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Suzanne Rogers, Donald Trump

Suzanne Rogers apologizes amid controversy over photo with former U.S. president Donald Trump

Suzanne Rogers apologizes amid controversy over photo with former U.S. president Donald Trump

2021-05-05 6:15:00 AM

Suzanne Rogers apologizes amid controversy over photo with former U.S. president Donald Trump

A Canadian philanthropist is facing criticism for taking a photo with former U.S. president Donald Trump in Florida, and the fashion institute that bears her name is feeling the heat.

On the campus of Ryerson University in Toronto, signs of strong ties to the Rogers family are all over the place. The family has donated millions to the school, and that philanthropy is evident in the names of several buildings and programs.One of those is the Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute, named for philanthropist Suzanne Rogers. She has posed for plenty of pictures with students receiving awards in the past, but it’s images the socialite recently snapped at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that have gotten her and the Rogers name into trouble.

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That includes one photo taken with her husband, Rogers Communications chairman Edward Rogers, in which the couple are posing with the former president himself.Suzanne Rogers posted the photo with Trump to Instagram with the caption, “A special way to end the night.”

Ryerson fashion school graduate Michael Zoffranieri is among the many who were upset."Initially seeing the photos, I was taken aback,” he told CTV News.Zoffranieri and others said they were shocked that a person who represents Canadian fashion would want to pose with Trump, given his record for attacking groups such as immigrants, or mocking those with disabilities.

Rachel Romu, a model who has a rare disease that forces her to rely on a cane, said the photograph left people feeling betrayed.“Being cozy with people who have started some hateful ideas definitely leaves a lot of judgment, a lot of feelings of betrayal and frustration for many people within the community,” Romu told CTV News.

Others thought it was wildly inappropriate for the Rogers family to even be in Florida, at a time when everyone in Canada is being told to stay home.Some on social media have called for a boycott of the Rogers network.In a statement today, Suzanne Rogers said the Trump encounter lasted only seconds at the end of a dinner as they were leaving, clarifying that she does not “have any kind of relationship with Donald Trump, good or otherwise” and that this was the first time they had met.

"I have always believed in equality, diversity, inclusiveness, and respect for all,” she wrote in the statement.She added that when she took the photo and posted it, “it was done without considering the false assumptions and implications that would be made about my personal beliefs."

Rogers went on to say she regrets that her actions have caused anyone to question her values, but fell short of apologizing for taking the photo itself.According to The Eyeopener, Ryerson’s student newspaper, the university itself has been criticized for silencing the fashion school after a statement condemning Suzanne Rogers was posted to Ryerson Fashion’s social media and then deleted, replaced with a statement saying the university does “not believe social media is the appropriate platform to judge the actions of others.”

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she needs to give more than an apology to be holding on to this PIG I’m not a Trump fa AT ALL! But she is free to associate with who ever they Hell she wants. If it bothers you, so be it, although it really shouldn’t. spend your money accordingly. What a fucking joke all you who are complaining about this please don’t take the vaccine after all that same President was responsible for mobilizing the states to breach records if coming up with a vaccine years sooner then first predicted you woke crowd are a bunch of followers

The rich and privileged travelling to Florida, kids in tow, Rogers goes to Maralago to wine and dine with a man accused of mysogomy, racism, slandered disabilities,continuous lies about election, supporter of right wing... Should Oprah, Jessy Jackson, Snoop Dog, Fresh Prince apologize too? could she apologize for that outfit?

What’s with the dress Why anyone would want a picture with the one term, twice impeached disgraced former US president is beyond me. 'Suzanne Rogers apologizes' ... That was a mistake on her part. The petty left isn't interested in apologies. That is blood in the water to them. Privileged white princess

The best President ever. Can't wait for TRUMP 2 derangement.

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Just because you’re wealthy doesn’t make you smart. An apology doesn’t take back that fact they she traveled when the rest of us can’t. The Trump thing is a whole other issue😡😡 Sue_Innovates Edwardsrogers this is an empty apology. Why go to Trump’s resort if you don’t share his values? When you’re a billionaire you have options. Choosing to support a trump resort is a choice. I call BS

It would be great to boycott Rogers When people show you who they really are, believe them. Paleeze! Don’t believe this woman for a minute. If the encounter meant nothing, why did she post it with that caption?! Ridiculous that anyone should believe her. EdwardSRogers RogersHelps The Roger's are judged by the company they keep! While most of their employees are immigrants!

Why, because she got caught! EdwardSRogers doesn't care about anyone but themselves! Trump's a racist pig amongst other things. Travel ban, not for them either, I guess! Will they be going to a quarantine hotel, I bet not! RogersHelps so I'll assume she's in a 14 hotel quarantine after travelling SuzanneRogers

meanwhileincanada Legislation delivers billions.. It’s liberal hate for conservatives that’s at the steering wheel as we all crash.

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Hmmm, birds of a feather and all that 🤔 Still showing support for him by going to Mar-a-Lago. Why else would you go there when there are 20+ luxury and very secure resorts to choose from in the area. It’s what Rich, entitled ppl do.. and travel despite a pandemic.. again being white and privileged .. I’m a cogeco person anyway.

She needs to stay in Florida! But why are people getting offended with her photo with trump? Its her choice... If people don't like it, they should say no to her donations...simple Not a good look for Rogers. On another note, how come the Rogers family went there during a stay at home order? I assume they took a private plane. Did they quarantine for 3 days upon their return in one of the government approved hotels? I just wonder how this trip was executed during a global pandemic.

Maybe her fantasy was to have him move on her like the sleazy bitch he his. Grab her by the kitten, lick his fingers and yell better then KFC. The genie is out of the bottle for this couple.

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Why should she apologize? Every single Canadian who has flown to the states to get a vaccination only helps the next in line. orangeisthenewblack It’s sexist the media is only focusing on Suzanne, as if she is the only one in the photo with a smile. White privilege party. Rich people are useless. She has a membership to mara lago ugh

Why should Rogers apologize? She can do whatever she pleases whenever she pleases. It is nobody’s business. I am sick and tired of group think - who cares about political affiliation, social affiliation - particularly when she does do much for do many !!! Just be grateful! Big fucking deal. Moo. Too little too late. rogers

Whatever she wants, she is rich.

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The lie that Trump mocked a disabled person is in this article. That should be dispelled. They actually got a crippled person “who has to use a cane” to comment on the photo 🤣🤣 Another one apologizing because she got caught. Speechless Nice, Canadians visiting Florida when the rest of the country is in “stay at home” but of course, that wouldn’t apply to that pair of 1%’s. They are obviously also a little less critical about whom they socialize. I wonder if anyone would have said “that’s real smrrrrrt”. 😳

Good for you for posting that picture but you should stand up for the fact that you like Trump instead of backing down when under pressure. People need to stop caving when they are criticized instead of standing their ground. That’s what makes Karen’s and Richards! Better have to quarantine in hotel. None of this walking a bridge or flying your own plane.

so she took a photo with Trump big deal how cynical are you people usa uspoli topoli cdnpoli onpoli 🤔 Bell owned company reporting this. But not Justin away on vacation on a island down south. Anyways let’s not lose sight here. End the plandemic and stop this vaccine passport bs and stop bill C-10. Enough with the distractions.

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What is she even doing outside the country? Asking for a photo with Hitler is horrific, boycott Rogers. Entitlement. Acting dumb while posing with the worst person on the planet. Lies Imagine how petty people are over a photo op; yall won, you got what you wanted, enjoy it; now do what you couldnt do for the past four years... sore losers and sore winners LOL

The Left is so insane.