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'The second wave will come' and experts say Canada is not prepared

'The second wave will come' and experts say Canada is not prepared

2020-05-22 2:00:00 AM

'The second wave will come' and experts say Canada is not prepared

Experts are warning that there is not enough testing, tracing or information for Canada to be properly equipped to deal with a second wave of COVID-19 infections.

to a number that could be cared for within the existing capacity of the health-care system.It worked. Hospitals and intensive care units were not overloaded here to the extent they were in many other countries.But now, as public-gathering limits are increased and other COVID-19-inspired restrictions are relaxed, experts are warning that there is not enough information available to prove that returning to some degree of normalcy is safe – or to alert us to the arrival of a second wave.

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"We need to gather more information, we need to do adequate testing in our communities, we have to do more contact tracing, and ultimately we have to do serologic testing," Buchman said.TESTING AND TRACINGBuchman brought the same message to the Senate's Standing Committee of Social Affairs, Science and Technology on Wednesday, saying that Canada is "not fully prepared for a second wave" and that provinces are "gambling by reopening" without having more testing and tracing programs in place.

"We have insufficient information as to what's out there, and we can't make really good, evidence-informed decisions about opening up," he told senators.Serologic testing, also known as antibody testing, measures antibodies that appear in the blood after an infection. It can be used to detect cases of COVID-19 after the fact, even in those who never displayed symptoms, painting a clear picture of how many people have developed immunity to the virus.

Contact tracing involves being able to quickly track down everyone who may have been exposed to a newly-diagnosed COVID-19 patient. Many countries have rolled outhigh-tech contact tracing systemsthat use smartphone GPS data to determine who was in contact with a new patient.

This has not happened in Canada, but federal officials have said they are looking at dozens of options. While the actual testing and tracing work will be carried out by provincial governments, Trudeau said Thursday that Ottawa isworking to help the provinces

in "massively scaling up" their capacity to do so.The lack of a contact tracing system is only one problem, though. Dr. David Fisman, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, notes another: Canada still has too many new cases for combing through each patient's history and alerting all their recent contacts to be a realistic goal.

"You can't meaningfully do contact tracing at 300 new cases a day. You just don't have the resources to do it,"."You can do it if you have five or 10 or 20 new cases a day."ANYTIME, ANYWHERE?Asked if there will be a detectable early warning of a second wave of COVID-19 cases starting to spread through the country, Buchman suggested there is no clear answer at this point.

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"That's the essential question. We will know if we get more information," he said.While much of the public discussion has centred on the idea of a second wave hitting in the fall – when colder weather sends Canadians back indoors, where it is easy for the virus to spread – Fisman said it couldhappen anytime.

"People keep talking about a second wave coming in the fall. There's no reason to expect the wave necessarily is going to come in the fall," he said.It is also possible that a second wave will be easier to notice and respond to in some parts of the country than in others.

"There's reason to be concerned about the inability to really get this job done, especially in Ontario and Quebec," Fisman said."The Atlantic provinces look really good. British Columbia's shown a lot of competence, as have the Prairies. The COVID-19 pandemic story in Canada at this point is basically the story of Ontario and Quebec."

Quebec, which has the highest COVID-19 case count and death total of any province, has started toreopen schools and businessesoutside Montreal. Dr. Matthew Oughton, director of the infectious disease training program at McGill University Health Centre, told CTV News Channel on Thursday that the province "may have to go a step backwards" if the number of cases starts to shoot up.

"We have to identify all of the cases, and move quickly to put them in self-isolation," he said."This is the reality of living in a pandemic. There is no perfect, risk-free solution."Indeed, while reopening society comes with consequences, so too does keeping it closed. Buchman said doctors are seeing patients stop seeking treatment for everything from cardiovascular disease to diabetes, while cancer screenings and child immunizations are being put off during the pandemic.

"These are really critical things," he said."The public did so well by locking down, but we can't just lock down anymore. We have to do this in a cautious, informed way." Read more: CTV News »

Why not? How are we “not ready”? This is poor reporting. Of course Canadians weren't caught off guard. No one had ever been through a pandemic. This article is about creating hysteria and rhetoric. How do you know that it’s that we’re not prepared we weren’t how do you know that there’s a second wave coming stop the damn fear mongering

Are you guys hoping for a second wave? ...seriously WTF!!! This is really starting to seem orchestrated and seriously planned.. It’s like they are pushing people into something by saying what they’re saying..obviously more governement control, but why keep hammering it? CTVAtlantic Explain more about this second wave to us, so we will know what you know, CTV News! Thanks!

