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Elxn 43, Cdnpoli

The undecided: Meet seven Canadian voters unsure who they'll support

The undecided: Meet seven Canadian voters unsure who they'll support #elxn43 #cdnpoli

2019-09-12 6:29:00 AM

The undecided: Meet seven Canadian voters unsure who they'll support elxn43 cdnpoli

As part of our federal election coverage, CTV News is following seven undecided Canadian voters as they determine who to support on Oct. 21.

SHARETORONTO -- As part of our federal election coverage, CTV News is following seven undecided Canadian voters as they determine who they will support on Oct. 21.The project will check in with them as the election unfolds, as each individual determines which candidate represents the issues they identify with the most -- whether it’s diversity and inclusion, healthcare or jobs.

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Meet the undecided:Hoda Al-Obaidi, Waterloo, Ont.First-time voter Al-Obaidi is originally from Iraq and came to Canada in 2013, becoming a citizen in 2018.“It feels overwhelming and exciting at the same time,” Al-Obaidi says. “It’s a big responsibility to be able to vote in Canada.”

Al-Obaidi says she is looking for a candidate whose platform prioritizes “diversity and inclusion,” and says she finds it “hard…to trust any political system” after “coming from a background of extremism and corrupt systems.”Leonie Pelletier, Montreal, Que.

Pelletier says that as a single mother of two young boys, education, health and affordable housing are the major issues she will be keeping an eye on in this election.“Affordable housing is really important to me,” Pelletier says. “I am a newly single mom…we need to find a house and it is definitely a concern for me.”

Looking forward to the debates, Pelletier says she hopes to be “surprised” by the candidates and wants to hear “more about families and feel like we are taken care of.”Jarret Leaman, Toronto, Ont.As an Anishinaabe member of Magnetawan First Nation, Leaman says inclusion of Indigenous and First Nation peoples and LGBTQ2S issues are key, as is “working on the digital divide between First Nations people and non-Indigenous people.”

Leaman noted that in the last federal election “Indigenous communities and people swayed votes in many ridings,” so a priority for candidates should be “encouraging [his] community to vote for issues that they feel are important.”Brad Pinhorn, Bonnyville, Alta.

As a tradesperson working in Alberta, Pinhorn cites the need for “a government that’s going to think about the west as well as the east.”Pinhorn says that he will base his decisions on what is important for himself and his family, which include his wife and four children – with two major concerns being education and healthcare.

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Barb Hamilton-Hinch, Halifax, N.S.As an educator at Dalhousie University’s School of Health and Human Performance, Hamilton-Hinch wants a candidate that will support students “in terms of financial support,” and says “more funding needs to be put in place for sports for our community and education.”

Crucial for Hamilton-Hinch is diversity and inclusion, as within the current government she’s “still not seeing many people of African descent both running and engaged in government.”Donna and Derek Nanson, Vancouver, B.C.Donna and Derek Nanson say they’re undecided because “the parties…haven’t clearly spelled out their platform[s],” but agree that climate change is the “most important” issue for them, as “it is the root of our future.”

“We have five children, we have seven grandchildren…I want my children to have the chance I had,” they said. “We care about the human population on this planet.”RELATED IMAGESThe undecided: seven Canadian voters unsure who they'll support in the 2019 federal election

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In other words they got no one to vote for I voted Trudeau last election because I was disillusioned with Harper. My vote was an anti-Harper vote! This time I am anti-Trudeau vote mainly because I hate liars! a man who spent considerable time apologizing for historic past wrongs he cannot now apologize when he is wrong

For the most part we don't know who the candidates in our ridings are. Remember we are voting for local representatives. Put them in a room and ask what they want for dinner you'll probably wait until the next election for an answer. The media is biased bastards Can we ask these voters my question? What kind of a country do they want Canada to be: a kind and gentle nation or a mean and parsimonious one? Seriously: please ask them that question and show us the results.

count me in the undecided, the only sure thing I know is that I won't be voting for Trudeau They have to be liberals no one else could look at this field and be undecided, of course I am going to be that since this is CTV they will all magically decide Justin is the man. CTV your liberal party campaign headquarters

The problem is going PC is dangerous. Well know for cuts to essential services, inexperience leader, obvious the old boys network is back and women's gains lost, radical provincial premiers like Kenney and Ford, and a history of pampering the rich. I would say to those living outside of Ontario take a good hard look at what Doug Ford has done here. That will tell you exactly what Scheer is going to do for the rest of Canada.

I am another undecided voter this election didn’t you guys get paid from Trudeau! You can’t be trusted as an impartial entity. It’s kind of meta to run an article like this since it’s the media’s fault that people are confused The uncertainty is bred from a poor crop selection , which would probably leave a bitter taste after purchasing.

This message brought to you by The Lieberal Party of Canada to create confusion and divide. paidmedia PPC_Retweets I know who not to support the liberals the conservatives and the the NDP and green party independents all the way TrudeauMustGo When you realize the government arnt your parents and dont cater to your every whim...

PPC_Retweets Am curious to see CTV reaction to an undecided discovering Max and the PPC and throws a slab of meat on the table. Please would somebody inform these people, the catch praise 'inclusion' is ridiculous. As a Canadian you should always be a Canadian first and included in that is your ability to vote. So in democracy you are always included in the decision making no matter who you are.

By reading all of these profiles it seems they are all pretty decided....600millionreasons CTV got part of that $600 million Liberal media payout right ? So we are supposed to trust you with these “undecided” voters ...... i recommend going for the Non-phony MaximeBernier peoplespca None of them will vote Liberal. I don't know what Justin is hiding. But hiding behind cabinet confidentiality and avoiding questions is not a good look so it must be pretty bad. That's what everyone's thinking.

Globe editorial: The Trans Mountain pipeline, the court decision and the fate of Justin TrudeauThe fate of one of the prime minister’s signature initiatives will still be undecided when Canadians vote in October. GlobeBC this should not have been started until after the election.

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Canadian federal campaign officially underway, voters head to polls on Oct. 21The federal election campaign is officially underway after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement on Wednesday in Ottawa. Will this be your first time voting in a federal election? cdnpoli elxn43 READ MORE: MaximeBernier peoplespca

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