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Talks continue over if, how House of Commons should resume amid COVID-19

Do you think the House of Commons should resume its normal work schedule?

2020-05-23 6:21:00 PM

Do you think the House of Commons should resume its normal work schedule?

Intense behind-the-scenes negotiations are to continue Saturday among federal political parties over how Parliament should function as the COVID-19 crisis drags on.

“In a crisis, oversight is more important than ever,” he said.As long as the Commons resumes its normal schedule, Scheer said his party is open to the idea of hybrid sittings.3:25Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says Ottawa will help fund contact tracing across Canada

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Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says Ottawa will help fund contact tracing across CanadaThere’s one big hurdle to the Commons resuming normal activity -the chamber has not resolved how to go about allowing for MPs not in the Commons to vote electronically and not all parties are convinced it’s a good idea.

Until that is resolved, only the small number of MPs actually in the chamber would be able to cast votes, which could violate one of the most basic parliamentary privileges for the vast majority of MPs who would be prevented from standing up and being counted.

Votes are not an issue with the COVID-committee arrangement, which provides time for lengthy question-and-answer sessions, statements and tabling of petitions but little else.READ MORE:Live updates: Coronavirus in CanadaUnder the agreement reached last month, every Wednesday after the committee wraps up, the government may, if necessary, ask the small number of MPs in the chamber to reconvene in a sitting of the House of Commons to consider emergency pandemic-related legislation.

Story continues below advertisementThe Commons has sat three times since mid-March to do just that, with the government each time negotiating unanimous consent in advance to allow the legislation to sail through in a matter of hours without the need for a recorded vote.

Until the electronic voting issue is resolved, NDP House leader Peter Julian has suggested that hybrid COVID committee meetings are probably the best way to proceed for the next month or so.Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet agreed that the easiest route would be to continue with the COVID-committee model, perhaps in a hybrid format. But he laid down a number of conditions that must be met in order to obtain Bloc support.

Among other things, he wants the government to honour previous commitments to provide incentives to recipients of emergency aid benefits to take available jobs and more non-repayable financial support to help small businesses pay their fixed costs.0:37

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Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says all levels of government in Canada ‘want the same thing’Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says all levels of government in Canada ‘want the same thing’The Bloc also wants MPs to sit for at least four weeks during the summer and the government to set a date in June for delivering an economic update.

If those conditions are not met, Blanchet warned his party will support the Conservative bid to resume normal Commons operations.Should all parties agree over the weekend on how to proceed, Monday’s resumption of the Commons could be brief — just long enough to seek unanimous consent for a motion laying out how the chamber, or COVID committee, will operate going forward.

Story continues below advertisementShould one or more opposition parties refuse unanimous consent, the Liberals could move a motion laying out the government’s preferred approach. Because they hold only a minority of seats, however, the Liberals would need the support of at least one of the main opposition parties to pass the motion.


Obviously If I have to go to work. Our politicians should be going to work No Yes CKNW No. Too risky. Covid is NOT gone. How many people total are in the house of commons? Think about it. Anyone who wants to has no common sense. The Joke is over. Back to work. Strong leadership needed. GlobalEdmonton Canada is not currently a functioning democracy. It is telling that the Bloc’s biggest leverage over the LPC was Blanchard‘a threat to vote to resume parliament. It’s long past time to resume full sitting in the HOC.

If they are not working they should not be paid. Yes, they have work to do, best get on with it. Wear a mask like the rest of us eh With Trudeau as leadership, 'normal' is not applicable word in this situation. Yes GlobalEdmonton No! Not unless social distancing can be observed. Yes! If Walmart can operate so can they!!

No there is nothing wrong the way they are doing it now! Yes yes, its incumbent on them to be essential No work remotely Here’s a better question... Do you think that global news should receive a tax payer funded bailout? Yes Abso(f'n)lutely!! Without question! And if they don't? They shouldn't be entitled to their regular salary! No work? No cash! We don't pay them to sit around at home! I don't see other bosses or companies paying their employees to stay home. Why is this different?

Yes Seems we have pure evil running Canada Liberals think this way Just the truth you can't get from Communist News Never should have stopped. There is plenty of room in there that they could all sit by using the gallery too if they wanted to stay seperated. Sure I have, why shouldn't they? Yes. Of course it should..enough of these pussies laying back on the tax payers dime. Pull that useless trudeau out from under his bed by the hair of his head if they have to he can face the questions that should and Hopfully will be asked. Canadians can't rely on a paid off MSM

If BC schools are “safe” to open, then why aren’t these people “safe” to meet? By all means. What an absurd question ! Government is an essential service in a democracy. The Canadian public want its government to lead, albeit leadership has been missing with the Trudeau liberals TheWestBlock Should be essential service for crying out loud.

How could a news outlet ask such a ridiculous question. You can’t be serious? If corporate parliamentary duties in the house of common isn’t the single most ESSENTIAL SERVICE in Canada then they all should stay home permanently, All our problems go away. Private sector can run CA Duh yes Coward of the cottage has to go Due to the BS of this Plannedemic slash the pay of all mps & senators by 80%

I think everyone needs to learn to work in this new environment. Temperature checks, social distancing and masks like the rest of us who are getting things ready to return to our offices. I think it would send a good message. F&k yes!! Yes parliament is essential and they should get back to as normal a schedule as possible . These video chat sessions are just a stop gap measure to deal with virus related issues and inadequate to debate government business

Yes 630CHED The media is letting Trudeau off easy. When will Global and CTV get some backbone for Canadians, we know CBC won’t. We have grocery, restaurant and other service folk right in the frontline for Canadians and the media is letting the people who represent us, sit on the sidelines No. At least meeting by video conferencing, it cuts down on the childishness that goes on in the House. Keeps them at the task and business at hand versus name calling and other foolishness. Work together.

Yes Yes but without that lump loser corrupt negligent Trudeau. Absolutely, last time I checked they are an essential service! Of course! They never should have been shutdown. No. It is too soon. yes. Yes but only if libs,bloc,green and NDP stay home Yes get back to work Absolutely....not! Nothing that can't be accomplished via video conferencing.

Yes god dammit most certainly. If we have too then they should do the same. There is nothing that makes them better then any of us. This is no different when we go to war, they send out our poor children to die while them, and their rich children remain home, and safe, and profiting from our dead. Absolutely...and they are an essential service. Stop paying them if they don't go back. Then take the vote.

VIRTUAL ONLY. No NO. Large gatherings are not allowed in Ontario. What a stupid question...if a department store can open I think 50 MPs can space themselves out. Well ,JerryPDias (because that's who's really pulling the strings here with his Union) You shouldn't have been so cocky. You made it apparent to even the most cognitively disabled liberal how corrupt you are. rcmpgrcpolice are you going to enforce bill c-46 ? cdnpoli

No They should either resume their regular work schedule or all be laid off on CERB. I think they should take a huge pay cut for doing F-all. Yes, or step down . Yes. Back to work or you don’t get paid. Simple. Nah, too risky. He’s comfortable in his pyjamas in his basement coming out once a day. Leave it at that. Everyone else back to work let’s make some money and get economy going again

They need to get to work, trudeauand the libs need to be accountale for there poor decision making, weakness calling it racism and ties ccp many people go towork and have the whole time. GET TO WORK TRUDEAU YOU BUM GET THE GOLDEN SPOON OUT OF YOUR ASS !!!! If anyone has ever watched the House of Commons and I can't imagine why you would all you see is insults and childish behavior. Nothing gets done.

Should be helping everybody anyone that open the business at the beginning of this year has zero help You know what? We don't give a shit if they sit or not. They are not essential. They can do this all remotely. The time for resisting technological upgrade and change is over. If they don’t we should stop paying taxes?

CKNW Sure! Some province's are stupid enough to open schools now so why aren't they doing their jobs? Seriously if they don't go back to work, they should return part of their salaries. Taking fucking pay raises during a crisis and then many sitting on their asses doing nothing while a handful work. 4CRPG They can’t keep the illusion of this being the biggest, baddest, end of the world virus if they go back to work. Pretty simple. Another flu, that can kill older people and people with health issues. Whoppie shit! Survival rate of 99.97% speaks volumes. It’s not worth the hype.

am640 Not sure about the HOC but would like to see the democratic process back in action. But such that exposure and risk guides the process. Darn rights those lazy fucks should be working twice as hard for the money we pay them!! Time for Parliament to get back to full sessions. Stop this nonsense. getyourlifeback CDNs!!

