Today’s coronavirus news: Ontario reports 3,439 people hospitalized and 597 in the ICU; Thousands expected at anti-vaccine mandate protest in Ottawa

2022-01-29 6:22:00 PM

#Breaking: Ontario is reporting 3,439 people hospitalized with COVID-19 and 597 in the ICU

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Breaking : Ontario is reporting 3,439 people hospitalized with COVID-19 and 597 in the ICU

Meanwhile, the daily count of new coronavirus infections in Russia spiked above 110,000 on Saturday as the highly contagious Omicron variant races through the vast country.

10:20 a.m.according to the Star’s Ed Tubb.The courts have limped along since then with online appearances and filings, largely administrative changes that had been encouraged by the legal community for years.Julie DeVuono, the owner of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, and her employee, Marissa Urraro, are both charged with felony forgery, and DeVuono also is charged with offering a false instrument for filing. Both were arraigned Friday.

The daily count of new coronavirus infections in Russia spiked above 110,000 on Saturday as the highly contagious Omicron variant races through the vast country.Two weeks ago, Hugo Croft-Levesque was staring down imminent bankruptcy for his once-thriving Toronto kick-boxing gyms.

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While Ontario's doctor has given up. FiredrKieranMoore VoteFordOut2022 ontariopcparty Hypocrites NeverVoteConservative repelbill124 Misleading: the phrase “with COVID-19” does *not mean that coronavirus put them in the hospital. PROPAGANDA NEWS AS ALWAYS There will be more next week, as a result of the flutruxklan rally.

Police warn of ‘consequences’ for violence as trucker convoy nears Ottawa - National | Globalnews.caSeveral thousand people are expected in Ottawa as early as Friday as part of the Canada Unity group demanding an end to vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions. But dont Punish those who caused the Problems that Prompted the Hate. so what are they doing about threats already made towards media? let's start the scare tactics sorry only peaceful rally coming your way

OPP warns of significant traffic delays as trucker convoy arrives in the GTAOntario Provincial Police are warning motorists about the potential for significant delays as a trucker convoy protesting vaccine mandates, among other things, makes its way through the Greater Toronto Area today. CTVToronto Annoying as hell. Not generating sympathy CTVToronto Has anybody tried offering these guys a lollipop if they’ll just take the shot?

Coronavirus Update: Ottawa police preparing as truckers’ protest convoy nears OttawaJan. 27: Security forces on Parliament Hill are preparing for up to 10,000 protesters to set up camp in downtown Ottawa this weekend to push back against lockdowns and vaccination mandates Normal for any protest. They'll be liasing with protestor leads, RCMP, RCMP VIP, and have a team in sheilds ready to roll. All normal. God Bless these Truckers If these men fail - Canada will be gone forever. Hire back our nurses, healthcare workers, truckers, all who have been illegally fired. If you support mandates you are NOT Canadian, your are a 1930’s German. Forget the police. War measures act just like daddy. Get ready to take these idiots down with the Canadian military. FreedomConvoy2022 vaccinate

Erin O'Toole plans to meet with truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Ottawa | CBC NewsConservative Leader Erin O'Toole said Thursday he will meet with truckers taking part in a protest against vaccine mandates set for this weekend on Parliament Hill — but does not plan to meet with the actual organizers of the convoy. Of course he will. He needs to beg for their votes bc they’re being purged to PPC. CBCNews As apposed to Justin Trudeau “2022 Hide and Seek World Champion” TrudeauMustGo

FluTruxKlan trends on Twitter as trucker convoy passes through TorontoAs the so-called 'Truckers Freedom Convoy' makes its way through Toronto en route to Ottawa in protest of vaccine mandates and other meas... Media blows on fire!!! Stay classy and for unneccessary amplification of your class contempt.

'Canadian truckers rule' — Elon Musk joins Donald Trump Jr. cheering on vaccine protest barreling toward TrudeauElon Musk voiced his support for a so\u002Dcalled freedom convoy of Canadian truckers on their way to Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates Thankfully, this is not America. 'Elon trolls Canadian media and their progressive partners.' Fixed it for you. Like they're not screwing up their own country?

