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Terry Fox, Bank Of Canada

Terry Fox’s hometown hopes to make Canadian icon the face of the $5 bill

Would you like to see Terry Fox on the Canadian $5 bill?


Would you like to see Terry Fox on the Canadian $5 bill?

Would you like to see Terry Fox on the Canadian $5 bill?

runner be the next face of the “fin,” as the Bank of Canada prepares to redesign the banknote.‘Truly banknote-able’: Canadians to choose a new face for the $5 bill‘The Morning Show’ hosts question which Canadian should be on the $5 bill“He has inspired, and he continues to inspire, millions of people.”

to be on the next version of the $5 bill, so long as they are a Canadian citizen, have been dead for 25 years or more, and are not a fictional character.

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Hell ya Absolutely! Yes that is a great idea Yes Yes!!! Hell ya 👍 TerryFox 🐐🇨🇦 5bucks Fat chance of Liberals knocking off one of their own for Terry. I guess. I mean he was a VERY GOOD PERSON! No No. Terry Fox was a courageous person who raised public awareness of cancer. However, being on a dollar bill requires something or someone that has significantly impacted the history of our country or is of iconic nature that represents Canada in the world.


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I wanted a first nation leader, like Louis Riel, but what chances does a first nation leader has against a white man in Canada? None. Yes. He ran for everyone with cancer, men, women and children. He ran for every gender, colour and belief system. Prefer a $5. coin with a cod on it so we can properly call it a 'fin'. Loon, twoon & fin. Sounds about right.

lstn2urmama Absolutely...I think he deserves it more than any politician!!!!!! Yes Sure would Yes! Absolutely I would like to see DonnaStrickland on a Canadian $bill too 🙋🏻‍♀️💪🏼👍🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇨🇦 NobelPrizeWomenCanada A BIG yes!

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Yes! ZackSlater54 There won’t be a Canada soon... let that sink in useless media hacks... Yes, yes, yes Yes I sure would. Absolutely great man and national hero I think it's a great idea 100% yes... one of our greats! ZackSlater54 YES I have no problem with that 👍👍 TerryOnTheFiver I think he’s earned that right for sure! I’m game for that to happen! He’s a true Canadian hero!

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Absolutely! Absolutely! I would like for it not to change. Excellent choice Yes! Yes I think it would be a great idea Yes. I'd like to see an Indigenous figure, someone representing the First Nations who inhabited this territory much before any of us immigrant folks ever showed up and who are the rightful heirs of this land. They are now in refugee camps on that land.

Yes, and let's put John Candy on the next one. I'm sure we have TheRealJenCandy and the families blessing? unclebucks Nope.

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He is a true canadian hero, who was devoted to the improvement of the lives of others with no personal gain. Yes, he deserves this recognition A perfect choice❤️🇨🇦❤️ Yup If Trudeau has the last word,, this will be on the five dollars billets Yes!!!!!!...Then a person of colour Yes!!!! Hell yeah!! YES ! Yes of course!!

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No. They are fine the way they are. Yes x1000 to putting terryfox and the Marathon of Hope on the $5 bill. There is no better choice. Yes Who deserves it more? YES We already have someone on the 5 dollar bill Y E S. Terry Fox in $5 bill. Let’s do it! absolutely childhood hero Yes. My first choice when I heard they are looking for a new picture for the $5 is Terry Fox.

Yes most definitely

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yes!!!! Absolutely YES!!!!!! Yes Not really, I rather it remember Canadians that fell in wars. I think stamps and the Terry Fox run is a good legacy to him. Give him a turn on the $10 YES❤️🇨🇦 Yes!!!!!!!! Sure, to Terry Fox. There are other good ideas here, maybe for other money denominations. ABSOLUTELY!!

Absolutely. Sure would ❤️ 100%💗Terry Fox was/is a true Canadian hero, a real humanitarian that thought of his fellow Canadians. Absolutely!!! No ..... Place him on the 10 dollar bill and erase all images of that ugly disturbing picture of that black broad that no one in North America even fckin recognizes. How fckin stupid was that for our Progressive bunch to decide on.