No. Risking that key ministers or bureaucrats fall ill and the resultant quarantine for their contacts could cripple our government. A absolutely! There was no reason for it to have stopped. Parliament was in session during 2 world wars and the Spanish flu. The Chinese Coronavirus is no more severe. CKNW Yes, if provinces are looking to open schools in part the. I think politicians should go to work first. Our children are not their guinea pigs to see if it is safe to resume.

Stay the fuck home Yes. Or these MPs can happily return their salaries. Yes No! Not until it's safe. It's commonsense. Simple. However, we know cry-baby AndrewScheer is having a tantrum because his days in the public sphere are numbered and he won't have the press's attention or the floor. He will be reduced to the dust pile of former opposition leaders

They need to get back to work!.. Absolutely not. The gov’t should lead by example and work via video conferencing. There is nothing that requires them to be in close proximity. In fact video conferencing should continue after the epidemic to save on travel and housing expenses. duh yesterday. Yes get to work and get a plan going to save this country

I think It's time to abandoned Justin's forced 4 months of FORCED SOCIAL COMMUNISM and reclaim our basic human rights. If justin wants buy a seat at the UN, it's time for him to start spending his money. CANADA IS BROKE. GlobalBC Yes they should. Yes, enough of this hiding. justin trudeau can't attend because of his ankle bracelet, being at home arrest.

I don’t why not !! Everyone else is going back to work if Trudeau thinks it is safe enough to send hi US ambassador to New York (one of the worst hot spots for COVID-19) to beg for Trudeau's UN seat ... than it is safe enough for the House of Commons to resume Yes. They should have been the first ones back. Hypocrites. The wholelot of them.

Yes No YESSSSSSSS and now. Work through the summer to make up for lost time Whatever is safest. As long as they keep the damn border with the USA CLOSED!!! I would like to see it shut all summer just err on the side of caution! It should have never stopped. Put then into quarantine but it should have never stopped.

TheWestBlock Yes if they want everyone else to go to work, and especially if they want our kids back in the petrie dish called school. NO! F’n right! Get back to work or fire them all! Is it time for a f’n revolution or what?! Yes Many of us continue to work for the sake of the stay at home folks. Utilities still provide, shelves are still stocked, construction carries on, garbage is still collected, goods are transported. If the PMO insists on hiding, then stop passing bills without the house

No Absolutely. Or get laid off. Are they essential or not? They are payed as if they are, start delivering. I think they should all be laid off and let the people decide what to do.. After all aren't we the ones in charge? Aren't politicians the servant of We the People? Love to hear that answer... Of course

I think they should. These are our leaders of our country, shouldn't be asking us to resume normal life if they are no leading by example. It's time for our government leaders in Ottawa to step up. YES! GET BACK TO WORKING FOR CANADIANS Definitely not... Lead by example Yes Yes! The dictator and his communist party need to be held accountable! Canada’s MSM (Global News included) giving Trudeau free pass with no accountability!!!

Goddamn rights they should. What makes them so special that they have to avoid going back to work? Scared of getting covid?... I’m sure these idiots have been going to Walmart this entire time anyway. The liberals need to be put in their place and need opposition. Enough already! Let’s see...keep letting Trudeau put our country in debt for generations with his open cheque book policy or actually be held accountable with his minority government Time to face the live music no more cottage vacation

No. They should stay home! The same as the rest of Canada. Stay at Home as much as you can! That's what the Covid-19 app tells us all the time. The government needs to be a Role model. Stay home CanadianPM as much as possible! Get back to work now Stay home. Use online meetings. Watch the numbers go up by next week 💯💯💯💯

Use available technology for this. NO. It would set a terrible example re following public health directives, and risk memers and their families. No. It’s still way to dangerous Absolutely! Either that, or all of them should take a pay cut!. No. Absolutely not. The virtual sitting and one in person is more than sufficient now.

Democracy, needs to happen. The liberals are now a dictatorship YES !! Its needed for a functional DEMOCRACY!!! No. It's the PM wanna be who is insisting on it for no reason other than get his name on the news. Useless Scheer. No Now that's a phucking stupid question. Remotely. Hell yes!! No Yes, absolutely. Let's get the courts working again too.

No. It’s not safe. YES Absolutely! It’s time to stop playing games and get back at it Trudeau is just wasting time and money Good heavens NO YES! Democracy needs it and they are paid to represent US. No no Yes! Trudeau is hiding in his cottage to have the extra time trying to get a temporary seat at the UN costing us more $ which we need here in Canada. He is a slippery snake 🐍

No. Better question should be ban the globe n mail? No fire them all useless No Nope. Virtual will do. to Like everything else why take chances if you do not have to. There are a lot of people that will be jammed into small areas. Would another month or so to be sure really hurt anyone? It appears all are working to make it work. Except Scheer of course but what’s new there.

If they don’t wanna work then we should be able to stop paying their wages! ALL OF THEM! Do you think you should stop being FakeNews No ABSOLUTELY! GET THE FK BACK TO WORK! It should never have shutdown in the first place. What twisted sense of essential service does this cracked country have? If China's National People's Cognress can meet to fuck over Hong Kong without social distancing, I'm sure the Canadian Parliament can safely meet to fuck over Canadians.

They should or disbanded all together No too early. Unsafe Justin is doing great! What makes them special not to, all the grocery store employees work, so we can get our food. Absolutely! No. Also why would any sane person ask this question? Why doesnt MMedia ask a better question do you think the Minority Canadian Gov masquerading as the Liberal Party of Canada are Communist China Shills?

What do you call normal? Work has continued. So work is normal. Plus thousands of dollars saved on travel, staff, etc and ridings have an MP present. Why is the media asking the general public to give their opinions on a public health crisis? Your job is to report on what the opinions of the experts are and inform the public of such, while holding elected officials to abiding by them. See the difference?

I think they lead by example and work remotely. And I think Andrew Scheer should show up to virtual parliament. Yes. Are they not essential? Yes. It's a very big room. Yes, get back to work with or without trudeaus stuntcock double. Of course .. otherwise take a pay cut! No brainer! 😥 Yes, get back to work immediately!

How is it a person at the grocery store stocking shelves is essential and government isn't? Yeah but wouldn't that effect the communist takeover? YESSS!! If they are not at work full time then we should have taxes reduced by the same percentage. I think Global news should pull the plug on its day to day operations.

They do get paid don't they? They don't do their job just like the presstitutes. Yes why not Yes I do. And I think that global news should not be so happy about the UN security seat our dictator PM is going for and show Canadians what it will cost them, and what it has costed them in the past. And what it will cost them in the future 👍

If we are sending children back to school, than the government can go back to in person meetings! No. But if yes. Then I want MichelleRempel to be the first through the doors. Get back to work .. overpaid useless turds .. the lot of them all parties all stripes ! YES!!!!! No, you should be asked the question: do you believe in democracy and holding a government to account?

Yes they need to resume...and we need to resume as well.... Yes.. we need accountability for the dictator-in-chief Yes Yes YESS!!! UNSEAL THE INDICTMENTS I think you should be paying me to look at this crap. Yes! No. Next question... But that would mean pretty boy would have to come out of his house into the real world and wouldn’t be able to use the covid excuse anymore.

Absolutely YES! GlobalBC Andrew Scheer should go back home and stop complaining GlobalBC Andrew Scheer is the weakest leader GlobalBC And his party does not want him NO He should stop hiding out and answer some questions about his managing It’s ridiculous that you would even ask that question. Of course it should. If folks working at Walmart & Canadian Tire can work you better damn well believe politicians can.

In handling urgent matters YES GlobalBC Yes but that coward Trudeau can’t control the news then. He wants us to be China so badly. So he can do what ever he wants. No. No way. He opens thet U.S boarder we canadians are in big trouble .This is far from over. Yes. If WE ALL email the GG, NICELY, as I know we all get frustrated on Twitter, but via email she will have no choice to start doing something. She represents us Canadians. Yes Trudeau appointed her but at the end of the day she will have to step up. Let’s all stop “yaking” n email!

