Teck Resources pulling application for Frontier oil sands mine

Teck Resources, Frontier Oil Sands Mine, Alberta Oil Sands, Justin Trudeau, Oil Sands Climate Change, Jason Kenney

Teck Resources pulls application for Frontier oil sands mine

Teck Resources, Frontier Oil Sands Mine


Teck Resources pulls application for Frontier oil sands mine

The Teck mine had already passed a lengthy regulatory review and Ottawa was expected to decide this week whether to approve the project

Audio for this article is not available at this time. This translation has been automatically generated and has not been verified for accuracy. Full Disclaimer Teck Resources Ltd. is pulling its application for the proposed Frontier oil sands mine. The company, which on Friday released disappointing fourth quarter results, decided to pull the project following a board meeting, according to two sources with knowledge of the decision. The Globe and Mail is not identifying the sources as they were not permitted to speak publicly about the decision. According to one source, the board made the decision citing public safety concerns. The project had already passed a lengthy regulatory review and the federal cabinet was expected to decide whether it would green-light the mine on Tuesday. Story continues below advertisement Senior officials with Teck called Indigenous leaders in Wood Buffalo to advise of the decision on Sunday, according to one source. Teck told them it wasn’t the right time to move forward on the project, according to the source. Even if it was approved by cabinet, the mine – which would have emitted 4.1 megatonnes annually but created thousands of jobs – faced several other hurdles before it would become economically viable, including oil prices and pipeline capacity. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney had made Frontier’s approval a key demand of the federal government last year, amid rising Western alienation and after the Liberals were shut out of Alberta and Saskatchewan in the fall election. Frontier’s impact on the oil patch was viewed both as a real economic boom but also a key signal to investors about the future of the sector following years of declining investment and the shelving of several projects. Over the last few months, Frontier has found itself at the centre of a political of a firestorm both within Canada and internationally. Proponents saw its approval as a measure of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s commitment to national unity and Alberta’s economic growth while opponents viewed it as a test of Canada’s commitment to tackling greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. On Friday Teck said it would have to take a $1.1-billion write down on the Frontier heavy oil mine if the federal government rejected its bid. Related topics Read more: The Globe and Mail

JohnIbbitson Let me fix your headline ..”Liberals Barriers Continue to Impede Alberta To Succeed” We'll all be working for the government one day in Canada La force du réel. Why would anybody want to do business in this country ? TrudeauIsNotFitForOffice Why are people not reading the letter? Devastating! Trudeau Liberals destroying Canada

7000 construction jobs and 2500 operating jobs NO MORE. ...... These are difficult times JustinTrudeau and I appreciate your calm leadership. Oil and Gas is over and you are on the right side of history. Ignore the dinosaurs in this thread.

Alberta and two First Nations reach deal for proposed oilsands mineThe $20.6-billion project would create an estimated 7,000 construction jobs, 2,500 operating jobs but has massive greenhouse gas impact So there is no legitimate reason not to approve the project now massive greenhouse effect ...what complete rubbish It does not matter. The precedence has been set. Any time any radicals want to hold Canada hostage, we will pay the ransom. This isnt over, and will get much worse.

Congratulations feds. You nationalized yet another energy project. This is TMX all over again. You are ruining Canada 🇨🇦 This needs to end. BillTufts there goes $20 billion dollars our Federal Government just showed the world Canada is closed for business Conservative meltdown in 3.. 2... 1... MHNJeremyAppel I was led to believe billions in tax cuts would fix the Alberta economy. My fragile conservative ideology is crumbling.

Between the financial situation and the fact Trudeau has shown he is incapable of leadership when faced with a crisis that puts not only projects but people in danger it's not really surprising This is a company saying even if its approved in 48 hours we still dont have confidence that it'll get done and it'll be worth it Its official The left has just shut down our resource industry.

Here we go. All the nut jobs are going to be redlining tonight. cdnpoli The board made a decision citing public safety concerns? Trudeau's support for the illegal blockaders is why the Teck mine was cancelled. God is punishing Canada with a horrible leader like Justin Trudeau.

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