Article was updated 41 mins ago JOIN THE CONVERSATION The latest coronavirus news from Canada and around the world Saturday.Copy article link Copy link Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says nobody wants a planned anti-vaccination protest on Parliament Hill this weekend to turn into a violent attempt to overthrow the government and warned people not to dismiss the protesters as simple freedom fighters.The group of truckers began a cross-country trip in British Columbia over the weekend and are headed to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.Effective midnight Friday, indoor dining at restaurants will be able to resume at 50-per-cent capacity, as will businesses that had been closed, including spas, salons and gyms.

This file will be updated throughout the day. Web links to longer stories if available . Some of the group’s leaders are calling for a peaceful event, but statements from some associated with the group have included threats of violence. 10:20 a. There was also a large crowd of demonstrators observed at a planned meeting point in Vaughan Mills, many of whom were holding signage that was critical of lockdowns and other public health measures.m. Ottawa police warned Thursday they won’t tolerate criminal behaviour. Ontario is reporting 3,439 people hospitalized with COVID-19 and 597 in the ICU. Severe illness trends:.

There are at least 4,855 new cases of COVID-19. “We are aware of inappropriate and threatening language on social media related to this event. There have also been concerns about some groups with extremist beliefs attaching themselves to the protest, though organizers have insisted that their planned demonstration will remain peaceful. 82 per cent of patients admitted to the ICU were admitted for COVID-19 and 18 per cent were admitted for other reasons but have tested positive for COVID-19. With another 56 deaths reported on Saturday, Ontario has reported more COVID-19 deaths in the last week (442) than any seven-day period of the entire pandemic, according to the Star’s Ed Tubb. That said, public safety is paramount — there will be consequences for persons engaging in criminal conduct, violence and/or activities promoting hate. 10:05 a. There's husbands and wives, there's all kinds of different nationalities and I have yet to see any violence.m. Buildings in the Parliamentary district are being closed and locked except for essential staff as of Friday and workers warned of threats of physical damage.

The halls of justice may have become less crowded as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, say legal experts, and they warn there are still unanswered questions ahead. Two years ago, when the pandemic first gripped the country, trials were delayed and the public was banned from courthouses. 27, 2022, before a cross-country convoy protesting a federal vaccine mandate for truckers is expected on Saturday. The OPP also issued an alert just before 11 a. The entire system came to a grinding halt. The courts have limped along since then with online appearances and filings, largely administrative changes that had been encouraged by the legal community for years. Christian Laplante, an asset manager at Public Services and Procurement Canada, also said “vulnerable areas on Crown sites are being secured as a precautionary measure. "There's all sorts of positive outcomes to the trend that the pandemic has necessitated," said Tony Paisana, a law professor at the University of British Columbia and chairman of the Canadian Bar Association's national criminal justice section. “We are going to be monitoring the situation and we are working with the organizers and communicating with them to try to understand what their intentions are,” OPP Sgt.

10 a. “Please be prepared to secure your operations as you see fit.m. Two nurses on Long Island are accused of forging COVID-19 vaccination cards and pocketing more than $1. He said if their homes or constituency offices are targeted they should not engage, but close and lock all exterior doors and get somewhere safe. “ Organizers of the so-called “freedom convoy” have said that the protest will follow all local laws.5 million from the scheme, prosecutors and police said. Julie DeVuono, the owner of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, and her employee, Marissa Urraro, are both charged with felony forgery, and DeVuono also is charged with offering a false instrument for filing. Kim Ayotte, the City of Ottawa’s general manager of emergency and protective services, said in a statement Thursday that “impacts are anticipated to be felt” from Friday to Sunday as demonstrators arrive in the downtown core.

Both were arraigned Friday. He has said that those individuals "do not represent the views of Canadians. Messages seeking comment were left Saturday with their lawyers. 0:24 Singh’s brother-in-law donated $13K to trucker convoy Singh’s brother-in-law donated $13K to trucker convoy He said the city is working with police and other partners to ensure the safety of the public is maintained, and that dedicated lanes are kept clear for emergency vehicles. Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney said DeVuono and Urraro handed out fake vaccination cards, charging $220 for adults and $85 for children. DeVuono, a nurse practitioner, and Urraro, a licensed practical nurse, entered the false information into the state's immunization database, he said.2 cases. Why all of a sudden do we think we're going to have one today? We're not,” he said. 9:45 a.

m. Froislie said the home’s partner agencies, which provide government-subsidized care for residents, have indicated their staff may have difficulty coming to the building over the next day or so. The daily count of new coronavirus infections in Russia spiked above 110,000 on Saturday as the highly contagious Omicron variant races through the vast country. Related Stories. The state coronavirus task force reported 113,122 new infections over the past 24 hours — an all-time high and a sevenfold increase from early in the month, when daily case counts were about 15,000. “It’s an extreme inconvenience,” he said. The task force said 668 people died of COVID-19 in the past day, bring Russia's total fatality count for the pandemic to 330,111, by far the deadliest toll in Europe. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday that “it is obvious that this number is higher and possibly much higher,” because “many people don’t get tested” or have no symptoms. If we’re short-staffed then it’s a lot of extra work for the team.

