Thousands of protesters opposed to COVID-19 rules converge on Parliament Hill, with more en route | CBC News

2022-01-29 9:29:00 PM

Thousands of protesters opposed to COVID-19 rules converge on Parliament Hill, with more en route | CBC News

Thousands of protesters opposed to COVID-19 rules converge on Parliament Hill, with more en route | CBC News

A convoy of thousands of truckers and other protesters have descended on Parliament Hill to call for an end to COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other public health restrictions — a raucous demonstration that has police on high alert for possible violence even as organizers urge the growing crowd to be peaceful.

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CTV News Calgary at Six for Wednesday, August 17, 2022

CTV News Calgary at Six

They moved by hiring a truck. C'mon.. everyone knows hes in tofino surfing The dangerous extremists are now making snow angels on Parliament hill. CanadianInsurrection TheRealKeean Anyone else find it disgusting that Canadian media outlets have found a few individual stories of people acting dumb, many articles & coverage, but nothing about actual issues for which many peaceful people are protesting for? Disgusting media should be ashamed of itself

What type of “leader” won’t face the people? I truly hope Canadians remember this next election, and the liberal party picks someone else as their leader. Wonder how many of them have a gun in their truck? Lol. Trudeau is hiding again. That isn't news. Hope he never comes back, and you CBC support him disgusting

Because if there’s one thing a bunch of red neck truckers will respond to, it’s a Liberal PM asking them to “behave” CbC and their fake news again... FFS, CBC try using real journalism intead of fear mongering on behalf of The Liberals, Joseph Goebbels would be proud of how you conduct yourselves when spreading misinformation.

NHL investigation says there is insufficient evidence Evander Kane broke COVID-19 rulesThe NHL has concluded its investigation of Evander Kane and found that there was insufficient evidence that he lied about his COVID-19 status when travelling during the holiday period.

CBC should be ashamed of your biased reporting! Oh yeah, the government funds you. Keep doing what they say, instead of actually reporting both sides of a story On kahns Island? Haha, Western democracy! Great now everyone will get covid. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Did you tell antifa they should behave? Coward Awaiting false flags to turn public opinion

Poor baby Justin has coward-19, wahhh wahhh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Kenney looks toward lifting COVID-19 restrictions once hospital numbers start dropping | CBC NewsKenney said the decision would be based on data, and what the province can learn from other jurisdictions where the Omicron wave is ahead of Alberta's. How to know if you have vitamin D deficiency to avoid any complications in winter Its gonna get pretty hard for Kenney to keep whining about federal covid mandates when it actually him enacting the mandates in Alberta. Like Kenny cares about Data .😂

The rats are leaving the ship... Put them in a jail. It doesn't get any safer and that is exactly where Trudeau belongs. His father had alot more balls than he does. Hey ...he could hide out on your website. No one looks there! They can stay there till summer. Nothing will come of all the fuss. What? You think the govt will listen or do anything? Since when do they care what people think.

coward Coward Pure propaganda funded by our tax dollars! DefundCBC Justine, where are you...I guess not as many people like you as you thought, well 33%. No revolution can happen without the support of the national military. And that is very risky because if it fails, the participants would lose their positions and pensions and face trial for high treason.

B.C. reports 13 more COVID-19 deaths, 141 in intensive careB.C. health officials says 90 per cent of people 12 and older have received second shot of COVID-19 vaccine The pandemic ended a long time ago With 75000000 vaccinated shots 11000 booster shots you can see how it is working / not

“Amid the cowardice that is the prime minister, he has fled instead of Facing a large number of concerned Canadian citizens with genuine concerns” there, fixed. Move them right out of the country. Just to be extra safe. 🙄 Bets he went on a helicopter to Agah Khan's island AGAIN? Trudeau fiddles while Canada prospers. What a glorious weekend! Thank-you Canadians for FREEDOM & UNITY.

Nothing positive from the CBC propaganda machine. I was at the freedom Rally all day. Very peaceful, happy with all races and walks of life. The CBC has to be dismantled. I use to support it buts it's a negative manipulation agenda machine. Me at the capital today. CowardOfTheCottage DefundCBC Took his surf board and went to Tofino.

The extreme protesters have shown what Canada means to them and unrealistically feel they can replace them. I would never ever follow this group ever. Wish they would have moved JT out of the country never to return. What does that tell you about his leadership or lack of it? Hopefully he takes this opportunity to step down.

Vachik Mangassarian, 'N.C.I.S.' actor, dies of complications from COVID-19Actor Vachik Mangassarian has died of COVID-19 complications, according to his manager. Sure...

Liberals told everyone that this would have violence but there is none so now liberals will go to the next thing to show how evil Canadians are yet we are all Canadians. I see fear in liberal tweets because they are wrong and have nothing else but distraction from what matters Those pesky Russian sponsored invaders are at it again CBC 'NEWS' boldly states.

IStandWithTrudeau Really what the F)K is this! We can't protect our PM from Trucker's !!!! -Disappointed with the lack of live coverage by CBC/CBCNN, much of the time the same segments keep being repeated. Many viewers relied on one British YouTube channel for live streaming... As he should. Liberals crying over truckers, but not over burning businesses 🤡🤡🤡

Are we surprised? Always funny how they are the perpetrators of the blow up yet run when the people want answers. Trudeau needs to stop hiding and trying to dismiss Canadians citizens. Step up Trudeau . Even the WHO does not recommend demanding vaxes for intl travel!! Whose science are we following ? Fuck should of got him while he was hiding at home

Sask. premier hints at lifting restrictions as COVID-19 cases begin to crestSaskatchewan’s premier is hinting some COVID-19 restrictions could soon be lifted, saying current measures may have run their course. How can he do this to us? It’s like taking a baby away from his mother.

