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The end of the Victoria’s Secret annual TV special is a vital cultural victory

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show always peddled a fictional narrative


The end of the Victoria’s Secret annual TV special is a vital cultural victory GlobeArts

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show always peddled a fictional narrative

In this Nov. 8, 2018 file photo, models Martha Hunt, Lais Ribeiro, Josephine Skriver, Sara Sampaio, Stella Maxwell and Romee Strijd walk the runway during the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York. Victoria's Secret is cancelling its fashion show after years of declining viewership.

We are witness to a cultural disruption moment. Me, I’d like to think there’s something to relish in the announcement of the cancellation coming on the same day that Fiona Hill, the former U.S. National Security Council official and consummate authority figure, lectured a bunch of mostly male politicians about the uses of “fictional narratives.”

The tawdry fiction was peddled on a TV special by universally tall, thin models traipsing up and down a runway with absurdly large wings attached to their backs.

We are better than that now as a society. While the company’s corporate owner, L Brands Inc., has said it intends to “evolve the marketing of Victoria’s Secret,” there was a social-media backlash when the company’s head of marketing said it would not include transgender or plus-sized models because Victoria’s Secret was selling “a fantasy,” something larger is going on. The rise of athletic wear makes Victoria’s Secret apparel look particularly ridiculous, an anomaly in a shifting, inevitable reframing of body image and strength.

mainly aimed at that audience, ABC was looking to please that demographic. It didn’t exactly work out. The 2018 special on ABC had two million fewer viewers than the 2017 special on CBS.

It’s impossible to ask all those young women viewers why they lost interest. But we can try to extrapolate. Perhaps a cultural shift changed the experience of watching it from mildly embarrassing to toxic. Perhaps the women realized that the Victoria’s Secret marketing claim, that its products and TV specials were “empowering,” was the insultingly cynical conception it always was. Perhaps in a time of #MeToo and #TimesUp, the tawdriness became suddenly explicit.

Read more: The Globe and Mail

GlobeArts Vital? GlobeArts So are they gonna cancel body building competitions for men next since it makes me feel inadequate? Pssh.. GlobeArts Ugly women everywhere rejoice! GlobeArts These women are finally able to EAT !!! GlobeArts Cultural victory for ugly feminists and Islam GlobeArts No it’s not. It’s a victory for puritanical weirdos

GlobeArts Yes, let's celebrate the loss of jobs for everyone involved in the production. How typical of the left. GlobeArts Ratings tanked years ago... so um ya... GlobeArts First Don Cherry and now this .... can you say 'bad week'? GlobeArts The hard left feminist snowflake crowd will be ecstatic. They have a very hard time dealing with attractive women.

GlobeArts For whom?

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show cancelled following criticism, revenue drop, ratings flopIn November, L Brands, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, reported a loss of $252 million for the fashion brand in its third-quarter results I’m devastated. My bullshitometer just broke. Lex_Wexner gave Jeffreak Epstein a $50 million mansion in New York. That's where prince andrew TheDukeOfYork_HRH was caught on video. Neither of these 2 Twitter handles access a twitter page any longer. ExposeAllPedos people be scanning the audience wondering which one is the next Epstein.

GlobeArts So the male version of the Victoria catwalk show is at risk now? GlobeArts Some companies are cowards for not standing up to the left wing nuts. GlobeArts They pulled the plug instead of letting fat women and transgenders take part. The left ruins everything. GlobeArts I choose her. P.S. It’s not a cultural victory. It’s a travesty.

GlobeArts Ridiculous. GlobeArts Its all about ratings. GlobeArts Burkinis coming soon GlobeArts Wouldn’t the cultural victory come by airing it and then announcing that it will be cancelled going forward due to a lack of viewers (if that was the case)? That would truly be society making a statement, this is just a corporate reaction to cancel culture.

GlobeArts VICTORY!!! 😂😂😂😂 GlobeArts Applauding women losing their jobs to appeal to.....who exactly?

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GlobeArts For men, there is no victory here. Long live smokin’ hot women. GlobeArts My fantasy is to go down on 50 Victoria Secret women. Am I wrong? GlobeArts Yes, the elimination of a series of jobs that were well-paid and held a high level of regard within the industry is fantastic. This is like the elimination of 'grid girls' from F1 racing; those women loved their work and resented losing their jobs because of activists.

GlobeArts Mmmm is ok GlobeArts Translation: globe and mail homely girls now feel better about themselves. GlobeArts victory for who exactly where else can i see hot women in next to no clothes

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show cancelled for 2019Victoria's Secret parent company L Brands confirmed on Thursday that it will not air its fashion show this year after falling ratings and backlash to the event in recent years. And nothing of value was lost CancelCulture bleeds into 2020. By the way, can these “Progressives” even fit in VS sleepwear? Good.

Victoria’s Secret 2019 fashion show officially cancelledThe 2019 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has officially been cancelled after years of declining viewership and controversy surrounding diversity within the show. READ MORE: Good riddance. We just wanna see girls please. No trannies please. Sick!

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