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'They need to up their game': Scheer on fed response

'They need to up their game': Scheer on fed COVID-19 response

2020-03-28 2:01:00 PM

'They need to up their game ': Scheer on fed COVID-19 response

Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the federal government needs to ' up their game ' in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Published Saturday, March 28, 2020 7:00AM EDTLeader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer rises during Question Period in the House of Commons Wednesday, February 5, 2020 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian WyldSHAREOTTAWA -- Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the federal government needs to "up their game" in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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He made the comments in an interview with CTV Question Period Host Evan Solomon, airing Sunday."I believe that in several instances, as we've seen the government respond to this crisis, they've been slow, they've been following other countries' lead, they need to up their game," Scheer said.

Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inboxHe said it's up to the opposition to ensure the government is "held accountable for their mistakes."Specifically, Scheer pointed to the timeline of the government's decision to restrict air travel and close borders as evidence of areas where the government dropped the ball.

"They have consistently had to reverse their own positions," Scheer said."I'd point out to you the fact that they said that restricting air travel and closing the borders were not effective ways to stop the spread, only to have to do the same thing just a few days later."

The government has consistently pushed back on questions about why certain actions were not undertaken sooner. For example, during a Thursday press conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quizzed on why the government wasn’t quicker to act on making a 14 day self-isolation period mandatory for travellers returning from abroad.

Trudeau responded that Canadians seemed to be following the guidelines, but once it became apparent that some people were refusing to adhere to public health advice, the government was forced to ramp up its response."We know that the vast majority of Canadians have been following the guidelines set out for their own protection and for the protection of all of us. Unfortunately, there is are a number of people who have not been following the guidelines are there for their protection, which is why we've had to take this next step of bringing in the Quarantine Act," Trudeau said.

Trudeau also gave an interview with CTV Question Period on Sunday, March 15, during a time when Conservatives had been calling for border closures."We’re going to continue trusting our public health officials," Trudeau said at the time, adding that he is "hearing the concerns people have had."

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Two days later, Canada shut down its borders to non-essential travel, with U.S. citizens exempted. The next day, U.S. citizens were also barred from non-essential entry into Canada.Speaking to Solomon for Sunday’s episode of CTV Question Period, Scheer said Canada has been slower to act than some other countries.

"There were other countries around the world that very quickly brought in those types of travel restrictions, so obviously there were experts saying that it needed to be done, we were calling for it to be done, and it turns out we were right," Scheer said.

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Quite already , you are in the fecking way. Shut up Scheer. Not the time and most of the country is tired of your worn out narrative that is forever filled with blame & hate. At least they got game. Not sure what AndrewScheer has... American citizenship? No one wants to hear from Andy! Time to sit down and be quiet!

Remember the election results AndrewScheer? The majority don’t care what you think. Shhh...have a seat. PRICE GOUGING, DOUG FORD and JUSTIN TRUDEAU TAKE A LOOK AT THE BANKS CREDIT CARD INTEREST RATES 19% to 25% Bank rate lowered to 0.25% Many could use the help to get these lowered, no excuse for these%! JustinTrudeau FordNation Covid_19

When will the party change leader? This guy needs to stay out of politics One trick pony AndrewScheer with no game plan himself No one wants to hear this guy speak Trudeau the cowardly leftist liberal man boy is too busy huddled in his tax payer paid for room. I don’t want to hear one more negative thing, he has to say.

Trudeau selected his cabinet using *identity politics* as the sole criteria-not qualifications, education, experience, merit but the color of ones skin & whether one had a vagina. Consequences of that are on full display. cdnpoli onpoli bcpoli abpoli cdnecon cdchealth Yet just a few days ago you rejected what the liberals were suggesting thereby threatening the lives and livelihoods of Canadians ... you really need to go. JustinTrudeau AndrewScheer

Nice lips. Who dis? AndrewScheer go away, like Canada told you to do.. He is such a waste of fresh air🤬 If you have a plan or a viable suggestion, now is your time to speak up, otherwise.... The give him more time to play opposition person If you you've got practical, useful, concrete ideas that are for the good of us all by all means share them.

Scheer needs to shut up Stop being a tiny little baby man Andrew. Saddle up and help shoulder to shoulder. And you need to go away and stay away. Thank you. Andy is a joke. The government has uped their game. Andy needs to stop cutting the governments legs out from under them. It’s real easy to be an armchair quarterback and pick apart what others have done.

