Kawhi Leonard, Toronto Raptors

Kawhi Leonard, Toronto Raptors

Scott Stinson: Kawhi Leonard, mysterious as ever, left Toronto in the most confounding of ways

Scott Stinson: Kawhi Leonard, mysterious as ever, left Toronto in the most confounding of ways


Scott Stinson: Kawhi Leonard , mysterious as ever, left Toronto in the most confounding of ways

Leonard, mysterious as ever, waited until it was almost too late to make his free agency work out the way he desired

Leonard, evidently, did none of that. He waited until early last week to inform the Los Angeles Clippers that he was interested in joining them, provided they also had another All-Star-type talent to pair with him. For the Clippers, the timing of this pronouncement must have been bizarre, akin to someone telling you they want to be on the 9:30 train at about 10:15. Durant and Butler were both gone, and even the next-tier stars like Khris Middleton, Tobias Harris, Al Horford and Malcolm Brogdon had all arranged new, giant contracts. Reports suggest the Clippers immediately started casting about for potential Kawhi running-mates, looking to see if someone like Bradley Beal could be pried away from a Washington team that is on the cusp of a rebuild anyway, but as they struggled to find a trade partner Leonard informed them that he now had a particular guy in mind: Paul George. The same Paul George who was only one year into a four-year max deal he had signed to stay in Oklahoma City, and who had recently been a willing participant in the feel-good narrative about how he had spurned his flashy L.A. hometown to build something with Russ Westbrook in the league’s smallest market. He liked the quiet, the peace, the good fishing holes. This was the guy that Leonard wanted the Clippers to go get? It was such an odd request, that in the weeks and months of fevered NBA free-agency speculation, precisely no one had considered it a possibility.

The point here is that, given the evident mutual interest between Leonard and the Clippers, it took a bunch of unpredictable things happening, and a ton of luck, for it to ultimately work out the way he wanted.

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Fans in Canada and abroad mourn and reflect as Kawhi Leonard leaves the RaptorsThough his jersey may have said Toronto, Raptors fans across the country -- and beyond -- are in mourning after star player Kawhi Leonard opted to leave Canada's only NBA team. Please stop Canada!! This is getting pAthetic now!! You think he’s thinking about us How about focusing your attention on the fact that we are world champions!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🦖🏆

Simmons on the mixed reactions to Kawhi leaving TorontoToronto Sun’s Steve Simmons says that basketball has taken over the emotions of this country, and because of the way that Kawhi made his decision, it’s a tough pill to swallow that really will elicit a lot of passion leading up to the beginning of the season FakeNewsSimmons Who care what Simmons’s has to say fukwahi

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