'The time has come': Despite pleas from government, no sign of blockades coming down

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Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says 'barricades must come down,' but protesters show no indication of willingness to remove blockades

Wet’Suwet’En, Wet’Suwet’En Protests


Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says 'barricades must come down,' but protesters show no indication of willingness to remove blockades

As hereditary chiefs from Wet’suwet’en First Nation return to British Columbia, protesters show no signs of removing the blockades crippling the country’s rail network despite ongoing pleas from the federal government.

“The time has come. The barricades must come down,” Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said during an interview with CTV’s Question Period Sunday, reiterating Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s message to protesters Friday. “The law must be obeyed. But at the same time we are not in any way stepping back from our commitment to continue the dialogue that is part of the entire reconciliation agenda.” On Friday, Trudeau said court injunctions to put an end to the blockades “must be obeyed” and that “the law must be upheld.” But little has changed at theblockade near Belleville, Ont. blocking a critical east-west rail line between Toronto and Montreal, where there are no signs that protesters plan on dismantling their camp. Meanwhile, Via Rail said it is set to resume certain routes, including its Quebec City-Montreal-Ottawa route on Monday. “We all understand the importance of a peaceful resolution, but a speedy resolution because the impact of these barricades is unacceptable, untenable,” said Blair, noting that while the government wants protesters to remove the blockades, he understands there is still “a lot of work to be done” with Indigenous leaders. The Wet’suwet’en hereditary leaders spent Friday near the Belleville-area blockade meeting with Mohawk supporters. Following the meeting, Hereditary Chief Woos said the group was ready to engage in nation-to-nation talks with the B.C. and federal government once the RCMP and Coastal GasLink leave their traditional territory and cease work on the natural gas pipeline project. The RCMP have “temporarily” closed a remote detachment that stood on Wet’suwet’en territory at the 29-kilometre mark on the Morice West Forest Service Road, positioning themselves instead in the nearby town of Houston, B.C. However, the RCMP says patrols will continue in the area. Blair said the RCMP has held up their end of the deal, but noted that the RCMP will not abandon the area entirely. “I have great confidence in the deputy commissioner in B.C. and in her officers. They have been working tirelessly to resolve this peacefully, and I would encourage the hereditary chiefs to come back to that discussion and let’s work together,” he said. “The role and the duty and responsibility of the RCMP is to provide policing services and keep safe the thousands of people that live in that region. We’re not going to be able to abandon them and so they will continue to receive the services that they need from the RCMP.” He also noted that Costal GasLink is in the process of obtaining a new permit and work would not continue on the territory until that permit is issued. - With files from The Canadian Press RELATED IMAGES view larger image A protester looks through a pair of binoculars from the closed train tracks in Tyendinaga, near Belleville, Ont., on Sunday, Feb.23, 2020. The rail blockade is in support of the Wet'suwet'en who oppose work on a pipeline in northern B.C. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick) Related Stories Read more: CTV News

Why should they listen to an asshole Like the old saying ' stop. Or I'll say Stop again ' meaningless noise. Someone needs to find their Big girl panties and take action. If they are not willing, then it leaves the general public no choice but to remove them by force and charged, obstruction of justice!

Hey JustinTrudeau BillBlair here is some suggested reading to help with future negotiations as you obviously don't have a clue. Discussing reporting by such incompetent reporters and one sided views CTV JUST ANOTHER CNN SHAMEFUL REPORTING. “I mean it. Now I’m angry! We will not stand for this!” This better be done by July! I’m not kidding around!”...BillBlair 🙄 cdnpoli Wetsuwetan JustinTrudeau

In this B.C. Tribe, the people on the tribes land want these protesters to go away, these chiefs aren't the elected chiefs, they think they rule, but aren't in that position to rule the people wants and needs. Gonna a real bummer when people realize the natives didn't agree to a railroad coming to through their area either