Scheer needs to up his shut. Worst thing the Conservatives ever did , was to let Shreer stay on. Should have put intern leader . Does more damage to his party . For who ever going be there leader He needs to sit down and be quiet. Calling out wrong doings is one thing, but picking apart every sentence to find a spelling mistake and pouncing is very American. (Metaphorically) and as we are seeing America is not winning at anything currently

Yes...But they are a minority government...WHAT the hell is the opposition doing...Canada has a huge problem🤔 Trust me AndrewScheer nobody gives a shit what you think. Interesting that once he’s not trying to get elected, Andrew Sheers becomes a more thoughtful human being. I fully agree with Mr. Sheers’ critique of the feds.

Sheer nonsense should just pay back the stolen tuition money and go back to getting coffee for insurance brokers Why is Scheer still talking? I am so confused. Breaking News: Justin has been tested and has no COVID-19 detected but has shown a positive test showing of condescending ,arrogant, self-righteous, spiteful, superficial and pretentious traits WOW

No one cares what he thinks. In good times cons/business are capitalists who believe in small gov, low taxes and self reliance. In bad times they become socialist who complain that the government bailouts (social reliance) are too low and too slow. After the crisis they complain that gov debt is too high.

Why are we surprised... ofcourse he found something to crib about. AndrewScheer How about instead of sweeping criticisms in a time of national/global crisis, if you have a suggestion as to how we can do something better, please be specific and share it. Well look who is in favour of governments helping people when it’s expedient.

AndrewScheer ...who are you again? He’s going to change his mind and run for the leadership. That’s my Saturday morning theory. Scheer needs to “up and disappear” already....although, the CPC really can’t damage their image and relevance much more anyways. Anyone got any masking tape? Go away Andrew just go away and get lost.

Scheer talks like hes still relevant. Hes not. The reason the conservatives lost the last election is because he cannot be trusted to lead. Unless they replace this irrelevant waste of air with someone competent they will lose again. The feds aren't even in the game. The provinces are carrying the ball and doing all the real work.

Here AndrewScheer Since you choose to be petty at a time when our country needs to work together, let me help you, er, EDUCATE you with a few things happening the past weeks! STOP your politics now, and instead Click and learn 👉 👉 👉 Backseat politics is easy. So is living in retrospect. What are you doing AndrewScheer to contain the spread of this virus? Your support will do you more good than criticism right now, it would legitimize you as a leader, take notes from fordnation. I wish you and your family health, no sour grapes here.

Why is Sheer still around ? I thought we were done with that gong show . Is Andy still in Canada Shhhhhh Andy, the adults are talking Sad to learn today that the gov't ordered our store to close last week but their assistance program for small business does not cover businesses with the owner and only one employee who makes less then $50,000 - $1,000,000 a year.

Get some balls scheer! DEMAND that sonofabitch COMMUNIST FOLLOWS America's Easter LEAD to get back to work! getbacktowork Shame on you - It’s no time for this - We are better together Mr. Scheer! Time for YOU to step UP and be supportive NOT critical AT this time! AndrewScheer you lost and resigned so either Go Away or HELP

Good for you Andrew, keep it up and ignore these fools that voted for JT, hope your all proud of what you’ve done to Canada you shameful liberal voters With due respect Mr. Scheer, this is not a GAME! So he suddenly knows how to manage a viral pandemic? When oh when will CPC stop politicizing this situation. NOT helping

Says Casper the ghost ...maybe all our leaders should be on the corona team together He can pick the mistakes only But No clue at all how to fix.not qualify as leader The sooner this clown is gone from the political landscape the better. When is Scheer going to jail ? The replies in this tweet that “bash” Scheer obviously have no idea how our parliament works! He is leader of the opposition - he doesn’t have the authority to enact any public health measures - he can only put “suggestions” in with his recommendations IE HELPING...1/

Oh! You would do better? Scheer would be like Trump, screw the people lets take care of our Rich! They did try and up their game but went about wrong way they wanted more money cause that what we will need this will take months problem libs didnt consult Oh shut up All the liberals on this thread r wacked, where is ur leader ? still hiding ? him and butt head trying to come up with another power grab ? mayb he’s sending more medical equipment somewhere, shit send him a resume, he’ll prob hire ya, he’ll hire anyone apparently

CTV you do no good in promoting this nonsense. This is time for Canadians to come together. Where are the interviews of hope and encouragement? South Korea & Taiwan are exemplary examples of government intervention without prejudice. Immediately shut down and isolated the countries to the outside world.