Absolutely Yes! Absolutely! It is what they are paid for is it not? Yes. Lets get this country back on tract and Trudeau should step down. No, it should be abolished. No. They aren't essential. Have them sit at home earning $2000/month like the rest of us. Yes Yes. Politicians should be on the front lines of anything they have command over. They decide to go to war, they are first out to fight.

No. NO! Ontario, Quebec and Alberta still haven't got control of the virus. No, No, No, No, No. StayHome GlobalBC Yes. Bunch of overpaid & now useless BUMS Yes...if parliament isn't essential then fire the lot of them! Do you think AndrewScheer should be aided & abetted in committing a hate crime against the immunocompromised? Is a dog still a dog if you cut off it's tail? Does the virus, as religious extremists claim, 'only kill sinners'? cdnpoli LGBTQ2

Yes No Why not? TheWestBlock I really think Parlaiment should get back in before sending our children back to school. Yes. 0 Ask a stupid question. Get disrespected. Reporters ask so many useless questions. We need a strong press. PLEASE do better. Absolutely. If you cannot count on your democratic institutions working during a crisis, then what is the point of them?

Yes or step down No It depends. Are we still planning on coming out of this a democratic nation? Sure, those idiots (politicians) can be the Canaries... See you in hell!! Yes Absolutely not Yes, it's time for Trudeau to stop playing dictator and be held to account. Yes... should have never stopped. liberal cowards

GlobalBC No. Virtual is fine. I'd much rather have top government officials healthy and working from home than sick, which would do us no good. Conservatives and Scheer just keep complaining to get more screen time and try to keep relevant. Not working, fyi. JustAnnoying Nope Yes. Get these overpaid whiners doing their jobs!

Sell the building. Its no longer needed. I think should stop asking asinine questions and polls since you bend the truth to make that jackass trudeau look good. hell yes or give up their paycheques GlobalBC So Justin Trudeau wants to pay the House of Commons to stay home as well for doing nothing - go figure

I should think so. Every other country in the world the governments are back working. Just this stupid bunch of Liberals here. Time to get everything back to normal. Yes enough with the lame excuses and hiding in his cottage Nope. I think we should cut their pay. Let em apply for CERB. JT... he is a real feckless ____

Absolutely. If minimum wage minikns could work through the whole thing these assholes can get their butts back into the seats NO and only on line stay home Nope. No. Safety is paramount and they can do their work remotely. No. Absolutely not!! The HOC should have been back to business weeks ago. Embarrassing that they’re still trying to decide, and that Canadians are passively accepting not being represented.

Yes! No!! And I think Global news needs to stop pushing the vapid CPC agenda!! Yes Yes GlobalBC 100% yes so our DICKtator Trudeau can start to face questions from real people not the fluff the media throws at him. Nooooooo 💯 No, virtual for safety & to save taxpayers money. Need to keep some changes. Save money on flights, lodging, food, parties, family tag along.etc. Millions to be saved ! No more traveling high on the hog! Virtual is the future. arguing that doesn't accomplish anything not worth $

No, the combo of some at home, some in the chamber sounds good for now Yes YES! trudeau is a fraud and corrupt, IMO. He is in 'control' mode. He can FO! No. Ontario and Quebec need to have hardly any cases of the virus before House of Commons should meet. Not only would the MPs be at risk but all the support staff.

If they can do it via video conference sure. If not then no. GlobalEdmonton These cowards need to get back to work or forfeit their salary for every day they have not been in parliament. Everyone one of them. Cowards! Is our countries government not essential anymore ? You know, now that we have a dictatorship !

it should have long ago!! 630CHED Man if we all have to they can too Of coarse. Should have been back long ago. Take precautions. No. If it means to satisfy Scheer and the conservative's self interest? then no. We will see a huge surge in new cases after this weekend because people are not adhering to the physical distance recommended. A full parliamentary sitting would be a Trinity Bellwood park this weekend.

GlobalBC Yes with proper precautions Virtually. At least through an anticipated second wave and we know more on how Covid19 wants to play. AndrewScheer is the whiny kid that clears the playground... kinda like the virus is doing right now 🤷🏻‍♀️ No. Everyone needs to stay safe and do what they need to do remotely.

No Yes Nope. Obviously! These jokers don't even believe the BS anymore. Get back to work! NON Check out the pictures from Toronto today. Ontario is going to be on total lockdown for months. this day n age remote is the new norm. None of us are working our normal work schedule No Yes! Get your asses back to work!

Yup. We need to question and understand how badly in debt we now are! Not only should it resume, they should work through the summer to make up for lost time. Without pay. Sure, as soon as your company goes back to a normal work schedule, having everyone crowded back into work, so should Parliament. Oh, you don’t think that’s a good idea? Why should those that work on The Hill be any different then you?

Of course I think they should get back to work for the summer with those that are away perhaps joining virtually. The fall may change up again when the second wave arrives. This may be the new normal. No... it’s working fine & ppl already are thinking the virus is no longer a big deal and life should go back to normal. The ’s are proving that wrong! Canadians need to know these are not normal times & see govt set the example!

You know I figured people who are responsible for running the country and that can basically take all of our rights away and can start wars as they please are pretty fucking essential. I mean not like dumbshit Trudeau does any work anyways Here you go... Yess go fu.... Yes. Immediately. Why the heck everyone else should go back to work but not our lazy politicians who are still getting paid in full?!

GlobalEdmonton Yes....we need to figure out who is going to pay for the government assistance program. They can resume with virtual sittings like they are doing, or with hybrid parliament. If doctors can do appointments without meeting in person, why can't Parliament function this way? Yes! And stop the daily press conferences. We need real questions not the low ball press questions

H...E...L...L Y..E...S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely not. Yes! No and I think the media should stop giving little Andy, who quit his job months ago but can’t seem to go away, as much, or more airtime than our PM. Mostly because all he does is spew false drivel and whine like a spoiled toddler.He has no importance, stop endowing him with it.

Just cancel government for the year. Stupid Question GLOBAL NEWS! OF COURSE, IMMEDIATELY! Buy them all plastic bubbles if they're scared. Govt, get back to work! DefundCBC and DefundGlobal YOU don't write anything worthwhile or accurate, the days of investigate, fact check and then report on Govt are gone.

Absolutely. Yes Yes, when it's safe to do so. In the meantime, virtual parliament is just fine. Why can't we do this online? Like the e-learning meetings millions of kids across Canada have to do? this is so true, we seen it again in the last election. Useless waste of time anyway Define normal No, And Scheer should shut up and go away already.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO No Yes Nope Might as well bulldoze the HoC for all the good it does. Why even have a political system considering it was set up by the plutarchs back in 1867. YOUR VOTE HAS NEVER MATTERED.....EVER! Both main parties should be purple not red & blue considering they're all globaltard puppets!

Nobody really cares. They don’t do anything useful anyway. They are not needed. They do more damage to Canada then good. Yes absolutely!!! Trudeau can stop hiding and be accountable for his poor decisions Yes, along with the rest of the country The fact that the question needs to be asked is a poignant indication of where we are today. Do better!

Yes, of course. Store clerks are working every day for our benefit. Yet Trudeau will not allow Parliament to function. What is going on with our country? Yes. They are paid for that. Resign if it is too much for you Yes, the government should be fighting to work. The world laughs at Canada ASAP! Absolutely not!

No. There is more Question Period now, and no less oversight. The CPC just crave the camera for their lies, to fundraise by angering folks with those lies. Governmentally, this is fine for now. Nice try for those Con friendly owners, FauxNewsNorth , but no. Seriously enough with this bullshit ... what will Rempel do

What kind of stupid question is this. If they can't go back to work, they should all resign. There is no excuse for this in a democracy. Unless you're suggesting we should forgo that do you cdnpoli No As more and more people get back to work they will start to wonder why the politicians think that they for some reason don’t need to.

No. It sets a bad example of ignoring public health recommendations. The Conservatives should be ashamed of wanting to risk members and their families all to better do their seal-clapping and faux outrage rhetoric. 10000000% Get back to work! No. The prime minister should actually answer questions. have you guys?