Yes he gave a lot and should receive the honour of being on the 5 dollar bill Sure...any bill will do. I'm all for it. Yes, but at the same time, I wish we would stop wasting money on money... and license plates (Ontario). Sure ... Yes.get rid of our useless politicians

No No private citizen should be on currency. This is a PM honor only. GlobalBC Yes As of today's Canadian situation, let them put Native People on the bill, and work hard to reconcile with Native people. This country is on the verge of chaos today. Yes!!! We definitely need to honour an Indigenous person first

This is a fantastic idea👍 ❤ TerryFox I like this option. 100% yes! He’s brought so much attention to cancer and cancer research not just in Canada but internationally Fabulous idea!!!

Yes! Yes! Profile of courage! Absolutely! Yes, absolutely! You have my vote. Great choice! Absolutely! 🇨🇦 💯 GlobalBC Good choice. We should be replacing the Queen and not Wilfred Laurier. Terry should go on our 20, not replacing our first French-Canadian PM. Absolutely! Yes!

Yes The only thing that taints Terry Fox is that the foundation in his name is worth millions, barely any of the money raised goes to research. I would definitely support this! TerryFoxCanada No. Many Canadians have achieved equal goals, and many have surpassed. No person's on the bills. Canadian landmarks would be beautiful.

ETCanada Yes I would as he is someone to be honoured I love Terry. He would be a great choice. How about a compilation of indigenous women to honour the missing and murdered? 💯🥇👍 Yes ! Yes!!! Rather him than any obscure Canadian that’s lauded for being the first minority to do anything...Terry encompasses everything good across ALL of society.

Yes Absolutely Canada's last, true CITIZEN hero... Selfless, humbling, and NOT Steve Fonyo... Yes Yes! He would be a great choice, or a recent political figure like Jack Layton. I can almost hear the debate on that one already. Definitely! Yes To be honest I could care less as long as it means me earning more of it which is highly unlikely.

Absolutely Yes

Certainly would but our inept government probably wants Omar Khadr on the bill! Yes 💯, unfortunately he probably won’t make the cut because he’s a white male Yes. Terry was a legend. Yes! Terry Fox should definitely be on the $5 Leave the bill as it is. Why spend millions redesigning something that is working perfectly fine?

Yes. 100% deserves it. True hero of this country I can’t remember the last time I actually saw a five dollar bill.

No one better ! Yes ! Yes he is a true hero in which all Canadians can relate to. At a young age he did the unthinkable, running across Canada to raise money to find a cure for cancer for all of us. Everyone has been affected by cancer I one way or another. I vote Terry Fox💕 Yes, better than any politician

What ever happened was the 5$ coin. It had the wolf howling at the moon. I prefer that. Lets see him on the $20 and get rid of the Queen. Absolutely that would be an excellent choice! Yes Yes! Laura Secord.

Terry is a good choice! So is this guy! 🇨🇦 GordDownie Yes, absolutely. He brought the country together like very few before or after him. A true Canadian hero. What the heck. Government likely going to get rid on cash all together in a effort for more taxes. Absolutely. National hero. 👏 Absolutely❣ Yes it would be nice to see Terry on our 5 dollar bill 👍

Yes Yes Yes!!! Yes

I agree 150% however the go woke go broke crowd may not approve of this thanks to two face and black face Yes I would! Seems only right. He is too white to ever be considered to be on our money 😆 For sure Hell yes!! As a collector and relative expert on the subject. The faces on our main currency should represent our former leaders. Removing our founders is a disservice to Canadian heritage.

Yes Yes Hell yes! Yes.

Heck yes he should be on there. Yes Yes!! Terry was not only a hero, he also showed the world who & what Canadians are... a proud nation who fights for what we believe in, stands up against adversity & who will persevere until our last fighting breath to succeed. Who better to be represented on our currency.