In tomorrow's news, scheer demands the gov't stop spending so much money! :-( AndrewScheer How about we play a fun game where we pretend we are in the present and figure out what we can do NOW and after this is all over then criticize all you want cdnpoli Sheer still salty Imagine if Scheer was PM . We'd be so worried about our economic state as a country , the ppl wouldn't matter.

It’s not a game Can’t stand back seat drivers Easy to say when you're bowing out. Apparently some flights are coming from China with aid material! Said the guy watching the game from the sidelines. Andrew who? Conservatives are trying to take advantage of the pandemic to benefit themselves. Stop complaining. Start helping. Trudeau and team have done an incredible job.

I hate AndrewScheer as much as I hate realDonaldTrump. Honestly. His entire demeanor just screams 'adore me' and it's pathetic and weak. Jfc🙄 Shut up AndrewScheer! Time for you to go home. Conservative Television Network promoting their boss! AndrewScheer Shhhh...and sit down AndrewScheer. No one cares what you think and most are grateful you aren’t calling the shots.

He isn’t wrong. Getting tired of hearing socially isolate yourselves. You can only do that for so long. Time to start pumping money into more vaccine testing, plasma testing something faster than the stay at home solution. Scheer needs to get a grip on reality and sit this one out. sit down Dimples. Stay in your lane AndrewScheer and that lane is staying at home with your mouth shut!

AndrewScheer will always be the village idiot. The door is that way AndrewScheer we already voted you out. Take a hint. damn straight If Scheer has an idea share it with the PM or get on the phone and help. Useless rhetoric only demonstrates why he is being replaced. Can I just remind everyone that the NDP and the CPC have been playing gotcha politics through out this whole ordeal. Meeting on Feb 26th. Read for yourselves.

Andrew Scheer is absolutely correct! The Federal Govt has been extremely slow to stop travel & close the border. CND’s have been begging them for weeks to make the changes. We begged them to do it before March break. Other countries are doing better as acted faster. Failure!!!!! Hey, hey over here it's Paul sheer, no matter what the government does it's fucked because I'm captain hindsight and I would do everything differently

Let’s see here, he’s holding daily briefings keeping Canadians informed. Mr Dimples is still not over the fact it was his election to lose. Go away Andrew. Sorry CTV. This just got you blocked. We have enough stress & anxiety right now without this rw bullsh*t. Sit down, shut up, & watch our excellent fed gov get the job done-with no help from the blue-bias media. I've had enough!

WHY IS HE STILL SPEAKING?! Your time is up Andy! Move aside and let the adults handle this ...I hope he isn't thinking this qualifies as much needed entertainment.😥 No time to be throwing stones at each other..this virus is NOT a political platform..we are ALL in this together and HAVE to WORK each other to save CANADA 🇨🇦 get her WE ARE STRONGER.....❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦🙏

Not a fan of the liberal party,but I do know if the Conservatives where in power the concern would be maintaining a balanced budget and not the financial welfare of our citizens. cdnpoli uspoli coronavirus CoronavirusPandemic AndrewScheer You just don't get it, do you Scheer? It's not a 'game'. Tens of thousands of people are dying. Hundreds of thousands are getting gravely ill.

Scheer shutup, the government is doing fine. Way to hold opposition leader to account. Was this sponsored content? anyone fact check, research claims? anyone think reason govt was incrementally bringing policy to avoid panic. Why was cpc campaign co chair in saudi arabia b4 elxn? 700k in missing funds laundered thru olo

Why aren't you contributing instead of not picking. You are irrelevant. Then, why did the opposition curtail there abilities to do this? Zero credibility It’s always easy to criticize when your not the one leading the situation. comeragewithme That what we get for having a prime minister more interested in pictures and autographs. Ffs

And he needs to take a seat and remember how unwanted he was at the polls outside of Alberta. Bye Karen 👋🏼 Why is CTV even interviewing this failed politician? He’s a has-been who is merely giving us the benefit of his 20-20 hindsight. Let’s allow our public officials to keep taking the lead on this and keep the partisan politics out of it.