Trudeau was threatened by the high levels of freedom being demonstrated outside his work place 😂😂😂😂😂😂🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥 He is just a coward that needs to hide from his own people, and he is scare and unwilling to confront and speak the opinion of others. Where are the news of the protest and the coverage to the truckers where is the balance on communication ?

I’m sure he was “moved” when he said he was isolating when the restrictions said he didn’t have to…HE AVOIDED ADDRESSING THE PEOPLE like he avoids answering questions in the House of Commons…he’s a embarrassment 💯 Ordinary people with an opinion = THE SCARY. There's no real credible threat to the Prime Minister or his family. It's all theatre to drive a wider wedge into the nation.

He run to USA. He can stay there forever. I can't trust with this TV news anymore. So sad for this to happen in Canada. Jan 29th 2022, PM office to start commision on a Jan 6th similair event at nations capital. Insurrectionist infiltrated downtown Ottawa. RCMP along with FBI looking into laying serious charges. Our brave PM and family moved to undisclosed location.

New Brunswick to allow in-person classes, ease COVID-19 restrictionsNew Brunswick government says students can return to in-class learning next week

Good thing this isn't a game of capture the flag. Its not a good look when the nation's leader goes into hiding. The Russians are behind this!! Right CBC?! That’s what you said so it must be true You mean he's on a private flight to Tofino? Heeft hij zo’n slecht geweten 😳🤗 dramaqueen ResignTrudeau TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauWorstPMEver TrudeauResign

Bahahahahaha TurdeauIsUSELESS 💩... Oh my goodness this is soooo fun a brand-new Quarantine game... Where'sWaldo.... oops I mean JustinTrudeau Hahaha, how do you say 'weasel' in French? Store shelves still full So this little Trudeau is going to lead us in a grand crusade to save Ukraine, but he is too afraid to remain where he is because some peaceful protesters are not in love with him? 🙄🙄🙄

Bahahahahahaha You can run, but you can't hide forever. You might as well just resign while you've got the chance He withdraws from his duties, shamelessly. Jacinta Arden, the New Zealand’s PM had a similar move. We should see more and more coward heads of states doing this. Trudeau and his family... Perhaps JustinTrudeau could address these protesters before they become an unruley mob. We may not agree with them but they want to know that they are being heard. It can be audio, or video but please step up Mr Primeminister.

In my country we say 'it is not the same to invoke the beast than to see it arrive' , that is what Trudeau did, he woke up the beast, and now is hiding instead of facing it Just as a note, the Patriote flags you see are often a specific variant created by the FLQ and are notable for including a star and a Patriote figure on them. That is not the version of the flag used in the Lower Canada Rebellion

Coward!!! But he said it's only a small fringe group. What's the worry?

They are behaving. What security concerns? He is perfectly able to address the nation at this time. Why has he not? cdnpoli onpoli convoytoottawa2022 Nobody believes anything you say. Why are THESE trucks allowed in the streets when normally they are not? Follow the rules is not at all in the wiring, is it? I say let them cross the border but don't let them back in. They can live out their dream in Texas.

If you want to act like jackasses please feel free to move to the States…to deface the Terry Fox statue in Ottawa is a bridge too far More like hiding🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love all those pro-death demonstrators ❤️ Deefenbunker.

We're all watching the biased reporting of CBC on this story and are laughing our heads off. They're concerned that it's going to turn 'violent'. They've undoubtedly got something 'staged' to discredit the truckers. Propaganda is alive and well in Trudeau's communist Kanada. Impeach Justine Trudeau! Trudeau, during your 3rd term, set-up a new charity & called it THEY, & if something happened again, tell media & Canadians “THEY” did it not “WE!”

Trudeau's mother officially became the only Canadian woman whose husband and son both become prime ministers for 2 & 3 terms, respectively! Concerned for a peaceful demonstration? Why did PierrePoilievre MaximeBernier and others go speak with the crowd? Guess he will be hiding for a while because the trucks aren’t leaving until mandates are dropped Chuck_zw brianlilley JustinTrudeau

Everything is so theatrical with this Prime Minister. Give me a freaking break. My goodness, do you guys ever want a frame this as an absolutely violent and extremist protest. What happened when antifa and all sorts of other crazy left-wing nut groups were involved with BLM? kinsellawarren Yesterday he was CowardOfTheCottage today he is CowardOfTheCountry Come on out and talk.

What security concerns? BlushingBelles Skippy runs away.... acoyne Trudeau is meow meow cdnpoli

He’s staying at my place. acoyne Where are Hon. Bill Blair and Officer Bubbles - who are experts in crowd control based upon their G20 heroism. They would know what do do now.😼 Why don't you talk to the truckers who are protesting and report what they say instead of just talking about possible violence and threats. Shame on you Canadian media.

kinsellawarren If you believe the Trucker Convoy is full of a small, fringe, group of white supremacists, you’ve been propagandized. DreaHumphrey When we first came to Canada we couldn’t understand the concept of “ice cream socials” in the depth of Winter. Ice cream when it’s cold outside? Seriously? Now I don’t do storm chips - it’s ice cream all the way. Stock up on Magnums:)

🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑...BAAAAAAAAAAAA CowardOfTheCottage Aw... muffin. Travelers Haven on Prince of Wales for sure.

In case there’s a Russian invasion right? The diefenbunker is ready for him. Trudeau, came from wealth and privledge, never worked a day in his life, and likley never met a trucker. How embarrassing for him, we haven't had a strong leader for a while White terrorism What has Canada come to. Disturbing.

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