Hulk Hogan. Yes GlobalBC Easiest descion ever yes No Sure would. Canadian hero for sure. Gord Downie or John Candy Yes FoxFiver

ETCanada Yes Yes Absolutely! Absolutely 👍 Yes Why not Do it. Must be a minority. Must be a woman. That is the only way forward. White men are both obsolete and evil. A white male? Ya, good luck with that.

Donnaantoniadis YES!! Yes! Yes perfect choice Yes Yes! Absolutely 👍 The best choice ❤️ No Absolutely! Also,we need this...

Yes!! britjpncdn Yes! I would like to see him on our flag! Maybe in shadow behind the maple leaf or something like that. Point is - he is an incredible Canadian hero. Yes Yes Yes please No. There are several indigenous war heroes that went on to do really great things after the wars. I think that would be a better choice.

Terry Fox above all else. We have enough bridges and streets named after everyone else. He fought for a cause. Lost his battle but others carry it forward YES🎯💯‼️ ETCanada Yes! Yes

Yes,yes,yes Absolutely 100%! $5, $10, $20 and $100. Why not? GlobalBC For sure Terry Fox brought the the country together which was an amazing feat for someone so young and who was suffering so Not at all...hard NO So, who would actually say No? There is a higher probability of TrudeauBlackFace appearing on that bill.

Put him on a $20 bill. They should have done this years ago.

100% Yes yes yes and yes!!!!!! The absolute best choice. It's a yes from me!👏 Is it possible to have 5 people on the $5 Bill? YES of course! Long long overdue! A true Canadian hero! No...Gord is the only choice..... no Absolutely

YES! WilliamShatner is my choice Yes most definitely Yes. Yes, It would be nice for a difference of Terry Fox on a $5.00 bill!! 😉 Hell ya ! Yes!!!!!!!! Yes Frederick Banting since next year will be the 100th anniversary for his finding of life saving insulin. Yes!!

The only choice no This is what you PEOPLE want to talk ABOUT!!!!! CANADA has BIGGER ISSUES to worry about.... Start reporting the news real news Yes. Terry Fox is a 🇨🇦 icon known around the world. He raised $millions for cancer (pre internet) all while suffering from it. He was largely ignored in the beginning but he didn't do it for recognition. He certainly deserves it now. It's time.

Yes Absolute Yes! I would like to see Métis leader Louis Riel on the $5 bill. Clara Hughes Would like to see Canadian money changed to New Country money... 4new countries north of USA.. GlobalBC Absolutely!!

Yes There's not much out there that embodies Canadian values better than TerryFox, we should all aspire to his level. Definitely! Yes.. Absolutely! Terry Fox is a Canadian icon....YES..! Tracyhockeymom Yes YES!!!! ETCanada Absolutely! It would be a wonderful tribute to one of the most inspirational Canadians. 🇨🇦

Why not rename the Trans-Canada highway after Terry Fox too? I imagine the $5 bill will go the way of the $1 & $2 bill within 10 years.

ETCanada Yes he's a Canadian hero🇨🇦😊 ETCanada Absolutely!!! TerryFox ETCanada Does a bear sh__ in the woods. Yes. GlobalNational No he’s no hero. Tommy Prince would be a much better pick 👍👍👍👍👍 Yep, a real hero. Yes can think of no better choice Yes..better then the queen Yes

Of course amd banting as well Not really, there are a lot of great Canadians who are just as deserving to be on that bill as Mr. Fox. I say let's use a symbol or person that represents the First Nations. It would be such an honour. That being said, it's just my opinion. No. Why change it at all? Yes!! Yes, but if the liberal_party or JustinTrudeau have any say in the matter, it’ll be a paid Wet’suwet’en protestor or a picture of McKenna in her snowshoes.

Yes .... it’s better than my choice..... Absolutely 100% - A True Canadian Hero. James2JimM He's a Canadian icon. 100% Indifferent. I think the requirements to qualify to be nominated are a bit much, it should be Gord Downie... but if they really want to put such a strict requirement on it then Terry Fox is an alright choice.