Are you even kidding? The British parliament went on uninterrupted during the Goddamn blitz!!!! We don't care , quite pushing Sheers agenda GlobalBC Absolutely not! Sheer is simply being a dork, power and impish as usual, a last kick at being an ass that no Canadian wanted, not even his own party, so why are they being so arduous and what showing they can still screw things up,

Ya GlobalNational Without a doubt- Enough play time for these Liberal Bozos The rest of the country doesn't listen to Andrew Scheer. Why should you peddle his crap for him? Oh. Right. Conservative ownership. If it’s truly safe for the members and their families then yes- we need you all right now more than ever:) StarkEnterpriseMarketing JustinTrudeau

YES!!! No GlobalEdmonton Yes. But without the Sugar daddy. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, Why pay them if they wot work!! Yes. Get them back to work. GlobalCalgary How can it make any sense at a that we're talking about barbers & restaurants & clothing shops opening, but our government is well, I dunno, whaddya you think? Maybe too soon for us to go back. Seriously? This is not a freaking vacation. The government is an essential service.

Hell Yes! If any MP’s doesn’t feel comfortable going to Ottawa their budgets should be reduced along with their salary. Yes No , everyone else is working virtually . Parliament can also do this until the Ontario and Quebec death numbers are greatly reduced. Some time in the fall .. I hope. Nope yes Should never have stopped it’s regular schedule, terrible example by our so called leaders, minimum wage earners are going in but these clowns aren’t? Fucking joke!

Where’s the poll? Afraid of the answer? Normally , I do not respond to FakeNews . In regards to your question, The House of Commons is & has always H A S B E E N A N essentialservice F O R T H E PE O P L E who voted and put their trust in that Vote YES!! What work Overdue Hell yes get these lazy idles out their mansions and do some work 😤

Better question is how can it NOT!! Yes Yes Sure No. Many of us have adapted to work from home. It's not always easy, but it's doable. Why risk lives? Y.E.S. Really? Now you're going to 'release' these 'results' as some kind of credible survey, or some kind of fact that has something to do with reality. Good god.

Yes Well, no duh!!!! Get back to work!!!! Yes 100% absolutely Absolutely yes the should, let’s get the questions asked even if JustinTrudeau Bill_Morneau et al don’t give answers Yes!!!!!! No yes yes to Get back to work and stop hiding!!! This is a question ? Doctors , nurses , grocery clerks are putting their lives on the line daily ! These guys cannot get together in a room and debate the issues affecting Canadians Cannot believe what has happened to our democracy!! Pitiful and shameful !

No....Andrew is just trying to play merican and distract the public... GlobalNational Yup If the leftist MPs are non-essential, then they should be eliminated. Their salaries should be adjusted to match their new job descriptions. They are paid by the people - if they do not want to fulfill their commitments, then they should resign.

No GlobalBC NOBODY should be resuming any work schedule people... StayHome Absolutley Are they better then us? We are Yes! Is HoC an essential service? TheWestBlock YES YES!! YES The Liberals want to add one extra day, how generous of them! Get back to work , they say the deficit is a trillion. Do some real reporting for a change Global. Trudeau is not answering questions.

Absolutely onlyafewcows Yes No, why should everyone else’s jobs have a lot of safety measures, but not theirs? Only virtual ! We have not seen or Heard our MP SINCE THE BEGINNING OF pandemic Yes. And, after work every day, they'll find the grocery and gas station open. With people working. Should have never shut down. If I have to go to work, they do to.

Yes. Get the fuck back to work slimeballs. I like my scum where I can see 'em. Where's the poll? How about I start one here so it's memorialized. Twitter people - do you thing the House of Commons and paid MP's should resume it's normal work schedule in order to collect their full pay and recent raises?

zincman517 The HoC needs to be dismissed and only regular non-super wealthy Canadians are allowed to run the government and they can make no more than the average wage in the province they live in. Ohhh and only 2 parties are allowed. Only remotely. No! They can continue video conferencing Of course it should! I don’t even upstanding why there is a debate about it. Parliamentarians do the job you were elected to do and paid very well to do. This beyond ridiculous.

I used to think climate change was the biggest hoax. Plandemic. Skippy is too afraid AM980News I would like to know why it hasn’t Absolutely they should resume ASAP!!! Enough with this dictatorship!! Remember the libs gave minority government !! Not really, they do more harm than good at the best of times.

Why is this even in question? I can’t think of any PM other than this one, that would show such cowardice. Like a little kid hiding away. It’s ridiculous and will not go unnoticed on the world stage! Yup. Democracy demands it. However not one of those liberal muppets has answered a question in 5.5yrs. Its getting dangerous.

Definitely not. It endangers far too many people there to serve the politicians. Selfish and irresponsible. No, they can work via zoom like everyone else. Yes NO No! absolutely not. if people can work from home, they must.. incl politicians. NO!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Of course Virtual only. Unequivocally, yes. No. Absolutely not. When they can virtually meet, there is absolutely no reason to do it in person. Especially given we still don't know everything about covid. Why? Why take the risk when it's unnecessary? (Rhetorical)

Global, you know the answer to that. Do you put up these lame tweets to try and stay relevant? Well you keep us laughing so there’s that Of course No. They dont have to be in the same place to accomplish their work. Definitely, if not, it’s time, actually past the time their pay should be docked, or the useless MP’s like the liberal ones be laid off all together! We wouldn’t miss them at all, especially the idiot in charge! TrudeauLied

YES If we can go into a Costco then yes, it’s due time HoC resumes it’s normal schedule. Time for PMJT to properly face the opposition. Canada is a democracy after all. This is actually a good time to start fresh and lay the liberals off! They are a non essential in my mind. Im sure many people would agree to that these days.

We pay their inflated salaries so dam right. If not, pay cut. No. It's so nice to hear other party members speak without the constant Conservative cacophony drowning out their voices. I'd be good if they continued like this for the next three and a half years, until the Cons are decimated in the next election.

Absolutely yes Yes! Long time ago! They should either resume as normal or give up their paycheques and go on CERB They should meet remotely, like so many other companies. It's 2020. All I want to know is when is this POS going to jail... If it's not required why not save the Canadians taxpayers money. Cut the parties leaders salaries..Reduce the useless overheads

It`s so much quieter virtually. I don't think, I DEMAND that the little potato come out of his ground hog hole and act like LEADER, not a bloody coward like he has demonstrated is innate to his character. Virtual is working. What they are doing now is working, leave it. No Yes!!! Not if it’s not safe. Why, Trudeau does what he wants anyways. Nobody stops him.

GlobalNational Ministers are making $350K a year. Of course they should get back to work. No. Keep as is for now. Harper (whoops, I meant Scheer nonsense) needs to sit down and shut up. Yes bring back our democracy YES...and it's truly sad that this requires 'negotiations' to happen. Yes Absolutely. This idiot can stay at home.

YES IMMEDIATELY Not until safe time do so Yes they should. Yes show us all how our govt can practice what they preach No, not necessary No Yes 100% get back to work CKNW Yes It's amazing how dumb Canadians are. Yes of course these elected officials should go back to work. You have no issue with the minimum wage earners working at the grocery store for 8 hours a day. Why do you have an issue with LittlePotato going in for a few hours per week.

CKNW Yes Duh 350 K a year + gravy ! GlobalEdmonton Without reading this article, I’m going to say, “of course they should!” If running a country isn’t essential, I’m not sure what is. No. Until there is a Vaccine , NO ! GlobalBC Yes Yes The current situation with virtual committee meetings and a reduced number at QP 3 times a week is plenty. They’d all have to get on planes, no schools or daycare for their kids, some are single parents, staying in hotels etc, house staff risks. Just more grandstanding for Scheer

SO WHAT IS THE POND SCUM HIDING FOR...YOU THINK SOMEONE WAS GOING TO ARREST HIS SORRY ARSE WHEN HE LEAVES TPHIS COWARD COTTAGE... Yep No I do not believe in democracy. It’s ‘dated’ like an old kitchen sink. YES!! YES!! Yes. They need MORE than regular sessions. There is a crisis, and they need to actually WORK.

