Canadian Federal Election 2019, Ed Scheer

Canadian Federal Election 2019, Ed Scheer

Terence Corcoran: The case is clear for Andrew Scheer

Terence Corcoran: The case is clear for Andrew Scheer @fpcomment

2019-10-09 3:22:00 PM

Terence Corcoran: The case is clear for Andrew Scheer fpcomment

In Monday’s debate, the Conservatives offered the soundest policy options and ignored the extremist positions

Three major economic and political directions will be determined in the Oct. 21 election: the level of federal spending and debt over the coming decade, Canada’s role in global climate policy, and the degree to which extreme notions of wealth redistribution and class warfare will shape the national agenda.

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As Monday’s debate unfolded, only Andrew Scheer emerged as the candidate worthy of the support of Canadians who value sensible general economic policies free of radicalism and extremism.Scheer’s full Conservative platform, to be released formally on Friday, will not be without serious flaws and inconsistencies. The party’s support for agriculture supply management is an untenable sop to rural constituencies. His innumerable tax expenditure gimmicks and other vote-buying schemes are as deplorable as those of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Jagmeet Singh’s New Democrats.

All parties are guilty of vote-buying, and Scheer’s Conservatives are no exception. Through the debate, however, only Scheer rose above the crowd on the three important issues of debt, climate and class warfare. While Trudeau, Singh and Green party leader Elizabeth May ripped into the “powerful corporations” and the wealthy, raised extreme alarms about climate change, and ignored the risks of rising debt, Scheer held stable ground. At one point he even used the word “freedom” to describe the essence of Canadian citizenship.

On the three main economic topics up for debate, Scheer offered the soundest policy options and ignored the extremist options offered by his opponents.Climate changeScheer did not get sucked into the Trudeau/Singh/May climate alarmism rhetoric. Against claims from May on the alleged infallibility of climate science, and the alleged existential risk posed by global warming, Scheer stuck to his rational and responsible approach. His climate proposals stand in clear opposition to Trudeau’s insistence that the Liberal carbon plan to meeting extreme global emissions targets are essential and will be successful.

Setting carbon policy is an international problem that must be resolved internationally. Scheer’s anti-carbon tax stance smacks of populism, but there are also good reasons to hold off on major and costly national carbon policies until the international conflicts and disagreements are settled and formal regimes are established — if they are ever established.

Even if Canada were facing a “climate emergency” with increasing floods, wildfires and storms — as claimed by May, Trudeau and Singh — no Canadian “emergency” carbon policy, carbon tax, pipeline shutdowns can change the world climate trajectory. It would all be symbolism with no real impact. Sheer is right in noting that if China, India and other nations are increasing their use of fossil fuels, increasing their carbon emissions and raising global climate risks, it makes no sense to charge ahead as though the future of the world depended on Canada’s climate actions. The opposite is true: Canada’s climate future depends on how the rest of the world acts.

Debts and deficitsScheer’s full platform will reveal his fiscal plan, but so far he has indicated a commitment to a balanced budget over time and claims the Conservative platform will outline a sensible path forward toward balance. All such platform fiscal plans are suspect, but at least Scheer has indicated he intends to run a prudent fiscal plan.

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Class warfareThrough the debate, and in policy statements so far, Scheer has systematically avoided joining the creeping leftist push for the confiscation of the incomes and assets of the wealthy.Trudeau talks of a need to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes (whatever that means), although at least he has in the past resisted the idea of imposing a wealth tax on Canadian billionaires and multimillionaires. Jagmeet Singh plans to raise $5 billion a year via a one per cent wealth tax. During the debate, Singh repeatedly referred to “rich and powerful corporations” and the wealthy who are “not paying their fair share.”

Looking forward, only Scheer offers the possibility that Canada’s fiscal and economic future will be free of the wealth-confiscation and other extreme policies that are gaining support in Canada and the United States. Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada also suggests it might be a safe haven for fiscal and climate conservatives, but his immigration stance and vague policy outlines are too marginal for most Canadian voters.

During the debate, Trudeau repeatedly denounced “fear-based politics” and the “politics of fear and division.” It was not clear who he was accusing of fearmongering, but it would be hard to pin that label on Scheer. On the contrary, as the debate ended, the Conservative was the only leader who did not engage in fear-based politics — over immigration, climate, wealth or any other issue.

There will be holes in the Conservative platform that will be released Friday. One of the biggest will be details regarding the plan to legislate a National Energy Corridor through which Ottawa will somehow impose national projects on provinces and regions. Should Quebec be allowed to continue to import oil, or should the province be forced to take in possibly more expensive oil from Alberta?

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The post has given up any pretence of impartiality. Propaganda wars - not analysis is the way of the future. Yuck. You just made me barf in my mouth. What! I guess that you were watching a different debate. Not even close. It’s clear he can’t be truthful. That’s very clear. He lies every day. In his resume. In his biography.