First asking if we are prepared? Then saying we are not prepared. Stories link to the same. Experts again ........ I live on a planet of idiots We're more prepared than the first time around. Thats for sure. Second wave my ass. Also experts: 'Don't wear masks' 'Just kidding - wear masks' 'Closing borders is racist' 'We need to close the borders' 'Wipe everything down!!' 'Hard surfaces don't spread the virus as much as we thought'

The media is trying to install the panic again. ShameOnYou Expert's, you mean the experts? 🤣😂🤣 I don’t think we were really “ready” for the first one. We must have a useless government then. FEAR REPORTING AT IT FINEST Wow!! Whose these “experts”? Everyone should report this tweet and get CTV shutdown. They just spread BS and scare people. fearmongers freecanada

We have China, Dr Tam and PattyHajdu leading the way for Canada. How are we not prepared? How is Canada to prepare when the PM hides in a cottage all day and the great Tam just puppets WHO? Ah yes. Finally, the title I was waiting for. Another misleading and fear MONGERING title. People of Twitter, do not succumb to this falsified information. Live your life. Protect the vulnerable and elderly and those who are severely sick. Practice regular hygiene. Be free.

Fearmongering The tests are flawed, the positive case numbers are inflated...ready to unfollow CTV and its mainstream B.S. scare tactics. Media in Canada is starting to sound like the Enquirer. It’s a virus that is always going to be around apparently, just like the flu and the common cold 🙄 I better stock up on toilet paper and flour and yeast and dried beans.

I got my toilet paper and water. No shit because Canadians don’t have a leader instead we got a cowardofthecottage !! “Experts” HAHAHAHA Stop with the scare tactics. CTV that is your job to prepare Canada with another dose of FEAR! We weren't prepared for the first wave - Government repeated for months that we were at such low risk, no preparations or precautions were required. - It wasn't until the body count spiked, that they realized we were seriously infected.

Fake news! fakenews FakeNewsPandemic The Second Wave may already be here FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR 🖕 We are in BC. There was a first wave? I thought we were worried about aliens now? It's hard to keep up with the latest fear If they’re not prepared by now, the whole govt should be fired Stop with the fear mongering! This is click should be beneath journalists.

You haven't tested the population for the first wave. This tyranny is moving at break neck speed. Nonsense Why? Why? Why? Buy some fucking hcq and stop the fear porn. Done. Soooo just like the first wave.....interesting. Fearmonger tactics always in overdrive! What a joke WHY IS THERE STILL FIGHTS COMING INTO CANADA FROM CHINA ?

Second wave...aka the second chance for 'experts' to be right the first time! 😂 Another deliberate attack then. But but but the economy. Can’t have a day without some good old fashioned panic inducing fake news Lockdown 2.0 coming to you soon. The fear porn is going strong again. What a joke. CTV=liberal propaganda garbage 🗑

The experts have been 100% wrong so far. But the hacks at CTV believe them. fakenews Fear mongering so early in the season already? Shame on you. And the experts have been so right on the first wave....the modeled numbers haven't been close🤦🏻‍♂️ Still waiting for first wave Get the hospital & LTC workers plenty of PPE & N95 masks now then !

Between Feb and Sept, experts want to be right ‘on an average’ How come? Everything is closed in order for health care to be prepared. What happened with that? Btw I read that 2nd way probably is not even happening as other countries such as Germany haven’t experienced any. FakeNewsMedia Not prepared ? Does any one believe this fear mongering click bait bull shit !?

So prepare now. What is the problem. There was no first wave. The whole thing is a lie to try to keep us scared and in our homes. Anyone who buys any of this crap at this point, should just stay home forever so they can't bother normal people with their stupidity. We are used to be reactive instead of proactive . Its time we change the narrative.

It's not fear mongering they're trying to prepare us. If they said nothing and it happens you'd blame them for not preparing us. Damned if they do and damned it they don't. Better to be prepared than not. I believe they already have a release date. Hope it’s not the same experts who spoke about this first round of the Chinese flu. If so they should just stay quiet because they were way off. Fuckin idiot experts!