Absolutely!!! Why are they hiding during this emergency? No need, we like living under the usurped dictatorship of a clown. Absolutely. If government isn’t an essential service, it gets paid far too much to “serve” Canadians. YES!!!!!! fuck yes Yes, and if they don't, their pay should be reduced appropriately.

With numbers of COVID-19 cases still rising in ON, I would say absolutely not. Our CanadianPM & all elected officials need to stay safe/healthy, even not-so-bright AndrewScheer, whose many children no doubt love him. Everything can be taken care of through technology. No not until there is no new cases and more people recovered or passed away than active cases

No..too soon... GlobalCalgary YES Why can’t you ask the PM this? And ask him why he thinks it can’t be No. It’s unnecessary and reckless. Why are CPC so keen on putting people at risk? Yes! YES Ask everyone that went to work during this scare. Of course it should resume. It shouldn't have stopped. Liberals are weak.

Yah, a-holes! That’s how the system works! Costco Walmart Longos etc can go to work for min wage 1,000,000 civil service and MP’s with big paychecks can too! Sure - over Skype. 👍 YES YES definitely not Yes YES!!! Yes and some overtime Long past due. Also when the liberals refuse to answer simple questions that all Canadians deserve an answer to, they should be horse whipped in public

STOP. Everyone get to back to bloody work already and quit this should we, should we. Yeah its overdue by a good 5 years now Work? WORK? You are kidding right? Absolutely. No , I'm sorry I don't want to hear the antics ( jeering , booing, clapping ect ) that goes on , it's a pandemic I just don't want to hear that

Absolutely. They really an essential service. The liberals shouldn’t be able to spend as they see fit with a minority government Not until it's safe. The HofC should follow strict guidelines when they do reconvene. We don't need our representatives to get sick! There is no rush, no matter what Scheer natters on about. We have the technology to get info and exchange it in a nanosecond.

Only if you believe in a balanced and fair system in a time of minority government. But then, I also believe independent, non-biased news is essential and we don't have that either. Yes Long overdue. Come on, you’ve even sent the hairdressers out into the virus. Give them some cleaning tools and a dollar store mask. Ridiculous!!!

GlobalEdmonton Yes then they can hang a nuse around his neck. Your dam right. I’m working, they should be too Only virtually Absolutely!! Did I say absolutely clear enough to ensure the liberals understood what I said. YES! No Yes... and yes. Yes Long answer? Yes. 12 weeks ago why not? What is this prima donna hiding.........oh, I know.....EVERYTHING! BTW, this runway photo is worthy of a good throw up.

No Your question should be: Is Canada a democracy? YES. A MONTH AGO. Trudeau et. al. are hiding and manipulating Covid19 to run amok. Yes Yes Yes GlobalCalgary Yes Should have a long time ago! You preach masks, wear them and so your job! Enough of the video games at the cottage!TrudeauWorstPM Sure, just not in person. Even without the plague, Parliament is 100000 times better without the partisan apes hollering and thumping their chests.

GlobalBC If they can do so safely yes. Of course they should get back to work!!! Or are we just not pretending anymore? You f they aren’t back to work by June 1 they should be furloughed and put on EI. Yes YES!!! Get back to work ya bums! Virtual Nope. I'm 1000% fine with a virtual House of Commons for as long as necessary.

Absolutely yes GlobalBC Absolutely not! They should continue to work remotely because they can be more efficient. They don't need to commute and put others in danger. Embrace change, utilize technology. No They are gaming the pandemic to avoid accountability. not until it is safe you're bludy kiddin rite this must be the only country that has no working House of Parliament what joke

You call that work? Fuck ya It’s more important to reopen parliament than at any other time since WW2. There has to be vigorous debate and transparency when so many millions are financially threatened and to ensure the response will be measured and appropriate WhatDifferenceDoesItMake Plandemic 630CHED YES ! The only business being done now is Covid19 related from the cottage. Canadians deserve transparency & answers from Government during the pandemic,we are not receiving this. Parliament is an essential service in democratic Canada to serve the people.This is not happening.

Not their normal work schedule I'd prefer they do something constructive No. Don’t ask me ask the bearded wonder that pops out to talk to you for 15 minutes a day. Man, I’m tired of doing your job, Global. Adult pants time you bunch of babies. Absolutely! Also, their wage increase should be donated to the cause of Covid 19.

Absolutely yes NO! Just cons crying some more ...and they want to waste more taxpayer dollars while doing it. ScheerNonsense is just mad he can't grandstand... especially when he doesn't show up for 1/3rd of the virtual meetings CKNW Yes YES FFS Nope. Andrew Scheer just wants his face on tv for some reason.

I think it should close permanently. It’s useless. If Liberals demand on virtual parliament then the Trudeau morning gong show must go. As long they're following social distances guide lines I don't really care much more than that. Just saying can't get to comply if you aren't going to show the example!

Let me ask you what other countries Houses have not resumed back to their normal work schedule? Unless there are red flags run up the flagpole. Like an unusually large percentage of employees showing symptoms, then yes. I said this 5 weeks ago. Folks working in Sobeys; Walmart; Canadian Tire have more balls then these politicians. MPs are weak.

GlobalBC Yes! This govt believes they are accountable to the media. The media should not replace HOC. If our grocery store clerks have been working since the beginning, so should the politicians, of course following all health rules. Voting remotely should have been figured out long ago. When Ontario says it's ok and opens things up then yes, follow the rules of the province would be the best example.

Virtual is totally fine. Yes Absolutely not. There are great options online/virtually. Conservatives are wrong, and only have themselves in mind. GlobalEdmonton Lay them all off as quick as possible. Start with May who’s stealing tax payers money for no value added No, there is no reason to expose everyone and their famines. Who cares what needy Scheer wants

Depends what pedestal you hold these folks on, myself I would prefer online governance. Absolutely! Absolutely! GlobalBC No, not necessary during the pandemic! Sigh another stupid, irresponsible, divide & conquer hate inciting question by a supposed educated ' newsperson'! Only if sufficient safety measures are in place and enforced.

GlobalBC As lwe by as Scheer is not allowed to attend then we could resume HOC Yes it should. One would even go as far as to call it an essential service. 770CHQR What difference does it make if they are in the House or not? They all sit there like pylons except those on the list to speak. They can hold electronic votes

No. And the authoritarian 'Conservative' party should know better. Hell yes! Do they have to be told? Yes ! Well they do it SUCCESSFULLY in Britain - but WHAT DO BRITS KNOW ABOUT PARLIAMENTARY FORMATTING!!! HAHAHA!?! No way. Life is NOT ready to go back to normal for any of us and that includes the House of Commons JustinTrudeau .

Absolutely NOT! Think about the possibility of even one -NO SYMPTOM -Parliamentarian having/carrying COVID 19 & how many he/she will infect for no reason other than to kowtow to Scheers irresponsible, dangerous & as usual stupid demands? Why wasn't this put in the form of a poll? Cowards. Guess you couldn't handle the backlash from your last Ipsos bullshit poll.

Yes. There is no fking excuse for the Cuck of the Cottage not to be in the House. What, you're afraid to print the truth? Obviously bud! No need at all. Duh! No it’s 2020 virtual is fine. Of course. Yes. Never should have stopped. GlobalBC Yes... Face-time time with real people debating real issues. Any MPs w health issues should isolate and attend and vote virtually but healthy people should engage in healthy debate.

If its saying to the citizens open for bussiness then yes they should be back Yes. LCBO’s are open, why aren’t they? The only reason it isnt is so Trudeau can hide. Why doesnt global news call out the dictator on his broken campaign promises and verbal diarrhea. GlobalEdmonton Those idiots shouldnt have stopped working. This whole thing is bullshit.

Yes.. No execuses Yes. Eight weeks ago the should met. They could close it off to the public gallery and ministers could have sat their asses their. TrudeauMustGo cdnpoli TrudeauNotFitForOffice GlobalNational Why would we hold them to a lesser safety standard than other workplaces? Ontario has restrictions on numbers of people gatherings for a reason. Let them stay in their constituency and run virtual parliament meetings

Only if they resume to get rid of Trudeau! CKNW If kids are sent back to schools. House of commons can sit. If house of commons cant safely sit, then kids shouldn't be in schools. Yes. Or stop taking a salary Not until it is safe for MPs and their families to travel to Ottawa. Parliament can meet virtually until then. Asking childish questions in Question Period doesn’t do anything for democracy.

