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Scheer, Trudeau duel over report of feds blocking RCMP on SNC-Lavalin inquiry

The report comes as the first day of the federal election campaign kicks off.


The federal government is reportedly blocking the RCMP's attempt to look into the SNC-Lavalin scandal — prompting Scheer to renew his call for Trudeau to waive cabinet confidence.

The report comes as the first day of the federal election campaign kicks off.

That reportedly includes attempts to speak with individuals who say they are being stymied by the government’s refusal to lift cabinet confidentiality rules.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer immediately seized on the report Wednesday morning, holding an impromptu press conference with reporters from the tarmac of the Ottawa airport just minutes before his campaign plane was set to take off for Trois-Rivieres, Que., for his campaign launch later in the day.

WATCH: Scheer talks cabinet confidentiality, Quebec’s Bill 21 as federal election campaign begins

He was questioned repeatedly by reporters on Wednesday about the Globe and Mail report that the government is blocking the RCMP from examining whether there was obstruction of justice and declined to answer.

That referred to the limited waiver that allowed Wilson-Raybould to testify about what she experienced as attorney general — but that also barred her from discussing anything to do with what happened after she was removed from her position.

The Globe and Mail report does not indicate who, specifically, was telling the RCMP they could not discuss the matter.

While the report certainly gives fresh ammunition to Scheer and the Conservatives to try to keep the issue in the spotlight, it’s not clear whether it will have any impact on Canadians and their views of the federal party leaders.

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So why has the RCMP stopped or even listened to Trudeau he is not above the law , or correct me if lm wrong. He seems to have gotten away with so much now , so explain this to me . What happened to being a ''transparent'' government?! Trudeau does not show up at house commons for questions period Does not show to debates How is he working for taxes payers

mser1919 MoveAheadWithAndrewScheer This has gone on long enough with so many questionable twists and turns it's time for an investigation to clear the air. Sheer is trying to be like Trump with scare tactics and a logo’d plane in the background of his press conferences ... NO THANKS! what does reportedly mean? doed it means maybe someone made that up because theres an election? is is a schneer smear?

I do t believe for a second their neck and neck, and this report if true, will be his undoing. People have simply had enough.. I really do not care about SNC. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has moved Canada in a positive direction. Try and focus on all the positives that he has contributed to Canadians. The regressive politics of the conservative government is Passe. I ChooseForward TeamTrudeau

This headline is soft-soaping the situation. WHO in the federal government is blockading the investigation? JustinTrudeau , that’s who. Trudeau and Trudeau alone can lift this gag order with one phone call. Will he? Why wouldn’t he? cangal21 And the main stream media finally chimes in. Many thanks to Robert Fife for breaking the story. The Liberal campaign is torpedoed and is taking on water fast. The jig is up. This is historic.

10/3 podcast: John Ivison explains why Andrew Scheer needs a JFK momentPrime Minister Justin Trudeau is almost at the end of his four-year mandate.And as Canadians get set to head to the polls, there are lots of unanswered questions about how this… How did the past JFK “moments” work out? Who comes up with terrible ideas? Andrew Scheer and JFK should never be in the same sentence.

monica_barona It not the government. It is Trudeau. He the one pulling the strings. He needs to be exposed. This is criminal Another bit of clickbait. There's no investigation, there are not judicial procedures, the RCMP isn't investigating anything. In this 8-month fapfest only 1 person has gone on record to be questioned by the RCMP: JWR. 1 person. Global News this is shameful, but not surprising.

Hmmm blocking means one thing... And we all know why... There's only one conclusion that can be arrived at for such a move. He is scared of the results. If he was sure that there was nothing to hide he wouldn't care. I give up. We live in a banana republic with Justin Trudeau at the helm. LavScam trudeauiscorrupt

CANADIANS, WE NEED TO SCREAM ABOUT THIS! This corrupt narcissistic clown has to go. How can you write this? Its a lie ElectionsCan_E Global News is lying and the writ has dropped cdnpoli elxn43 there is no investigation global do your homework and do better..Jill Kropt take note TrudeauMustGo

B.C. police watchdog investigating death of woman from North VancouverThe Independent Investigations Office says RCMP filed a missing person’s report -for Elizabeth Napierala following a welfare check at a home in North Vancouver

Trudeau Jong-un, Supreme Leader of Canada apparently can get away with anything! TrudeauMustGoToJail Is Global News a biased news organization or a reportedly unbiased news organization? This headline belongs on Fox not in’s misleading and I’m being kind. It’s the RCMP’s policy not to pursue any political cases during an election. Which is why the Globe&Mail conveniently waited until the day the election was called to post this Trump style new.

LetJodySpeak SNCLavalinScandal TrudeauMustGoToJail Only one reason why Trudeau would be blocking to let the RCMP look further into his scandal there is a lot more to come out that could take him and his corrupt party down that proves that Trudeau is Fidel Castro 's son ...pure Communist Dicktator above the law

JustinTrudeau No it isn't. oceansidewebtv Reportedly? Yeah that’s the right word to use 🤦‍♂️ ianberg No. It's. Not. Don't make up false news on clickbait.