Newsflash: this virus doesn’t care that your guy walks in parades and the other doesn’t. It doesn’t care that the PM is a Liberal and Scheer is a Conservative. Read the article. You don’t have to like Scheer, but he’s right. YOU should demand more action from your government. Inappropriate. Politicizing this will not help. Find ways to work together to guide Canadians through this crisis. If you know of a way to ‘up their game’ say it.

Seriously? I am really becoming fed up with this media outlet. This isn't news. Everyone's hindsight is 20-20 right now. You appear to be a mouthpiece for CPC_HQ. Looking for some realjournalismplease AndrewScheer I’m so glad you’re not our PM! You were doing so well working together and now you’ve politicized this! Shame on you!!

Yesterday’s CON man. Living on borrowed time with free room and board How can “The Feds” up their game when the circus of opposition continues to block and delay things from getting done? Wake up! AndrewScheer no the conservatives have been silent for weeks. You have been silent. The public needed all the political leaders to cohesively create and initiate a plan. Mackay and his what virus crap. Your push for your better plan is too little too late.

No they don’t. They’ve been great Loser! Get lost. Stfu Says the leader of a party that is willing to gut services so the wealthy and corporations can pay as little taxes as they can. His advice we can do withou.t. “They”? Aren’t we all in this together? You are the opposition - don’t point fingers and say “something must be done” and not offer valid solutions to help. That is rule 1 of working as a team. WeAreInThisTogether

And what do you plan on doing! Ya I thought so! What happened to that cooperation know, that support not opposition stance from a couple days ago Good grief. Otherwise, speechless. You'd be awesome to fight with in a war, AndrewScheer . Scheer: 'Hey, you guys need to go attack the enemy. I'll be back here pointing them out and evaluating your aim'. Nah, I'd leave this guy to clean the outhouse for when the soldiers get back from doing the work.

We all need to up our game Go away Scheer Mr scheer what would you do better ? So easy to complain when you are the opposition, just keep quiet or be positive. Wow, great suggestion, Mr. I've never actually done a damn thing. This really isn't a time for a bunch of hens to sit and point fingers from the sidelines. Go help a senior, you clearly are out of touch with reality. Now, is when we PULL TOGETHER.

Why are you even publishing this? AndrewScheer you need to offer you help and support or you need to just shut up. Your timing, as per usual, is totally off. Meanwhile Justin under house arrest 😂 Thank god he lost. AndrewScheer Why can't you leave quietly? The CPC's first concern with COVID was about our borrowing power since the Liberal government used the debt to GNP ratio as a measure of its prudent management of finances. I'm glad they are over that. I wonder if they were in government, would they follow Trump & Johnson?

Who is this Clown? AndrewScheer Saying “too late” is not helpful, and for an “opposition” leader, the most simplistic of challenges. Andrew. Try harder. Think of something useful and helpful. Try thinking forward. You aren’t any good in opposition let alone as government. Also AndrewScheer I think Trudeau is doing a good job on this crisis. We need less's not the time

If the cons were in power they would have first denied that there was a problem. Then bailed out their oil companies. Then finally tell the rest of us that they would pray for our well being. Thank goodness he is not our PM!!! Now is not the time to criticize. Jump in and help instead please. It would be comforting to see all parties working together to beat this virus.

STOP giving AndrewScheer the spotlight, he’s useless. The opposition can be far more constructive, but instead they choose to throw shit at the Liberals at every opportunity like a bunch of monkeys while they hide away. Why can’t you recognize opportunities to enhance the party’s image? Your drunk scheer go home

Stop the fighting and putting people down. I did not vote for Trudeau, but he is doing a really good job right now! The rest of you just sit down and shut up! Please stop interviewing this fool. He is corrupt and full of hate! Couldn’t imagine Scheer doing daily press briefings trying to reassure Canadians with that goofy smirk on his face.

Up their game how? I am no fan of Mr Trudeau, as a veteran he has treated myself and my family like human waste, however I believe he is handling this pandemic far far better than our neighbors to the south. And I’m sure you’d be much better at doing things faster and better. It’s easy to criticize when you don’t have to do anything. You’d never get your head around the enormity and complexity of the task

This is why you're 'outgoing' Andrew. Don't politicize this AndrewScheer, this is a crisis we as a country need to get through! Find ways to help! This is a petty partisan response that undermines the government's approach to date. Yes, they've made mistakes. But to suggest the Tories wound have handled everything perfectly? Pure bullshit.

