.

Not a big surprise that Trump and his people attitudes. BUT want world to bow down to him . If he have an idea for the world 🙄🙄🙄

It would have been easier if US troops weren't killing Canadian troops in fucking 'friendly fire'

Anything from the USA is really not worth mentioning or is irrelevant right now especially with this Presidency SadToBetrump 😂😂 just my opinion only! Loved watching anything USA when Obama was President of the United States of America 🇱🇷 ObamaWasBetterAtEverything

Americans like to die in wars, that have no meaning

I’m so sick of PeterNavarro45 commenting on things he’s not qualified to talk about- the military and the pandemic for starters. He is not in the military. He is not a doctor. He should stfu

Why is everyone angry? 1. Canada is 'kind of like Warren, Sanders.' No shame in that. 2. If Canada only went into Afghanistan as a favor after avoiding Vietnam and Iraq War No. 2, rather than for its own interests, then its government should be accountable. No 'insult' in that.

He's right, years of neglect by governments mainly liberal has put the military in line with boy scouts

Anything to make a quick buck, Even at the expense of your neighbours. His boss is like that . So expect nothing different from his advisers.

It is what it is !!!

Some people should keep their mouth shut,look what’s happening with the virus in the U.S.

Good job CTV he was more disparaging to our politics than military contributions and to me he said that we shouldn't be in a fight to support America but rather to fight terrorism but you made your click bait headline in order to rile up readers. You're the worst.

So the donkey is really an ass.

Navarro is a moron.. nobody w any credibility takes him seriously.

why are CTV still giving Peter Navarro a platform cdnpoli stick with what you Drunk Larry Kudlow

What a POS...does he have any clue about our country’s historic military contributions..or about sacrifice in general...shame on him and the fools who put him in this position of power and influence...🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️

The US is the laughing stock for the world right now! Do you really think anyone really cares! In history all ‘great’ powers fall! The US has fallen under Trump!

Navarro should be more concerned with the implosion of America, rather than bad-mouthing Canada. So he should wake up, get dressed, strap on your loaded weapon and enjoy America’s freedom. What a joke.

So Liberal Canadians can disparage the US at will but if an American disparages Canada then it's outrages lol. To me what he said wasn't completely inaccurate we shouldn't have been in Afghanistan to support the US but rather to fight against terrorism.

My husband did two tours in Afghanistan .They also jumped in a chopper after hurricane Katrina and went to help with the aftermath of the hurricane. Canadian military has always been an integral ally to the US. SEETHING 😤

Why is everyone acting like he's so terrible? Can anyone saying those things even explain why our troops are even in Afghanistan at this point?

disgusting. yet the conservatives remain allied with republicans

I'm sure Peter feels Canadian Armed Forces could complain less about the allegedly frequent friendly fire incidents they endure

Hey Navarro

O,ay, we’ll leave Afghanistan. That’s fine with us.

There r no words, US can just go it alone.

Yup disparage us for Afghanistan yet we were fighting your terrorists while you were out hunting WMD in Iraq that were never there. Some freaking intelligence. Next time some group of people you piss off blows up your cities, don't come asking us to help.

Really an ally! What has Freeland and Justin done to inhibit the relationship, definitely are not into team building , look what they are doing to their own country🤢

“Trump advisor”......‘nuff said!

I might add that Canada was a we are too niceWonderful country for American draft dodgers during the war years. We were great people to you then. What Canada should have done is send them back to face the music! How ungrateful can the USA be ?

Is he the guy who collects the carts in the parking lot at Home Depot?

What an idiot. Just like his boss who belittles anyone and anything

He also believes Melania Trump is the Jackie Kennedy of our time ~ enough said.

So now drunken Navarro is a military expert?

Does he really think that we or the rest of the world actually care what he thinks😂😂🤪🤪 I guess just trying to impress trump!

Do you think Canadians really care what the Americans have to say about anything?

Canada's military have done many great things and has been an asset to other countries, so stop being a jerk.

Who cares , murica sucks. Couldn't give a tiny rats ass what some blow hard murican thinks. They are the laughing stock of the planet

Douche bag

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