No. For what purpose? Guidelines recommend working from home... clearly possible to hold virtual Parliament. I would really like someone, other than AndrewScheer, to explain what needs to be done in person that can't be done virtually, other than theatrics. cdnpoli COVID19 Yes! AM980News Awe you think the politicians actually do stuff that’s cute

No GlobalNational No not in person the shouldn't. no its too soon Virtually, sure. In person eliminates MPs from provinces and territories that require a 14 day quarantine upon (re)entering. Yes but without JustinTrudeau ...he’s not essential TrudeauNotFitForOffice TrudeauWorstPM GlobalBC WWG1WGA No yup

GlobalBC Get back to work loser. Actually, stay home and let someone qualified run the country. You're just George Soros' and China's puppet. We're on to you. Yes. Yes GlobalCalgary Yes. welcome to your ratio No , they r human too and can get Crona as well. Better be safe no matter it’s ordinary man or officials.

Is this a trick question? The answer is no. Is this even a question? YES!!!! If they're an essential service yes, but what does it take to do what they do? And get a raise for it!?🤣🖕 CKNW YES YES YES YES Yes. GlobalNational No. Virtual for now makes sense. We are not out of the woods yet. Yes in fact they should all sit then every single one of them stand up and resign. That’s a start

TheWestBlock Yes Trudeau is not being held to account to No one should endanger themselves by flying Yes!!!!! AM900CHML We have seen enough of his daily performance. He needs to get back to Parliament and stop hiding. MoneyForEveryone GlobalEdmonton Yes. 100% yes. GlobalCalgary Hell yes! Hold that sob to account !

Yes. Of course. Weeks ago would’ve been better. GlobalEdmonton Yes Absolutely! AM900CHML YES Trudeau has been in isolation long enough. He can wear a mask like the rest of us are supposed to. It is now time for him to be held accountable. Absolutely Yes why wouldn't they? Yes GlobalBC Yes - with social distancing in place as Per guidelines. Mps should refrain from returning to home ridings until things are under control. Unprecedented global events are too important for HOC to not operate - definitely an essential service notably without a majority govt.

Yes, 150%. Enough of this Covid nonsense and bankrupting the economy. Yes. Now Yes No!!!!!!!!! CKNW Yes they should Time to stop ducking JT, and get back to the work of being accountable to the people of Canada 100% yes No GlobalEdmonton For sure they should it’s not like they work that hard to begin with. Most of them are highly overpaid. I wonder how much they have suffered financially since the start of Covid 19 .

Yes 💯 % I want the Prime Minstrel to sing DAY-O again! 630CHED Why is this even a question?! Of course parliament should resume and put an end to JustinTrudeau hiding and aversion to democracy. World Health said alcohol is dangerous for covid 19 virus and warned the governments but our government doesn't give ashit about lives because they made it an essential product and extended store hours wow

Yes! These are the two communists globalists that are trying to change Canada from a democracy to a totalitarian regime. to Yes Yes...any other stupid questions with completely obvious answers? No, Not st all. What they are doing is working. There isn’t as much grandstanding and the numbers in Ontario are going up not down

So Canada has a TFW program and the new 2020 program TPW ( temporary politicians working) program. Put on a mask or don’t put on a mask but go do the job you were ELECTED to do Of course. How are these MPs any different than any other essential service. What could be more essential in these times than to have our government in full operation. Get back to work you goof offs , listen to the people for a change. Is that blunt enough. 🇨🇦

Virtual is fine. No need for in person at this time. GlobalBC Absolutely, we do pay taxes for a reason. GlobalCalgary Yup! GlobalBC Absolutely not! GlobalCalgary HELL YES. We can’t trust the dude in the black face mask to manage the country credit card any longer. He’s got a spending addiction problem.

Yep. They never should have stopped working from the House of Commons. If people can work at Costco and Walmart etc... they sure as hell can be working Yes. Everyone else is going back to work and they should too GlobalCalgary Yes. Yes! Right away Yes Yes. Trudeau needs to be controlled We are paying for them either way so they might as well be at work so that we get something for our money.

GlobalEdmonton Work SCHEDULE? Sure, if that can be done safely. But they shouldn't be too quick to resume meeting in person. Virtual sittings can be just as effective and saves on travel costs and time. Shake up the House a bit, maybe adopt new procedures, embrace technology. 680CJOB Yup.. or get laid off and live on CERB

GlobalEdmonton No GlobalBC If they want our kids in school the adults should go first. GlobalEdmonton Yes. If we can go to grocery/dpt stores or workplaces practicing distancing you can go to your workplace and do the same CKNW No GlobalBC Why is this even a question? Its absolutely pathetic that our leaders are not going to work, while teenagers are working full time at grocery stores and doing just fine. Pathetic really

TheWestBlock Only with restrictions and testing. We really need a vaccine. CKNW Virtual. We’re a big country and MPs shouldn’t be travelling to Ottawa at this time. to YES... it is an Essential Job !!! Trudeau can't hide out in the Cottage till this ends we need to have this Country run properly ! CKNW Nope. They should work remotely as much as possible like the rest of us responsible leaders.

630CHED Yup Yes there’s lots of people out there work . What wrong with this weak kneed government . I’d love to know how many commenters actually watch C-PAC. Lol. Committees are still meeting, the House sits virtually and in the Commons (limited and to a lesser degree) and everyone is still working away in their ridings where they usu are. Flying and staffing are a big issue..

Yes, but fire all the members and Gov. first! Yes Explain what you mean by resume work, please. I would guess the majority of the work is in fact not done in the House of Commons per se. Background prep, committee work, communicating with constituents, for example, are all part of an MP's job. YES. Jesus how is this a question? How is THE ACTUAL GOVERNMENT somehow less essential than Home Depot?

Don't forget MPs can submit question on Order Paper. Also no mention on the lack of special powers current committees don't have. If you wish to discuss the differences, explain what has been the differences, it's not all about Question Period Time to come out of hiding Justin. Yes! They willingly became politicians. This means they are required to sit in the HOC and debate, during war, pandemic, and good times. If they are uncomfortable, they can resign and collect CERB. If they are unwilling, they should be fired. Choosing not to is not an option

Yes that fool needs to be watched Sure, but JT & the MP’s don’t understand any of the words involved: 1) Normal?, 2) Work?, 3) Schedule? We all know that will come out after this day that 90% of Canadians say they should stay home. They live in upside down world. Every time they put out a poll they report what’s opposite. liberalshill

100% Yes Yes! But JustinTrudeau is a coward and won't come out of hiding! He is OK sending children back to school! Are they the test subjects for the liberal_party cowards? Why are the liberals still getting a pay cheque? Why did all government officals get a raise during this time? Yes BringBackTheHouse

If everyone wears a mask. In fact they're politicians they're already wearing a mask why not have another one? Yes. Get to work and be held accountable! Theyre not essential and leftists are loving the dictatorship, as leftists do If I have to go to work so do these idiots. My goodness Yes. Yes Absolutely!! I'm a first responder. I've been working through the lockdown as have millions of other Canadians. If we can work they can as well. It's time to stop the cottage chronicles and let the opposition hold Trudeau to account

Yes. Trudeau and his band of idiots are spending like drunk sailors and making up new regulations Willy nilly. They need to be held to account Yes Yes u dam rights the sooner the better Yes, lead by example.our country needs answers to so many questions. But we all know we will only get more of this 'if you repeat it, if you say it louder, if that is your talking point, people will totally believe it.”

YES!!! I am forced to work, so the “leaders” of this country should work....TWICE as hard!! Earn those bucks..🤑 Yes, definitely YES! 100%. A federal government should not be ‘locked” down for this long. Of course, this is a terrible precedent that the Liberals are setting. They need to get back to work, or get out of there and let someone else attend to the needs of a democratic country.

The more pertinent question : Being that your little straw poll here shows an overwhelming “yes”, how will Global and other news organizations report this without fear of liberal repercussions? You’re still on the dole aren’t you? Yes Please explain to me why they are any different than the rest of this country? Of course they should be at work every day!