Experts Eh! I guess I will become an expert. All I have to do is say what other 'Experts' are saying! Belgium1649 Fear propaganda. Cancel your cable people and quit watching the garbage MSM NB is ready. Y'all in the comments need to go read about past pandemics, including Spanish flu. Then maybe you will understand where this notion of a second wave is coming from partially. It's not a reach. It's better to be prepared than not.

Are these the same experts that said closing the borders does not work? Or the same experts that called us all RACIST... FFS Cuz Canada needs a real Leader like PRESIDENT TRUMP.. F o. F. F. I am more concerned about the 12th wave WTF! Let’s get through this first before we talk about a 2nd wave which may not even come about.

We weren’t prepared for the first wave either Lets scare the hell out of everybody. The experts are saying we had more deaths more people staying at home .We have learned how to act against this virus. We know who is at risk, no need to change everybody’s life again. BULLSHIT! We barely had a first wave!

Scare tactics; not enough ppl died-“ let’s do it again” Guessing this means continued Daily Lectures, economy will continue to spiral down, lock downs, suicide, depression, anxiety, bankruptcy etc will continue to rise while Popularity Polls will show Canadians love Trudeau and hate Trump !!! Calling BS. FakeNews

Could they let me know what the lottery numbers are going to be Saturday? And 'experts' have been SO right through this mess. Since his election 2015, in prosperous years he overspent by $100 billion, yet hospitals are still under funded. Reason why lockdown was strict, our hospitals would not have been able to cope otherwise. He was too generous during 1st term but misplaced Generosity.

The Big Daily Lie First of all testing needs to be a lot better, we are behind everyone. We need to get a handle on this. Borders should also not be opening up anytime soon either, if not all summer. We have opened up some things to early. Testing needs to be a lot better before anything else I’m calling B.S.

Everyone acting like canada was the only country that wasn't prepared and blaming Trudeau. This hit every country and very few were prepared. Canada shut down their flights at the same time as everyone else. Maybe it won’t! Let’s hope! Second wave, second wave...first wave isn’t over that’s the problem PhysicalDistancing StayHome

Lol ok. We are very prepared to FireJessAllen More fear reporting ,, these “experts” have been way off so far (prediction numbers were so over blown ) We need to make it mandatory to wear masks in public places. To get ahead of it. Czech Republic enforced the use of masks in public early on and kept their rates of infection far below the rest of Europe. 10 M people and only 8000 cases with 306 deaths.

If we use common sense lock down nursing homes run a tight ship at hospitals and the government chip in or mandate paid sick time even for part time employees and some physical distance and proper hygiene boom just dropped deaths and hospitalizations by 85% not that hard We never got anywhere close to overwhelming our ICUs. That's the only stat that matters. It's time to start ignoring these 'experts' who've been wrong every step of the way.

The CTV news experts Enough with the fear mongering Well the trolls and bots are alive and well and you all fell for it. Do your own research and stop depending on the press. Ugh!!! Guess not enough people have died yet hence why they decided to reopen up. Close the retirement homes . Everyone else, group hug time.

Fearmongering More fear-mongering. Fake news Wait finish phase 1 first... Canada may be home of the free but when it comes to racist ignorant folk that take it for granted are the ones that abuse it and dont give 2 whawhoozies about others and to make our Country a better place to live. Time for JustinTrudeau and fordnation to finally read this...

Alright, be afraid, the state news has spoken The experts are not prepared. they contradict everything they say. This is fake news from China, they want to steal more of our tax moneys by selling faulty/defective PPE. We have to do our parts to stop the propagation, save lives and boost the economy. Can't be locked down all the times and pay for Chinese virus.

I love all the non medical professionals in this thread giving their crackpot opinions cause they watched some YouTube videos 🙄I am actually a medical professional and the lot of you are a bunch of morons who don’t understand how viruses work. 🙄 Yawn The experts have been wrong until now. Why would we believe them now? Stop fearmongering and start reporting real news for a change.