Corner or route 116 and route 126 in new brunswick It’s ok, Blair is the Minister of Nothing so they can proceed as usual. 😂 The interview with BillBlair today on CBC was instructive- that he doesn’t actually know the law, he wants Canadians to be confused by it, and he just plans on breaking it anyway cuz massive police overreach is kind of his thing. cdnpoli colonialfuckery WetsuwetenStrong

CTV National News: Protesters dig inThe Belleville, Ont. rail blockade that brought train traffic to a standstill hasn’t budged despite pleas from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . battisctv has the latest: battisctv Protesters suggesting that it is to wake up the people the people can not do anything I believe that the people will wake up hurting and look to point fingers as who hurt me and it will be the Protesters and who they stand for battisctv Everybody knows they’re not on the tracks, right? Don’t they? Not a blockade. Start asking what is actually going on with Trudeau, CN, Tides, UN... battisctv JustinTrudeau you are a waste of human skin, my oh my, what a waste, and to think you were the fasted sperm.... kinda indicates the ineptness of your family.

Creating indifference. Liberals are spineless. So is Trudolt. Except in Quebec right Trudeau and his Gang of 'Rank Amateurs' and bungling'halfwits' are now negotiating, with themselves. The real 'dejection' is these 'bozos' think they are Brilliant. Terrorists don't obey the law. Canad_IANism Now that Teck has pulled out I think we'll see Trudeau getting these blockades removed. Mission accomplished! pos 😡😠

We were talk about high speed train project across Canada. Nope, even standard train can’t offer service on time. NoDreamOnlyTears Just do it! Send a plow through they’ll move this is like deja-vu ...and...OK Blair, actions will speak louder than your empty words.

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BillBlair word means nothing. He is a wimp with a loud voice. Could someone please put out an AMBER ALERT 🚨 for JustinTrudeau spine?! WHAT A PATHETIC INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT WE HAVE! We may need those lines for medical supplies that may still be in cargo in B.C. This is THE worst time to have a delay in supplies!! Personally, I think there’s a more immediate threat on the horizon cnrail coronavirus

No kidding. They have a court injunction they are breaking the law. This is what policing has come to? Saying please? Seriously! Two days would have been a “protest” this is domestic terrorism. Go in and arrest them and take the barricades down. Uphold the Honor of the Crowns,BC and Canada, and be accountable for your breaches, violations, and infringements! The existence and exercise of Aboriginal Rights and Title can’t be extinguished by force or guns!!

It’s not like you’re trying to break into Zion. They’re pallets made out of pine wood. FFS Reminds me of Robin Williams joke, ''In England, if you commit a crime, the police don't have a gun and you don't have a gun. If you commit a crime, the police will say: 'Stop, or I'll say stop again.'' You know... It's never actually a protest until you do it when your told not to. ✊

New Saskatoon rail blockade begins despite Trudeau’s call for demonstrations to endWet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs meet with Mohawk community in Kahnawake, Que., as part of eastern Canada tour to thank supporters of their B.C. pipeline protest No matter what you do, it will pop up somewhere else. End the $12,000,000,000.00 pipeline subsidies and invest it in permanent renewables jobs in the West, especially First Nations But Trudeau told them to stop!!! shutdownCanada cdnpoli Mafia

Who’s running this pony show anyway?... The government is allowing a group of people that say they are not Canadians, control Canada!.. Are we witnessing in an episode of the twilight zone?.. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Blockade the blockades. No more food, water fuel or people can go there. Canada is a 🤡 show. An embarrassment on the World Stage. Run by a unqualified narcissist and a plethora of excrement as Ministers. cdnpoli

If a crossing is blocked. Run them over to clear the obstacle Did you just reuse this headline from..... 15 days ago. blockades solution take away their Firewood JustinTrudeau FIXITNOW If only Canada had a leader that enforced Federal laws. 🤷‍♀️ Hey BillBlair treat these protestors exactly like all the innocent people at G20 in Toronto....coward.

No, in fact 2 new ones came up today. So much for “Rule of Law” we are being laughed at! 😢😡😡 What’s the magic word BillBlair ? Pretty pleeaaassee? Give it a try.

