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Time Capsule, Lost Purse

See what was inside a lost purse from 1957 that was found in a school

See what was inside a lost purse from 1957 that was found in a school


See what was inside a lost purse from 1957 that was found in a school

The mystery of the contents of a purse found in the space between a locker and a wall in an Ohio middle school has been solved.

After some investigating the school learned it had belonged to former student Patti Rumfola, who lost it in 1957. Rumfola passed away in 2013, but the school was able to connect with her children."Patti. Good luck to a swell girl and friend. Bonnie" is inscribed on one of the photos.

"Each of her five children kept one of the wheat pennies as a token of remembrance of their mom," said the school district.

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Any Sheiks in there? Nice find of remembrance for her family. A gift from the grave. Yup. Nothing else going on in Canada. So tell us...what’s in the purse and did you find the owner?..❤️🇨🇦 What a wonderful little time capsule! Her family must be so excited to touch what their mom touched 😊 To save you all time, here's what was in the purse: - a comb - some makeup - library card - gym card - junior red cross card - B&W photos - high school football schedule - 26 cents

I'll save everyone a click: a comb, makeup, including powder and lipstick, her membership cards to the local public library, YMCA and American Junior Red Cross, several black-and-white photos of what appears to be family and friends as well as a dog, one dating back to 1950.

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