Theres a reason why the conservatives lost the last election and hes still talking like he is relevant. Theres a reason the conservatives will lose the next election as well because they cant field any decent candidates that arent morons like this clown scheer That anyone still gives AndrewScheer the time of day or any credibility is baffling.

lol. Just a few days earlier Scheer commented that the oppositions role in these trying times had to shift from criticism. Criticism is all the man has, not one original constructive thought has he ever spoken. We are done with you Scheer! Rear view mirrors. He says this while his wannabe counterpart wonders why he can’t keep campaigning for the job. And says Yeeesh.

He’s irrelevant! Move on nothing to see here! He says this while his wannabe counterpart Peter McKay doesn’t get why he can’t keep selfishly campaigning for the job? And he comes off so disrespectful to ALL Canadians. AndrewScheer Why don't you up your game instead of criticizing what is or isn't done why don't you all work together for the better of all human beings.

Easy for him to say...he's not in the PMs position. This clown can't be out of the game fast enough. The time is now for all parties to work together. SCHEER would have done way worse. Look at us compared to the world. Good job so far Trudeau What is politics at the wrong time Alex this dufus only dreams he could be as good as the current PM at handling this pandemic

I think they have done a great job. With Britain getting 15 minute tests though I want to see that happen here in days. We don’t have real numbers and I found the doctors on line to be inadequate. Good Morning 'Cutie Pie's'! Are you ready to spread more lies and innuendos to the Canadian Public? Ps: New name for reporters of the MSM, courtesy of President Trump! His virus updates are more popular than pretty much anything on TV. But MSM want to silence him, I wonder why?

This from one of Harper's most loyal footmen, even when Harper was at his most paranoid, insisting on muzzling our own scientists, Scheer supported his policies. AndrewScheer needs to put his cleats away & leave the game for good & hope that no one ever examines his record. And his opinion

Actually, with the chips down, we are now seeing quite clearly the conservatives are lowest of the low. They have been truly useless during this pandemic. Skippy Sheer... there is insurance brokers without coffee, pay back the stolen tuition money and help them And he needs to slow his role and sit down.. Thought he left the game.

Andrew you need too go away! Who gives a flying fig what that useless candyass Harper toady says. The Cons are the party of anti science and anti facts. To hell with them. Do u even have a voice still ? Idiot It’s too bad that our Prime minister could not stop international flights sooner. Like 3 weeks sooner. Instead he chose photos with the Asian communities. Because we are racist. Give me a break. Sheer keep on him. Thank you!

Who? Oh sorry, Andy's still around? Yes your royal dumbness, what would your recommend? Yeah, he should be more like Scheer's buddy Kenney in Alberta. Cutting funding and laying off doctor during a pandemic. Go away Andy, you're useless. Why does the man who's qualified to do nothing keep giving opinions no one asked for? Just go away Andy, you aren't needed.

Good Morning 'Cutie Pies'! Are you ready to spread more Fakery and Lies to the Canadian Public? Ps: New name for reporters who Bloviate. Courtesy of the President of United States. Watching his updates are better than any show on TV these days. No wonder media want him silenced! Didn’t you resign? Go away or do something constructive to help. AndrewScheer

Seriously? Ok there, pal. I highly doubt you would be doing any better in this situation. Uh AndrewScheer has done literally nothing why are you giving him this spotlight? He dorsnt need our attention we have acrual things to deal woth not some petty nobody Why are so many flights still coming from China and the US?

we should give this guy a good at another federal election.. new aggressive efforts and strategies can work for a win.. We would be in a far worse situation if this bozo was Prime Minister Only cowards are quick to criticize without bases. This asshole, AndrewScheer has no clue what is going on. Stay quiet, little man.

Sit down Scheer, you had your chance and you blew it. AndrewScheer Keep the pressure on them Mr. Scheer. The federal government really needs to rapidly step up the health care and income support protocols. Too slow, day late, dollar short! Thank god he isn’t in power. We’d look like the United States right about now! One death after another ... AndrewScheer

AndrewScheer needs to sit down and shut his mouth. His party has done nothing to help this situation. Why is this man speaking at all as he has never had anything positive to add on any issue!

Petition Supporting Ontario Emergency Income Crashes NDP WebsiteBut Premier Doug Ford’s government is leaving income support to the feds. When will this mob mentality stop? The federal government $2000 payment is more than enough at this time. fordnation The federal government is doing it, are the NDP really that stupid. I guess, they're just as much drama queens as the libtards.

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