John Ivison: Creating productive, self-sustaining First Nations that contribute to Canada is a prize worth pursuingFailure of successive governments to recognize Indigenous self-determination and land rights is now coming back to hurt Canada and the economy It's amazing how many racists believe they are smarter than Canada's First Nations are The left just dresses it up in fancier words than the right does Interesting phraseology Indeed John an excellent prize.

What do you expect They now have become defiant. If only someone had the authority to enforce a court order using some kind of armed police force. Oh well, I guess we'll have to keep making stern pronouncements and hope for the best. Or what Billy? What are you gonna do? Currently looks like a whole lotta nothing.

Time for the feds to embrace their role and end this JustinTrudeau BillBlair do you not realize that pretty please hasn't worked for the past few weeks. Canadians have now lost their humour with the protesters and the federal government. Bargain or be removed, that goes for both sides. So clearly they’re above our law? Utterly disgraceful

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah, like Bill Blair has any influence ........ C'mon there has to be someone there that actually took Jurno school seriously and can come up with a decent headline ? OneNationK The operative word here is ‘ plea’. The time has come for a no confidence vote

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gov thought they could 'talk' to unreasonable people, now you get what you sow To use a sexist euphemism, Trudeau is going to have to grow a pair and send in the Calvary. This is the trouble with appeasements. You can only do so much before the appeasees take advantage. this whole situation wouldnt have happened if the media simply went and talked to the actual Wet'suwet'en people

Send in the army to remove them, enough of this BS is enough, Our Mr. Weak Kneed PM doesn't know what to do, so someone needs to step up and do it for him. Did he say Please? I can't believe these reasonable people aren't listening 🙄 He has to say pretty please. What a joke. This government is totally useless.

So will Trudeau stop talking to Blair? This will do the trick! They chose their consequences, by their own irresponsible actions! CanadasPatriots bgirl0001 CPC_HQ motoluvr RobynUrback MrStache9 Just saying.. .BillBlair needs to grow a pair. Inmates are running the asylum. TrudeauNotFitForOffice TrudeauMustGo

Saskatoon protest springs up, even after Trudeau orders blockades torn downA statement from Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says a train was allowed to pass through the protest area as scheduled Proving that nobody takes Trudeau serious Enjoy your various arrests! Nip it in the bud. Listen to ErinOTooleMP The man with the plan. PeterMacKay still working on his Social Media skills. 'introduce legislation to designate ports major highways and bridges as critical national infrastructure. and make it a criminal offense to block them'

But BillBlair is a joke. Along with JustinTrudeau and the whole liberal_party Bring in the army and end this mess!!! BillBlair & JustinTrudeau are going to huff and to puff and blow those irregular blockades down if asking nicely doesn’t work. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 TrudeauNotFitForOffice Send in the army hell if it was me I’d be in jail last week

He is taking the wrong approach!!!!!!! Offer the protesters poutine and donuts!!! That works!!!!! Yes of course not, this spineless government needs to enforce the law, and no that doesn’t mean violence like JustinTrudeau claimed when he originally criticized Scheer for saying the same things he is now saying.

The weak will Trudeau gang seems to be more concern will more conciliatory and apologetic rhetoric then action to get the trains moving. 85% of Canadians could careless what these old hereditary chiefs have to say. Shows us canadians who is really in charge

Well, they are really only 2 weeks behind the rest of the country Cdn_Eliana Maybe Bill should send them a strongly worded letter. jennifer_cirka Let’s just call him public unsafety minister. Who is representing the working class regular CDNs here?! You know the ones that pay through the teeth for a government?

😂🤣😃😄😂🤣 Maybe ask again but this time more grimacing? Because they know JustinTrudeau is a gutless PM and he won't do anything more than beg and plead. Send in the riot cops and water cannons. Soak them in this cold and their belongings and they will leave on their own. Cut off all supplies to those who remain.

But did he say it loud and often? Put up blockades on some of their pot shops

no balls liberals have no spine Time for them to go “No willingness” - then go in and take the down!!! Now! This is so stupid JT, weak leadership! Pathetic. JustinTrudeau CanadianPM Bill Blair and Trudeau are spineless. Harper and Chretien would call in the army, and that is the only answer Did he say please ?