8:30 a.m. Read more: Police preparing for trucker convoy stop in Kingston Louann Sayeau, general manager of Governor’s Walk Retirement Residence in New Edinburgh, said she does not expect the potential traffic disruptions to affect them very much, though she has personally reached out to her staff to ensure they are able to come in if something happens. Two weeks ago, Hugo Croft-Levesque was staring down imminent bankruptcy for his once-thriving Toronto kick-boxing gyms. Even with $250,000 in government subsidies since COVID-19 restrictions began crushing his business, Croft-Levesque was more than $80,000 in debt. 15. For the first time since the pandemic began, he couldn’t pay rent.

On the verge of collapse, he managed to buy himself more time — his landlords agreed to wait until the next round of subsidies hit his bank account. Story continues below advertisement The United States policy preventing unvaccinated Canadian truckers from entering the U. Just how much time he’s got, it’s not clear, with federal programs designed to give businesses a fighting chance during waves of lockdowns and restrictions set to phase out in the coming months. Pandemic aid has kept even unsuccessful businesses afloat, with bankruptcies down. took effect Jan. As supports draw to an end, experts say to expect a torrent of insolvencies — and that’s not a bad thing. Read more from the Star’s Rosa Saba. A GoFundMe page set up by organizers has garnered $6.

8:15 a.m. The money is to go toward the cost of fuel, food, and accommodations for participating protesters, according to the fundraising campaign page. Nova Scotia has issued a highway blockade ban, citing the areas near the border with New Brunswick, ahead of demonstrations that are expected to be held in parallel with Saturday’s trucker “Freedom convoy” protest in Ottawa. In a directive released under the province’s Emergency Management Act late Friday afternoon, Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Lohr prohibited partial or complete blockades on all the roads in the province, before specifically citing the provincial border and the trucker protest. An initial $1 million has been withdrawn by the organizer to cover fuel costs of participants “who are peacefully protesting,” the spokesperson said. “It is a criminal offence to blockade a highway anywhere at any time,” said ministry spokesperson Krista Higdon in an email.

Read more from the Star’s Steve McKinley. Gen. 8 a.m. Story continues below advertisement There is nothing in the Constitution allowing for such orders to occur and Mendicino said nobody should “trivialize the organizers’ distorted claims that this is a protest about freedom. Physicians and outreach workers at St. Michael’s Hospital are seeing an alarming rise in the number of homeless individuals coming to the emergency department seeking shelter and suffering from severe cold-related injuries, including frostbite, painful foot infections and life-threatening hypothermia.S.

Hospital staff say the crisis has escalated in the last two weeks due to a critical lack of space in the city’s shelter system, hit hard by the Omicron variant . The extreme winter temperatures gripping the city, combined with at-capacity shelters, mean more homeless people need emergency care after prolonged exposure outdoors.B. And more in the unhoused population are seeking shelter in the ER as a place of last resort, hospital staff report. “They quite literally have no place else to go,” said LP Pavey, an outreach worker in St. “It’s about a fringe group, many of whom are not truckers, who are spreading lies, about vaccines, about health workers, and frankly, about the media. Michael’s emergency department.

7:45 a. And they understand that if we really want to safeguard our freedoms and vaccines and vaccine mandates are the best way to get ourselves out of the pandemic.m. Austria plans to loosen coronavirus restrictions in February, government officials announced Saturday. But there are links between some convoy participants and white supremacist ideology, and in one YouTube video, that has since been taken down, one man pushed for the protest to become a repeat of the riot that overtook the U. Starting Feb. 5, restaurants will be allowed to remain open until midnight, as opposed to 10 p. Capitol Building in Washington, D.

m, Chancellor Karl Nehammer said at a Saturday news conference. In addition, rules effectively barring unvaccinated people from stores and restaurants will be phased out., a year ago. Starting Feb. 12, proof of vaccination or recovery will no longer be required to enter shops. Surrender is not an option. A week later, on Feb.