I don’t see a reason to change it but if it us trrry fox would be my choice Of course. Yes!! Yes Absolutely! Yes very deserving Absolutely Yes😊 Yes a true Canadian hero. Yes, of course. Although I thought I heard they were getting rid of the $5 bill.

I love Terry Fox but I think it’s time we honoured Indigenous people of this nation. Absolutely!!! He should most definitely Absolutely!!! No....that’s a disgrace to the man....given how much spas been raised and waisted since.. Absolutely 💪 🇨🇦 Yes Yes Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue & street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. & the process is continuing day by day & min by min...Nothing exists....the Party is always right.

Absolutely! Who else? More deserving than any politician..

Yes. Absolutely! Great Canadian❤️ Yes What’s wrong with Laurier? LouisRiel Yes Sure It’s a yes from me Of course. Terry Fox a true Canadian hero ! AntonyRobart and AntonyRobart. Oh my definitely a no brainer he is so deserving

Should of happened a long time ago ! No chance they are putting a white male on the bill. That would sure give the economy a leg up I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple million Terry Foxes on 5 dollar bills. Drop them off anytime. Stick to indigenous mammals, birds and fish. Canadians are too god damn sensitive about people on their money.

YES You don't need to read too many comments before the neverending list of other great Canadians starts. We need to stick with tradition in this case. Paper/plastic money is for PMs only. Lots of coins we can continue arguing about for other folks' faces. Yes! Duh. Yeah... GlobalBC No but in Thunder Bay when he made the trek!

why isn’t he ALREADY?!? I think that's an excellent idea I second the motion ! Be sides he by far deserves then some politians! He is white. He is a man. Not part of the minority. But he was disabled. Leftist 🤯 Definitely! Absolutely a brilliant idea Yes. But JustinTrudeau would never support a white hero.

Put him on the $20 instead Definitely 'Yes' Yes TerryFox absolutely yes!

I’d like to see Sir John A. on the $10 bill. Deserved !! 💗 Hard no. Absolutely!! Yes Yes Yes for terry fox I would love to see this, but not before an indigenous person first. Reconciliation demands it. Aho! Absolutely! Yes

He’s earned it. Compared with what has been the cards that have been dealt. That would be a great choice, many kids look up to him Yes I think this country is broken beyond repair and maybe GLOBAL could start investigating the people tearing this country apart.. YES!!!! How is this a debate , should've been done yesterday

Yes, of course! He's the greatest Canadian to me, of course. ABSOLUTELY!!! He is a Canadian hero who continues to inspire a Nation! the gov’t will find a way to screw something that obvious up

Absolutely! Yes please Yes please. But isn’t he too white & CANADIAN for our “Woke” Brave New World? I’m expecting the Brain Cell in Ottawa to put Omar Kahdr on it. Definitely GlobalBC I am 100% biased but yes. GlobalBC The $5 bill will be obsolete soon. Let’s put barrel of oil on it. Let it be obsolete together. 🤔

GlobalNational Yes absolutely he’s our Hero, cross-generation inspiration for our youth ABSOLUTELY!!! Really? I loved & totally respected Terry & his family... but really? That's the only question you can think of asking Cdns? What abt the blockades? What abt the big empty chair in Ottawa? What abt our 335M $$. Where did it go?

Great choice!!!!

YES! No one is more deserving. NO ONE. Absolutely Terry for sure... strong second Alex Trebek. Sir. Charles. Tupper. 👊 GlobalBC Cool Absolutely!! Definitely. Not really, even though TerryFox holds a special place in our hearts. Nor do I want to see politicians, dead or not, on symbols of Canada's identity. That place, on all symbols of Canada, belongs to Her Majesty the Queen, our monarch and sovereign. cdnpoli

Yes absolutely, he is the iconic Canadian hero. electrcshepherd very much so. Yes I would I have a pic of my Nephew who died of malnutrition in Calgary Alberta partly because of Canada's Indigenous policies. He looks like a skeleton with skin on him and 4 days later we unplugged him from life support and he died. $600 billion given away, we are pushed out of our lands

Put him on the $20! yes Absolutely 🙏🏼 A very good choice, but I’d also like to see an Indigenous person on it Although Terry Fox demonstrated all the qualities that define a Canadian, I do believe portraits on our currency should be restricted for PMs who made a positive difference for all Canadians. It's time to place Lester B. Pearson on a bill.