It’s reassuring to read the many sensible comments here that question this article. The author fails to address that Scheer is just another Doug Ford populist that will target the vulnerable on behalf of corporations. And that his foreign policy copies Trump policy on Israel. I knew I followed the Post for some reason, I'm happy that reason is great jokes

National Post: “after being paid $10 million dollars by the CPC and their friends, we agree Andrew Scheer is the best.” The fact Corcoran believes it makes no sense for Canada to be environmentally responsible because, 'some other countries aren't doing it,' says so much about his character. It's an addict-like logic, 'Why stop smoking crack? I'm not smoking as much crack as the REAL addicts.'

How much would it cost to have this commercial done for Bernier and the PPC? Not so much. Does... does he know a different Andrew Scheer, maybe? It doesn't sound like same populist peddler of disinformation and barely-closeted support-for-bigots that I'm familiar with. fpcomment So our policy on climate change should be “No, you go first!”? Isn’t that what we’re already doing? Wouldn’t other countries just insist we should do something about our incredibly high per capita carbon emissions first Oh, I forgot. It’s more important that we “get ahead”.

fpcomment Yes, it is clear he should not be PM. Scheer=Ford. fpcomment This brought the LPC trolls out in full force. Good work. fpcomment fpcomment Can you also add in rhymes for :American taxpayer' and 'Steve Bannon acolyte'? manny_ottawa fpcomment Good analysis, he is the best choice. Given the Choices available.

fpcomment From the NP? Cons have always been your champions? With the likes of Conrad Black on your team, who cares! fpcomment 🤣 fpcomment Retired CAF member, I was going to vote for the Cons, however after Scheers comments about the Syrian restaurant in TO, I have seen he has no balls, he should not have commented. I will be voting for someone who has balls and a whole lot of knowledge of right and wrong, Bernier.

fpcomment fpcomment How much would it cost to have this advertisement for Bernier and the PPC? fpcomment good gravy I sure hope this American Publication does not get Scheer elected fpcomment NP loves the denier in chief: « Scheer did not get sucked into the Trudeau/Singh/May climate alarmism rhetoric »

fpcomment If by clear you mean he's a garbage opposition leader just marginally above Maxime Bernier, then yes, you have a clear case for that. cdnpoli elxn43 fpcomment Except it’s not clear. His full platform has not been released, he stands against Climate Change and the LGBTQ. He LIES ALL THE TIME. This ain’t it, Fam. ScheerNonsense ScheerAmerican


New poll looking at virtues of Canada’s party leaders ranks Justin Trudeau most elitist, fakeOn honesty, straight-forwardness and trustworthiness, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer scored better than the PM How on earth is Bernier not considered the most honest? Of course he is , but at least he has had a job , unlike AndrewScheer . ScheerDisaster ScheerNotAsAdvertised ScheerAmerican

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'Their silence speaks volumes': Indigenous issues largely absent from campaignNeither Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau nor Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has invested campaign time or energy in addressing Indigenous issues. Because if one party leader calls Trudeau out for how he removed a lot of the financial accountability which had been required to qualify for federal funding, all of the candidates will end up going down the rabbit hole and no one wins. People are getting tired of 6 percent wagging the dog Same rules for all Canadians. Stop asking for special treatment

LIVE: 2019 federal leaders' debateNDP Leader theJagmeetSingh arrives for the English-language leaders’ debate. Watch LIVE at 7:00 p.m. ET: cdnpoli elxn43 CanadaDebates2019 Who cares? To reflect on the shit show they've bestowed upon us ? Lmao JustinTrudeau He'll need lots of time to get his face makeup on

Reality check: Trudeau claims Scheer is giving Canada’s wealthiest a $50,000 tax breakDuring CanadaDebates2019, Trudeau claimed Scheer's platform would give a $50,000 tax break for some of Canada’s wealthiest households — is this accurate? elxn43 Nope. Just more lies from Trudeau Trudeau is a lieing sack of shit, a vote for Trudeau is a vote for the separation of Canada, Alberta and the West will not sit back and take it like we have been for 4 years. Trudeau wants nothing to do with the west other than our tax revenue, he's alienated us just like his dad Can we have all ur money know the money who was Stolen!?

Conservatives would fund expansion of two Toronto subway lines, says ScheerAndrew Scheer is promising that a Conservative federal government would try to unclog commuter traffic in Canada's biggest city by funding a pair of projects to extend Toronto's subway. He would also sell his soul to the devil for those 416 votes! The guy is a joke! Hell they all are ... no real standout choice in this election! Giving commuters an alternative to motor vehicles is good. Giving new immigrants and entry level workers viable public transport to get to their jobs is great. Unless a Conservative supports it. Then Progressives are absolutely against the environment and immigrants. Let the taxpayers of Toronto, that are the majority users of that system, pay for it! Why should taxpayers across the Province or Country, foot the entire bill of a project that has no benefit to them? Oh, and Ford has already made this promise, so it is not Sneers idea!