No - they can be an essential service from a distance while protecting their communities, their staff, and their families. The only conceivable reason for them to group together is to permit grandstanding ScheerStupidity Yes. These people are supposed to be working for us. All I see is a layabout Prime Minister screwing the Canadian Taxpayer six ways from Sunday.

I did not really believe in White Privilege until I had the opportunity to watch JustinTrudeau being showered with praise and accolades by the Canadian MSM for behaving like a complete idiot. TrudeauNotFitForOffice Yes. They’re getting paid to represent us, Canadians. Get to work!! It should never have been shut down so absolutely yes

Yes I still don’t know why they stopped. Oh, I know the BS Trudeau & his Liberal Cabal are spinning, but that’s not reason enough to keep everyone out of the HOC while the Liberals try to illegally take control of the country. Yes No...I think they should stay on vacation as long as they can....Arg..what a stupid question. Of course they should. If they do not want to, then they have the option to RESIGN.. I would be happy to take over as a Minster of whatever. cdnpoli

If kids can go to school the people that decide for them should have to go through work too. Yes absolutely not. What kind of message does that send? Virtual is working. it's just scheer getting antsy because he's not been on TV in the House for a while. what a fucking joke. YES! Are they still getting paid their full salary? Of course.

Is this a serious question? Should the people who shut down our economy, put countless people out of work, countless into poverty - while they gave themselves raises. And your question is should these people return to a normal work schedule? Not yet. Yes of course but chicken shit turdface won't show up

Yes. And questions that are asked need to be answered not just canned sound bites. They can easily go back with 50 or so MP’s in the cavernous HOC. Otherwise the wannabe dictator JustinTrudeau will continue to spend for political gain with no accountability. If they don’t go back they should stop getting paid. TrudeauMustGo

Yes!!!! My fucking income tax says yes. Moronic question by paid off media! Yes and no summer off!!!! YES!!!!! Yes and we shouldn't be talking about it, it should already be happening TrudeauGate Yes, why is he still in seclusion? He never had the virus, P.M. Boris Johnson was at deaths door, 3 weeks later back in Parliement. Trudeau hiding only makes him look like the rich entitled kid he is.

Absolutely. If my son can work day in & day out in Walmart then I think our MP's can do the same in a much more sterile environment. We need government accountability. We are NOT an autocracy, much as Trudeau wants it to be. They absolutely should. I’m working. They get paid enough. If they don’t want to work, quit and apply for the CERB.

Yes of course but it would be better if Trudeau broadcast Virtual from.....CHINA! Of course otherwise give up their pay checks. They can send children to school, normal people to work. Why are they so protected & incapable Is that even a question? No Yes Yes Why is this even a question or news of course they should or not get paid

ARE YOU KIDDING Of COURSE!!!! The fact this question even needs to be ASKED is alarming. The fact they are not back yet is DISGUSTING! And again alarming. trudeaumustgo TrudeauNotFitForOffice coward useless 💯 yes YES!!!!! get the cowardofthecottage back to work Should’ve never stopped to begin with. If our Parliamentarians aren’t considered an “Essential Service” then nobody else should be. If not, they should be furloughed like the rest of non essential workers were.

Well after a few months of lockdown its clear globally we are in it for the long haul. So we will need the polticians back at it. If zoom is not good enough. Test and get them to work. No Yes! They are in government. Look at the past they never hid in war, they didn’t hide under emergencies so why now? TrudeauLied

Yes, absolutely! Definitely. Yes. Other countries have why can't we. Oh yeah, JustinTrudeau and the rest of the Liberals don't want to answer questions from the opposition. drainliberalswamp Make no difference, they aren't working for us either way This should not be an issue, they all need to get back to work and Trudeau needs to stop phucking Canadians over, enough is enough. They have forgotten they work for us not the other way around.

TrudeauLied TrudeauDictatorship Yes ASAP. The coward of the cottage needs to be held to account. Yes get House of Commons back in session ! It went a head during times of war! It can be done safely enough. Trudeau is getting off with murder! Hard hitting journalism as per usual asking the tough questions...🙄

Yes, we either have a government or we don't & if TrudeauWorstPM & his Liberal crew don't want to work then they should all resign & let the oppostion take over. YES! HOC must resume! We have a PM unfit to serve Canada, and he must be held accountable. Hiding behind closed doors isn’t fooling anyone anymore.

Definitely not. It's completely unnecessary. IMO the House is not a Symbol of Democracy. If we go to work so should they . Trudeau is such a coward just hiding at his cottage . What's that? Normal schedule of not answering opposition questions? There's a reason why it's called Question period and not Answer period.

Yes ! Months ago ! Actually I would prefer the bunch of them resign until this scam fizzles out. While all public employees take an unpaid furlough. Let the provinces deal with their messes and have an election afterwards. Absolutely. Canada is a democracy and the liberals are trying to steal it. Why is the MSM not asking the tough questions? The liberal days are numbered and so will those of the media unless you end your liberal bias and hold the government to account. Stand up for 🇨🇦! CPC_HQ

Yes absolutely. In reduced numbers. Its ridiculous that they're not in HOC Yes and NOT break for the summer we are in a national crisis For sure, or stop paying all the bastards. Yes. Absolutely. It's more dangerous to go to a Costco. So yeah. Get back to work, freeloaders. And if they all catch the virus.......🤔

Does it matter? The Liberals won't answer questions anyways... Yes but with physical distancing. It's not a 'should they' it's a 'they must' This is worthless, the usually go on summer leave in June, and resume somewhere in mid-Sept, all of them (regarless of the party they belong) should be fired for the way they have run this country since mid-March. Canada is going down📉

Yes. Its absolutely essential that they return to work. Continuing to substitute journalists for elected representatives and front porch briefs for a sitting parliament has gone on long enough. The crisis has waned and people need to return to work. I'm a service tech for a telecom provider. I haven't missed a day of work, because I'm in an essential service. These people are charged with running the country within a set of rules that contains checks and balances. This should have been figured out a long time ago.

No but if Trudeau going talk the media every day . Would not kill him to the house of common . More then he doing Yes Of course. But we will miss Justin doing his daily Stand Up Comedy/Infomercial routine and then running away to hide in his house under his bed. Justin really does make people want to laugh themselves silly with his daily antics, blatherings and ignorance. cowardofthecottage

Yeah. Duh 🙄😡 No, 15 minutes of work each day is all that Justin can handle. I just wouldn't feel right if he had to work more and his delicate health suffered. No no no You have to ask? Good God! There is a country to run. More than JustinTrudeau's ego at stake. BringBacktheHouse TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauMustGo ParliamentMatters

Yes Back to work ya bums or take a pay cut Hell Ya! Let's just let JT make all decisions single handedly with no opposition forever. What could go wrong? Yes If they don’t, they’re basically saying democracy is nonessential. YES - and quick. Yes. There is no other answer. If the numbers in parliament get to that of the global average, then we can look at a limited parliament.

Absolutely!!! Without question. YES!!! Yes it most definitely should. Too soon. No YES! Do the job you were elected to do or RESIGN! cdnpoli onpoli politidk CNN cnni i think TrudeauMustGo Yes BringBackParliament and get back to work! Definitely yes. They have had a ‘free ride’ for too dam long! F yes! It better open PDQ. It’s time they face the music and get the. country moving again.

Yes Yes. Trudeau needs to be kept in check. Considering stores and schools have opened up then yes. Absolutely Yes... I’d like to see accountability from the liberals and their handling of this virus from the beginning. My tax money spent I’m entitled to honest answers No Yes, Thanks for asking. Yes, get your ass's back to work, like you should have a month ago!

I've had to work this entire time. They need to find a way to do it. Anyone who knows me can attest my siding with dougford is a rare thing. I'm hoping cpc will pay attention : We shouldn't risk it. Ontarian schools are closed, Quebec tried and failed, and the online version of HoC is a net +, as it limits theatrics and sealclapping. So NO

No they can do that on line. The conservative party is denying that we have COV-19 WTF More corporate news . Yes. The current situation is simply a means for the government to avoid accountability while being propped up by Bloc separatists who are using this opportunity to blackmail government into catering to Quebec. It is a farce.