Let’s open up then FakeNews FakeJournalists EnemyofThePeople Same ,experts that said ,closing the borders would not help ,mask would not help, ,stop trying to be cnnbrk You just need to keep us all afraid, eh? Just like we weren't prepared for the first one with Trudeau slashing pandemic funding in his last budget. Instant Karma!

Second wave of bullshit. Come on Canada. Get prepared. What do we have to do scare you some more? Don’t want to make you cry. All I know is I can go the rest of my life without ever seeing another picture or video of someone getting a swab shoved up their nose. F% OFF CTV shill news trying to create an environment where they can take all our rights away. Get a life. Work for good in the world .. how do you live with yourselves when the result is enslavement of your fellow man?

Stop with the fear mongering bullcrap. Before you start scaring the general public. Use Names, 'Experts say'? Who are these experts. Canada has stopped listening to the mainstream media. I DO NOT CONSENT TO TESTING I DO NOT CONSENT TO VACCINES I DO NOT CONSENT TO WEARING A MASK I AM FREE WWG1WGA WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

I heard allergy season is coming. Maybe. CTV is the new CBC We were warned before the first round and Justin sold us out seems like Canada is being lazy and there is enough time even if a second wave comes but they are ready not to be ready I suppose and cry when the second wave is here? Stop informing the public and start doing something about it!

As long as Tam and Hajdu are around odds are we’ll never be prepared. Ignore the media experts. Perhaps a second wave... but probably not of Covid 19 Bring her up the first one was a piece of cake.. Fear mongering again! One thing is certain there is going to be a spike in cardiovascular disease and obesity if they don’t open gyms up! And not in the fashion that you need to make appointments or wear masks or stand in line for a machine for hours. People are just going to start hav to take risks!

Be very afraid..... Media stop spreading fear You mean the guessperts The 1st wave hit our retirement homes, start investigating there before deciding on locking us indoors for the rest of our lives! Turns out, no one cares anymore. make it go away and stop scaring people... So the experts say.....well then...haha we should be just fine.

We still can't make up our mind on masks. News Flash - Breaking News We will be living with COVID19 until the end of time. There is no cure There will be no vaccine We have hydroxychloroquine Expert bullshitters Listen I'm camped out in the basement I know its coming OK 👍 The second wave will be when everyone starts getting sick because their immune systems are being suppressed.

Can we stop calling them experts please? williamvop And the experts have been right so far Enough is enough already ! So this is what the WHO told Tam in one of there propaganda calls? Y2K!!!!! CTV getting their information from CNN And the polar bears are going extinct Of course we’re not. Im at sobeys seeing 60 year olds walking around with no mask. Its rediculous. 🙄

We weren’t prepared for the first. Trudeau ignored military intelligence in Jan., failed to head warnings to WHO from Taiwan, let in people from Wuhan without mandatory quarantine, closed borders late, destroyed millions of N-95 last year. It’s Trudeau - never prepared I'll trust these experts, thanks.

One of our experts also said that wearing a face mask is not effective...and now here we are 🤷🏻‍♀️ Sorry CTV, but things are going back to normal. Your 24/7 fear-mongering won't change that. The experts haven't been right yet... Its a regular flu-like virus which will come as it always does annually. Scare tactics don't work, the numbers and experts have spoken and exposed the overexaggerated measures unnecessarily taken by politicians based on big pharma interests. Shameful.

Ahhhh ma vaffanculo va. CTV is finally admitting that Trudeau is not prepared and has never been prepared. An epic failure for the Canadian people! A sobering reality check! Maybe he could start with stopping all the international flights from coming in to Pearson Airport UNCHECKED!!!! Media drooling for a second wave as they watch their viewership increase.

If the 'expert' saying this is Dr. Tam, I wouldn't worry about it, odds are she will change her mind in a few months. Enough! Stop with the fear mongering that has a mortality rate of 0.2%. Stop I'm not letting the government stick anything inside of me nor track me by any means. Why are the FOOLS among us still championing this?