100% yes. There is no other Canadian hero Id like to see on the bill. He exemplifies courage for what he did in 1980 with the Marathon of Hope. TerryFox Yes. Absolutely Won’t happen . He’s white so ppl would lose it . Yes! I'm neither for it, nor am I against it. Yes! Would love to see this. ArcticRecon First choice for sure second choice John Candy

ArcticRecon Who would say no? Yes

Yes At the very least, in the top three. FaithGoldy GlobalBC I am totally behind this!! Yes. We would call it the 'Fox.' No, enough already. So many schools! GlobalNational Yes! From everybody! No. GlobalBC No wish we had a national Terry Fox holiday in Canada and yes Terry Fox on the five dollar bill would be nice I wonder how long the five dollar bill will be paper heard few times it will be a coin his face on a coin either way he is a Canadian Hero

Sure No. but megan fox for sure. Terry Fox himself was courageous and most definitely a local hero - but I think the administrators of the Terry Fox Foundation are greedy & self-serving. Canada Revenue Agency charity listings: In 2009, the His Foundation had: 102 million in assets, cash & investments. 🇨🇦

Yes! I think this is a good inspirational choice. Put him on the $20 No Remove the Queen and put Terry Fox Certainly preferable to ANY politician. that is a start

Absolutely a true advocate for the Cure of CANCER Will Canada be around long enough to change the $5 Bill is the question. Yes, he should be on the $5 GlobalBC Absolutely TerryFox Sure put him on it . Put the first prime minister on it . Put Nelson Mandela on it . Put the Donald on it ... I don’t give a fuck ..... we got a drama queen in power put a drag queen on there to show how accepting we are 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😉🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮

William Shatner GlobalBC Yes Sure who gives a fuck YES Yup, for sure

GlobalBC Yes! ga_richardson Yes. Great choice. What an icon. Yes, more deserving than most. Yes. I’ve been saying this all along. Yes YES! - Terry is a hero across Canada! Yes! Terry was a great Inspiring Canadian but so was Gord Downie Cheif Dan George Lenonard Cohen and many others no one would convince me one is better than the other proudly Canadian 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Yes! I never like cash. No more printing useless paper or plastic bills.

Coin , not bill Absolutely. He and the Terry Fox runs have generated in 2018 over $82,0000 and in 2019 over $74,0000 and it all started in 1981 every year millions of dollars for cancer research.... his face warrants the $5 bill indeed Why not? Yes He should replace the queen Just leave it alone. Give him the $10. Better than changing it weekly.

Absolutely! I want to see Justice Bertha Wilson or Tommy Douglas Yes why isn’t he on there already? Well, about 80% of him, actually.

No Yes YES! Sure Yes id like that but are we sure the woke police will allow it to happen? No, Sir John A I would indeed. He significantly represents true Canadian spirit! Yes, please. Personally, I want the late LaliVij or the late SGPJafry on the new $5 bill as they were two great and iconic pioneers in the world of SouthAsianCanadian broadcasting.... Its HighTime such greats from our community be recognized and celebrated in the mainstream

Absolutely, he's a Canadian & worldwide hero & inspiration! YES! HE HAS CERTAINLY EARNED THE RIGHT!🤔 He was and is truly a Canadian hero! YES YES YES TerryFox He is as deserving as anybody! Nahh, I could go my whole live without ever seeing that. If the $5 bill is in my wallet? Sure. Yes... No question.

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