Yes. Dumb question. Are youpeople for real? You need to ask whether Parliament should go to work? Define 'normal work schedule' because they've not had one since sockboy was elected morons Typical opinionists JournalismIsDead CanadaIsBroken No. Yes. Should have been a month ago. It the Cabin Boy going to engage in transparent debate and perhaps provide a straight answer to ANY question posed? If so, back to work and if not, stay hidden. wasteoftime TrudeauLied TrudeauWorstPM

Yes providing they implement the measures to prevent the spread of COVID they expect the rest of Canada to do! Should humans continue to breathe air? What an asinine headline. ABSOLUTELY! ARE YOU NOW THE POLLSTER FOR THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT? If they don’t, they all need to take a huge pay cut They’re elected to do a job, if they don’t want to, then they need to find a different job

Jesus Christ almighty, did someone actually have to put their bong down in the office to type this question out? Get parliament open How is this even a question? Liberal government let's the virus into our country, destroys our economy and millions of jobs and businesses, gives themselves a raise as they all sit a home then puts us a trillion dollars in debt and then they ask if they should go back to work.

They should never have stopped. We're the only country in the world whose leaders refuse to go to work. “...or do you even care?” Yes. No. Virtual is just as effective. The ONLY reason Scheer wants in person, is for TV and exposure time. To hell with that. Yes There is NO need to meet in person. If Trudeau was meeting in person people would want him to do video. To self distance is in the best interest of the people. MP's are not above us...they should meet via video like everybody else.

. Is this a question? 🤔 The house (nation) is on fire. With proper distancing and safety; instead of just throwing money at the issue; real leaders meet and find ways to get Canada working again, safely Taiwan and Germany are safely working ! Get 🇨🇦 working again! Safely! ⛑️ Ah yeah!! Can't get rid of Trudeau soon enough. Time for that vote of non confidence, and time to kick the Liberal party to the curb...Just like Sophie did to the drama teacher who pays off students he slept with and terrorists.

Of course they should. Yes. If our MPs check their movements and are tested, why not ? But be civilized and answer questions, be transparent but be functional and that goes from all sides. Find a new normal that we can be proud of. Who is asking this question , you or your ConOverlords? No one in their right minds wants to put politicians or any of the thousands of parliamentary workers at risk.

Yes but virtually No, with today's technology, it's not needed. If the CPC cannot adjust to the times, they are certainly not capable of leading a Country. No! They can meet with Zoom or other videoconferencing......maybe all parties can work together...instead of the useless heckling, shouting and rudeness.

Virtual HoC is working better than sitting HoC. There are less theatrics and disrespectful heckling. Conservatives only want it back so that they can continue with their drama. Virtual, working from home is the more responsible way at this moment Absolutely!!! Why would we ask them to do that when nothing else is normal, they should experience the same Zoom fatigue as the rest of is!

Yes, remotely. You think? Is that even a question If you are real journalists you should be asking this moron WHY he does not want to return And this bs of social distancing 💩 should be a non issue!!! He’s chicken to answer questions!!! YUP!!!!!!!!! Yes unless POS Trudeau! Of course ! You ? Yes they are sending kids back to school In BC and jjhorgan said if it wasn’t safe they wouldn’t. If our teachers and children are on the front lines then our politicians should show no fear as well!!!

Yes. Eventually No no. not like it would help anything, the conservatives will still lie and complain about BS they just made up. sheerfailure can't even be bothered to come to virtual HoC meetings, yet we are expected to believe he will show up to in person ones? Imagine having the power to give yourself a raise just before this all kicked into high gear... And then not have to show up to work for 2 months and continue to get your new salary. Un-fucking-believable. And some of you still think he's doing a great job. Wake up people. Please

No. Burn parliament to the ground for all I care. Why is this even a question? Yes Yes, but the racist has been a part-time attendee for the last 5 years..... Nope, this proves that all of the politicians and I mean absolutely ALL of them are non-essential. Time to disband the Federal government and replace it with a Republic style of government

Of course they should. The death rate is .00005. Get back to work. The reaction to this is killing the damn country. And our idiot in chief is letting China buy us up. The maniac must be stopped. Yes! Yes. Get the coward out of the cottage and back to House of Commons and force him to answer questions. Being an MP is an essential service.

No, it creates a double standard and poses a threat that employers will try and force employees back to work, there in return can pose possible legal and human rights issues. openslowly taketimenotlives YES! Big decisions to be made during this crisis. If people can go shopping, we can have House of Commons. Virtual or in person still effective.

If by normal you mean making a daily mockery of OUR HOC and misrepresenting the electorate and perusing selfish or UN motives........ begrudgingly, I guess so; better than cottage steps grade 5 lecture governance. Yes. It should never have stopped. So YES!! I pay my taxes they should be working not hiding out in cottages with weak pressers.

Yes. WTF is this even a question? “Should resume” You mean the ppl elected to protect Canadians from this kind of stuff get out of their homes and do their JOBS for the best interest of Canadians not the interest liberal_party foreign and corporate backers Don’t you This just shows that the government employees too many useless people and we need to trim the fat.

Jussie would rather “govern” by decree than democracy. Should've done that a month ago Absolutely without question. Accountability is of the utmost importance and this Government needs show Canadians it can stand up and substantiate its decisions. They need to demonstrate Leadership. We are paying them for that and so many other Canadians are doing this everyday.

Yes. Return to work!! Yes. One would hope the leaders of our country could work together to find a solution to satisfy the SD requirements while still being productive and moving our nation forward Yes lead by example. Especially when being the leader means youre getting paid over 300 thousand dollars a year.

Well--are they getting PAID? If so, then YES. CPC_HQ have become useless. Resume its schedule? Sure but there's no reason why it can't be done virtually. As long as the Speaker has total control of the mikes and heckling (a stupid practice anyway) is abolished, I see no reason why not. However, only those currently in Canada can participate

Normal? What was their normal

PM offering $75 million more in COVID-19 aid to Indigenous people living off-reservePrime Minister Justin Trudeau says his federal government is more than tripling the amount of funding Indigenous aimed at people in Canada who are living off-reserve, adding $75 million to the existing Indigenous Community Support Fund. Why? For what reason!? Wow! I’m going broke while they make more money!! Brutal What's he doing about Hong Kong and China?

Shopify says most employees will permanently work remotely following COVID-19Shopify founder and CEO Tobi Lutke says 'as of today, Shopify is a digital by default company', and offices will remain closed until 2021. Its like night and 3 hr commute.. much more productive..better home life balance..more focused at gossipy chitter chat..never want to go back to the office workingfromhome

Alberta Energy Regulator suspends environmental monitoring for oilpatch due to COVID-19 pandemicAccording to decisions posted on its website, the suspensions include all conventional oil and gas operators as well as in situ oil sands mines globebusiness Seems legit globebusiness BabyTrump following his Big Daddy’s playbook to turn Alberta into even more of an industrial wasteland than it already is. 13% increase to the Allowable Annual cut for logging, removal of protections for coal extraction. Covid-19 is just an excuse for Kenney’s agenda. RIP Alberta

Canada’s big cities see air pollution fall by a third amid COVID-19 pandemic: Environment CanadaMajor Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton are seeing air pollution fall by a third amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Environment Canada. nobody cares about your climate change BS So better to have them eventually starving to death? Just wait until Trudeau runs out of money See where your failing fake news is then. Geoengineering curtailed in many parts of the country. Why don't you talk about that?! Another government strategy geared at getting us to like, even love their systematic erosion of our basic rights and freedoms!

N.S. reports 1 death, 1 new case of COVID-19; 29 active cases in the provinceFor the third day in a row, Nova Scotia is reporting one death at the Northwood long-term care facility and one new case of COVID-19 .

Petition calling for flight refunds amid COVID-19 cancellations attracts thousands of supportersThousands of Canadians have added their name to an online petition calling on the federal government to require airlines to reimburse passengers with cancelled flights as a result of COVID-19 . Sorry, wasn’t their fault they couldn’t provide the service. You will all get the service you paid for, when they are allowed by the government. The petition: If you bought a ticket after any travel restrictions or outbreaks reported, sorry but that’s on the purchaser