‘My heart is full, full, full’: A chat with Margaret TrudeauAhead of her Just for Laughs appearance, Trudeau discusses health, grief and even Justin GlobeArts She is such a horrible person and has been he whole life. GlobeArts this woman should be quiet .... a looney tune GlobeArts no more trudeaus as pm

Scheer wants to be PM by default. It's all he has to offer Canada. Where did the Conservatives come up with this guy anyway? He can't be the best they have to offer. [yawn] more JWR! Move on to what you can do ScheerNonsense Hey scheer where do you stand on abortion? Let’s talk real issues. Where do you stand on climate change? What about universal childcare? What about healthcarea, specifically mental health and the opioid crises? Can’t see you doing better.

kick Turdo out Oct 21 then cabinet crap does not apply. Reminds me of Hilary's emails. We know what happened .. let it go! 😒 I'd rather Trudeau have a minority government then anything the Cons are trotting out. Oh and someone tell Andy boy here that what he said today was a complete and utter lie. Confidence was waived and the RCMP was not blocked whatsoever.

This is what Trudeau & his TREACHEROUS Liberals R all about the country knows JustinTrudeau BROKE THE LAW..But they all hide like pure cowards they R believing they R above CANADIAN LAWS.Come OCT its time to politically kick them to the curb where they belong.TrudeauMustGo So this is the hill Scheer wants to start his campaign on... the majority of the country don't even know who he is. Might be in his best interest to become known first.

Of course they are blocking the investigation! Trudumb doesn’t want anyone to know just how corrupt he truly is! 2019Timesup! CPC Blocks Thousands and Thousands on Twitter Mutes thousands more.. And this week started removing replies to Tweet that don't fit their narrative. Be a sweety G&M and forward all their Tweets to us when you finally get tired of beating this dead horse. I await the crickets!

Federal election campaign set to begin Wednesday Justin Trudeau to visit Governor-General Julie Payette at Rideau Hall, Liberal sources said globepolitics It's go time! globepolitics Suspiciously not pictured, Canada's next Prime Minister MaximeBernier globepolitics Where's Max? Biased much?

Global_Montreal Conservative ... It's time for you to get a HEAD! Hmmmm! Happy ending! Pwe! 💨💩👹🖕 Only one action needed. First vote the sociopathic criminal con man GONE & powerless! Then go after the facts to bury him! TrudeaMustGo Government can't stop law enforcement period. SNC scandals are used non stop for free publicity.

A criminal is using his position as PM of Canada, to prevent the law from doing their job? Never, has there been a more corrupt PM. Nobody is above the law. The moral, ethical integrity in FED govt forever stained SNCLavalinScandal cdnpoli elxn43 elxn2019 Trudeau Justin has too go This header needs a correction ... it's not the federal government that's blocking the RCMP investigation ... it's Trudeau's call to make and his alone

JustinTrudeau corrupt, lying POS Quebec elitist. Doesn't matter Trudeau will block all the time he doesn't care we have to vote him out and where I live in Quebec people are so stupid. They will vote for him

10/3 podcast: John Ivison explains why Andrew Scheer needs a JFK momentPrime Minister Justin Trudeau is almost at the end of his four-year mandate.And as Canadians get set to head to the polls, there are lots of unanswered questions about how this… How did the past JFK “moments” work out? Who comes up with terrible ideas? Andrew Scheer and JFK should never be in the same sentence.

We don’t have a democracy anymore. All you liberals must know that it’s like a Putin style government now, right? I no longer consider global a trusted news source When is Trudeau going to sue Scheer? The groper is above the law. There is no investigation, hence nothing to block. This is just another attempt by Conservatives to smear Trudeau. Maybe do some fact-checking. Or is that dead in journalism these days?

Corruption never sleeps LavScam TrudeauCorruption TrudeauMustGo Oct21FreedomDay ChooseForwardWithoutTrudeau GET TRUDEAU OUT globalnews WTF is wrong with you? how can you support the most corrupt pm and party in Canadian history? The conservatives did the same thing with the air bus scandal and Brian Mulroney- Oh but Andrew is such an Angel - The conservative history is worse than the liberals

Morneau tweet warning of Scheer’s ‘hidden’ agenda on spending cuts is misleading, Conservatives sayThe tweet underscores an attempt by Liberals to strategically run deficits before the election, then frame any plans to return to balance as an act of ‘austerity’ Coming from the guys who spent 190% more than they said they’d spend. That’s rich Bill_Morneau Bill_Morneau the trust fund baby knows noting of running a company never mind a government. No wonder he thinks it is fine to run huge deficits probably expecting his parent or wiffe to pick up the bill. 'The Liberals removed a sentence in the middle of Scheer’s response that appears to address Ottawa’s spending under Morneau, according to a full version of the video on Facebook.' elxn43 cdnpoli AdjustTheCuffs NotAsAdvertised

'reportedly' What scandal? Get over it Scheer nonsense. Can’t handle competition? JT2019🇨🇦✅ would be nice to be able to trust media .. but you lie so much ...

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