So you know what that means Bill Blair. 🤔 our government is “pleading” with people that are breaking the law, we have a right to protest in this country, but trespassing on private property and interfering with the economy on this level compounded by the acts of sabotage being found on the rails well outside that right

What a nightmare! Our fed gov is run by a feminist beta male, what else can we expect?! Arrest them and as usual clean up the mess they fcuking leave 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 They blockades stand until Trudeau sits.

Yak yak yak BB, JT! Then throw them in jail. Terrorists only understand force. Let's ammend the Criminal Code to make blocking a rail line a specific separate incidictable offence with a substantial minimum sentence. Time to play hardball with these a$$holes. BillBlair This government needs to be brought down.... Like 4 years ago.

Chew chewwwwww. Move them! Canada JustinTrudeau liberal_party ... So now Bill Blair has been 'disqualified' I suppose? The Federal government abdicated its responsibilities to the people of Canada. Resign & call an election or call in military. You left Canada open to assault by extremists, terrorists & anarchists, for they know you are not capable of strong leadership. BillBlair JustinTrudeau

Liberals waited to long. Now the snow ball is rolling full speed down hill. They should have taken action right away. Maybe Justin need to get a few Albertans to come out and take care of these criminals. Compromise. The US oil companies have a monopoly and are extracting (stealing) oil from Canada for a measly $7.80 a barrel at 3 million barrels a day (world price for lowest grade around $50). With the pipeline we can sell it to Asia for a fair price and keep all the money for C.

However this impasse ends, one fact will be obvious: Justin Trudeau has demonstrated just how ineffectual he is as the PM of Canada. Simply. Cut all indigenous money until the economy returns to normal. Who is going to listen to what Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has to say? Trudeau and Bill Blair are failed politicians PERIOD Public Safety Minister Bill Blair wants to take away legal firearms What do the indigenous people think about that? Or do they get an exemption?

So now they should be arrested. This can’t be allowed. Our system of railway and roadways need to be available for transport and travel. Here’s the solution... The Liberal Government is committing the crime of the century by allowing the a handful of illegal protesters to destroy the economy of Canada 🇨🇦.

Wonder if it hurts Blair in the arse sitting on the fence here or is he wearing his maxi depends . Nobody on our planet takes our government seriously. Why would these protestors? “Pleas from government” hahaha hahah. What kind of country do we live in? Throw them all in Jail !!! Canadians. this is what reconciliation will look like. Until the government has a firm understanding of the FN organizational and functional system of decision making, the actions by a minority will leverage the misinformation to disproportion consequences.

Canadian traitor Government and Fake Natives setting up real Natives to take blame for when Canadians have no supplies to protect themselves when the virus kicks in and Canadians start dying. Real Natives need to get off their a** and stand against these fakes before SHTF The Liberals have flip-flopped on his blockade issue. First, they wanted dialogue for a peaceful resolution. FAIL Then, they demand the blockades come down. FAIL These protesters know the Liberals will pay to have this resolved. The protesters are waiting for payday.

Smells like an ultimatum. Did the police and government go on a permanent vacation in this? Get them outta the way by force and get going already. DO YOUR FU**ING JOBS PPL That is what said on Friday. Then they took the weekend off. We will have to wait until Monday to find out what they are saying now. It must be a major embarrassment to Mr BillBlair to have Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory tell him where to stick it.

Arrest them and those providing the financing for these protests which for the most part have absolutely nothing at all to do with the Wet'suwet'en Clear out the noisy lowlifes distracting from the real issues and focus on the the Wet'suwet'en First Nation community itself Just arrest the welfare bums.

Some of us will show you how to take blocades down Anyone else would be arrested

More virtual signalling & useless talk. Don't tell us what must be done or what will be done. Instead, tell us what has already been done as that's the only important thing at this point. In short, immediately & effectively squash & promise a repeat should this ever occur again!

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