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Students were late for class, so their school painted over bathroom mirrors

Students were late for class, so their school painted over bathroom mirrors


Students were late for class, so their school painted over bathroom mirrors

A U.S. high school briefly painted over its students’ bathroom mirrors because staff said teens were taking too long looking at themselves and being late for class as a result.

This reportedly led to students showing up late for class, so Chattanooga Central High School in Tennessee appears to have taken drastic actions last week.

The principal left a school-wide voicemail apologizing for the decision, Campbell said. WTVC reported that part of the message said: “there was an issue about some mirrors being covered and those have been corrected.”

And Campbell wasn’t the only one expressing outrage.

Hamilton County School District spokesperson Tim Hensley confirmed to WTVC that an administrator, who the board refused to name, had tasked a worker to paint the mirrors.

“There's already so much going on with bullying and self-image problems in high school,” Campbell said, adding that instead of painting the mirrors, the school should have simply followed its own existing tardiness policies.

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Women love it when men don't shower for a month. Stunning and brave Finally a common sense solution to an issue and cheap... now way cant we see more things like this? inquiry ::: So this is a school ? A school is where kids learn social manners, customs, & Etiquette && acceptable social norms. What did the school teach them when they painted the mirrors that would effect all the school kids ?

Abridged version of similar problem - girls leaving lip-stick kisses on mirrors in washroom. Janitor not happy. Tells principal. Principal calls all girls to w/r. Scolds girls. Calls janitor in to wash. Janitor uses water from toilets to clean mirrors. Problem solved. Someone has control issues. Women love it when men don't shower for a month. It's stunning and brave.

There are worse things they could be doing in the bathroom.... They didn't think of just taking them down? Well done 👏 Hope the girls threw out their spray cans in the garbage after putting their faces on. Or simply lock the doors to the classroom after the bell. Very effective.

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Genius! ? This makes no sense. no makeup application, no cell phones.. wasting class time.. I thought this was a better solution They should have kept them painted. Giving in and changing them is telling our youth if they complain enough, they’ll get what they want and that they don’t have to deal with the consequences of their actions. What a terrible lesson to be teaching them.

😂 Good idea. Take their cell phone away so they can’t look at themselves. So vampires can run around loose?! Hahah omg this is fken hilarious . ESP in a world right now where girls just spend hours and hours on there faces

Judge calls Facebook’s views on privacy ‘so wrong’ as he allows class-action to proceedU.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria in San Francisco said users could try to hold Facebook liable under various laws for letting app developers and business partners harvest their personal data

Why. Too many girls putting on makeup on Student should totally skip school on fridays in September and join protests against climate change So punish everyone instead of dealing with the tardy students The high school my daughter went to completely removed mirrors in the bathrooms. Students need to be trained to deal with totalitarian rule.

Just tell them there is an app for that and use the front camera! 😂 Lol! I think this is a fantastic idea. Nasty!

New space found for Kamloops, B.C., students displaced by destructive fireDistrict Supt. Alison Sidow says Parkcrest elementary students and staff will spend the rest of this school year, and likely next year, at the former George Hilliard elementary, which is smaller and may require one or two portables to make room for all the classes

At least write, you are beautiful on them our school removed them completely! Been a few years now. Wonderful idea That's a start, keep it going. 😂😂 I love this. Ummm. Maybe just removing them might have been a better idea. As a parent, to encourage good behaviour, I would take away something the child(ren) value. The school did the same; in this case, it was mirrors!

People will use their phone cameras for checking out how they look Can’t wait to see the data to show this did noting to fix the issue and only cost the school valuable dollars when they decide to replace the mirrors Almost as radical as removal of bathroom doors to keep the students from smoking or vaping in there

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Applause, Applause, Applause! This action does not in any way suggest it is an example of higher education. It shows a lack of judgement & inability to deal with simple tardiness. Very radical idea. Sounds very demented and outrageous behaviors, of the school's principal. If one looks carefully into a Mirror one can see there truth self. We are cosmic beings, not necessarily humans per see. Ask yourself in all honestly: Am I helping myself and others ? Be good, loving and paradise will come about.

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