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The pros and cons of switching to permanent Daylight Saving Time

The pros, cons and unknowns around permanent Daylight Saving Time.


B.C. is looking to switch to permanent Daylight Saving Time . Do you think other provinces should follow suit?

The pros, cons and unknowns around permanent Daylight Saving Time .

WATCH: Huge majority of British Columbians want Daylight Saving Time permanent ProsPets and children: Anyone with a pet or child will tell you about the issues of changing the clocks twice a year. No matter how many times you tell a three year old they are getting an extra hour of sleep because the clocks are going back it just doesn’t seem to make a difference.

WATCH (Aired March 9, 2019): The pros and cons of daylight saving time Improving workplace safety: In its written submission to the province on the future of time, the B.C. Chamber of Commerce said it has seen “a growing body of evidence that the yearly time change is challenging that safe workplace.” The chamber mentions that workplace accidents increase around the time changes. A 2009 study reported in the Journal of Applied Psychology also found that that the lost hour led to more frequent and more severe injuries among minors.

READ MORE: ‘The time is now right’: Consultation finds 93% in B.C. want to scrap seasonal time changes

Less winter golf: British Columbia Golf raised the concern that winter golf is important and there is only a short period of time for golfers to get outside and get exercise during the winter. “Moving to Daylight Saving Time year-round would reduce the time available for play by an hour during half of the year,” the group argued. “It would be a huge economic loss to golf if we lost an hour of play in the evening due to darkness. It would particularly affect junior golf and we need to do everything we can to keep kids active.”

Concerns from Jewish communities attending prayer: The Rabbinical Council of America says permanent DST “would unreasonably infringe upon the Jewish community’s ability to attend to daily prayers in British Columbia.”

“Yes, time zones already ‘mess with’ our natural ‘solar noon’ markers — the sun will be directly overhead in my town (Ucluelet) at a slightly different time than it’s directly overhead the next town over (say, Port Alberni),” the group argues.

UnknownsThe Pacific U.S. states: This is one of the biggest factors in the switch. California, Oregon and Washington all want to move to permanent DST. But they need Congress to approve it. At least now Washington Senator Patty Murray is a point person to try and get legislation passed before the fall. Fifty-five per cent of respondents to the survey don’t want to make a change if the U.S. doesn’t.

“Should state legislators choose to observe Daylight Saving Time year-round, then we believe that British Columbia should quickly follow suit.”

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BC needs all the light they can get. Not overly bright. YES!!!!!!! I think that they should stay at Standard Time. 💯 Yes!!!! Yes please!!!! Yes let's get on with it I say, stop messing with Father Time. Yes daylightsavingtime Yes please, please do this MB! Permanent Daylight Savings time makes total sense. mbpoli

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Absolutely! I vote for NB to scrap time change 2x per year! Changing times was a hundred year old practice. Let’s scrap it The original reason for implementing DST is still valid. It saves energy. But switch or don’t switch. The key is that the whole continent has to do the same. Doing it piecemeal would obviously cause chaos with the entire business and travel infrastructure, not just individuals.

Yes BC is right to stop the changing but wrong to go to Daylight Fooling Time. Adjust work hours to get more evening daylight in summer. Time Zones are a good idea but solar high noon should be within 30 minutes of clock. All year. No. The two timeframes allow all of us the benefit of most daylight. This is not a difficult concept. Not hard to understand. Not hard to adjust to. It ain’t broke; please don’t ‘fix’ it.

How stupid. You cannot control the sun. Just think how stupid it would be to shift the clock forward 12 hours...if you want more of a good thing. It’s so yesterday to keep swapping back and forth Absolutely YES People's schedules are all over the place. It is a useless idea that has no place in modern life. Let individuals and companies determine their work/life schedules.

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Yes...change Definitely It should be standard time all year round. This idea of changing times half way is idiotic and pointless. Arizona gets along just fine keeping standard time all year. Yes for Pete’s sake it’s time to end this ridiculous tradition it serves no purpose whatsoever ABSOLUTELY!! No keep it the same

Daylight savings time is no longer efficient and should end. YES!!!!!! Yes Supporting DST is like using Drugs. JustinTrudeau couldn't handle reality either, so he altered it by legalizing marijuana RachelNotley and her cult, failed to listen to Alberta citizens when they demanded the end of DST Just one of many things which cost her the leadership

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Opioid crisis, housing crisis, evnviroment...and this is what the gov works on. Pathetic. I love the dark. Its a cozy time of yeAr .. nothing wrong with shutting it down eArly... Yes, yes, yes. Isn't that just changing timezones? yes , if anybody cares to listen Well, if you permanently set the clocks one way you'll upset half the people. If you set them the other way you'll upset the other half. Upset everyone and just move half an hour and make Newfoundland happy.

Yes It should be standard time all year round. I don’t like the dark 9 am winter days I would rather have shorter evening hours but yes keep it all year round Yes yes yes yes yes yes All of Canada should switch to Permanent Daylight Saving Time

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Yes!! NEVER,NEVER!!! Daylight savings time is just cheating/manipulative. It should be up to the employers/schools to change the start/end times of 'work'. Also. JustinTrudeau obstructs justice to avoid obstruction of justice investigation. 93% support in BC for ending one of the dumbest large scale ideas ever implemented in human history...most people everywhere likely agree. Yes, end the idiocy of biannual clock yo-yo.

Yes. I grew up in Saskatchewan. It's archaic. The way we work now, we don't need to make better use of daylight and it doesn't cut our energy consumption down enough to make a difference and it won't help with traffic accidents. Time to retire this idea of Ben Franklin. Yes Yes Yes, push forward No

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