'these people are on their last leg anyway' Bill O'Reilly We were supposed to flatten the curve lets stay in qaurantine for another few months that sounds like a great idea No country really is prepared, except maybe China and Taiwan. Like the experts who told us, Don't wear a mask, wear a mask, It's not human to human transmission, oopppss it's a pandemic, Leave the borders open, no wait close them. Hug a Chinese person, go party in China town. We are so sick of this SH!T. Second wave, cut the SH!T

Where were the so called experts four-six months ago? Who are these experts? They have been wrong every step of the way. Link these so called experts? How can they predict a natural thing? Stop lying!!!! Fear mongering 😒 Where were these so-called experts when COVID-19 first hit? Useless sets of people. *Hiss*

How much more economic damage should we do, and how much more federal deficit should we add in an attempt to stop a virus that’s mutated several times and researchers can’t understand. Experts again ............ lol Canada is about three months behind the World that should give us a heads up don’t you think?

Shocker. We weren’t prepared for the FIRST wave, and were called racists by our own government for demanding the very things they now admit they did too late. Why would the second wave be any different? What about people that have allergies yearly? Hard to tell Lol second wave. There was barely a first stop pretending it’s the Black Plague. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Have the 'experts' done anything that we can verify as being right so far? Why should we accept any of what they say now? please stop the fear mongering. God bless The second wave was Trudeau winning the 2019 election. That is the real virus threatening Canada. Liberals are never prepared for anything.

The goalposts continue to move... Try and buy anything made in China Canada has had lots of time to be prepared . Maybe the 2.5 deaths will be in the second wave like the experts predicted when the virus first started Let it come, stop with the scare tactics liberal. Stop this bs, soon people are going to totally tune out from this crap fear mongering. It’s human nature commies

Couldnt pass up a sensational headline CTV, amateurish at best. Grow up. Every single “expert” has been wrong! How about we go about our lives and start living again!!!! We weren’t prepared for the first wave! And if you continue sit around just talking about it, you certainly won't be! You better remember your own word

Nice fear porn CTV. Ever since the Fed government started paying the bills for CTV and giving the millions they have become a mouth piece for the liberal party. These second wave will be a load a cow poop - just like the first one. Fear mongers back out in force Doubt it No shit .. but hey keep opening up.. today I saw a Hot Dog vendor.. No Gloves, No Mask, Had a Smoke . Didnt wash his hands then served the idiot customer cause who the hell would buy it.

hahahahahahahahahaha fake news pushers CTV. Always ask the political leanings of said experts Immunity comes from infection. Get it? Isn't it interesting how these experts seem to have a 'crystal ball?' (All seeing eye) This is obviously a plan. Anyone that thinks otherwise has been ostracized for 5 months.

Again, who are these 'supposed' experts? The same ones who predicted half the world would be dead by now? So the alleged experts who were so wrong previously have the respect of CTV? Bizarre. As long as Dr.Tam stays in lockstep with the WHO, which is in lockstep with the CCP, Canada will remain woefully behind countries like Israel and Taiwan who eschewed the WHO and instituted their own measures that have proven to be among the most effective at defeating Covid19.

Never cry wolf Fear porn we are all going to die There are no experts. This is all speculation. Not too many people still alive have lived through anything like this. There wasn't a first wave so quit fear mongering. Anybody taking bets on whether their will be a second wave? Just like the other failed guesstimates made by the same idiots who told you not to wear a mask, not to close the border, virus hangs in the air for 4 hrs. The list is long and now they say a second wave is adamant!

Pfffft the track record of medical communities being right about this is 0% of the time so far Be afraid be scared be frightened. When this story proves to be bullshit we will broadcast more bullshit for you to fear. Fakenews No shit. You don't say... Mandatory mask wearing in groceries and stores and other indoors.

The same experts that told us masks are useless, avoiding crowds is racist, shutting borders is racist and that canadians are low risk? 😏🍷 Every model for this virus was totally incorrect, we didn’t even hit the lowest projections for infections or deaths. Remember when they initially said we were chronically short of hospital rooms and ventilators?

Fake news This is simply fear-mongering. There is no ’perfect’ preparedness nor outcomes to this pandemic..we do the best we can Bulllllllllshit. Only if you release another virus. Plandemic2020 It won’t come. How’s it going to come? This is the biggest joke. As long as they isolate people properly Canada will be fine. The media needs to stop with the bullshit.