19, entry into restaurants will be allowed for all who can prove vaccination, recovery or a negative coronavirus test. “I think there has to be a very clear point of departure from what is free speech and expression and the kind of incitement to encourage others to take up arms, to create a Jan. 7:30 a.m. “And there needs to be a very bright line of condemnation and denunciation around that. Toronto is moving from trying to eradicate COVID-19 to learning to live with the virus while minimizing its negative impacts — just as we do every year with influenza, says public health chief Dr. Eileen de Villa. “Whenever you have five or ten-thousand people who are part of any group, you’re bound to have a number who have or say unacceptable things and they should be individually responsible for the things they say and do,” he said.

She told reporters at a Friday briefing that public health officials around the world are concluding that, given how many people are being infected with COVID-19’s Omicron variant, a “COVID zero strategy” no longer makes sense. “People are talking about eventually getting to a point where COVID is more endemic — it’s part and parcel of our background.” Story continues below advertisement Ottawa braces for ‘significant’ trucker convoy disruptions as police warn of risks Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said Thursday that he would meet with some of the truckers from the convoy, only days after initially refusing to say whether he supported their efforts. You may see some flare-ups over time,” that will strain the health system and kill some people, she said. That suffering will be minimized with vaccinations, masking, distancing and ventilation, de Villa said, adding that “learning to live with COVID can be seen as akin to something along the lines of how we manage influenza on a yearly basis. In the same breath, O’Toole also denounced people involved in the convoy who are espousing racist and extremist ideas. Read more from the Star’s David Rider.

7 a. Trudeau and the fact that people are tired, there’s a fatigue in this country, there’s division and there are millions of people who feel they’re no longer being heard,” he said.m. Thousands of protesters are expected to continue a weekend-long rally to oppose COVID-19 restrictions and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government in Ottawa's downtown core on Saturday.” The Canadian Trucking Alliance has disavowed the protest and said more than 85 per cent of truckers are vaccinated. Protesters descended on Parliament Hill Friday morning, and the crowd grew steadily in size throughout the day as big rigs rolled into downtown to oppose vaccine mandates, including cross-border requirements for truckers. Police have warned their intelligence is flagging the potential for violence. © 2022 The Canadian Press.

But the atmosphere Friday was more like a festival, as protesters danced in front of the Centennial Flame to Stevie Wonder's"Superstition," carrying signs that read"coercion does not equal consent" and"mandate freedom." 6 a.m. In Sainte-Anastasie-sur-Issole, a village that curls catlike in verdant Provence hillocks, voters are making an early start on France's presidential election. From their ballot box this weekend and next will come the name of the candidate — picked from among dozens — that they want their mayor to endorse.

Normally, the choice would be Mayor Olivier Hoffmann's alone, under a right that, at election time, turns small-potato public office-holders into hot properties — wooed by would-be candidates who need 500 endorsements from elected officials to get onto the April ballot. But in an inflamed climate of election-time politics, and with fury among opponents of COVID-19 vaccinations increasingly bubbling over into violence directed at elected representatives, Sainte-Anastasie's staunchly apolitical mayor doesn't want to be seen taking sides. Read more from The Associated Press. 5:45 a.m.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said late Saturday she is self-isolating after coming into close contact with a person infected with the coronavirus. The exposure came on a flight from the town of Kerikeri to the largest city of Auckland. New Zealand's Governor-General Cindy Kiro was also on the Jan. 22 flight and has also gone into isolation. Both women had been in the Northland region to do some filming ahead of New Zealand's national day, Waitangi Day, on Feb.

6. “The Prime Minister is asymptomatic and is feeling well,” her office said in a statement. “In line with Ministry of Health advice she will be tested immediately tomorrow and will isolate until Tuesday.” 4 a.m.

Indonesia is bracing for a third wave of COVID-19 infections as the highly transmissible Omicron variant drives a surge in new cases, health authorities and experts said Saturday. The country reported 9,905 new infections and seven deaths on Friday in the latest 24-hour period. It was the highest daily caseload since August last year when the country was struggling to contain a delta-driven wave. Indonesia had recovered from last year's spike in cases and deaths that was among the worst in the region, and daily infections had fallen to about 200 by December. But cases are rising again just weeks after the country reported its first local Omicron case.