Then you see comments from people who know about things like this & you really start to wonder what the end game is here. Experts also said Canada was low risk, not to shut borders, not to wear masks, etc. Why should we listen now? 24/7 fear mongering, the MSM is the enemy of the people. FEARMONGERS Why the fuck are we still self distancing with a virus that has a 99% survival rate? Seriously why do we have media (some call it FakeNews) push the globalist socialist agenda still. We've flattened the curve which was what THEY said we needed to do and now the goalposts change.

where prepared, i just should just be in a pandemic free zone, and then nothing crappy can happen here localy lol Another bullshit story coming from CTV. Tam will blow it 'Well they are on their last leg anyway..... ' Bill O'REILLY That’s why I think it’s too soon to ease many restrictions. Look at the US for example!

Bill gates or lord says bio terrorism may come soon. Oh to late FEAR PORN Of course not. BLACKFACE is too busy hiding in his house taking momentary breaks from pulling his wanker all day to announce more cash giveaways in disgusting agenda to make enormous amounts of Canadians government dependents. Pushing hard every day for SOCIALISM AND CONTROL.

Canada has not been be prepared for anything since October 2015. We have a federal government that based on gender and race, not actual skill. The top people in our government are actors, journalists, and graphic designers. Joseph Gobbles would be so happy with Canadas Nazis. One 'expert' in your article said so. Seems everyone is an expert these days.

The 'experts' are either liars or incredibly stupid. Ont & Quebec not prepared, let's be real. Holey Hanna let us get over the first wave 😬 Can we deal with the current? What are we supposed to do...sit at home for two years? The first 'wave' has taught us that there was no wave. fear Plandemic2020 You mean Justin has no plan? Not surprised.

what we've been doing so far is literally just throttling traffic and reduce load on healthcare systems, and we need to continue keeping this up, the moment we relax and stop being cautious we'll be DDoSing ICU beds All this is caused by the lockdown that lasted way to long and destroyed way to many lives

Stop the fear mongering

Lowe's Canada retail network hurt by COVID-19 pandemic during first quarterChief executive Marvin Ellison told analysts Wednesday that Canadian same-store sales -- a key retail metric -- were negative during the three-month period ended May 1. The extent of the decline wasn't quantified. Take a number behind the rest of all businesses everywhere. This is not news or new. Good they chased Rona out of town.

Canada to provide more COVID-19 funding for off-reserve Indigenous peopleThe additional funding expected today comes amid criticism that the Trudeau government has largely ignored the plight of thousands of Indigenous people who live off-reserve and in urban centres. *Racist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau* FTFY Time to start identifying as FN so we can cash in on more of this free money! I will now be known as Stands with Fists! I look forward to a leader who will say 'I will help ALL Canadians in this time of crisis' and dispense with checking off names on the ever-growing list of divisive victim boxes. Identity politics are poison to a multi-ethnic, pluralist society.

COVID-19 pandemic highlights need for more public toilets in Canada, experts sayas some provinces begin to reopen their economies — and residents increasingly venture outside — the demand for restrooms will rise They exist once— in stores and restaurants—but Canada’s drug problem meant companies stopped allowing non-customer use. I don’t see how public washrooms would be any different. We’ll end up with Vancouver style public washrooms—stalls with no doors. i.e. unuseable

Canada’s big cities see air pollution fall by a third amid COVID-19 pandemic: Environment CanadaMajor Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton are seeing air pollution fall by a third amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Environment Canada. nobody cares about your climate change BS So better to have them eventually starving to death? Just wait until Trudeau runs out of money See where your failing fake news is then. Geoengineering curtailed in many parts of the country. Why don't you talk about that?! Another government strategy geared at getting us to like, even love their systematic erosion of our basic rights and freedoms!

'The second wave will come': Is Canada prepared for a COVID-19 resurgence?Experts are warning that there is not enough testing, tracing or information for Canada to be properly equipped to deal with a second wave of COVID-19 infections. There was barely a first wave. Got my list of stocks ready

Johnson & Johnson to pull baby powder from Canada, U.S. due to dropping demandJ&J faces more than 19,000 lawsuits from consumers and their survivors claiming its talcum powder-based products caused cancer due to contamination with asbestos. Dropping demand due to non-talc asbestos-containing cornstarch alternatives maybe? I hope Canada is pulling Zantac too? Causes Cancer FDA September 2019. Now how ever will I slap my hoes? I’VE BEEN PIMPIN SINCE PIMPIN BEEN PIMPIN!